Love Thy Roommate

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Chapter 18


I suddenly woke up with a jolt.

Looking around confused, I find my head on Scott's shoulder and my hands around his waist. He was holding me tight by his hand on my hip.

I bury my head in the crook of his neck and inhale deeply.

Mmh! I love his smell - all musky and Scott!

I raise my head to look at him. Hmm... he looks so peaceful while sleeping.

The covers was pooled around our waist, so his shirtless body is clearly seen by my - let's just say, my very perverted eyes.

But he won't have to know that.

In fact, he's sleeping right now... now's my perfect chance to explore it.

I trace my fingers from his chest, going lower to his eight pack abs - more like the mighty hundred pack abs!

He should seriously come with a warning label. I mean - being this hot should be illegal.

He should have a label that says, "Please avert you precious eyes before they get burned, 'cause I'm hotter than hell," written in bold letters around him.

I smile to myself and continue tracing his abs with my fingers.

I stop when I reach the waistband of his shorts.

This should be enough for one day right? Or should I explore further...

Hee hee.

My thoughts were interrupted when I hear him mumble, "I'm feeling violated."

Holy Crapola! Busted!

I take a deep breath, calming myself and whisper, "How long have you been awake?"

"The whole time, babe..." He whispers huskily.

My belly flips hearing him call me babe.

Me likey!

Wait! What?

He's been awake the whole time - Crap! Crap! Crap! Crappity! Crap! Crap!

Mission failed. I repeat, Mission failed.

My face turns bright red.

I hide my face from him by burying myself in his shoulder and mumble, "Sorry."

He chuckles and says, "No need to be sorry, babe. You can touch me whenever you want..." He pauses and I feel his face come near me.

He stops near my ear and whispers in his sexy whisper of his and says, "Wherever you want..."

Holy Crap!

It's like whenever I think he can't be hotter than he already is... he says things like this!

I pull my tomato face away from him, and slap his chest playfully, and mumble, "Shut up, you perv..."

I hear him chuckle.

I turn around, away from his grasp and sleep on the edge of the bed, facing away from him.

Please don't let him see my stupid blushing face. I keep repeating this in my mind.

I feel his arm over my waist. He pulls me backwards in one swift motion and holds my tightly, my back to his chest.

Hmm.... I'm very comfy!

"Sorry babe." He mumbles and kisses my hair.

"It'sh 'kay" I mumble back, shyly.

I feel some of the redness drain from my face.

Yes... go away, blushie. That's it.

I keep reminding myself: Don't think of Scott! Don't think of Scott! Don't think of his sexy body and his goofy smile, his dirty mouth and that tongue...

My thoughts comes to halt when I feel Scott chuckle.

Crapola! Did I just say it out loud?

Damn it!

"Babe?" I hear him whisper.

Oh man. Stop with the whispering thing-y... it gonna make my face go red again!


"When I said... you know..." He pauses.

Oh I know exactly what's he talking bout... his sexy as hell voice whispering, 'wherever you want.'

And my face turns red again...

Damn! I'm screwed.

"Hmm?" I say but it comes out like a squeak.

"Were you blushing?" He whispers - again with the whispering thing-y!

I clear my throat - as if that'll make my blush go away.

"No." I mumble, looking down at my fingers, finding some serious interest in my nails.

"Uh uh..." He murmurs, sarcastically, not believing what I just said.

"I... er... um... my cheeks are naturally red!" I whisper, defending myself.

"Uh uh..." He murmurs, sarcastically like before.

"Stop doing that!" I mutter.

"Stop doing what?" He asks.

"Well, you know... saying uh uh like you don't believe me." I mutter, looking at him.

He looks at me and says, "Well, I don't believe you."

Damn! Why does he have to know me so well?

I pull away from him, getting up from the bed, "I'm going to sleep in my room." I say and start walking towards the door.

Childish! I know!

Before I could open the door, I'm upside down, and in clear view of Scott's butt.

Mmh... it's cute.

He carries me over to the bed, caveman style. He lays me down slowly. I quickly try to get up, when he hovers himself over me. And places both of his hand on either side of my head.

I try looking around, anywhere but his eyes.

"Babe..." Scott says.

