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His Revenge, Her Wings

By Shona1993 All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Romance

Chapter 1

The whole banquette hall is decorated with white lilies and red roses, Sanayas favorite flowers. Plenty of golden and red colored heart shaped balloons are flying by the ceiling to give the wedding an extra romantic edge. The golden spiral candles with rose petals sprinkled around are on place and the wedding fabrics are in just the right colors.

The credit for every single detail goes to Sanayas bestfriend Sia. Sia has taken extra care that everything is exactly the way her bestfriend and bride-to-be Sanaya wants.

The banquette hall is buzzing with people and her groom-to-be will soon be arriving.

"You're looking gorgeous babe." Sia tells a nervous Sanaya who is reflecting herself in front of the mirror.

Sanaya faints a smile. "Isn't it too much?" She asks nervously while all her relatives assures her that she is looking absolutely stunning.

Sia winks at her. "That can only be answered by the groom." Sanaya blushes while giggling and everyone else laughs.

The makeup artist and the hairdresser have done an amazing job in highlighting Sanayas features. The light brown eyes with stains of green looks more green now and the cheekbones are looking higher. She is already stunning and now looks like one of the magazine brides with her perfectly fitted red lehenga and matching jewelry.

"The groom and his family is here!" Sanayas cousin Shetal screams and creates chaos.

The room gets empty in less than one second with everyone running around with trays filled with different sweets, flowers and gift bags to welcome the groom and his family. Sanaya is left there with Sia.

"I am missing the welcoming rituals just because of you." Sia points out to Sanaya who knows how muffled Sia is by not being able to attend the rituals.

Sanaya smiles brightly with puppy eyes. "I am so sorry, I promise to miss them in your wedding too." Sanaya promises and Sia laughs.

"I am joking babe, I rather spend my time with you on your wedding than welcoming the groom." Sia says genuinely and walks to stand behind Sanaya to see her by the beautiful mahogany framed mirror.

"I know." She smiles. "I'll miss you. I'll miss everyone." Sanaya sighs and Sia hugs her from behind.

"I'll miss you more." Sia says sentimentally. "Do you really need to move so far away?" Sia adds with a whisper and looks at Sanaya through the mirror.

Sanayas fiancé Arnav is from Manchester. They know each other since last summer when they met each other at a family friends event. Arnav came to attend the event in London with his family. Sanaya managed to fall right into Arnavs arms when her heels broke and well they fell head over heels in love.

"Yes babe, Arnav is the manager of the Khans firm there. Unless he gets a transfer, he won't move. It is his bestfriends company you know and he is obviously loyal to him." Sanaya explains for the hundredth time.

The Khans have a large export and import business of textiles. They have a lot of subsidiaries including a very famous fashion line. Due to the international recognition of the fashion line Mr. Khan have his main focus on making it expand. The head office is in London with Mr. Khan in charge.

The door opens and Sias teenage sister Soumya peeks in. "Sis, everyone wants you to bring the box with the gifts especially for the groom and his family. No one is finding it." She rants in one breath.

Sias eyes widens in remembrance. "Oh right! I had forgotten that I left it in the room. I will bring it right away."

Sia hurries past the decorated and the people crowded corridor at the second floor. The room she has been handed is at the very end of the corridor with a balcony attached to it.

She opens the door and finds the lights on. Her clothes are still piled on the bed with a few other girls. "Strange, I thought I had turned it off." She mumbles to herself.

She walks over to the beige couch beside the balcony where she left the decorated round golden box and picks it up. Right then she hears footsteps behind her and turns around with a gasp to see a man coming out of the balcony. Her eyes widens and her heart beat increases. She gets startled seeing a man in the room only she and her acquaintances have access to.

She takes a step back to perfectly trip on the leg of the table. Closing her eyes she lets out a squeal while she hears a heavy thud when the box falls to the carpeted floor.

Slowly Sia realizes that she is not anytime soon hitting the ground as an arm is securely around her waist holding her steadily in a compromising position. Sias eyes shoots up in relief mixed with fear to meet two dark eyes. The man is bent over her and she can't explain how her arms reached his neck. He uses a lovely cologne, she involuntary thinks for herself. Staring at the big eyes with dark orbs she gets lost for a moment.

Unknown to Sia the man is none other than Sahir, bestfriend and boss of the groom. Sahir is staring into Sias honey brown eyes which he, to his own surprise, instantly get lost in. The wind finds its way through the balcony to Sias long wavy hair which softly cares it.

Sia realizes that she is staring at the man with short dark hair, defined jaw lines and even darker suit than his eyes. She forces herself up and pushes him by his chest while taking two steps back. Sahir stumbles back and his jaws tightens by the sudden gesture. She looks on horrified.

Sahir furrows his eyebrows and finds the girl in front of him unmannered. "So that's the way you thank me?" Sahir asks annoyed.

"What should I thank you for? You just got yourself an excuse to lay your hands on a girl." Sia insults without thinking.

Sahir jaw tightens and his already dark eyes seem darker. "What the heck is your problem you ungrateful little."

"Hey! Mind your language!" Sia warns now with a pointed finger at him.

Sahir gets furious and frowns, no one has ever dared to raise a voice at him and even lesser dared to raise a finger at him."Or else?" He challenges and takes a step forward with clenched hands.

Sias eyes widens and her heartbeats fastens. She takes a step back. "Stop! Don't you dare come near me!" She yells at him.

He takes another step. "Or?" Sahir asks now and looks at the terrified girl dressed in a white and black saree embracing her slender figure.

"Just don't come near me." She says with a stern voice and takes a step back.

He starts walking towards her and she walks backwards. Sahir finds it amusing to see that the girls courage and vocabulary is now out of the balcony. A smirk is tugging at the corner of his lips but he suppresses it.

