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{#MODL} A story you guys may love... Liliane Parr, a sweet young girl of 21, is living the life of a human as everyone. She eats, breathes, drinks and does every other possible mortal activity like others. She walks to the supermarket like everyone everyday to find what's new in store for her. But her life will be lived 'actually' in just one day! When she meets the inexplicable Johnathan Carlos.... Please don't forget to vote if you really like this short story. With lots of love, Abhilasha

Romance / Humor
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Welcome to my first story on Iinkit


Life isn't easy to live for 70 damned years as it is estimated now.

So with the blessings of our Philosophers, they taught us,

"We can live life in each second, so that we don't miss on the good things in life."

Oh well, taught right so far so good.

But, Liliane Parr proves that people can live life in just one single day i.e 24 hours!

And also if you find the very right person to spend that day...

Uhm, like Liliane, she found.. The very best Johnathan Carlos!!!

It takes time to know, how much life can be eager to kill you at once! But.... Amazingly, you'll find Johnathan prevented them in his thug life and pervert is totally not cool style.


1) you may find yourself eventually falling in love with Johnathan, but, I'm not responsible for that.

2) contains some sparks and firecrackers. So, beware!

At the end, all rights are totally reserved and this story must not be produced, dubbed, or sabotaged by other names under any legal or illegal circumstances.

Thanks a lot for dropping by and reading my story.!

With lots of love and ice cream,

Abhilasha (Abby)

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