Seduced by a Lie (On Hold)

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Fucking Asshole!


What an entitled asshole!

I slammed the door of my apartment shut, being in a total shit mood after my run-in with that douche from last night. And I didn’t even have my morning coffee yet!

Of all the places this guy could go, why did he have to end up spending the night in that building? Must be my glorious luck!

And because my luck wasn’t done fucking with me yet, I now had to walk into my home and watch my “so-called” best friend/roommate practically inhale this guy’s entire face in.

Nope, too early! Too fucking early!

“Thanks for the show!” I announced my presence nonchalantly, doing what I did best; embarrassing the living shits out of my dear best friend. But, looks like I had managed to mortify the guy instead. The way they had jumped apart, with him all flustered realizing they had been walked in on, made me chuckle.

Hmm, shy type.

“I, uh... umm... I’ll go!” he stammered, looking everywhere but us and scrambled out of the kitchen.

“Hey, wait! Don’t stop on my account,” I assured him, raising my hands in surrender. My roomie glared at me and I returned it with a cheeky grin and a thumbs up.

And with that comment, the dude turned a deeper shade of red. He looked guilty as hell, which was confusing. It wasn’t like I had walked in on them having sex or something. Well, that image made me mentally gag.

“You sure? She’ll be gone anyway,” my bestie insisted, giving my messy self a judgmental once-over before pleading with me to leave them alone. Prick!

“It’s okay, I got work, and anyway, thanks for last night.” He scurried towards the door as though he had seen a demon in me.

Damn it! Do I look so horrifying that I scared a dude out?

Leaving both of them alone, I went to my room to freshen up. I checked myself in the mirror and while I did look disheveled, I had seen worse days. At least I didn’t smell like puke and rancid taco meat this time. Now that was bad.

Why did he leave that way though?

This morning was just weird as fuck!

I changed into my baggy T-shirt and shorts, ready to crash in bed when loud and distinct clattering noises drifted into my room, demanding my attention. Time to check-in.

Taking tentative steps out, I saw my roomie fussing about in the kitchen, probably finishing the breakfast he was “making” which I had interrupted a while ago. I cleared my throat.

“Is that for me?” I asked, my mouth watering at the smoky aroma of bacon, sizzling, and splitting on the pan. I made myself comfortable on the counter while he gave me the silent treatment. I narrowed my eyes at him. Since when did he get touchy over a guy?

Grumpy Cat!

I silently got off the counter and tiptoed over to him, flinging my arms around his neck before I jumped right on his back, eliciting a cry of surprise before he yelled, “Ah, Jesus! Get off of me!”

“Are you going to talk to me?” I dangled off his tall frame, eyeing the crispy wave of bacon that now sat on the plate, “And, give me that to eat?”

“Nope! Shit, you are fucking heavy!” he choked out.

“What was that?” I tightened my grip.

“I can’t breathe! Damn it!”

“Do we have a deal, grumpy ass?”

“Okay... Fine... Fine!”

I let him go and he coughed out, gasping for air while I grinned at him, victorious.

“You’re a proper bitch at times!” he spat out, massaging his neck.

“At times?” I smirked while his eyes shot daggers at me.

“Did you really have to do that? He was so damn embarrassed!”

“Hey! Don’t blame me, I gave a fair warning by closing the door shut, loud enough for you to hear,” I said as I walked around him, sneaking a piece of bacon off his plate.

“We were caught up in the moment!” he exclaimed, smacking my hand as I tried to help myself to a second piece.

“Like the fuck you were!”

And, that led to us engaging in what would probably be the most intense stare-off in the history of one. Well, until he just gave up.

“Eh...” shrugging, he turned around, giving me the perfect opportunity of teaching him a well-deserved lesson; a hard kick in the ass!

“Ow! What the hell?”

“That was for ditching me last night!” I crossed my arms as I leaned against the counter watching him try to get his shit together.

“But, I texted you!” he cried out, narrowing his eyes at me.

