You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 75: Laura Is Going for An Interview

I packed my suitcase for the week I would be in Kentucky. I carried it down the hallway and sat it by the front door. I then walked into the kitchen and put eggs, bacon, and toast on my plate and poured a cup of coffee. I sat down next to William and ate my breakfast. When I finished I rinsed my dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

"I told Grace I would see her in a week."

I got in my car and drove out of the compound. I arrived at my grandparents cabin and then went to my interview. I met with three women. Tammy, Linda, and Leigh. They talked about opening an agency in Celina, Ohio where I live.

Leigh was moving to Celina so she will head up the bounty agency. I will be second in command and we will hire at least four other people. I will meet with Leigh in two weeks to look at office space. I really liked these women. I thanked them and walked out of the their office.

I stayed in the cabin for the week before heading back to Blade's club. I parked my car and turned it off. I got out and picked up my suitcase before walking into the club. As I entered I saw Ghost sitting at his usual table. I walked over kissed Grace and then went to my bedroom.

I took a shower and changed clothes before walking out and over to the table Wolf and Ripper was sitting at at.

"How did your interview go Laura?"

" It went great."

" I will be meeting with Leigh next week to look at office space here in town."

"Then we will be interview people to help bounty hunt."

" We plan on hiring four people."

" We also have appointments scheduled with the police departments to discuss contracts."

" So it is looking good."

" What is your plan after the business gets off the ground?"

"I will look into buying a small house and moving from the clubhouse."

" Sounds like you have everything figured out."

" Not everything."

" What about dating?"

" No, I am no longer interested in dating or getting married."

"I won't have time for dating."

" I will be busy bounty hunting."

" So, becoming a mother is currently not in my books. If ever."

" Someday you might date."

" Maybe, but I don't think so. "

"How has your week been Wolf?"

" Boring without you here."

" I laughed and said you don't know me that well."

"So what is your plan for the day Laura?"

" Ripper I want you to take shopping for a bike."

" I know how to drive one but I am not sure which one is the best for me."

" Wolf and I will take you shopping."

" Good, I finally get that bike ride you owe me."

I looked over at Ripper laughing and saw Wolf and Laura high five each other.

"You are right Laura."

" So, when do you want to go?"

" Tomorrow after noon work for you guys?"

" That works for me Ripper said. Me to."

"Ripper I have another question."

" What Laura. I want to get a tattoo but I don't want some man I know doing it."

" I will do your tattoo."

" Great."

" When?"

" Tomorrow morning at the shop."

" What do you want?"

" A Ripper on this shoulder, and a wolf on this one."

" Oh baby girl."

" I know what you are doing."

"What am I doing?"

" Pissing Ghost off."

" Ghost who?"

" I don't know any Ghost."

" Fine. I will do it."

" Good." I stood up and grabbed a beer before walking to the gym. I was practicing my kicks and punches when Ghost walked into the room.

I was taking my gloves off when he asked how I was doing.

"I am doing fine thank you for asking."

I walked over to the locker and put my gloves on the shelf. I then shut the locker and locked it. I picked up the towel and dried my face before I started lifting weights. I continued to ignore Ghost.

"Dam it Laura. I am sorry."

" Sorry for what I asked?"

" For fucking that whore."

" What whore?"

" You know dam good and well what whore."

" None of my business."

I stood up and walked over and picked up my towel and water.

"I am not your girlfriend or wife."

" You can fuck anyone you want to."

" It doesn't matter to me."

" Excuse me. I have to take a shower."

I walked out of the gym not seeing Ripper and Wolf standing outside the door.

"That was cold Wolf said."

" She doesn't care what he does anymore."

" It feels as if she has closed her heart down."

" I think she has."

" She is never going to forgive Ghost."

"He brought it on himself."

I showered dressed and grabbed my bag before walking down the hall and out the club. I drove to the strip bar owned by the club. I told Mike hello and walked down the hallway to the dressing room. I started dancing at the club when I moved into Graces house.

I dance three times a week. The money is good and it takes my mind off Ghost. I don't have to strip just pole dance. Mike treats me good and I don't have to service in bikers or give lap dances. No one knows it is me as I wear a mask. I performed three sets then showered and dressed before walking out to sit at the bar.

"How are you really doing Laura?"

" I am fine."

" Ghost was an ass."

" His loss not mine."

" I don't need a man who cheats and lies."

" I am better off without one."

" Ghost made his choice and it did not involve me."

" I have accepted that."

"I decided I don't need a man in my life."

" To much hurt and pain."

" Better off living alone and doing what I want when I want."

" I don't need a man forcing me to do what I don't want to."

" At least being single and never planning on marrying or getting claimed I can fuck who I want when I want."

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