Don't look at his eyes, his soft blue eyes... his baby blue eyes that make you mel-

Crap! Even my mind's a traitor!

"Babe... look at me." He whispers over me.

Don't look at him. Stay strong... you can do this... if you look at him, then you're screwed!

His eyes are my weakness...

Wait! Scratch that! His whole body is my weakness!

"Baby... please would you look at me." He pleads.

Well, when he puts it like that...

I look at him, to see his softened baby blue eyes staring back at me.

And I'm screwed...

"I'm sorry for teasing you." He says holding his hand over my cheeks and his thumb caressing it.

"It's okay... I'm sorry, I over-reacted." I say looking away from his eyes, running my fingers over his jaw.

He tucks a strand of hair behind my ears and says, "It's just that, I wanna know you better... I wanna know what you're thinking bout whether you're happy or sad... or even some of your X-rated thoughts, as long as its bout me." He smirks.

I groan and cover my face with my hands, hiding my blush.

He chuckles and removes my hands from my face.

"I love your blush... makes me feel proud to be the reason behind it." He says, running his thumb over my cheek.

"You're so beautiful," he whispers warmly.

I smile goofily and mumble shyly, "Thank you..."

He leans down and gives me a small peck on my lips, smiling.

He pulls away from me and lays down on his side, and pulls me into him.

"You know... I'm still mad at you." I murmur, pouting.

"I know, babe... and stop with the pouting before I lose control and do something your perverted mind could even imagine." He whispers huskily.

"Ooh... such a gentleman!" I whisper sarcastically and lay my head on his chest.

He chuckles and whispers, "Only with you, babe... only with you."

He kisses the top of my head and orders, "Now sleep."

"Aye aye captain..." I whisper and kiss his chest.

He tightens the hold on my waist on response.


After five minutes of staring at his chest, I realize one thing - I won't be able to sleep today.

"Ace?" I whisper.


"Are you awake?" I ask, looking up at him.

He opens his eyes and smirks, "No..." And closes his eyes again.

"Scott." I whine.

He chuckles but doesn't opens his eyes.

I get up from beside him and climb on top of him straddling him.

I switch on the lamp beside him.

He peeks open a eye and looks at me and closes again. He folds both of his hands behind his head.


I poke his forehead and murmur, "I know you're in there..."

He smiles; clearly amused but doesn't opens his eyes.

I shout out loud, "NYPD! Open up!"

He chuckles but doesn't open his eyes.

"LAPD! Open up?" I shout but it comes off as more of a question.

"Meow!" He says, opening his eyes, winking at me and closing again, still laughing.

I drop my head on his chest and whine, "Ace."

Then I remember something.


I quickly pull away from him, "Crap."

I look over him to see him looking at him in concern.

I quickly get off him and run to his bathroom yelling, "Gotta pee!"

I hear his laughter follow me.

I quickly do my business and look over in the mirror, to see my eyes twinkling, my cheeks flushed.

Being with Scott is really changing me.

I look down at the basin to wash my hands, but frown when I see four steel knobs connected to it.

I press the first one, and... nothing.

Sighing out loud, I press the second one... still nothing.

I have the patience of a five-year old during Christmas!

Frustrated, I press all the button together.

And then it happens:

The water pours over my face, my clothes (and also my hand apparently).

By the time, I manage to press the buttons to switch it off, I'm drenched wet!

I look at the mirror to see my white tank top, totally wet, with the water pouring from the edges of it to my shorts.

At least the water wasn't cold... my brain tells me.

I try to remove the excess water from my top. I look back at the mirror to see, my thin white tank turned into a see through top all over the front, and worst of all I'm not wearing anything underneath.

"Crap!" I shout out loud.

Someone knocks at the door, "Brownie? You okay?"

I slowly open the door a little and peek outside, hiding me body behind the door.

"Hi!" I chirp.

"Hi back. Are you okay?" He looks at me in concern.

"I'm fan-freaking-tastic!" I say, smiling widely.

He narrows his eyes, "Let me come in..." He says.

"No... I can't." I say, shaking my head.

"Why not?" He asks.


"I'm coming in." He says, pushing through the door.

"No... no... don't." I warn him.