“But I never replied because I hadn’t seen it in the first place and you still left! I’d have never done that to you!”

“Bitch, please!” He snorted, making a face at me, insinuating that I would have done the same, before adding, “Besides, have you seen him?”

“So? Does that mean you’ll ditch me for some random man-meat? Anything could have happened to me. Chicks before dicks man! What the fuck?”

“Good thing I’m not a chick then!”

“But you’re interested in dicks so that applies by default!”

“Erm... Pretty sure that’s not how it works!” he retorted and I flipped him the bird.

“Oh goody! Bitch Aly is out on full swing I see.” He clapped his hands like the clown he was, sarcasm ringing clear in his voice.

“Don’t test me, Marcus, not before my liquid gold!”

Just then, he handed me a steaming cup of coffee with a look on his face that I knew all too well. I tried to avoid his gaze, not wanting to discuss what was coming up.

“So, who’s the guy that got your panties in knots?”

I hated him so much sometimes!

“What guy?” I sipped my coffee while I skimmed through a random pamphlet laying on the table as though it was the single most interesting thing in the world.

“You didn’t return home last night.”

“Yeah, because someone ditched me and I didn’t want to spend the rest of the night hearing you go at it.” I shuddered at the thought.

“You know I never bring a guy home with you staying in, Aly. How convenient to come up with an excuse at my expense.” He snatched the pamphlet from my hands unwilling to drop the topic.

“Hey, I was reading that..” I stopped mid-sentence as he sent a glare on my way. I groaned in defeat.

“Ugh! You men are assholes! I’m only surrounded by assholes!” I emptied my mug in the sink, the reminder of him killing my appetite.

“Aha! So there’s a guy involved! Was the sex that bad? Wait, did he try something with you? Do I need to break someone’s jaw?”

“Nope and we both know if anybody tried anything with me, my heels grinding their nuts would take care of it.” I wiggled my brows and couldn’t help but cackle seeing the grimace plastered across his face at that thought.

“So, what was the problem?“Marcus asked, not letting this go.

“Nothing at all, it was fine, until he turned up,” I muttered the last bit under my breath.

“Who turned up?”

Marcus and his damn ears!

“No one!” I quickly shut him down.

“Uh-huh. So, two guys were involved. Interesting...” He smirked and my nose crinkled incredulously at his assumption. He considered me for a moment before a smidge of mischief gleamed in his eyes as he exclaimed, “Holy Shit! Did you finally tick the threesome off your bucket list?”

“What? No! And that’s on your fucking bucket list, not mine!” I punched him lightly on his arms while he cackled away like an idiot!

Pulling me in for a side hug, he planted a kiss on my cheek before asking, ” What’s wrong, snoozy bear?”

I snuggled into him, resting my head on his chest, “Just a bad morning, that’s all. And, stop calling me that! You know I hate pet names! I’m not five anymore.”

“Try again, buttercup.” He chuckled at my feeble attempt of deflection.

I relented knowing there was no escaping him, “Geez, fine! Yeah, there is a guy, actually no, an asshole.”

“Aly, the entire male species is an asshole for you, I need you to be a little more specific here,” he quipped and I rolled my eyes before a twitch of a grin crossed my face. He wasn’t exactly wrong about that.


I recounted the events of last night and his annoying face reappeared in my thoughts. Arrogant fucker, and an infuriatingly sexy one at that.

What am I thinking?

Shaking the idea out of my head, I focused on Marcus who now seemed to be lost in deep thoughts. “What are you thinking?” I asked curiously.

“Hmm. I’m thinking, was he hot?”

“Really? That’s the first thing you ask? I’m serious, Marcus!”

“So, you left with someone else last night?” he asked gravely, lightly tapping his finger on his chin as though he was trying to figure something important out.

“Yeah..” I trailed off, my voice coming out softer, slightly anxious about his train of thoughts. After remaining quiet for a tad longer than my liking, he finally broke the silence.

“So the important question is, Aly,” he paused again, his theatrics almost pushing me over the edge of my patience.

