Love Thy Roommate

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Chapter 16


Scott presses me against the door and start placing kisses on my jawline making my breathing accelerates.

I moan at the sensation of his lips. His kisses slowly make way towards my ears. I turn my head slightly giving him room for more of his pleasurable torture. He playfully bites my earlobe, I couldn't stop the whimper coming from my lips.

He turns his lips to my ears, his warmth breath on me, giving me goosebumps and making me shiver. He open his mouth and whispers, "A goodnight kiss."

Damn! Who knew whispering could be that sexy?

I look at him in the eyes to see him staring at me with this intense look. His normally sky blue eyes is now changed into a darker shade.

He slowly began placing wet kisses on my collarbone. I roll my head upwards, my chest pressed against him.

"Scott..." I whisper.

As soon as he hears my whisper, he growls and lifts me up, his hands on my butt. My legs automatically goes around his waist, he lifts his hand and tucks a strand of hair behind my ears and whispers, "You're driving me crazy!"

"I'm gonna kiss you now," he whispers, huskily.

Not bring able to form any words, I just nod. He grins and pulls my hair slightly, making me tilt my face.

Without wasting another second, he crashes his mouth against mine.

A electric jolt passes through me and I'm pretty sure, he felt it too.

He grins against my lips and pulls me closer and kisses me softly, like making love kinda kiss; soft, slow, sensual, passionate, and yummalicious.


He slowly pulls away from me and we both immediately try to catch our breath. When our breathing turns normal, Scott whispers, "Wow!"

I look at him and say, "No kidding!" He chuckles.

"Well, if it felt like the way it looked, I'd have to say that 'Wow', would be the understatement of the century." A voice says interrupting us both.

We both pull apart from each other and turn in the direction of the voice to see a woman, mostly in her late fifties, nearly 5'1 with salt and pepper hair and black eyes, in a blue blouse and black wavy skirt. Her face amused while smiling inwardly.

Scott wraps his arms around my waist, I tuck my head into his chest, my face red with embarrassment, clutching his shirt tightly in my hands. I feel him chuckle and kiss the top of my head.

"Don't be shy, Missy... Such passion is hard to find these days." The woman snickers.

I look up at Scott to him smiling at her.

Why don't guys get affected by PDA's?

"Sorry to disturb you like that... I'm Scott," Scott says, shaking her hand. "And the tomato here is Novella."

"Hey!" I slap his chest. He chuckles.

I turn towards the lady and say, "Call me Nova..."

"I'm Mrs. Aurora, your new neighbour," she says gesturing to the door opposite our flat. "Sorry to interrupt you guys like that... but I did that because you'll were one second away from tearing each others' clothes apart. Believe me I would've have loved the show... but its frowned upon by some people." She murmurs, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

I gasp. My face turns redder than a tomato. I groan and turn to Scott and bury my face in his chest, my hands on the edges of his tux jacket. "Kill me; kill me now!" I groan.

He laughs when he hears me. He raises his hands and holds it around my shoulder, pulling me deeper into him.

Mmh... he smells good!

"She gets embarrassed easy..." Scott says still laughing.

"Shuddup!" I mumble into his chest.

He chuckles and says, "Sorry babe..." And kisses the top of my head.

"Mira! Where are my glasses?" A voice comes from the open door of Mrs. A's flat.

She looks at us and says, "Sorry... It's my husband.

"No problem..." Scott says.

"Are you sure it's not on top of your head?" Mrs. A shouts back.


"Thanks honey! I found it!" Mr. A shouts from inside the apartment.

She chuckles and says, "Men! I tell ya." and shakes her head. I chuckle.

"Aww honey... I love you too!" Mr. A shouts back

Now it's turn for Mrs. A's face to turn red. "Shut up, you idiot! Everyone can hear you," Mrs. A shouts back.

"I don't give a damn about who hears it. No one can stop a husband from talking to his wife!"

Mrs. A rolls her eyes, but smiles. The look in her face that says, she just acts irritated outside but inside she loves his every words.

I smile at her, I look over at Scott to see him staring at me. He leans down and kisses my cheek. When he pulls back, I bite my lower lip and smile at him.

And on cue... my face turns red!

He chuckles and pulls me close.

"I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you." Mr. A's voice starts singing continuously.

I look at Mrs. A to see her smiling and shaking her head, "I love you too... but please shut up, you fool."

"Your wish is my command! I'll stop talking!" Mr. A says.

"Thank you!" Mrs. A sighs.

"Can I just say one more thing?" Mr. A asks.


"I love you."

Mrs. A groans while Scott and I start laughing.

God! Mr. A's adorable.

Mrs. A sighs and says, "I better get going. See you kids later." She waves.

I wave back. Scott takes my hand and lead us inside the apartment.

"Hey guys..." I say to everyone.

I look over at Aria to see her looking at me and Scott with wide eyes.

I quickly motion her to go to my room 'cause I'm in desperate need of a girl talk.

