Seduced by a Lie (On Hold)

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3. She's just not that into you!



“Blergh! Not you again!”

“Well, well, well. You’re that type after all, huh?”

“Excuse me?” She sent a glare on my way.

Taking a glance at her disheveled state, it was very evident exactly what must have transpired behind that door last night. Her messy hair, smeared makeup and bloodshot eyes said it all, and that same twinge of jealousy tickled my insides again.

“Someone had fun last night.”

“Oh, and you didn’t? Looks like I was right, too. You did leave with a bimbo on your arms after all.”

She looked over my shoulders to point at the door through which I was shoved out of, moments ago, and I sent a silent prayer of thanks that she hadn’t witnessed that bit. I was enjoying the upper hand I had in this situation.

“Hey, at least I didn’t deny that I was looking for something fun, you, on the other hand, called me out on it but now got caught doing the walk of shame.”

Slam and dunk!

A winning smirk almost made its way across my face as I had pinned her exactly where I wanted her to be.


“Woah! Hold up! Walk of shame? Who said I was ashamed of anything?”

Quirking an eyebrow, she met my gaze with equal fervor, her blue orbs had taken on a shade that depicted the fire burning in her veins.

God, why was she so fucking sexy?

But, it looked like she was ready to rip me a new asshole though.

“I’m sorry, you men can sleep around and do one night stands, all around the block, and chest bump on scoring the hottest chick. Us girls decide to have some fun of our own and now we are doing the walk of shame? That’s ridiculous! Why the contradictory demands from women when it comes to sex and dating? Jesus!”

And that bit made me realize what a major dick I was being towards her. She had got a point and it was certainly wrong and not to mention, masochistic of me to have tried to send her on a guilt trip to soothe my bruised ego.

“Look, I..”

“Save it!” She cut me off.

Damn! She was pissed! Her fiery glare in sharp contrast with her cheeks that blew up like a pufferfish with each breath and all I could think was how someone could look so sexy and damn adorable at the same time. My smirk must have melted into a grin without me knowing as she felt the need of taking a dig at me again.

“And, I never said I didn’t want fun, I said I didn’t want it with you, remember?” She sneered, jabbing a finger on my chest.


That hurt just as much as it did last night.

What’s her deal?

Rolling her eyes, she walked off towards the elevator, pressing the call button furiously upon reaching it and I followed her like the lost puppy I was.

Why the fuck do I end up following her all the time?

“Hold on, at least let me finish what I was trying to say to you.” Thankfully, this time she let me speak, “I’m so sorry about being an ass towards you. I hadn’t realized how hypocritical and misogynistic that might have sounded, I didn’t mean to though, I just hadn’t thought of it that way.” I apologized, my sincerity seemingly catching her off guard.

I rolled my eyes, “What? I’ve no problem owning up to my mistakes when I make one.”

The elevator dinged and we both got in. Silence settled between us, but the tension was thick in the air now that we stood close in a confined space. What were the odds that we both ended up leaving with people who lived across from each other? I guessed our paths were meant to be crossed and surprisingly, I didn’t seem to mind at all.

“Why were you being so rude to me last night?” I spoke up, diffusing the silence.

“I wasn’t being rude to you, I just asked you to leave me alone but your stubborn ass wouldn’t!”

“I’m not stubborn but persistent and you were being rude.”

The elevator dinged for the second time and the door opened to the ground floor. She rushed out and my legs seemed to have grown a mind of their own now, as I found them following her again. She called a cab and before she could get away, I called out.

“Hey, wait up! I’m not trying to bother you, I just want to understand what happened there. I mean I could have given you the same thing. But, then why push me away?”

She stopped and sighed heavily. Turning around to face me, she rested one of her arms on the frame of the, now open, door of the cab.

“Did you, for once, consider getting your head out of your ass and think that maybe, maybe I’m just not that into you?”

I blinked a few times at that admission, trying to understand what she just said.

So, I read it all wrong?

She was not that into me?

Yeah, bullfuckingshit! I could feel the attraction and chemistry between us last night and it was certainly mutual.

“Goodbye, ignorant asshole! It was no pleasure to deal with you and I hope we never meet again.”

With that said, she got into the cab and left and I found myself dumbstruck, yet again.

Shit! I forgot to ask her name again!

It’s Monday today, and I just got back home after a run. This was a typical weekday for me; getting up at 6, going for a jog, and then coming back home to get ready to join the rat race once again. But, my usual drab and dreary weekdays were compensated by the wild weekends that I enjoyed, this being my life for the past seven years.

Except, this weekend was different and I wasn’t sure whether it was because of the task in hand or the blue-eyed fire girl whose thoughts have made a home in my mind ever since that night. But, I was sure it was the former reason, there was no way Treyton Maynard would be hung up over a girl he met randomly at a club one night. Nope, I had trained my heart and mind to not fall into this trap. And, I was doing good. Great even. This worked perfectly fine given my lifestyle.

I was on my way to work now. It was a big day and I was slightly nervous. I bought my coffee from the cafe I visited regularly and made my way into the building. Once I made it to my floor, my assistant, Molly, greeted me as usual.

“Good Morning!”

“Morning, Molly. You look radiant today. Mike treating you good?”

“After the talk you gave him, do you think he’d try anything but?”

“He better not!”

She chuckled, walking out of her desk and running the schedule by me, “We are good really. Anyway, Junior Stanley has been looking for you. Hannah asked me to send you directly to his office, once you arrived.”

Edmund Stanley was the newly appointed CEO and the son of the Chairman. We all called him Sr. Stanley hence the name Jr. Stanley for his son. So far, things were good. He was a fierce leader and we were on good terms too but this nervous energy just couldn’t seem to leave me alone today. It might also be because I was already nervous about the task at hand since morning. It was a big one and I couldn’t afford to screw it up.

“Thank you, Molly. I’ll go to his floor now.”

“By the way, Hannah says hi.” She chortled and I groaned. The woman doesn’t quit.

“Don’t forget I’m the one who pays you.”

“Uh uh, the company pays me.”

“But, I do hold the power to fire you.” I teased her, well half-seriously.

“Oh please, Mr. Maynard, you’d be lost without me.” she teased back. That bit was true and she damn well knew it.

I entered my corner office, the perks of being the Head of the department. Leaving my things and sorting a few important morning mails, I left for Edmund’s office.

On reaching the top floor, and wasting good five minutes dealing with Hannah, his PA, I opened the large double doors to his office only to find him talking to a lady. I asked if I should wait outside but he asked me to come in anyway.

“Come in, Maynard. Good Morning. I was waiting for you.”

“Morning, Edmund. Is everything alright?”

“Oh yes, of course. Treyton, I wanted to introduce you to someone, meet Ms. Bradford. She’ll be replacing Stana, which means she’s going to be working with you on the same team. Ms. Bradford, meet Treyton Maynard, the head of your team.”

I stepped forward to shake her hands and she turned around with a bright smile on her face which dropped as soon as we saw each other.


Initially, she was just as shocked as I was but we both composed ourselves and our hands met for a firm shake.

“Treyton Maynard.”

“Aloyna Bradford. A pleasure to meet you.”

Aloyna Bradford, so that’s her name.

The mystery girl from the club, the thought of whom wouldn’t leave my mind this entire weekend, was now about to work alongside me, in the same team that I head. Holy fucking shit!

Things were about to get very, very interesting.

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