“Spit it out, Marc!”

“So, the real question is... Was he big?”

Fucking Asshole!

“MARCUS!” I yelled his name out at the top of my lungs, making him jump off the counter we were sitting on. He quickly ran off while I chased him around the house.

“What? It’s a legitimate question!” He chortled, shielding himself by hiding behind the couch.

“Marcus, I swear!” I almost got him before he dashed for his room with me hot on his trail and we both ended up dropping on his bed laughing, but not before I threw in a few punches for good measure. He always knew how to get me out of my funk. We laid on his bed for a while, catching our breaths, when a realization dawned upon me and I shot off his bed.

“Ewwww! I just rolled on your sex bed!” I cringed out, gagging at the thought of what had happened on those sheets last night.

The dipshit rolled all over his bed, clutching his belly and laughing like a maniac. “Serves you right!”

“Eww, eww, eww!”

“Relax, I changed the sheets. Now come here, babygirl...” He patted on the space beside him, grinning at me while I scowled. I hated pet names in general, but loathed this particular one, a certain movie completely ruining it for me.


I sat back glaring at him, “You’re the worst!”

“You still love me. Anyway, on a serious note, how long are you going to keep on doing this?”

“Do what?”

“Push people away, sleep around, and use sarcasm and this...whatever you do, as your defense mechanism? Four years is a long time, Aly.”

“Marcus...” I closed my eyes trying to push down the lump forming in my throat. I didn’t like to talk about this and lately, Marcus wouldn’t stop pushing me.

“No, Aly. Stop.” He took my hand in his, covering the top of it with his other one, “You know, I love you Aly, which means I worry about you, too. This has been going on for far too long and that’s not who you are and you know it.”

His words made a twinge of pain swell inside me. It had been four years now, and even though the flames were out and the burns were healing, the singe from it remained. And, to be honest, I wasn’t sure if it would ever really heal but the emotional detachment numbed the pain.

“Hey, space cadet! Are you here with me?” He bumped my shoulders lightly with his.

“Yeah, I’m just a little tired. Should be fine if I get some sleep.” I tried my best to give him a genuine smile.

He shook his head, chuckling at my poor attempt, “Who are you lying to, babe? We grew up together, Aly. I know you better than you know yourself.”

And that was true. Marcus was more of a sibling to me than my real ones ever had. Sure, I had a good relationship with them but Marcus was like the brother I never had.

“Now, tell me more about the guy. Why did you refuse him?”

“Because he was an arrogant asshole! Oh my God, Marcus, you should have seen him! He would infuriate the shit out of you too! Headstrong, cocky and he came on way too strong for my liking. He even left with a rando last night, just as I had predicted. Typical manwhore!”

“Oh, and you didn’t?” he countered.

“Whose side are you on?” I asked, irritated. Why wouldn’t he just drop it was beyond me.

“Yours, always! But, you know damn well that I’d call out on your bullshit too, whenever required, and right now all I can hear is you coming up with half-assed excuses.”

“Marcus, you weren’t there, I was! He was such an ignorant bastard! I made it very clear I wasn’t interested but the prick couldn’t take no for an answer. Trampling his big ego under my heels was so much fun, you should have seen his face! Hah!” I roared with laughter but apparently was the only one who found it amusing because my best friend seemed less than impressed.

“So, you’re not the least bit attracted to him?”

“Fuck no!”

“Uh-huh... Whatever makes you sleep better, babygirl.”

“I’m not interested in him, Marcus. Yeah, I mean he sure is pretty damn easy on the eyes but that doesn’t make up for the shitty personality at all.”

“Pretty on the eyes, hey? Any chance he might be into dudes as well?” He wiggled his brows while barking out the loudest laugh, much to my annoyance.

“That’s all you made out of what I said? You’re such an asshole!” He ducked his head falling over the other side as I tried to hit him with a pillow.

