You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 79; The Picnic

I put the blanket down and Laura and sat on it. I opened the basket and took out the thermus and poured her coffee before putting the fried chicken, potato salad on the plates. I opened the beer for me.

After we ate we put everything away and I leaned against the tree and pulled Laura between my legs.

"Laura are you sure you want to date me I asked her."

" Of course I am sure."

" What if Ghost decides he wants you after all?"

"That won't happen."

" Ripper I won't be with someone how treats me the way he did."

" Does my age bother you Ripper?"

" Hell no it doesn't."

" Laura I do have one request."

" What is that?"

" Please don't put yourself in danger."

" I went through hell when you begged me to stop the doctor from cleaning out the infection in your wound."

"I don't like it when you are hurt."

I turned around and put a leg on each side of Ripper.

"I promise not to that again on purpose"

". I am going to work in the office and talk with the police and make phone calls."

" Good."

I leaned down and kissed Ripper. I love it when we kiss. He makes me forget everything and everyone. He had me moaning and I rubbed myself against his cock.

"Ripper I love you. I fell in love with you a long time ago."

"I didn't want to show you because I didn't want you to tell me you looked at me as a sister."

" I sure as hell didn't have feelings for you as a sister."

I smiled at him.

"Did you know I would watch you working in the garage?"

"I didn't."

" I wanted to rub my hands up your abs and trace your tattoos."

I lifted his shirt and took it off him. I kissed and licked my way down his chest. I licked and sucked his nipples. I unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his jeans and pulled his zipper down.

"Laura what are you doing?"

I gasped as she reached in my jeans and rubbed my cock. Then I moaned as she stroked me.

"Laura you have to stop."

" No."

I was wearing a dress with no underwear. I lifted myself while kissing Ripper and then sat down on his cock.

"Fuck I said grabbing her hips."

She outsmarted me. She was doing what I told her to do with Ghost. She was taking what she knew was hers. I lowered the top of her dress then sucked and licked her nipples.

I threw my head back moaning. I rode Ripper faster I felt him rubbing my clit and I exploded. I followed her and shot my seed inside her.

"Laura we didn't use protection."

" I don't care."

" You will belong to me. I want you Ripper."

"" I want you in my bed. Will you sleep in my bed tonight?"

"Will you move into my bedroom and sleep with me every night?"

" Are you sure about that Laura?"

" I am sure."

" Then yes."

It is getting dark we should go back. I watched as she took a napkin and cleaned herself then she wiped my cock clean.

We walked back to the club. That night I never went to my room. I slept in Laura's. That night I made love to her. I had her screaming my name until dusk and we feel asleep.

I was laying in Rippers bed waiting for him to walk in. Ghost paid me to seduce Ripper. He never showed up. I woke up around 6:00 and walked out of his room. I pumped into Grace. I saw her look at Rippers bedroom door and then open it.

She looked at me grinning.

"He didn't sleep in his bed did he bitch?"

" That is because he is sleeping in Laura's bed."

I laughed all the way to the kitchen.

I looked over at Ripper and Laura.

"Did you have a good night you two?"

" Why do you ask?"

" I caught that whore that you cut coming out of Rippers."

" What the hell is a whore doing in my bedroom?"

"Trying to set you up I would guess."

" I told her that you were in Laura's bed all night."

" Because I looked in your bedroom and saw you were not there."

" I put two and two together."

" I am moving my things into Laura's bedroom."

" We will be living together."

" Good for you."

I looked over at Ghost and grinned.

"Don't try anymore tricks Ghost."

" I am not going to cheat on Laura."

" If I want sex I know where to go to get it."

" Not with some whore."

" I am not like you, I never was."

I kissed Laura and followed Blade out to the garage. We looked over and saw Bonnie arguing with Artist. We leaned back and watched.

"Looks like another lovers quarrel."

"We men just don't know how to tell the woman we like we want to date them."

" Looks like it Blade said."

We heard Bonnie tell Artist to grow some balls and stop ignoring her and talk to her. We don't know what Artist said but the next thing we saw was Bonnie kick his legs out from under him. You men are all alike.

You just want to stare at us but refuse to admit when you like us. I hate you right now Artist. We watched as Bonnie walked across the compound and into the club.

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