You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 9: Snake Talks To His Mother

After Grace and I showered I called my mom.

"Mother, I want you to come to the house and bring Cheryl's mother with you."

" I think we need to have a conversation."

" I will be calling Hawk to be here as well."

" Do not bring Cheryl."

" I want my revenge on those who made Hawk believe that I would ever cheat or physically abuse Grace."

" We will be there."

I then called Hawk and asked him to come to my house.

"I explained why."

" He agreed to come and meet to tell me who lied on me."

" I have a reputation that is being ruined by people saying I physically abused Grace."

" My club does not harm women."

" No matter how mad we get at them."

We go to the gym to work out our anger. I also think that there is a reason behind Grace being taken from me. I can't put my finger on it but I think my older brother might be involved in this.

"I then called Max and told him to be here in an hour."

When that was finished I walked to the kitchen.

Grace was sitting at the table eating her breakfast when I walked in. I took my plate out of the microwave and sat next to her.

"I told her about the meeting scheduled today."

" I also told her she can attend if she wants."

" I will attend."

" We will meet in my office here in the house."

"I want to find out just who lied about me."

" Grace you have to understand that I cannot have my reputation ruined and be accused of beating you or cheating on you."

" Man or woman it does not matter."

" They need to pay."

" You know we have to have order and rules and if they are broken they don't just affect one person they affect all of us."

"Snake, I understand."

" I know you have to do what you have to do."

" A punishment must be handed out."

" And like you, i think there is more to Hawk taking me away from you."

" Someone wanted me out of the way for good."

" But I don't think they wanted me dead."

" They wanted me gone long enough for you to fall for someone else and claim them."

"I don't know why but I think it is someone we both know and close to our club in some way or another."

" I don't know who and I don't think they want us hurt but they want us to do something we do not agree with."

"Why else ruin your reputation."

" Someone wants a contract that we have or you and the club are working to form."

" I never thought of that."

" I had a lot of time to think. Believe me I thought of several different reasons I was hidden from you."

"Be watchful Snake."

" Someone is not going to like that I am back and that you claimed and married me."

" I think it might have been wise that Hawk hid me on an island. If I know Hawk which I do, I think he knows you would never hurt me but he had to play along."

" I would also bet he has been investigating the whole time I was there."

"Trust him Snake."

" He can play a part very well."

" He can make you think he hates your guts and would kill you."

" In his own way he will let you know."

" Maybe today but not in front of Cheryl's mother."

" I would not hesitate to bet that Cheryl's family was in on this and hoped that you would have claimed Cheryl."

"I would start by looking into her family's financial background."

" Our club has money."

" Lots of it."

" You have money."

" You are a fucking billionaire for god's sake."

" With my money and families money combines with are very rich."

"I will get Max to start looking into Cheryl's finances and her families right now."

" I want that information before the meeting."

" I walked away and called Max."

" I told him what I wanted and he said he would have that information in one hour."

I hung up the phone.

"I have no doubt that Hawk already has all that information but I want to read it myself."

15 minutes later the doorbell rang. A prospect handed me the envelope an left. I walked to my office and started reading it. Grace was right about this. Cheryl's family was bankrupt. Their home is in foreclosure and her father's company is under investigation. They need for Cheryl to marry me.

As I read my eyes landed on my brothers name.

"That bastard. I called Max again and told him to investigate my brother Stone and his MC as well."

" What is he up to?"

So, they wanted me to marry Cheryl and then she would divorce me and try to take my MC from me as well as get half my money. That bitch.

"Max, sorry to do this to you. I need Cheryl investigated as well."

I was getting furious. I was to upset about Grace being taken from me I did not notice what was going on right under my nose. They all think they are smarter than me. In my grieving they would have gotten away with it. All but me claiming Cheryl. That was never going to happen. I am good at keeping secrets. That is why Grace will never know I lied to her and I am cheating.

Now that Grace is back she has upped my A game. They will not know what has hit them. I am so going to enjoy this. They will all pay for this. I can't believe that my brother was in on this. Or that he had been a partner in Cheryl's father's company. He has used his clubs money and lost it all.

He never listens to anyone and always has to do what he wants to do. He will be getting hit with a huge surprise. He should have invested his money where I told him to. He didn't want to do that because he is the oldest and thinks he is the smartest. I am a businessman with a lot of companies. He is not.

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