“Look I’m sure he was an arrogant prick if you’re saying so, but did you need to be that rude with him? Who knows, maybe he isn’t that bad.” I could barely open my mouth to counter when he stopped me, ” All your life you have hated people who’ve judged others without knowing shit about them, hell you’ve been through the same yourself, then why are you doing that to someone else?”

I really hated him when he was right!

“Okay, maybe a teensy tiny bit of you is right...”

He rolled his eyes.

“But, trust me, Marc, I wasn’t wrong about him! He deserved it! If you’d been there you could’ve seen it for yourself!”

He shook his head in resignation, ” Okay, fine!”

“Listen, I’m sorry about last night. You’re right, I shouldn’t have ditched you like that,” he apologized, using puppy dog eyes for added effects. How could I stay mad?

I looked at him and smiled, “Nah! Don’t worry about it. I kicked your ass hard. We are even. Besides, that guy was pretty damn cute although you could have spared me the snogging.”

“Yeah, Shane seems nice,” he said with a soft smile gracing his features.

“Hold up! You remember the guy’s name?”

A tinge of crimson tinted his cheeks and a wide smile spread across my face, ” Aww! My bestie has a crush on him!”

“Shut up! That’s a pretty easy name to remember and he was a good company, that’s all.”

“Yeah, so was Harry but you didn’t even bother.” I crossed my arms, annoyed with him not taking up his own advice, and then it hit me, “Oh shit! Now I feel like crap! Please tell me you at least exchanged numbers.”

“Nah, he kind of ran out of here after you know...” he answered sheepishly, looking rather disappointed at the thought.

Well, that’s a look I never thought I’ll ever see on Mr. “Never settling down” and now I ruined it.

Shit! Shit! Shit! I’m such a bitch!

I needed to do something to fix this.

“Wait a minute.” I got up from the bed and walked into my room with Marc following me. I took out my phone and worked my magic.

“Aly, what are you doing?”

“Patience, fartface!” A few more taps and I had got what I wanted, “Bingo! There you go!”

His phone pinged with the account link that I had messaged him. Giving me a side-eye, he took out his phone.

“How did you do that?”

I mock-gasped at his words, my hands flying to my chest, ” Marcus Myers! Are you seriously questioning my stalking skills? I’m hurt!”

“Never, drama queen!” He smiled which melted into one of disappointment, “But, I don’t think I should. I mean, it’s just one night and if he was interested he wouldn’t have scurried out the way he did. He didn’t even look at me properly when he left, Aly, let alone exchange numbers and I think that kind of says it all. Doesn’t it?”

“I’m so sorry, Marc.” I moved to give him a bear hug feeling like the worst person in the world, “But, maybe you’re reading it all wrong coz now that I think of it, he did seem quite taken with you too, I think he was a bit of a shy guy who’d never make the first move, you know? Please, Marc, give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose!”

“Yeahhh, nope! Drop it, Aly! Honestly, nothing was going on and you don’t have to feel guilty buttercup, I wouldn’t have pursued anything. Plus, I have got a date tonight. Too many dicks in the world to settle for one, ain’t that right?” An exaggerated wink from him led me to smack him hard on his chest.

“Shut the fuck up!” I had scrunched my face in disgust.

“We were talking about you! How did it come back to bite my ass?”

“If you are looking for a way out don’t do it at my expense!” I warned him, “And, don’t even try to mention that dipshit again, the very thought of him boils my blood!”

“Alright, we are both dropping it then!” He planted a kiss on my temple before leaving, “Take rest, snoozy bear. I’ll see you in the evening. Love you!”

I can’t with this guy!

“Okay. Love you, too!”

So, I went to bed for a much-needed nap, grateful that Marc did not push it any further, except there was no way I was dropping the whole Shane-matter. I didn’t remember the last time I had seen him genuinely interested in someone and disappointed at the thought of things not working out. It was my fault and now I needed to do something to fix it. Firing up my laptop, I dug up some more information about him, my nature of work making it a tad easier for me. Fifteen minutes later, I had everything I needed and I knew what I had to do.

I only hope Marc doesn’t get mad at what I’m about to do.

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