Rubber Band

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William: No Longer

The time had finally come where he was forced to walk through the blue, entrance doors of Laketown High, dread constricting the very core of his being, fear clouding his vision with blurry threats and unspoken torment.

If he saw him he would surely crumble. He would fall to the floor right in front of the bastard, heart failing, limbs aching, body breaking. He should be tougher than that, what with how much he's changed Oliver most likely wouldn't even recognize him.

He no longer bore the bright locks of bleach blonde, short hair, tanned skin and anxiousness to play a sport. Instead, his hair was black, longer on the sides, just slightly revealing his ears, and straight on the top, swooping upwards, charcoal fading into a bright, flaming blue. His skin was pale and littered with tattoos, his right eyebrow sported two silver, metallic orbs, and his lip was pierced by a small, ominous ring just off to the left, sitting comfortably on the side. His body wasn't sport infused; it was lean, lanky and slender, skinny and just grazing scrawny. Instead of pursuing a passion for soccer, he pursued a far more imaginative passion revolving around art, painting and sketching, even sculpture.

If Oliver Emerson recognized him, whatsoever, he would be wholly impressed.

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