Seduced by a Lie (On Hold)

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Working together, they are off-limits to each other, but when the games of love, lust, and secrets begin, lines are just meant to be blurred. This is not your quintessential office romance... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a work of fiction. Any depictions of companies, agencies, or technicalities are simplified or adjusted for the sake of storytelling. Please do not take this work as an accurate reference to how it actually operates. This work contains mature themes and is therefore classified for readers over the age of 18.

Romance / Mystery
Aviana M.
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1. Blergh! Not you again!


“Ugh! Shit!”

I groaned in pain as I woke up with a raging headache, waves of nausea adding to my misery. It seemed as though my brain would swell beyond the capacity of my skull any moment now, and my throat felt drier than the fucking Sahara! I tried to raise my heavy eyelids a little, only for them to fall shut. At least the curtains were drawn, as the dimly lit room suggested.

Thank fuck for that!

It felt as if I had been hit by a ten-tonne truck. Was that how death felt like? But, that thought was soon put to rest by my lurching and gurgling stomach, and now I was trying to decide whether I was hungover, dead, or just fucking hungry.


I was no light head by any means but for some reason, I had decided, drowning myself in booze to the point of amnesia was a great fucking idea!

Geez, how much did I have to drink last night?

This was what I got for partying way too hard.

Eyes still closed, I blindly reached for my phone that always sat on my left side table, only today, it was not. In fact, there wasn’t any table there at all, instead, I could feel something soft under my palm.

“What the hell is that?”

Not quite being able to register what that thing was, I patted on it, trying to get a better feel until a muffled moan reached my ears.

What the fuck? That’s not something, that’s a someone!

My eyes flew open, earning myself a shooting ache through my skull. But that disappeared momentarily as the sight next to me had a rush of adrenaline coursing through my vein.

Some chick was splayed on my bed, her naked body half covered under the sheets. She was lying on her stomach, her pale, slightly freckled skin exposed to me. I certainly liked the view, or at least a part of my body did.

Wait, a girl on my bed?

I never brought random girls back to my apartment. It’s always their place, never mine.

I jolted up to a sitting position. Everything seemed to swirl slightly around me for a bit, but as soon as the disorientation settled, I could finally make out where I was and breathed a sigh of relief.

I wasn’t at home.

I glanced at the girl passed out on her bed. Slightly leaning on her side, I took a good look at her face, and just as I thought, I didn’t even recognize who she was. Fuck me! Did I drink so much that I didn’t even remember who the hell I banged last night?

Well, she certainly didn’t fit the profile. Even in her sleep, she seemed like one of those snobbish, annoying as fuck woman who I usually avoided like a plague. Yet, here I was.

Congratufuckinglations, dude! You just hit a new low! But, did we even do anything?

I took a peek under my sheets. Yup! Naked as the day as I was born and the half-empty box of condoms on the table next to her side, only confirmed the fun times we had last night. Shame, I didn’t remember a thing!

Oh well, at least I hadn’t forgotten to wrap it up!

Running fingers through my ruffled bed hair, I stood up, stretching my stiff muscles. Tiptoeing around, I looked for my clothes, trying to not wake her.

Now, I was not trying to sneak out. I might be a bed hopper but not a disrespectful asshole. I hated running out on people and loathed being treated the same. So, I always let the person know, or at least leave a note before taking off. I mean, I don’t linger, fuck! Now that’d be awkward. But nope, no sneaking out. I hadn’t committed a crime for heaven’s sake! I never went for anyone who expected more than a night of fun. I was always very clear on that front so I didn’t see the point in tiptoeing out.

Moreover, the kind of lifestyle I lead, I knew I was better off with this type of arrangement. Even if my heart occasionally sought out for a bit more.

I was putting my clothes on when a groggy voice reached my ears.

“You’re still here. Just can’t seem to get enough of me now, could ya?” She asked in her grating, preteen whiny voice. Shit, did I willingly subject myself to that last night? Oh dear, what had I gotten myself into?

Tilting my head, I looked at the girl who was now devouring me with her eyes. Her lips curved up into a smirk as she felt quite “accomplished” by her lay of the night. If she only knew...

“I was just getting dressed to leave...”

Crap! What was her name?

“Mmm...Damn! You made me so sore, baby!”

The corner of my mouth curled up as I walked towards her. Tipping her chin up with my curved finger, my lips were just a kiss away from her luscious ones that parted slightly in anticipation. Her eyes fluttered close as I shifted closer for them to meet, only to take a detour to hotly whisper in her ears, “You’re welcome, sweetheart but the magic is over. Time to go.”

Sending a wink on her way, I slowly retreated my steps to leave, but not before correcting her, ” Oh, and I’m not your baby, so don’t go about getting any ideas.”

She rolled her eyes as she spoke in her snarky, irksome voice, “Ugh! Whatever!”

“Thanks for last night, by the way. It was fun.” I said while putting my jacket on, ready to get far the fuck away from this woman.

Or at least I hoped it was...

“Mmm it indeed was, maybe we could have....”

“No!” I shut that idea down before the words could leave her mouth.

I could see her flinch slightly as I sounded a little harsher than I had intended to, but she knew this was a one-night thing and that’s how it was gonna stay.

“Fine! Geez! I was just proposing casually from time to time, but your loss!”

“I don’t do casuals with the same person,” I stated nonchalantly.

“Oh, come on! There must be something to change your mind. How about now?”

Crawling out of her bed, she dropped the sheet wrapping her naked body and I gulped slightly, my resolve wavering. Hell, she was hot! I had to give her that. But, damn, she seemed desperate, clingy, and slightly snobbish too and I had no patience for that.

“Still think the magic is over, big guy?” she looked down at my crotch, biting her lower lip and I was trying so hard not to barf at that. No wonder I was super drunk when I ended up here coz there was no way I’d have slept with her in my sober state.

“If it wasn’t before, it’s definitely over now.” I retorted, and she looked like a deer in the headlights. I pursed my lips to hold back a chuckle. She hadn’t expected me to be this blunt but she was starting to annoy me now.

“Bye, Cindy, was it?”



“Oh my God!” she snapped, realizing my cluelessness. To be fair, I did honestly feel bad about that.

“It’s Cynthia, you prick!”

With that, she grabbed my arms, shoved me out the door, and slammed it on my face.

“Rude!” I yelled from the other side.

I shook my head in disbelief. Crazy woman! One moment she jumped on me and then threw me out the next. This was why I was better off single. Can you imagine putting up with this hormonal shit every day?

Just as I turned around to leave, I noticed a girl walking out of the door of the opposite apartment. Hair disheveled with her heels in hand, she sneaked out of the house, clearly doing the walk of shame.

Something about this girl seemed familiar. I couldn’t see her face but from the back, she did look like someone I knew, but who? Even her attire looked quite familiar, but I still couldn’t place her. Just then, my gaze fell on the tiny inner wrist tattoo and it dawned upon me.

My God! Was that her?

Closing the door as quietly as possible, she turned around and her eyes widened when it landed on me. Arms folded, I casually leaned against the door frame, smirking at her. Oh yeah, she was caught! But the look of horror on her face soon turned into one of disgust as she spat out the next words, catching me off guard for the third time since I had last seen her.

“Blergh! Not you again!”

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