You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 84: Ripper Sits With Laura

I was sitting with Laura while the others were sleeping in the spare bedroom and living room. I had fallen asleep when I heard my name called. I slowly opened my eyes and looked over at Laura.

"How did you find me Ripper?"

" You were shot."

" Warrior called Blade."

" You don't think I would not come did you?"

"I don't know what to think."

" Laura I love you."

" But not enough to claim me."

" I had a reason for that Laura."

" We will talk about it when you heal."

" I'm sorry Ripper."

" For what?"

" I lost our baby."

" I heard the doctor and Baby Girl talking."

" I didn't know I was pregnant. It's my fault our baby died."

"No, Laura its not. Its mine."

" I should have claimed you and kept you close to me."

" I thought I was keeping you safe."

" But I don't want to talk about it until you are healed."

" Ripper, I don't know if I want to live anymore."

" Not without you, not without our baby."

I watched her close her eyes.

I did something I had not done in years. I cried and I prayed. God please don't take her from me. Please don't let her give up. I need her. She believed in me. She made not only myself happy but the club members. She never thought about herself.

I walked out of the bedroom and poured a cup of coffee and sat down at the table. I heard the chair across from me pull out and someone sat down.

"Ripper, Laura is a fighter."

" Not this time Blade. Not this time."

" What makes you say that?"

"She said she can't live without me or our baby."

" I can't lose her Blade. I did what I thought was best but it was not good enough. Lucy found her."

" Lucy shot Laura and killed our baby."

" I want that bitch to suffer."

" Oh she is going to suffer."

" Boxer agreed to send their first born to you. A baby for a baby."

"Not good enough."

" I want Laura to make Lucy suffer for what she did to her."

" To us."

" I always hated that bitch. She thought if Laura died I would claim her."

" Fucking bitch. I can't stand her."

" I know what Boxers plan is for her. But we will discuss that later."

"Go get some sleep Ripper."

" I am going to lay with Laura."

I stood up and walked back to Laura's bedroom. I took my boots and socks off stood up and folded my cut and took my shirt off. I walked over and climbed in Laura's bed. I pulled her close to me holding her.

I didn't want to let her go. Not again. I woke up hearing my name called.

"Grace what is it?"

" Go take a shower and get some breakfast."

" I don't want to leave her Grace. We will take care of her now go."

I leaned down and kissed Laura and walked to my suitcase. I grabbed some clean clothes and took a shower. I then ate breakfast and looked at Blade.

"We need to go shopping since we will be here for awhile.

Fine lets go.

We went into town and bought food for two weeks and beer.

"Back at Laura's we asked how she was?"

"Holding her own for right now."

Then there was a knock at the door. I opened it to see a handsome biker standing there.

"My name is Fist can I talk to Laura?"

" No."

" She is not doing well."

" Is she going to make it?"

" We don't know."

" Let Linda know to contact me with any updates on Laura please."

" She always treated me good."

I watched as the biker walked over to a bike started it and drove away. I wondered who the hell he was to Laura. I shut the door and walked over to the couch and sat down. I stared out the window toward the woods.

I closed my eyes and prayed. I must have dozed off . Grace was shaking me awake.

"Laura wants to talk to you."

I walked into her bedroom and sat next to her.

"Ripper why did you do it?"

" To save you Laura."

" To keep you safe."

" Lot of good it did me."

" I lived in Lucy's dads club."

" I didn't like her."

" Her dad told me if I would claim her I would become the next president."

" I said no and the next day I enlisted in the service."

"She found out I was back and threatened to kill you if I claimed you."

" I didn't want to lose you but I knew she would do it."

" Then she saw you somewhere and noticed you had a baby bump and she decided to kill you and our unborn baby."

"I'm sorry Laura."

" This is my fault."

" No, Ripper."

" It is that crazy bitches fault."

" Laura I love you."

" I wanted to claim you then she called me."

" Please tell me that you still love me."

" I do still love you Ripper."

" Then when you are on your feet let me take you back home."

"Let me claim you."

"I would like that Ripper. To be your wife."

" I missed you so much."

" But you will stop this bounty hunting."

" I will stop"

. I leaned down and kissed her.

"I missed you so much."

" I missed kissing you, making love to you and holding you."

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