Letting out a frustrated sigh, I say, "Because your piece of crap tap poured water all over me."

"So?" He asks.

"So... my clothes are all wet!" I yell.

"So?" He asks, again.

"You can see through my top." I whisper yell.

"So?" He asks, raising his eyebrows.

"I'm not wearing anything underneath it." I whisper, blushing.

Damn, my stupid cheeks!

He widens his eyes, and mumbles, "Oh..."

He runs his fingers through his hair and looks at me shyly, his cheeks turning red.

Damn! He's cute.

"Wait a sec..." He turns and walks away.

I keep the door open and sit down beside the bath tub, hugging my knees to my chest with my arms around it.

He comes in a few seconds later with a soft towel and hands it to me.

"Dry yourself till I go to your room and pick out some of your clothes." He says and walks towards the door.

"Ace?" I say softly.

He turns and looks at me, "Yeah babe?"

"I... um... could you give me one of your T-shirt?" I whisper shyly, biting my lip.

He smiles widely, "Sure, babe..."

He winks at me and walks away.

He comes in again and hands me his cotton full sleeved grey t-shirt and boxers.

"Thank you..." I mumble taking it from him.

He bends down on my level and kisses my forehead, "You're the clumsiest person I've ever met!"

I rise my head up and kiss his forehead, mimicking him and say, "I'll take that as a compliment..."

He chuckles and walks out of the bathroom.

I quickly take off my clothes and dry myself using a towel and then slip onto his T-shirt.

So big.

I open the bathroom door and quietly enter the bedroom, to find Scott sitting on the edge of the bed.

I walk in front of him and start, "Look at me... this T-shirt is so huge; look at the sleeves," I hold it forward to show him, "It's bigger than my arms... and the neckline," I show him the part where the sleeves have fallen down from my shoulder making it look like an off-shoulder top, "You're soo big. I look like a dwarf in front of you."

I stop when I see him staring at me wide-eyed.

I wave my hands in front of him, "Um... you okay?" I say sitting beside him.

"Um... yeah... yeah..." He says, huskily. "It's just that... you look..." He sighs, running his fingers through his hair.

"I look?" I question.

"You look..." He pauses and again checks me out again.

"Um... Scott?" I whisper after a few seconds when he still hasn't removed his stare from my body.

He tears his eyes off my body and looks up at me and blushes slightly, "Sorry... I was... I was just-"

"- Checking me out?" I interrupt him.

He smiles goofily and approves, "Checking you out... you look wow."

"Thanks." I smile shyly and kiss his cheek. "Well, now you're awake... wanna watch a movie?" I ask him.

He looks up at the ceiling, thinking.

I give my cutest puppy dog eyes and pout, "Please... I'm bored."

He still looks unconvinced. "I'll let you choose the movie." I say.

"Done." He says immediately, grinning.

Jerk! He was just waiting for me to say that.

"'Kay... let's go." I say, pulling him up.

"Go where?" He asks chuckling.

"Duh... to the living room." I say to him.

"No need. Sit." He orders.

Sighing, I sit on the edge of the bed. He takes a remote from his drawer and presses a button. A small cupboard thing-y opposite the bed opens up to reveal a 52' inches television.

I gape at him, "You have your own personal television?"

"Yep... before you moved in, us guys used to always fight with Aria and Jenna 'cause they always used to watch chick flicks, when there was a football game and trust me.... Aria and Jen always find a way to hog the television to themselves so I installed a back up T.V in my room; you know just in case." He explains.

"Oh... good idea." I say, moving back towards the headboard.

"So... what are we watching?" I ask him.

"I was thinking Resident Evil." He says.

"Say what now?"

He chuckles, "Re-si-den-t E-vi-l," he says pronouncing each word slowly.

"I got that. I mean, we're watching a movie bout dead people walking around killing humans at-" I pause and look at the clock, "- AT MIDNIGHT! Are you kidding me?" I yell.

"Yep. Wait! Are you scared?" He grins, clearly enjoying this moment.

"No." I defend myself. But the look on his face clearly says that he doesn't believe me.

Sighing, I agree, "Kinda..."

"Don't worry I'll protect you..." He says, winking at me and puffing out his chest.

