Rubber Band

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Oliver: Bashful

Excitement coursed through his every limb, bone, muscle, organ, as he strode confidently through the blue doors of Laketown High School, a school he never imagined he'd attend. Students, mostly girls, glanced at him suggestively as he adjusted the strap of his backpack, eager to find the front office, strolling listlessly through the halls upon having entered.

With something akin to swelling confidence, he approached the closest person to him, taking a step toward a small girl, glasses sitting atop her pale nose, thick rimmed and black. Her expression was mousy and appeared almost uninterested in what he had to say, but he made his way over to the blonde anyhow.

"Hi," He smiled his most charming smile, "Could you help me out for a second?"

She blinked, glanced over her shoulder, swallowed and then nodded, stepping an inch closer to Oliver, shy and, most likely, terribly nervous.

"I'm looking for the front desk. You see, I'm new and this place is like a maze. I don't really know where things are around here," He shrugged apologetically and she quirked a small smile, bashful and understanding.

"Relatable," She bobbed her head to and fro, her chin dipping slightly, and her skin blushing to a thick, rosy pink, "I still get lost sometimes."

Oliver chuckled to be polite, and waited patiently for the small girl to work up her courage. He watched as her eyes dropped and then lifted once more, a finger reaching out, and extending outward toward a long, narrow corridor.

"Straight till you pass the biology room, then make a left. You'll see the sign."

With a wide grin, Oliver gripped his backpack tighter, and raised his hand just out in front of him, "Thanks," He beamed, "I'm Oliver."

Suddenly, before she could accept his handshake, the small girl's warm expression faded into a solemn, uninviting frown, her bright green eyes widening in dread, fear, anguish, "Oliver Emerson?"

He nodded, brows furrowed in confusion, "Um, yeah."

She turned to the floor, then to her right, then back at him, blonde hair twirling, and then, with the slight adjustment of her glasses, she apologized and hurried away, leaving Oliver utterly perplexed as to what had just occurred.

Narrowing his eyes at the curious situation, he moved away from the area, strolling confidently down the hall the strange girl had directed him toward, observing the other students exasperatedly, couples kissing in the corridors, boys nudging one another presumptuously, the occasional bully shoving another student forward, spitting names, insults, torment.

Rolling his eyes at the immaturity, he took the left he was instructed to take, and found himself face to face with a sign that boldly stated, "Main Office" in thick white letters, contrasting against blue paint.

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