You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 81: Laura Leaves Town

I walked to our bedroom and found that Laura had Left the clubhouse. I wanted to explain what I told Blade but she was gone. I walked out as Bonnie and Kathy stopped me.

"Get back in there Ripper."

" What do you girls want?"

" Did you really mean it when you told Blade you didn’t love Laura enough to marry her?"

"That was not what I meant."

" I meant I was not ready to claim her yet."

" Well you won’t be claiming her at all."

" She left town."

" Where did she go."

" We don’t know."

Then Grace walked into the room. "I talked to Laura."

"She said to tell you she loves you."

" But she is leaving town so you don't feel you have to claim her."

"She also said to tell you that she doesn't have to keep her promise."

" She is going back to bounty hunting."

" Laura also said for you not to worry about her."

" Then she told me she will be getting a throw away phone so she can’t be tracked."

I sat down on the bed. She left me. I need her but she left me. I will find her. I do love her. My heart is being ripped in half. You should know that Ghost is laughing.

"He said he knew you were using Laura and never intended to claim her."

"That's not true."

" I do intend on claiming her but not yet."

" I didn't want to rush her."

" But that is not what she heard you tell Blade."

" Ripper she is not willing to go through the same thing she went through with Ghost."

" She would rather leave than to claiming her be forced on you."

I have arrived at the cabin and decided that I will continue to work in the office but I want to become a tattoo artist. I can draw and I have listened to the tattoo's that the members in Blade's clubhouse talk about. I started designing my own and drawing them.

I have started designing some for the women in the club. So I started to work in the Blue Angels tattoo shop part time. I met the owners wife when she saw me sitting in the clubs bar drawing.

He name is Baby Girl. She is a tiny thing like me. She walked over to the table and asked if she could sit down. Sure I said.

"Then she asked me if I was the one that moved into the cabin down the road from the Blue Angel MC."

"Yes, I am."

" The cabin belongs to my grandparents."

" Where are you from?"

" Celina, Ohio."

" My sister is married to Blade the president of the Thunder MC."

" We know Blade."

I froze. "Honey if you are running from someone you are safe here."

" What's your name. I looked down at my drawing. Laura."


" We heard all about you."

" Bonnie is my sister."

" She called me and asked me to watch out for you."

" That is if you came to town."

" Can I see your drawings?"

I shoved my pad over to her. I started to put my pensiles away.

"Dam girl."

" These are good."

" Thank you."

I finished my beer and told her I had to go. I had a flashback of Ripper when she said she heard all about me. The pain hurt to think about him.

"You don't have to leave Laura."

" Yes, I do."

" I am sorry I walked into the clubs bar."

"Nice to meet you Baby Girl."

I put my pad in the bag and walked out the door. I watched as she shut the door behind her frowning. I stood up and walked to the VIP table.

"Well, our president Warrior asked?"

"It's her."

" Laura, Grace's sister and Blades sister in law."

" When I mentioned them and Bonnie she ran out of the bar like she needed to disappear."

" So, she is the one that fell for Ghost and then told him she hated him and then she got with Ripper."

" Its here."

" Why is she in hiding from Blade and Grace?"

"I don't think it is them she is hiding from."

" I think it is Ripper."

" But why hide from the man you love."

I looked over at Warrior.

"One reason."

" He doesn't want to claim her."

" You have to be kidding."

" Who wouldn't want to claim a woman that looks like her?"

" Apparently Ripper."

"Call your sister Baby Girl find out."

I dialed Bonnies number.

"Baby Girl how are you?"

" I am good Bonnie."

" I have a question."

" Ask."

" Does Grace have a sister?"

" A few of them why?"

" One named Laura?"

I stood up and walked out of Blades bar.

"Why do you ask?"

" I just met her."

" She is a good artist."

" Where have you seen her?"

" Our club bar."

" Is she hiding from someone?"

" Yes. Ripper."

" What did he do?"

" I told her what he said and my eyes got big."

"You are fucking kidding me."

" He loved her enough to fuck her and sleep in the same bed as her but not enough to claim her?"

" No wonder she ran when I told her you were my sister and we knew Grace and Blade."

"She sort of went blank and then she grabbed her pad, purse and ran out of the bar."

" Bonnie I know she is also a boundy hunter."

" She has brought several men to the police department."

" Bonnie she is going after the most dangerous men."

" Does she have a fucking death wish?"

"Baby Girl, Laura has changed."

" She is has been hurt twice."

" First by Ghost and Then by Ripper."

" I think she has given up on finding love."

" How long has she been gone from Blade's club?"

" About three months why do you ask?"

" I think she is pregnant."

"Are you for real?"

" Yes. I saw a baby bump."

" Fuck."

" Has she called any of you?"

" No she has not."

" But, I am betting she will call Blade for Grace soon."

" Well, I don't thinks he has become aware of it yet."

" With her working day and night and then drinking she might think she has not had a period because of stress."

"This is not good Baby Girl."

" If Ripper finds out she is pregnant he will come for her."

" And she will run again."

" Baby Girl, Laura will not come back here with him."

" Not after she heard he tell Blade he loved her but not enough to claim her."

" And she is not going to give her baby up that easily."

"She won't accept his claim either."

" She won't do it because she will never believe he did it because he really loves her."

" She will always think he did it to get the baby."

" She will never trust him again."

" Thanks Bonnie."

" No problem."

" Baby Girl please watch over her."

" She will do some dangerous shit."

" It seems she has a death wish."

" We will."

" Call me later next week."

" I will."

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