Love Thy Roommate

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Chapter 12


I woke up to the light pouring out through the windows. I looked around to see Scott beside me.

I stretched my body and got up. How did I end up here?

Then, I remembered the baby & Sam and... and... holy hells bells! Did Scott kiss me last night?

I ran my thumb over my lips remembering how his lips felt over mine.

Wait! I didn't really saw him kissing me...

How can I be sure that it wasn't a dream? That's right, it was a dream... wasn't it?

My thoughts were interrupted when I sensed Scott moving. "Morning, Brownie...." He whispered rubbing his eyes.

I stared at him, still confused about whether I should talk to him bout the kiss.

But what if it was just a dream? I mean, how embarrassing would it be, to tell him I dreamt of kissing him?

That would be creepy right? I guess, I shouldn't ask him.

He waved his hands in front of me. "Earth to Brownie! What are you thinking bout?"

"Um... nothing." I said, looking away.

He looked at me curiously.

"Okay! I'm going to take a shower. I'll see you at breakfast!" He said and turned towards the door.

Opening the door, he turned around and asked, "Are you sure, there's nothing going on in your mind?" He ran his fingers through his hair, looking at me shyly.

What's up with that?

"Um... no. There's nothing, I'm sure." I said to him.

He frowned a little and then nodded, smiling and walked away.

I took a deep breath and walked towards my closet to pick out the clothes to wear today.

Why does it feel that today's gonna be a really long day?

I quickly took a shower, brushed my teeth and did other normal morning stuff. I got dressed in my peach coloured long sleeved T-shirt and dark black jeans and matching boots. I brushed my hair down with a black hair-band over my head.

I applied my make-up and headed towards the living room.

I saw no one had arrived at the table except Scott.

Huh! Great!

I turned towards him and sat down. I stared at the table to see our breakfast already cooked.

I noticed some sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, omelettes, salad and coffee already prepared.

I looked at Scott in disbelief, "Holy shit! You made all this?"

He looked at me and chuckled, "I wish I could! But no. Nancy made all this."

"Nancy?" I looked at him confused.

"Well, yeah. Our housekeeper Nancy." He said, shrugging.

I looked at him surprised and said, "We have a housekeeper?"

He looked at me in disbelief, "You didn't knew we had a housekeeper?"

I shook my head. "Who do you think cooks our meals and cleans the apartment?"

I played with my hair and mumbled, "I thought one of the guys made us meals. How come I've never seen her?"

"She comes early in the morning when we're asleep, and leaves before we wake up. The first day when you made breakfast, she was on leave. Plus mostly we order takeouts, so there's no need for her to cook food." He shrugged.


The gang rushed down after fifteen minutes and we all ate breakfast together.

After breakfast I quickly ran to my bedroom to take my purse to head to work.

Walking towards the living room, I saw Aria still in her pyjamas's gossiping with Jenna about some fashion article holding a magazine in her hands.

"Hey, you're not working today?" I asked her.

She looked at me, "Nope! Kara had changed my shifts the other day. So I don't have one on Monday."

"'Kay... so I'll be going then, see ya later!" I said, walking towards the door, waving at her.

"Wait! How are you gonna get there? I mean, we usually take my car. Plus your car is still at your old apartment!"

I sighed. Sid, my former roommate had wanted my car to go on a date, which he hadn't returned yet.

Borrowing idiot!

"I'll take the bus..." I said, shrugging.

I turned towards the door when I heard:

"I'll drive you..."



"I'll drive you..." I said to her.

Remind me why I was doing this?

Oh yeah! I wanna see if she remembered what happened last night.

She turned and looked at me. "You don't have to do that! I can take the bus..."

"No. It's okay. I mean... I don't really have anything else to do."

She thought for a second and then smiled and nodded.

I quickly picked up my keys and wallet and headed out of the door with her.

We entered the elevator to ride down to the garage.

Why does it feel like all I wanna do is go Christian Grey on her and bring her close and kiss her senseless?

No... No... No. Think of something else... um... um... Right! Math!

Okay... think of math! That'll turn me off.

The elevator reached the garage and we walked towards the car, I ran in front of her and opened the passenger side door for her.

She smiled and lowered herself to the seat.

I quickly closed the door and headed to the other side.

I drove the car out of the building and headed towards the diner.

"So..." I started.

She looked at me and grinned, "So..."

