You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 8: Cheryl

I glared at Grace and especially Mandy. That bitch needs to stay out of my business. I turned and walked over and sat down with a few other women. I grew up with Snake. He should have claimed me. I would have made a better wife to him then Grace.

Grace is short and built I will give her that. But she is not all like I am. I used to date Snakes older brother since I could not get Snake to even give me the time of day. I wanted to be in that family. His brother, Spike got smart and dumped me when he realized I wanted to be with Snake.

I was good enough to attend the parties and cookouts with his family but not good enough to marry into the family. I will be one of them have the power they have one way or the other. I need to get pregnant so that my child will be the first born and president of this club. I just don't know how yet.

I was glaring at Grace and Mandy and then I saw Peggy walk in. Peggy is pregnant but doesn't want a man. That's it. I need to find out if Snake has frozen any of his sperm. Think Cheryl. I knew if he had it would be in Dayton ohio. I got my cell phone out and started making phone calls.

Finally, yes. He did. I made an appointment to discuss being artificially inseminated with his sperm. Problem is they are booked until next September. I made the appointment so that I would the first on the list.

I smiled thinking that I will have the first born grandchild. What Cheryl did not know was that Grace became pregnant her first night back home. I saw Peggy look over at me.

"What are you thinking about Peggy asked Cheryl."

Cheryl not thinking told Peggy.

"What do you think Peggy?"

" You could try that but, what you don't know is that your child would never become president of this club."

" Why not?"

" Only Grace's child will become president of the club."

"You are not married or claimed by Snake."

" But, I would have his first child."

" Doesn't matter."

" You are not his wife or woman."

" Only the president's wife and woman's child becomes the president."

" That is and always had been the law."

" But, if my child is a boy and Grace's a girl then my son would be the president."

"No, he won't."

" Snake's daughter will take over unless they have a son."

" What happens if they don't have any children?"

" Then he will name a male relative to become the president."

" A nephew, or cousin."

" Well shit."

" There is no use in me doing what I planned then."

" No use at all."

" In fact it would be down right stupid of you to do it."

"He won't care if you have his child or not."

" Instead he would send you both away."

" As far away as he can send you."

" And then when your son grows up and finds out why he would never be president, or treated the same way as Snake's and Graces' kids he will hate you."

" So just don't do it."

"And, Cheryl."

" Stop trying to take what is not yours and never been yours."

" You are just going to cause more trouble for yourself and end up being banned from coming here."

" They will not even invite you to the family christmas parties, or other gatherings."

" So find another man."

It was getting late so Snake and Grace left the clubhouse and drove home. Once in the house they ran up the stairs to their bedroom. Snake made love to Grace until dawn and they both fell into a deep sleep.

Grace woke up before Snake and moved down and started to suck and lick his cock. She heard Snake moan and then he grabbed her head and shot into her mouth. He rolled Grace onto her back and returned the favor before he pushed his cock into her velvet sheath. He had Grace screaming his name.

"Snake do you have to work?"

" Nope. I handed everything off to Max for two weeks."

" I plan on spending my time with you and making love to you as much as I can."

" Or my body will let me."

" I have to keep you close to me Grace."

" At least for the first week or two."

"I don't want to leave you."

" Not until I can reassure myself that you will be safe when I am not here."

" I can't lose you again Grace."

" I don't want to lose you either Snake."

" I love you so much."

" I almost killed myself thinking I would never see you again."

" I am so glad you didn't do that Grace."

"So am I Snake."

I lay on top of him and he wrapped his arms around me.

"Snake, no one can take me away from you now that you claimed me and married me legally can they?"

" No, Grace they can't."

" We are legally claimed and married."

" By biker law and state law."

"Good, I am so scared that someone will try to force us apart from each other."

" I could never go through that again."

" I would rather be dead."

" Don't say that Grace."

" Just remember, I will would never stop searching for you."

" No matter how many years it would take."

"At least I hoped she would never leave me if she ever found out I had been fucking women and whores at the MC's I visit."

" I also don't want her to find out about her cousin Tana."

" I have been fucking her off and on for two years now."

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