You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 83: lucy' s Revenge

My name is Lucy. I found out that Ripper found the woman he wants to claim. I was supposed to be that woman. Dad even told him if Ripper would claim me he would be the next president of the Blue Lightning MC. Ripper refused.

He said I was not his type. He didn't like tall women with big breasts or spoiled little girls who thought her daddy could buy me. No instead he enlisted in the military to get away from me. I had been following Laura for a long time. I really grew angry when I saw her belly growing. She didn't know she was pregnant.

Now she is fighting for her life. I got back to my fathers clubhouse to hear that Laura, Rippers girlfriend had been shot and she lost her baby. I saw my father look over at me.

"Give me your gun right now Lucy."

I handed him my gun and smelled it then looked at me.

"You just had to go and shoot Blade's sister in law didn't you?"

" Ripper is mine daddy."

" No he isn't Lucy."

" He planned on claiming Laura but you just had to go and threaten her didn't you?"

"Who do you think they are going to come for especially if she dies?"

" They don't know it was me."

" Ripper is not stupid."

" He hates you Lucy."

" He is never going to claim you."

" He doesn't like tall women."

" Get that through your head."

" I should turn you over myself before they come and destroy my clubhouse."

"But you won't will you?"

I looked over as the door opened and smiled.

"No, I won't."

She looked over and saw Boxer. Then her eyes widened.

"No, I won't do it."

" Yes, you will."

" Boxer is here to claim you Lucy and you will accept his claim."

"You will not wrap him around your finger."

" You will learn you place and that is not as president, VP, enforcer or member."

" You are a woman. I am sure he will have you pregnant with a months time."

"Now, lets get this over with."

" Once Boxer claimed Lucy his members had packed her bedroom up and the boxes were being put in trucks."

" I guess this is the last time I will see you Lucy since you will be moving to Russia."

"Lucy has caused my clubhouse nothing but trouble."

" Now she is Boxers problem."

" Lucy just would not listen to anyone."

" If Laura dies Ripper will want revenge."

" He already lost his child he will demand a child for a child."

" Lucy doesn't know it but Boxer agreed that their first born child will be taken from Lucy and sent to Ripper."

"I am sure Ripper will put the child up for adoption but make Lucy think he killed it."

" He will have his revenge for the loss of his child but not for Lucy trying to kill Laura if she lives."

" And god help Lucy is Laura dies."

She will not like living in Russia. Those women are harder than she is. And they will make sure that Lucy suffers for killing a baby. Besides. They didn't like the fact their president was claiming an american girl.

Back at Laura's house I lifted my head and listened. I heard the sound of bikes pulling up to Laura's cabin. I walked down the hall and opened the door.

I saw a short beautiful woman walk in the door.

"Where is Laura?"

" In the bedroom."

Blade shook my hand.

"Thanks for calling us Warrior."

"Do you know who did this?"

" Not yet."

I looked over at Ripper. I saw him look at his phone.

"That fucking bitch."

Blade took the phone and read the text.

"We will deal with Lucy and her fathers club after Laura is taken care of Ripper."

" So hold yourself together."

"Blade I think you and Ripper should step outside I have something to tell you."

" Laura doesn't know."

I looked at Ripper.

"Laura was three months pregnant. She didn't know."

" She was under a lot of stress."

" It will not be good when she finds out."

" The doctor thinks it was a woman that shot her."

"The shock was enough to kill the fetus."

" This baby would have been the only thing keeping her going Ripper."

" It was a part of you."

" If she couldn't have you she had your baby."

" Now she doesn't' even have that."

"I know who shot Laura."

" Her name is Lucy."

" She is pissed I won't claim her."

" I can't stand the bitch."

" She threatened to kill Laura if I claimed her."

" I had to get Lucy taken care of first."

" She must have seen Laura somewhere and that she was pregnant."

" So she thought she would take care of Laura and the baby."

"Her dad found out what she did and forced her to accept Boxers claim."

" She is on her way to Russia."

" Her first child will be taken from her and sent to me."

" I will put that baby up for adoption and make Lucy think I killed it."

" A baby for a baby."

"If it had not been for Lucy would you have claimed Laura?"

" Yes, I would."

" I had to keep her safe."

" Make Lucy think I was using Laura."

" When I said those words I felt my heart breaking."

" I had to make Laura believe it."

" I would say you did your job."

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