You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 82: Warrior

I looked over at Baby Girl.

"I can't believe Ripper would tell Blade that he loves his sister in law but not enough to claim her."

" Now she might be pregnant."

" On top of that she has a death wish."

I shook my head. This is crazy. I can't believe that little woman is a bounty hunter. I never met her but I heard she was the only woman who takes on the more dangerous jobs.

"What about her drawings Baby Girl?"

" They are good."

" Really good."

One of the prospects came running in.

"Somebody is shooting in the woods."

We ran out the back door listening. The we heard shots being returned.

We heard running through the brushes.

"Then a man yelling, you shot me you bitch."

" You deserved it you son of a bitching rapist."

" We heard a female yell, put your gun down."

" And but your hands behind your back."

We walked over to see what was going on.

"Get up on your feet asshole."

We saw her jerk the biker up. She didn't even come up to his shoulders. Her head reached about 8 inches above his waist.

"For such a small woman you sure don't give up."

" No, I don't."

"Why the hell did you run from me Fist?"

" and why the hell did you shoot at me?"

" Laura, I didn't shoot at you."

" I wouldn't do that."

" If you didn't shoot at me why did you have the gun?"

" I didn't know for sure it was you."

"Besides, I was shooting at someone else."

" Let's go Fist. And stop running from me."

" Jesus just go to your court hearing."

I looked down at her and frowned.

"Laura did you scratch yourself?"

" No, why."

" You are bleeding."

"Fist, I will be fine."

" It's not the first time I got hurt on the job."

" I doubt it will be the last time."

" I brought my walkie talkie up and told Linda I have Fist in custody."

"We walked through the woods to the road. I handed Fist over to Linda.

"I am headed home."

" I can drop you off at the cabin."

" Thank's I said getting in."

" I was feeling tired."

" We are here. See you Monday."

" I will be there."

I got out and walked to the front door. I unlocked the door walked in locking it. Then everything went black.

I handed Fist over to the police.

"Linda, I think you should go check on Laura."

" Why?"

" Someone was shooting at us and it was not good."

" I saw blood on Laura's shirt."

" I didn't see it."

" Because you were putting me in the car."

" See if your car seat has blood on it."

"I will check on her Fist."

" That would make me feel better."

I opened the passenger door and looked at the seat. Fist was right. There was blood on it. Lots of it. I shut the door and ran around the front of the car and jumped in starting it.

I drove to her cabin doing at least 90 miles an hour. I pulled into her driveway and pounded on Laura's door. I used my key to get in. I turned in the light and saw her laying in a pool of blood. She was barely breathing.

I knew the ambulance would not get her fast enough so I called my best friend.

"Baby Girl."

" Linda we saw your partner Laura arrest Fist."

I was really funny watching her jerk him up from the ground.

"Baby Girl I need help fast."

" What's wrong Linda?"

" Fist begged me to check on Laura."

" It was a good thing I did."

" She is unconscious laying in a pool of blood in her cabin."

" She needs a doctor."

" We will be there in a few minutes."

I ran down the hallway and yelled for Warrior.

"Get the doctor to Laura's cabin now."

" Linda found her lying on the floor in a pool of blood."

We were at the cabin and the doctor walked in. He rolled her on her side.

"The bullet went through her back."

"Linda where is her bedroom down the hall on the first door on the left."

Warrior picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. Linda grabbed a pan of water. We were sitting in her living room when the doctor and Linda walked out.

"How is she doctor?"

" Not good."

" She lost her baby."

" I think you should call her sister and Blade."

I lifted the phone and dialed Blade's clubhouse.

"This is William how can I help you?"

"This is Warrior I need to speak with Blade about his sister in law."

" And why is that?"

" None of your business get me Blade."

I walked down the hall and handed Blade the phone.

"Warrior needs to talk to you about Laura."

" Yes, Warrior William said this was about Laura."

I slowly looked over at Ripper then Grace.

"We will be there as fast as we can."

" What is it Blade?"

I looked around the room.

"Laura was shot, she was three months pregnant."

" What do you mean was Ripper asked?"

"She lost the baby and she is fighting for her life."

" Where is she?"

" Kentucky."

" Grace call Rain and have her pick up the baby."

" We are going to Kentucky."

" We will either bring her home or bury her."

Two hours later we were on our way to Kentucky.

I was sitting next to the bed watching Laura fighting breath. She is beautiful. Why would anyone want her dead? Linda called the jail and talked to Fist.

"She told him that Laura was fighting for her life and she lost her baby."

"I don't know who that son of a bitch was that was shooting at Laura but I do know his face."

" He is going to die."

" Laura always treated him fair. She never hurt anyone."

" Now he shot her and killed her unborn baby. He is a fucking dead man."

I looked over at Linda.

"Did she know she was pregnant?"

" No, she didn't."

" But when she finds out this is going to kill her."

" It was the only thing she had from Ripper."

" We also heard someone else following them in the woods."

" We need to find out who it was.

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