Sia walks backwards and she can only hear her heart pound loudly while her eyes are fixed on the intimidating man in front of her. She keeps on thinking about ways of saving herself if the mans intentions turns out to be wrong. Scream, kick, bite, scratch and her mind rambles on.

Her back hits the door and she turns to the left to reach for the doorknob but Sahirs hand shoots up to her left. He is now right in front of her, he looks at her with amusement. The only sound she can hear is her furious heartbeats. She tries to get away by walking to the right but his other hand shoots up. She is now stuck between his arms and can feel her body radiate heat as if having a fever. Her breathing is uneven and she have a hard time to even think straight with the potential danger standing inches away from her.

She turns her gaze slowly towards his cold once. "Move!" She says to him with distaste and can feel her sudden cold palms sweat.

His gaze analyzes her. "Or else?" Sahir keeps chanting.

"Or else I'll not be held responsible for my actions." Sia warns him with bitterness.

He bends forward and she closes her eyes while her hands shoots up to push him away by his chest in vain. "Do you even know who I am?" Sahir questions with arrogance by holding her wrists. "Because if you knew your gaze would have dropped and your voice wouldn't even have dared to whisper." He claims with venom.

Sia frowns and looks up. "Who do you think you are? Even if you were the prince himself I wouldn't have bowed down to you, it is your character that speaks and not your height of fame, success or money." Sia retorts with her eyes locked with his twinkling once.

Sahir smirks. "Oh really, I don't think so." Sia frowns with distaste. "Anyway, I am still thousand times stronger than you. What will you do now?" He challenges her while tightening his grip around her wrists.

"Ouch." She frowns. "Is this your way of showing how manly and strong you are? Pathetic." Sia remarks bitterly. "What are you even doing here? It's my room!" Sahir was going to enlighten her that he just wanted to come away from the noise to attend an important call and that Sanayas mother sent him in here but Sia doesn't let him speak. "I am sure knowing that the room is occupied by young girls you couldn't keep yourself away from here, right?" She insults him in anger.

Sahirs blood boils and without his notice Sias black glass bangles shatters in his hands. He slams her hands on the door beside her head now and holds them there. Sia closes her eyes in pain caused by glass pieces piercing her wrist. "I never chase girls, girls chases me. Got it? Celebrate that I don't need to show around how manly I am and that I don't touch girls like you." He says between gritted teeth while she winces.

"I don't let morons like you touch me!" Sia fires back to feel his crushing grip tighten even more around her sensitive wrists with glass pieces smudged. "Let go of me! It hurts." Sia whispers with tears burning her eyelids but refuses to let them fall. She is not going to show weakness and let her ego get bruised.

"Apologize!" Sahir demands.

"Never." Sia whispers loud enough. Her steady voice surprises her. "You should be the one to apologize." She adds matter of fact.

"I won't let you go then." She looks at him startled.

"I'll bite you." Sia threatens him and he looks at her with disbelief.

"What are you ten or something?" Sahir asks her now. "I'll bite you." He mimics her with a mocking voice.

Sia raises her eyebrow and turns her head to Sahirs right hand. He looks at her startled to realize that she is actually biting him. Even though it hurts he doesn't give away a sound. He somehow finds it amusing and gets lost staring at her attempt of hurting him. He can feel two of her teeth with sharp edges trying to hurt him. Wanna be vampire, he thinks and chuckles in his mind. He lets go of his grip on her wrists when her teeth almost pierces through his skin. "Ouch! You're insane." He says sucking the spot where she has bitten him.

She shakes her head in disgust and goes to the attached washroom to rinse her mouth with water. He follows her to wash his hands. "Are you serious? You're entering the washroom when I am still in here?" She glares at him.

"You didn't lock the door." Sahir answers with a shrug and starts washing his hand. She sees the red marks from her teeth on his skin and guilt starts to prick her conscious.

Soon she notices that her bangles are shattered and that her wrists are red with scratches. A small stain of blood is even dripping from the left one. She looks at him with disgust not to his notice. She leaves the room by taking the heavy box she came to pick up in the first place leaving him behind in the washroom.

The whole way to the bottom floor she meets and greets people with a plastered smile while cursing a certain someone in her mind. Finally she spots Sanayas mother and her own in the crowd. Sanayas mother is overjoyed seeing the golden box and takes it from her. "Thanks dear." She says and cares Sias cheek with her own and kisses the air.

Sia winks at a happy Sanaya who's sitting beside Arnav now. "What took you so long?" Sias mother asks with concern.

Sias father interrupts before she can answer. "I have someone I want to introduce you guys to, come." He says and they follow him.

A beautiful dance performance is going on at the stage by the grooms family and friends. Sia have a hard time hearing anything beside the music, which she is now automatically humming to.

Her father takes them to a private brown teamed lounge where her brother Sagar and sister Soumya already is located. Her brother is talking to someone who has his back towards them. She walks over to the couch behind her parents where Soumya is with a young girl and an Aunti.

"Here is my wife and my daughter Sia." Sias dad introduces to the Aunti and they all greet each other.

"This is Mrs. Khan." Her father introduces.

"So beautiful children you have." Mrs. Khan says and extends her hand towards Sia. Sia takes it hesitantly and sits down next to her. "Meet my daughter Saafa."

"Hello Saafa." Sia smiles warmly.

"Hi." Saafa with slightly familiar features greets back with a grin. She have dark big eyes, dark hair to her waist and a lovely dimpled smile.

"Son come over here." Mrs. Khan calls with a tone of authority and the young man conversing with Sagar turns. Sias eyes widens and Sahir frowns when their gazes meet. "And meet my son Sahir." Mrs. Khan smiles proudly. "Son, this is Sia, Mr and Mrs Maliks older daughter."

"Great." They both murmur under their breath while having a glaring competition.

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