"Why do I think, the movie's just part of your plan to get me closer to you?" I raise my eyebrow.

He places his hand over his heart, and fakes hurt and looks up to me and say, "You think I would do that?"

I smile, shaking my head at him.

He puts the DVD in and plays the movie and sits on the bed, with his back against the headboard, next to me. I snuggle closer to him. He puts his arms around me, and pauses the movie, and says sincerely, "We can watch another movie if we want..."

Not wanting to show him I'm a scaredy cat, I just snuggled closer to him, "It's okay.... just play the DAMN movie!"

He chuckles and plays it.

After an hour and half of my screams, and Scott's undivided attention to the movie (especially during the fight scenes) the movie ended. The credit rolled in, and I found myself in Scott's lap, hugging him tightly.

I lay my head on his shoulder and sigh, "The movie's over..."

Scott was sitting still without moving a bone.

I look over him to see his eyes closed and hear him mumble something, lowering my ear to his mouth, I hear him mumble, "Rye in a miniskirt... Drew in a tutu... Sammy kissing Jake.. ugh... that's gross stuff. It's working."

I chuckle and put my hands over his cheeks.


He opens his eyes and clears his throat, "Yeah?"

"Why were you mumbling all those weird things?"

"I... er... I said that out loud?" He stutters, running his fingers over his hair.

"Yep... why were you mumbling those things?" I ask chuckling.

He shakes his head, blushing a little and say, "It's nothing."

"Come on... please... what is it?" I plead.

"I... er... I was..." He stutters but pauses and closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, and opens his eyes and looks at me dead serious and says, "Brownie... you were in my lap and practically hugging me tight - not that I'm complaining," he says quickly. "So I had to think of something to distract me from that; before I do something... you know..." He blushes. "So I started thinking of all the things that grosses me out." He says, shuddering.

I chuckle, "So... Rye in a miniskirt and Drew in a tutu?"

He laughs, "Yeah. I have a really weird imagination... but hey... it worked."

"What bout Sammy and Jake kissing?" I ask him.

"Ugh... that's my baby sister. I seriously need to get that image out of my head... it's quite disturbing." He says scrunching up his nose in disgust.

I laugh at his reaction, "You brought it on yourself, buddy!" I say patting his shoulder and pulling away from him and laying down on my side, laughing at his pouting face.

He lays down beside me, "Yeah right, it was my fault," he says sarcastically. "You know I probably wouldn't have had imagined that if you wouldn't have-"

I cut him off my bringing his face down to mine and kissing him softly. He looks surprised for a while, but quickly recovers and kisses me back.

Sigh! I love his kisses.

He holds his hand over the small of my back, pulling me into him. My chest crushed against his. His kisses giving my butterflies in my belly.

I pull back, breathless and lay my forehead against his.

I open my eyes to see him smiling, "Is that image out of your head now?" I whisper.

He wiggles his eyebrow, and smiles mischievously and says, "I dunno... let's try again. They say second time's a charm."

I slap his chest playfully and pull away from him, "Flirt!"

He chuckles and switches off the lamp and turn towards me, holding his hand over my waist, I snuggle closer to him.

"Good night, Brownie..." He whispers.

I smile and say, "It's actually morning."

He chuckles and kisses my hair.

"Um... Ace?" I whisper.

"Yeah, babe?" He murmurs running his nose through my hair.

"I... er.... could you... um... no... never mind." I whisper, shaking my head for the last bit.

He looks down at me and whispers, "What is it, babe?"

"I... um...." I stutter. "Could you maybe check under the bed for dead but un-dead human thing-y?" I whisper, looking down.

He smiles, but doesn't say a word to tease me, just kisses my forehead, switches on the lamp and checks under the bed.

To my surprise, he also checks the closet as well as his bathroom.

He returns to bed, switches off the lamp, "No zombies in sight, babe..." He pronunciations every letter of the word zombie, teasing me.

Yeah whatever! Zombie or dead but un-dead human thing-y...

Both are same right?

My brain bursts out laughing.

Gee... thanks, brain. I really needed that!

I look up at him and smile, "Thanks, babe..."

His eyes warms when I call him babe. "Your welcome, Brownie..."

He holds me close, and I snuggle closer to him.


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