You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 78: Ghost Is Shocked

I kissed Laura good morning and told her I was going to take a shower but would come and walk with her to breakfast. I walked out of her bedroom and went and showered. I walked back to Laura's room and took her hand. We were holding hands walking to the kitchen. I noticed the members smile at me when they saw me holding Laura's hand.

"As we walked into the kitchen I told a prospect to move and sit in Laura's old chair."

I sat her down next to my chair then I got our plates and coffee before sitting down. I saw the shocked look on Ghosts face.

"What the hell is going on between the two of you Ripper."

I looked over at Ghost. Before I could say anything Laura looked at Ghost and told him, "if is none of your business but Ripper and I are now dating."

" Do you have a problem with that?"

"Yes, I have a problem with that."

" You love me. I love you."

" I don't love you anymore."

" I care for you but not like I care about Ripper."

" For someone who says they love me where were you when I needed support?"

" No where."

"Ripper has always been there for me."

" He loves me and he was not afraid to show it in his own way."

" He didn't ignore me, he told me the truth when I asked him."

" He didn't tell me he was to old for me."

" He is 7 years older than I am but I don't care about that."

"So I can give two shits that you object to me dating Ripper."

" Blade as the president and my brother in law you have an issue with me dating Ripper?"

" Nope."

" I can't and won't interfere in who you choose to date Laura."

? But, I will make sure and warn that person to not hurt you."

I watched as Blade looked at Grace and smiled.

"Grace what about you?"

" No I don't I told Ripper to fight for what he wants."

" Looks like he took the chance."

" Good."

" Now that is settled you all know that Ripper is my boyfriend."

"And I intend to marry him some day."

I looked down at Laura and smiled.

"So you have your mind set on that do you?"

" Yes, I do."

" So get used to it."

We all laughed but Ghost. I have grown to love Ripper and that is between Ripper and me. It does not concern anyone else. We finished eating and Ripper asked Cookie to make a picnic basket for us.

As we were sitting on the swing I looked over at Leland. Why is he still a prospect I wondered.

"Ripper I need to talk to Blade."

" I will be right back."

" Do not go anywhere."

I walked over and called Blade's name.

"Blade why is Leland still a prospect?"

" He saved my life and took a bullet for me."

" Laura you are right."

" He should be patched in as a full member."

" With the baby and all I forgot."

" We will do it tonight."

" Would you like to put his new cut on him?"

" Yes I would."

" What do you think his road name should be."

"Artist should be his name."

" I like that."

" We will make sure that is what he is called"

". Thank you, Blade."

"Any time Laura."

I smiled as she walked away.

"I like that she is standing up for Leland."

" He did save her life and took a bullet doing it."

" I told William to get the cut for Leland and that his road name will be artist."

Later that night after supper we were all sitting at the bar. I saw William put the box on the bar. The members looked at it and wondered who was becoming a full fledged member.

I stood up and walked to the front of the bar.

"I was reminded that a prospect deserved to become a full fledged member."

" I agreed with this person."

" So Leland please come forward."

" For saving Laura and taking a bullet meant for her you will remove your cut."

"Laura please come forward."

I saw Leland look at me in surprise. I took the cut handed to me.

"Leland you saved my life."

" I felt that you showed your love for your president by saving me when you didn't have to."

" You showed bravery in protecting this club."

" Therefor I demanded that Blade make you a full patched in member."

I put the cut on Leland and kissed his cheek.

"Leland you will now be know as Artist."

" This is due to your work on your brothers bikes. You are a true artist."

I tuned and walked back and sat on Rippers lap.

"You did a good thing Laura."

" I did didn't I?"

Leland or Artist now looked over at me and back to Blade.

"Congratulations brother."

" Thank you, Blade."

" Go celebrate."

I walked to the table the members sit at. I can't believe that Laura did this for me.

I looked over at Laura and smiled. She really is a sister. I was happy that Ripper got with Laura. He is a good man and Ghost treated Laura like shit. Laura deserves to be happy. Grace put Digger into Laura's arms.

She will make a good mother. I watched as Ripper kissed Laura. Grace walked over with the picnic basket and sat it on the table. She handed Ripper a blanket and took Digger from Laura.

"Go on your picnic you two."

I stood up and picked up the basket and took Laura's hand and walked out the back door to the woods. I found a little creek that would make a good picnic for us that afternoon.

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