"You were pretty tired last night." I murmured.

Way to start talking about yesterday!

Damn, I'm smooth...

"Um... yeah! Layla totally wiped me out last night." She said, smiling fondly.

"Yeah. She can be a handful!" I said, matching her smile.

"Oh... By the way, thanks for carrying me last night. That was really sweet of you." She said, smiling shyly.

I looked at her to say more but she didn't.

She doesn't remembered what happened after I took her to bed?



I was in my room with Drew, going through the lyrics for our new song with him, when I heard the doorbell.

I quickly opened the door to see Sam standing there with Jake.

I smiled at her, "Hey, baby sister." and ruffled her hair.

She swatted my hand away and brushed her fingers through her hair consciously and glared at me.

You didn't need a genius to figure out that girls don't like their brothers touching their hair (especially in front of their crushes, boyfriends, husband... um mostly anyone).

She entered the apartment and gushed, "Where's my baby?"

"Sshh!" I shushed her.

She raised her eyebrows to which I gestured with my hands to the couch where Nova was fast asleep holding the baby.

"Oh..." Sam exhaled.

She walked quietly to the couch and leaned over and slowly took the baby from Nova. She stirred a little, but didn't wake up.

Jake reached for the bag, they brought the baby's essentials in and carried it. Sam and Jake quickly headed towards the door.

Sam turned and said, "Damn, its getting late. Thank you so much for doing this. I'll call you later... 'kay?"

I nodded and smiled.

I returned to the apartment to see Drew walking upstairs. He turned and mouthed, "Night."

I sighed and walked up to Nova.

I slowly pulled her in my arms and carried her, bridal style in to her room.

"Ace?" I heard her whisper.

I looked down at her to see her looking at me with her big brown eyes all confused.

"Ssh. Go to sleep, Brownie. You're tired." I whispered back.

"Baby?" She continued.

"Sam came and took her back."

"'Kayy. Night, Ace." I heard her whisper.

She snuggled into me and gripped my shirt in her hand tightly.

I sighed and I entered her room and lowered her to the bed.

I whispered, "Night, Brownie."

I started to turn but I heard her making a sound in approval.

I leaned closer to her and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ears. I ran my fingers through her cheek, enjoying the softness of her skin against mine. Unconsciously, my fingers slowly made way to her pink lips. She parted her lips immediately, making me smile.

I lowered myself and held her face with both of my hands and slightly tilted my face and closed my eyes and... kissed her.

She gasped, when our lips meet. She slightly pressed her lips deeper against mine.

I fought the urge to deepen the kiss. Before I could lose control, I pulled back, immediately missing the softness and warmth of her lips as she whimpered.

Smiling, I bent down and kissed her nose and turned away.


"Hey! Hello! Ace!" Nova waved her hand in front of me.

I looked at her. Suddenly, realizing I was in the car and the other cars were honking behind me.

I looked at the signal to notice it has turned green. I quickly drove the car.

I looked at Nova to see her staring at me. "What were you thinkin' bout?" She asked.

"Um... stuff... um... normal stuff."

She looked at me suspiciously but then looked at the window.

After few minutes, she turned and said, "Can I play something?"


She looked over through the CDs and stared at it. After a while, she found something inserted the disk.

When Can I See You Again by Owl City poured through the speakers. I smiled at her.

We both hummed to the tune and started singing together.

The song ended and she clapped and whooped. I smiled at her.

I looked over her and asked, "Seriously? Were you a singer or something?"

Her eyes suddenly clouded with sadness and she frowned.

Damn, why did I had to ask that?

"I've sung a song or two, in my past..." She said, looking out of the window.

"If you're a singer, how come I've never heard your name before?"

She shrugged. Maybe she didn't wanna talk about it. I looked over to the road and saw the diner nearby.

I parked in the front and told her to wait in the car while opened my door, and quickly ran over to her side and opened her door and held my hand out.

She smiled and took my hand in hers and started to stand, when she was suddenly pulled back.

I looked over her concerned when she started laughing.

I raised my eyebrows, "I didn't remove my seatbelt." She giggled.

I looked at her to see her still wearing her seatbelt. I chuckled.

Only Nova could be able to laugh at her own silliness.

She removed her seatbelt and took my hand and and got out of the car.

She looked at me and said smiling, "Thanks for the ride!"

"Any time, babe..." I winked at her.


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