You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 77: Laura Gets An Infection

I drove home whining. I grabbed a oversized shirt from the back seat and put it on. I did not want them to know I was shot. I walked into the club holding my side where the bullet hit me. I walked by Wolf and Ripper not stopping to talk.

"You were out late tonight Laura."

" I was working I said."

I hurried on down the hallway. I walked into my bedroom and headed to the bathroom. I removed the shirt and threw it in the clothes basket. I got into the shower and washed the blood off.

I was still bleeding so I grabbed surgical pads, gause, tape and peroxide from under the sink. I poured the peroxide on the wound and gritted my teeth. I then taped the surgical pads and wrapped the gauze around my waist taping it.

I continued to clean the wound and work. I stayed away from the clubhouse as much as I could. "

"two weeks later Ripper asked me if I was alright."

" I am fine Ripper thank you, for asking."

I continued to watch Laura and one day I saw Ghost grab her waist and she screamed.

I ran over and jerked his hands off of her.

"Don't touch her like that again Ghost."

I picked Laura up and carried her to the doctors office. She was burning up.

"Doctor something is wrong with Laura."

I saw the blood on her shirt. I watched as the doctor cut it off. I saw bandages on her side.

"What the hell happened to her doctor."

As he removed the bandages he gasped.

"She has been shot."

Who the hell would shoot her I wondered.

"It is infected Ripper."

"I am going to have to clean it and it is not going to feel good."

I watched as the doctor started cleaning the wound. Laura tried to get him to stop. I walked over and called her name.

"Laura please let the doctor clean your wound."

"Ripper it hurts."

" Please make him stop."

" I am finished."

" I will give her shot to clear the infection."

" Laura I need to change the bandages every day."

" So come and see me."

" Is the bullet out?"

" A bullet grazed her that's all."

You can take her to her room. I lifted her into my arms and carried her down the hall to her bedroom. I lay her in her bed covered her and walked out of the room. I saw Ghost walking out of his room.

As I walked past him he looked at me.

"So she won't talk to me, or touch me."

" Are you fucking her Ripper?"

" I lost it and punched him and he flew down the all out into the bar."

" We were going at it hot and heavy."

The brothers pulled us a apart.

"Don't ever talk that way about Laura again Ghost."

" Laura and I are not fucking."

" You are the one fucking anything that will spread its legs for you."

" For you information which is none of your business she was shot a few days ago and it got infected."

"I just put her in bed after the doctor cleaned the wound."

" And even if I was having sex with Laura it would be between me and her."

" At least I would never treat her the way you have."

" She loved you."

" You ignored her and now you want her".

"She doesn't want you."

" She won't let you near her and if you ever grab her that way again I will be happy to fight you again."

" She trusted you out of all of us."

" I can't figure out why or why she loved you but she did."

" Stay away from her Ghost."

I stormed out of the club. I won't let her stay her around him. I have money. Lots of it. I rode to town and walked into the realtor office. I am looking to buy a small house with two bedrooms close to town. What do you have available?

The woman showed me three of them. The one I choose for Laura was just one mile from the clubhouse and two miles from town. I bought it for her. Put it in the name of Laura Riker. I paid for the house and was given a copy of the deed. The original will be sent to her.

I hope that she will stop going out bounty hunting.

"I called Leigh and told her that Laura is sick."

" She said that she will have Laura work in the office instead of going out."

" That Laura can talk to the police and do the investigating part of the job."

" I thanked her and hung up the phone."

I looked up as Grace sat down holding Digger.

"Ripper you are really protective of Laura."

" What are your real feelings for her?"

" Laura is beautiful, smart, loving, and cares for us just as much as you do."

" Not what I am asking Ripper."

I looked into Graces eyes.

"I love her."

" That is what I thought."

" I feel in love with her the day I looked into her eyes."

" But she loved Ghost."

" Ripper don't cheat if you want to be around her."

" I couldn't even if I wanted to Grace."

"I dream about her all the time."

" But she doesn't care for me like that."

" How do you know?"

" Have you seen her ride behind anyone else?"

" No."

" How did she ask to take her home from the hospital?"

" Me."

" Who does she sit with in the club?"

" Me."

" Then do what you told her to do."

"Fight for her."

" For god's sakes Ripper. Take her on a picnic."

" When she is feeling better."

" Grace, I bought her a small house a mile from the club."

" Really?"

" Why did you do that?"

" So she could go stay somewhere away from the shit she is going through."

" To live in if she wants to."

" I have the money."

" More than enough since I have no one else to spend it on."

I looked up and saw the doctor walk to our table.

"Ripper, Laura is asking for you."

" I just changed her dressing and the wound is looking better."

" Thanks Doctor."

" I will talk to you later Grace."

I walked down the hall to her room. I opened the door and walked in shutting it behind me.

"Laura you wanted to see me?"

" I missed you Ripper"

". Come and lay with me."

I took my boots off then my cut laying it across the chair.

I walked over and lay on the bed with Laura. I felt her move closer to me and lay her head on my chest.


" Yes Laura."

" Can I ask you something?"

" You can ask me anything Laura."

" Why don't you have a girlfriend?"

"I found her months ago."

" Then where is she?"

" She doesn't even know I exist."

" Well she does but she only liked me like a friend or brother."

" Who is she?"

I looked down at Laura. I heard Grace telling me to fight for Laura.

"Laura, that girl is you."

" Me?"

" I fell for you the day we looked into each others eyes."

" But you didn't have eyes for me."

" You loved Ghost."

" Ripper what if I told you that I like you."

" Not as a brother."

" I like you more than a friend."

I rolled her onto her back and looked in her eyes.

"When did your feelings start changed toward me Laura?"

" When you were teaching me self-defense."

" That day we were practicing and you were leaning over me while I lay on the mat."

" I wanted to kiss you then."

I leaned down and kissed her.

"Like this?"

" No, like this."

I opened my mouth and bit his bottom lip and then put my tongue in his mouth. I kissed Ripper with everything I had. I moved down his chin to his neck. I sucked and licked his sweet spot and heard him moan. Then he was kissing me. Soon I was moaning his name.

Ripper is moaned as I moved my hands under his shirt. I felt him move his hands under my shirt and rub my knipples. I arched against him. I felt him reach inside my shorts and rub my clit. Then he put two fingers in me. I felt my muscles tighten and I had an orgasim.

I watched as Ripper licked my juice off his fingers.

"Laura will you go on a picnic with me?"

" Yes, I will." I smiled down at her.

"Laura will you be my girlfriend?"

I saw her smile and then she pulled me down and kissed me again.

"I thought you would never ask."

" Laura I do want to make love to you."

" But not yet."

" I would love to make out with you though."

" Until we are ready to go all the way as they say."

I rolled off of her and pulled her into my arms.

"When can you get up and move around?"

" Tomorrow."

" Then we are going on our picnic then."

We both fell asleep and didn't wake up until morning. I slept with Laura in my arms. I like that. I want to do this every night.

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