She quickly gets up and heads inside. I walk towards my room but stop and return to the living room and take Jenna by her hand and walk into my room with her.

I lock the door and turn around to see Aria, her hands on her hips with a serious look and says, "Spill it."

I let out a frustrated sigh and tell her every thing.

"So... um... at the end... I... er... I kissed Scott... um... no... Scott kissed me. Um... uhh... I mean... we kissed each other," I say to them stuttering.

"Wow... you're really bad at this!" Aria sighs, shaking her head.

"Thanks, Sherlock!" I say sarcastically.

"No need to snap, sister!

"So... what should I do now?" I whine.

"You like Scott and clearly Scott likes you... so... what's the problem?" Jenna asks.

I look over at Aria and sigh, "You know what the problem is..."

"It's bout Max... isn't it?" Jenna asks.

I look at her wide-eyed. "How do you know bout Max?" I ask her.

"Rye told me..." I gasp.

He promised not to tell anyone.

"I mean, he didn't mean to..."


"Remember, last week when we went to the birthday party, you and Scott were alone in the house?" I nod.

"Rye was drunk and he... he thought he saw Max at the party... which is impossible since Max is... you know..."

"Dead..." I finish, saying it in a whisper.

"Um... yeah... so... I just happen to hear him calling out for Max. He was already drunk and was stumbling here and there... so... I went to help him... he kinda started mumbling bout your past..."

"Oh..." I say and sit on the bed.

Jenna sits beside me, "I'm sorry."

I smile at her and say, "It's okay... it was two years ago. Max's gone... and I've accepted that."

She turns towards me and hugs me. I hug her back. After few minutes, we pull away.

I clear my throat and say, "It's not bout Max." I say to them answering their previous question. "I like Scott... I really really do. I mean, who wouldn't?" I chuckle humourlessly.

"But..." Aria nudges me.

"But... but.... what if I fall in love with Scott and... I... er... I... lose him too? I mean... I'm not afraid of falling for him. I mean I already have feelings for him that I can't control... I just... you know... I'm..."

"Scared." Jen finishes.

I nod. "I'm scared."

"You know.... you're not the only one." Jenna murmurs.

"What do you mean?" Aria and I ask together.

"I... er... I think... I'm in love with Rye." She says, blushing.

"What?" Aria shouts.

I ignore her and turn towards Jenna and hug her tightly and say, "Oh my God! That's amazing!"

She chuckles. "I know..."

Aria just stares at both of us, then just at Jenna and says, "You mean... you're in love with Rye... as in Ryan... as in my brother Ryan?" Jenna keeps on nodding. "Rye... as in... the one who used to call me Fattie when I was a child... as in... the most over protective brother in the history of the universe?"

Jenna nods. "Well, damn... at least he did one good thing in his life..." Aria looks over at Jen and says, "Made you fall in love with him."

Jenna smiles and says, "Are you really okay with this?"

"Really dude? Do you think of me as Cinderella's stepsisters? Why wouldn't I be okay with this? I'm glad... and really really happy for you." Aria says.

"Have you told him yet?" I ask her.

"No," she shakes her head.

"Why not?" I ask her.

"It's not that simple..." Jenna sighs.


"You know my dad?" Jenna asks us.

"The stupid, old, son of a bitter gourd, who treats you like crap 'cause you're a girl and he wanted a son?" Aria spits out angrily.

"Yeah." Jenna sighs.

"What bout him?" I ask her.

"Well, growing up... all he taught me was girls can't be successful like guys... and the only way girls can try is with sleeping with their bosses or pretending to be in love with them to get promotions or become rich or famous." Jenna says, waving her hands in the air.

"That ass-teroid belt!" I mutter.

"When I was 12, I promised myself I would never be like one of those girls and would prove to my father that maybe girls can be better than guys." Jenna says.

"So... what's the problem?" Aria asks.

"I fell in love with Rye..."

And that when it clicks to us.

"Who is technically your boss!" Aria and I say out loud.

"Who is technically my boss!" Jenna agrees.

"Holy crap! It's too..." I start.

"Complicated." Aria says.

"Hard." Jenna says.

"Crappier than a calculus test." I say.

"So, now - my father would think that I've only become successful in managing 'cause I'm pretending to be in love with my boss... and not because I'm worthy of this position." Jenna sighs.

"This sucks..." She says, laying down on the bed. I lay down beside her with Aria on Jenna's other side.

"Tell me bout it..." Aria mutters.

"I like my brother's best friend," Aria sighs.

"I love my boss," Jenna sighs.

"I like my roommate," I sigh.

"Guess we're just a bunch of screwed up romance novels, waiting to happen..." Aria mumbles.

We all laugh. I turn and look at both of them and say, "I love you guys..."

They smile and lean in together for the three way hug. "Sisters forever..." Aria mumbles.

Jenna and I make a sound in approval.

I seriously love my new family!


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