You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 76: Grace Goes In Labor

I was sleeping when there was a pounding on my bedroom door.

"What the hell is it?"

" Grace is in labor."

" I am getting ready."

I dressed and ran out of my bedroom. I climbed in the truck holding Graces hand. When we got there Grace told them, my husband and sister will be with me.

The male nurse said only one person. I laughed as Grace grabbed the male nurses lab coat and screamed.

"I said my sister and husband and if you didn't hear it this time I will fucking choke you."

I laughed all the way down the hall to her room.

"Blade grinned and told the male nurse he should never argue with a woman giving birth."

Three hours later Grace delivered a baby boy. He was beautiful.

"Grace what are you going to name him. Digger Blade."

" Digger after the undertaker."

" Of course your adopted father."

" Of course."

Blade walked out to show the members his son.

"Meet the next president. Digger Blade."

Blade called the undertaker and since he was wrestling they televised it.

"Before we start this match Undertaker someone has something to say to you."

" It showed Grace in the bed holding her son."

"Dad, mom, meet your grandson. Digger Blade."

I saw him looking up and grinning.

"Everyone meet my adopted daughter Grace, her husband Blade and my new grandson."

" Come visit the clubhouse soon dad."

" And bring mom with you."

" I will little darling."

" Good-bye dad."

" Win the match."

"Well there you have it."

" The undertaker is a new grandfather."

" Congratulation Sara and undertaker."

I did win that match. Everyone congratulated me for becoming a grandfather. Sara is bugging me about going soon to meet the baby.

I was sitting in the rocking chair holding Digger. Grace looked over at me. Laura.

"I am sorry that Ghost cheated."

" At least in your eyes he cheated."

" Doesn't matter anymore Grace."

" I have decided that he no longer exists in my life."

" You heard what he said that night at the fire."

"He made his decision."

" Now he has to live with it."

" I have decided that I don't want or need a husband."

" I will be just fine."

" If Ghost taught me one thing he taught me to stay away from men I do not know or trust."

"Laura someday you will find the right man for you."

" I doubt it."

I handed Digger to Blade.

"I will go and ask wolf or Ripper to take me back to the club."

" I will see you tomorrow."

I walked out of the room and to the waiting room.

"Ripper can you take my back to the club?"

"Sure, come on."

" We walked past Ghost and he said, you could have asked me."

" Now why would I want to do that."

" You and I are not friends."

We walked on out of the hospital and Ripper took me to the club. Thanks Ripper. I walked into the clubhouse and went straight to my bedroom.

I got undressed and went to bed. I didn't wake up until 1:00 that evening. I got up and got dressed and walked to the kitchen and ate the plate of bacon, eggs, and toast. After I finished I did the usual and then walked to the library room.

I was reading my book when Ghost walked in. I ignored him.

"Laura we need to talk."

I stood up and looked at him.

"We have nothing to say to each other."

" I believe you said it all the night of the fire. Or should I say the whore said it for you."

"Harder Ghost, faster Ghost."

" I don't have a thing to say to you."

" Go back and fuck your whore."

I walked out of the room leaving him standing there. I saw Ripper look at me with sad eyes. Blade told him that Ghost did not have a chance in hell of getting me now.

Not after fucking the whore. Not after telling me he was not interested in her. He made the wrong choice. Now she is so full of anger and pain she avoids Ghost at all cost. I watched her walk out the door and sit on the porch.

I watched as Ghost walked over and sat down.

"I fucked up Ripper."

" You more than fucked up Ghost."

" You lost her."

" She hates your guts now."

" She has turned down several offers of dates."

" Do you know she has started pole dancing three nights a week at the club."

"The hell she has."

" Hate to tell you but it is true."

" She is working at a dangerous job too."

" It is as if she can care less what happens to her now."

I didn't believe Ripper when he said she could care less about me now. I will find out tonight. I will pull that whore down onto my lap. Make out with her.

I don't believer she doesn't care anymore.

"Ghost a woman will take only so much before she will start doing crazy shit man."

" Most of them start getting reckless. Dangerous stunts."

I walked into the clubhouse after work and grabbed a beer. I sat down next to Ripper and Leland. I looked over and saw Ghost grab that whore and sit her on his lap. I turned and looked at Ripper.

"I hear Grace and Digger will be home in two days."

" That's right."

I saw Ripper watching me.

"Why are you looking at me that way?"

" You really could care less what Ghost does now?"

" Don't give a shit."

" He can do whatever he wants."

" I am not his girlfriend. And I never will be."

" I just want to be left alone."

I looked over at Laura. She just looked at me with the whore and looked away talking to Ripper. I never looked back his way. I finished my beer and told Ripper I was going out. I walked out of the club and got into my car.

I drove out of the club and drove to the woods. I got out of my car and lay a blanket on the ground and I looked up at the sky. I lit a cigarette and just watched the stars. Three hours later I drove back to the club.

I turned my car off and walked into the club. I waved at the guys and walked to my room.

"I got a call from Leigh that they found the man we were looking for. I grabbed my gun and walked out getting in my car. I drove to the motel Leigh was at."

"Just as we approached the door a shot rang out."

We jumped back but I was not fast enough. The bullet grazed me.

"We got our man though."

" Leigh looked at me and asked if I was alright?"

" I am fine I said looking down at the blood."

" It just grazed me."

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