You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 85: Three Months Later

I have been back at the Thunder MC for three months now. Today is the day of my claiming. I am so excited. Grace, Rain, Bonnie, and Kathy are helping me to dress. Blade is walking down the aisle and William is the minister.

Blade knocked on the door. "Are you ready Laura?"

" I am ready."

We stood at the door and you could hear look how beautiful Laura looks. She looks like a little doll. I only had eyes for Ripper.

"As Blade put my hand in Rippers he said, hurt her again and you're dead."

Ripper read his vows and then I read mine. When we finished William married us. Ripper was wearing a wedding ring too.

"William said. I now pronounce you man and wife."

" Ripper you can kiss your bride."

" I didn't hesitate. She was my wife forever."

I took her to the house I bought her so long ago and she never got to see it.

"We stayed there for two weeks and Laura said that she wish we didn't have to leave the house."

" When I told her we didn't have to because the house belonged to her she gasped."

"Laura I bought this house for you after the way Ghost treated you."

" I wanted you to have a place of your own."

" Then before I could talk to you and tell you, you were gone."

"This is a home we can raise our children in."

" That is until it gets to small I said smiling at her."

" And just how many children are we planning?"

" As many as you want."

" I would like at least 10. Five girls and five boys."

" What if they are all girls?"

" I will love them just as much."

We made love several times that last week. We talked about moving out of the club and into the house. I liked that idea. So next week that is what we are going to do. Ripper will continue to go to the club and work at his tattoo shop and so will I.

I heard the whores are glad I will not be staying in the clubhouse. They hate me after what I have done to some of them. But they know better then to approach Ripper when he is there without me.

Then the day I was not suppose to be their Bonnie called me.

"You might want to show up later to the club."

" Why is that Bonnie?"

" I overheard one of the whores telling the others she plans on slipping something into Rippers drink and getting him in bed."

"I will be there."

" Keep an eye out for me."

" And if she does slip something in his drink we will make her drink it."

" Got you Laura."

" Then she can wake up in bed with one of the members she keeps turning down."

" I like your way of thinking."

I showed up at the club and the whore saw me.

"Bonnie whispered she slipped something in Rippers drink a few minutes ago."

I walked over and took Rippers beer from him. He looked at my funny.

Bonnie had the whores arm.

"Here whore drink this."

" No thank you."

" I looked at her. I said drink this."

" No, Ripper should drink it."

" If you don't drink it I will force it down you."

The whore took the bottle and started drinking it.

" All of it."

Then she was acting different.

"Get the man she is always turning down."

" Have fun member."

We watched as she took her out of the room.

"What was that all about Ripper asked."

" She dropped something in your beer."

" She was drugging you to get you to take her to our room."

"Fucking bitch."

" Oh, she will be shocked when she wakes up in the morning."

I will be laughing my ass off.

"I am so glad I have you as my wife."

" So am I. Now, lets go to our room."

"We woke up hearing the whore scream."

" You are not Ripper and what are you doing in my bed."

" We heard the brother tell her, don't you mean my bed?"

" No, I was not supposed to wake up with you."

" I was supposed to wake up next to Ripper."

"Afraid Laura knew what you did."

" She made you drink Rippers beer."

" That bitch."

" She is Ripper's wife or did you forget that?"

We were sitting at the table when she stormed out to the bar.

"You were supposed to catch Ripper in bed with me."

" Then you would leave again."

"I don't think so bitch."

" Be lucky I only had you fucking the one member you refused to serve."

" Oh, and whatever your name is."

" I hope he impregnated you."

" That way he will take that child and you will never see it."

"Stay away from my husband."

" From now on he will always be handed an unopened beer."

" Try anything like that again and I will do more than cut your face."

" I will beat the shit out of you."

" Now get the fuck away from our table."

We watched her walking away and I saw the member looking at her.

"Did you have a good night member?"

" I sure as hell did. She gives good head that is the only thing she is good at."

Then he walked away.

I whispered to Ripper my news. "We are going to have a baby."

He looked at me shocked.

"We are going to have a baby?"

" Yes we are in 8 months."

He lifted me and swung me around kissing me.

"I am going to be a father everyone."

The members congratulated Laura and Ripper.

"Let's go home Laura."

They went home where Ripper made love to Laura and thanked god that she still loved him and married him.

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