You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 80: Bonnie and Artist

I saw Bonne watching the same whore that went after Ghost. She had been eyeing Artist since he became a full fledged member. I know Bonnie likes Artist and they had been talking for sometime. I watched the whore walk over to Artist and rub his chest.

I watched as Bonne threw the beer bottle hitting Artist in the head.

"What the fuck he yelled."

They both looked at Bonnie and watched her playing with her butterfly knife. I started laughing.

"Hey whore."

" You just do not learn do you?"

She looked from me to Bonnie and backed away from Artist.

"Artist best keep them away from you."

" Kathy and I are just liked Grace and Laura."

" We don't do cheaters."

" So, if you really liked me don't do it."

I leaned back in my chair and looked at Bonnie.

"If you do it Artist I will just have to chase Wolf."

I saw Wolf grinning.

"I just might let you catch me. Bonnie."

" You are one fine woman."

" But, you must know that Wolf's mate for life."

" Until the day they die or their mate dies."

"That's right your first wife died."

" Sorry to hear that Wolf."

" It's been five years."

" But this Wolf might be on the prowl for a new mate."

I saw Bonnie look over at Artist watching him.

"What do you have to say about that Artist."

"Go for it is what I say."

" I am not ready to settle down."

I gasped. "You are a fool Artist."

We watched as Bonnie walked over to Wolf and sat down on his lap.

" Wolf looks like you are taking me out own a date."

"Tomorrow night 8:00."

" Wear something nice. We will go dancing after we eat."

" Your on."

" I look forward to it."

" Ripper can I borrow your truck. Can't take a lady out to eat and dancing on the bike."

" Sure Wolf. Ripper threw his keys to Wolf and he caught them and put them in his pocket."

Ghost looked at Artist.

"You made a mistake in telling Bonnie you were not ready to settle down and for Wolf to go for it."

" If I know Wolf. Which I do."

" You just lost the woman you want."

"Wolf has not been interested in a woman since his wife died."

" To bad the brothers are doing what I did."

" I lost Laura."

" I don't have a chance in hell of getting her now."

I watched as Ghost stood up and walked down the hallway. I knew he was going to his room.

Two hours later Ripper and I went to our bedroom. We showered before going to bed. Ripper and I made love most of the night. I was happy for once. I want Ripper to claim me. But, I won't push him.

I want to have children someday. But, I am not counting my chickens before they hatch. I am not innocent anymore. I don't trust that easily. As for as I know Ripper could be using me. I just pray that he isn't.

I fell asleep in his arms. I looked at Laura sleeping. I know that she is unsure of me. I will claim her one day but not yet. I don't want to rush her. I can see her self confidence regarding relationships is not fully there.

The next morning I kissed her before going to the garage. I was working with Blade.

" What is on your mind Blade?"

" How much to you care for Laura Ripper?"

" I love her Blade."

" Enough to claim her?"

I turned and looked at Blade.

"Ripper, enough to claim her?"

" Not yet."

I see.

"What is holding you back?"

" I don't know."

" You have doubts about claiming her why is that?"

" I love Laura but, I am not sure I am ready to claim her yet."

They did not notice I was standing there until I gasped. I turned and ran to the clubhouse. Past Bonnie and Grace. I was running down the hallway and they were running after me. I just opened the door and Bonnie and Grace stopped me from slamming it.

They walked in and shut the door locking it. We put a chair under the knob.

"What happened?"

" I told them that Ripper loves me but he doesn't love me enough to claim me."

" He didn't mean it Laura."

" Yes, he did."

"Bonnie can I go to your room?"

" I don't want to see Ripper right now."

"Grace I am going to the office."

" We have a bed there."

I think I will stay at the office for a few days.

"If Ripper doesn't want to claim me I will be leaving."

"Where will you go?"

" Work at the office in Kentucky. Go back to bounty hunting."

" I won't have to keep my promise to work in the office since I won't have a boyfriend."

" I am beginning to think bikers are not worth giving your love to."

"Blade looked at me and said, you won't find her in the bedroom."

" And she won't come to the kitchen to eat."

" She heard what you said."

" You don't love her enough to claim her."

" She heard it all Ripper."

I asked Bonnie to box my things up and send them to the address in Kentucky. Leigh was at the office when I arrived.

"I told her everything that happened."

"I would be leaving in two days for the cabin."

I lay down and fell asleep. I will not force any man to claim me. I fell in love twice. That was enough. I am leaving for the cabin in two days. My cell phone rang, I saw it was Grace.

"What is it Grace?"

" Bonnie and Kathy talked to Ripper."

" And. You were right."

" He loves you but not enough to claim you."

" I am leaving in two days Grace."

" I will say good-bye now."

" I am sorry it has to be this way."

" Tell Ripper I love him and I am leaving town so he doesn't feel he has to claim me."

"And tell him I don't have to keep my promise."

" I am going back to bounty hunting."

" Tell him not to worry about me."

" Oh, and Grace."

" I will be getting a throw away phone so I can't be tracked."

" I love you Grace. Take care of Digger and be happy."

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