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A second chance at love

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Kara, a college student, has everything she wants in life: a devoted father, a loving boyfriend, Blake, and a crazy BFF, Sara. What more could one ask for? But nothing lasts forever; even the brightest days have to end. When she catches Blake cheating, her heart is broken and so is her trust in him and their relationship. The situation is bittersweet for her best friend, Sara, who is happy that their toxic relationship is over, but hates to see her friend heartbroken. So she decides to set her up with her brother, Alex, as a rebound. A grieving Kara + a loving best friend + the best friend's brother =? Will Alex and Kara's relationship be more than a means of rebound and give them a much needed happily ever after? Will Blake realize that he has made a huge mistake and come back begging? Will Kara fall in love again and truly be happy? Or will she continue to remain insecure and broken? Will Kara get a second chance at love?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One— Blake

My name is Kara; Kara McClain, an only child and a college student dating, without a doubt, the most handsome guy in the campus grounds, Blake Hastings. Blake is charming and I like him a lot. If there is a "the best boyfriend" competition, I know for a fact that he would win. That's how much he is to me, the best. At times, he can be cranky and even rude but I usually let it go, because no relationship is perfect, right?

We've been dating for six months now. With all the college work, and helping around the house to ease my single father from the house burdens, even by the least bit, time sure does fly fast.

Blake said he would come over in the evening, so, taking his immense love for sugar into account, I decide to bake something.

"What should I bake?" I unknowingly voice my thoughts out loud.

I make up my mind on an Apple pie, simple but lovely.

"Once I'm done with it, I'll get ready. I hope Blake is craving movie night as much as I am, as I haven't had chances to spend much time with him lately. It's strange, really. Sometimes, he even leaves college early to do God knows what!" I mix the batter gently as I, once again, think out aloud. I have had that habit ever since I was a child.

"Hope he'll start making some effort in this relationship like how he used to do in the past. Otherwise, I don't know for how long this relationship can continue!" I think to myself. "Sometimes even think that this relationship is one sided," I say. By now, the batter is spilled randomly on the counter. "Ugh! Too much self talking, should concentrate on work," I say loudly, temporarily shutting down my worries and concentrating on making the pie.

-1 hour later-

"Okay, I'm all set, but why isn't Blake here yet? He's usually not late! I hope he comes soon," I say to myself while I check my phone for any text message, something like, ' Don't worry Kara! I just got caught in traffic. I will be there soon ', but I didn't find any. Getting worked up, I even dialed his number, but no luck. Why is Blake being like this? Why are we drifting farther and farther by each second that passes? He wasn't like this when we first met.

A cute guy accidentally bumps into me when I'm coming out of Algebra.


"Oh!" I exclaimed as I staggered backwards from the impact, the stack of books I held falling from my hands.

"I am sorry I-I wasn't looking so. ." cute guy trailed off.

"Uh, it's okay". I reassured him, adding a smile to be more convincing.

"Oh your books, let me get those for you", he bent and picked my books that were scattered on the floor.

After he finished picking up the last books on the floor, he handed me my materials. I mumbled a small "Thank you" and put them in my bag that was securely hanging on my back.

"Sorry again, I was running after a friend. Although I would be more than happy to bump into you again," he smirked at me

I giggled at that. He was charming.

"I'm Blake" he introduced. What a cute name, I thought.

"Kara," I said with a smile.

"Nice to meet you, Kara. I'll see you around," he flashed his pearly whites.

"Sure," I replied and walked away.

The first meeting was very brief, but I felt instantly comfortable around him. After that, we both met a few times in between classes and even during lunch. Over casual hi's and hello's, we both bonded and soon started spending more time together. After a while, I learnt from the butterflies that would erupt in my tummy whenever I see him smile and from the fluttering of my heart at the smallest bit of skin ship that I liked him. I liked him as more than just friends. I didn't tell him in fear of losing my friendship with him, but, turns out, he felt the same and he ended up making the first move, confessing his feelings. After that, we took it slow before we became official.

"Hey," Blake greeted as he walked up to where I was standing at.

"Hi mister. Where have you been?" I asked, the frown on his face not going unnoticed by me.

"Dad was in town, he kept me pretty busy. You know how he is, he was trying to shake my career, saying that I should be thinking about joining his business. . blah blah," he complained with a frown, looking away.

"So I'm guessing you had a tough weekend?" I asked him, though it sounded more like a statement than anything.

"Yep! Pretty much. What about you?" he asked looking at me

"Nothing special. I watched few movies, went shopping with Sara. ."I said, smiling at the mention of my BFF.

"Hmm good! What did you buy me?" he asked with twinkling eyes.

"Nothing," I laughed guiltily.

"I'm hurt!" he exclaimed, clutching his chest in mock hurt.

"Yeah right," I playfully rolled my eyes at him.

" Although I have something for you," he said as a smile made itself known on his face.

"What?" I asked, not expecting it.

"Here," he pulled out a simple but beautiful bracelet handing it to me.

"It's the --" I started.

"Yep same! It's so you, I know" he said, finishing off my sentence.

"Why did you?" I asked eyeing the jewelry.

"I remember you eyeing it that day at the mall, when we went out for the movie. So I thought I'd give you an early birthday present," he said smiling a little.

"Huh! You remember my birthday?" I ask with one brow raised.

"Of course! Why won't I?" he replied.

"I doubt that! You are not very good with dates" I counter his idea, emphasizing each word that came out of my mouth.

"Haha" he laughs, "you see right through me. . .I saw it on your ID," he laughs again.

"I knew it!" I exclaimed.

"Anyway, what matters is that your birthday is coming soon. So will you be a darling and accept this?" he asked, dangling the bracelet in my face.

"Uh. . .that's really sweet, really," I hesitated before continuing, ". . but umm. .I can't," I said with a sad smile.

"WHAT? Why not?" a look of disappointment crept onto his face.

"It's way too expensive," I voiced out my sincere thoughts.

"Oh c'mon. . .you can't be serious," he ran his hand that wasn't holding the bracelet in his hair before speaking again.

"Look-" he started.

"Listen I can't! You can give me something else, something less special, okay?" I say cutting him off.

"Why are you saying that? You're the most important. . . Kara you're special for me,"

"Hmm?" I questioned.

"You're my girl, Kara. I would do so much more for you. It would mean a lot if you accept this," he said with a look of hope.


"Please don't break my heart," he begged. I looked up at his adorable face and sigh.

"Ok, I will. Thank you so much!" I said with a smile.

"Yes! Look. . . You are the most special girl to me. You're my girlfriend and I really really like you a lot," he smiled, "I haven't said this before out loud, I know, but I hope in ways I have shown it to you, you know?"

"I know," I replied grinning widely.

"Great! Now let me put this on," he raised my hand and puts the bracelet on.

I hum in response. Once it's on, I lift my hands to inspect it closely. "It's special. . .very special! Just like you are for me Blake," I said hugging him.

"I feel like the happiest guy on earth right now. C'mon let's go for coffee," he proposed an idea while hugging me.

"Yeah, let's go," I smiled taking his hand then walking towards the coffee shop.

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