Love Thy Roommate

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Chapter 19





I feel something warm snuggle deeper into my chest.




What in the hell is that freaking noise?

I open my eyes, to find Nova snuggling against me. Her head on my chest, trying a way to snuggle deeper into it.

"Go away, beep beep. Lemme sleep." She mumbles sleepily into my chest.

I chuckle and look over her; to see her cell beeping on the night stand.

I hold a hand over her waist and use other hand to lean towards the night stand, which wasn't far 'cause we both were sleeping on Nova's side of the bed. I hold her cell in my hand and quickly deactivate the alarm, and place it back on the night stand just as quietly.

I slowly kiss her forehead and close my eyes and drift off the sleep.





What is up with that freaking noise?

I quickly open my eyes and turn my head to the direction of the noise to see; my cell is beeping.

When did I set an alarm in my freaking cell?

I quickly reach for it and deactivate the alarm again.

Crap! It's almost noon.

We've been sleeping for almost ten hours. I look over at Nova, to see her sleeping soundly. I smile and kiss her hair, and nuzzle my nose in it, loving the feel of her soft hair against my face and smelling in her cherry and vanilla scent.

"Scott!" I hear her sigh.

I look over at her face to see her eyes closed.

She sighed my name... in her sleep.

Holy frickin' fudgeballs.

I feel her fingers trace my abs.

Is she doing it again? Not that I'm complaining...

I look at her to see her eyes were still closed. Her head rose up to settle on the crook of my neck, her warm breath giving me goosebumps.

"Oh... Scott!" She whispers again.

Is she dreaming about me?

She rest her hand on my chest and moans loudly.

I look at her to see her breathing heavily, cheeks flushed and biting her lower lip.

"Oh my God!" She moans out loud.

Sweet Mother of God! She's having a dirty dream about me.

Is it weird I'm getting turned on; when Nova isn't even awake?

"Oh... Scott!" She sighs, pushing herself closer to me.

Should I wake her up or...?

"Mmh... keep doing that." She murmurs huskily.

Keep doing what? Keep doing what?

My thoughts gets interrupted when I feel her shaking.

I look down at her, to see her looking at me, laughing inwardly.

Finally, she pulls away from me and starts laughing out loud, "Oh my God! You should have seen your face!"

"You weren't dreaming?" I ask her.

She shakes her head, smiling, "The look on your face was priceless... wish I had a camera with me."

I take my pillow and throw it at her.

She catches it easily and hence begins our pillow fight.

After ten minutes, "Damn! I'm hungry," we both exclaim at the same time.

We look at each other and tilt our head slightly, mumbling, "Aww!"

"Come on, let's go," I take her hand and lead her towards the living room.

As soon as we enter the living room, we find Drew and Ryan sitting in the couch, with their eyes wide, staring at us.

I look at Nova, at the same time she turns towards me and raises her eyebrows, wondering why are the guys staring at us.

I shrug in response but then look down at her body, and realize what they were staring at.

I quickly gesture her to look down, she does the same and gives me a understanding look.

She was still wearing my T-shirt and boxers.

"Um... hello?" I murmur, breaking the silence.

Ryan claps his hands like a small girl and exclaims cheerfully, "Isn't this awkward?"

Drew looks at him and laughs and they both fist-bump each other.

To my surprise, Nova walks towards them and pulls their ears.

"Ow!" They yell out loud.

"Get your mind out of the gutter, you dirty minded people! Nothing happened between us. And if something happens, it's none of your damn business. Got it?" Nova yells.

Mmh. If something happens...

They both nod their head repeatedly, till she retrieves her hands from their ears.

They both rub their ears, groaning in pain.

"Damn it, Scott! Control your woman." Ryan yells dramatically.

Nova looks back at me and glares, "You wanna control me, baby?" Anger seeping through her words.

I hold my hands up in surrender and say, "Naah... I'm good!"

She smiles and winks at me and sits down beside Ryan.

"So where's Aria and Jen?" Nova asks Drew.

Ryan and Drew both look at each other and squeak out loud like girls, "MANI-PEDIS!"

"You could've just said so... you didn't have to blow my eardrums." Nova mumbles, wincing at the loud voice.

I sit down in one of the smaller couches.

"You would think so." Ryan says, sarcastically.

"Apparently Jen and Aria don't! Whenever shopping or mani-pedi or spa or even puppy comes in the conversation, they have to shout it out loud!" Drew sighs.

"Yeah, why do girls do that?" I ask Nova.

Drew and Ryan lean towards her, curiously as if she's about to spill the secret that could wipe out whole human race.

Nova looks at all of us and says, "Whoa... don't you guys gang up on me. I'm just an innocent little bystander." She gives us a cheeky smile.

"Seriously? Innocent? You?" Ryan exclaims, narrowing his eyes at her.

"Yep!" Nova nods.

"It's too bad that we have to go... otherwise, I could've just explain to everyone how innocent you are." Ryan winks at her.

"Where are you going?" I ask him.

"To meet Jake." Drew answers.

"Jake as in Scott's sister Sam's husband?" Nova asks, confused.

"Yep... or you could just say; my brother." Drew says.

"Your real brother?" She asks.

"Yep." He answers, popping the 'p'.

We are connected with each other in weirdly different ways...

"See you idiots, later." Ryan blowing a kiss at us from the door.

"Rye... why didn't the girls wake me up? I wanted to go with them too." Nova pouts.

"Oh... they wanted to... but they thought it would be better if you would sleep - assuming Scott kept you up all night." He grins slyly.

"I just said nothing happened between me and Scott last night." She yells at him


"Uh uh... and tell me why did you guys wake up at noon? Maybe you were exhausted from doing God knows what in your room last night." Ryan says, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"We were tired!" Nova shrugs.

"Uh uh... trust me, honey boo; if I wouldn't have set the alarm on Scott's cell... you definitely wouldn't have woken up. Am I right?" Ryan raises his eyebrows.

Ah! So he had set the alarm on my cell...

Knowing that Ryan was probably right, Nova sighs and nods her head.

Ryan raises his fist in the air and exclaims, "I won an argument! Against a girl! This calls for celebration!"

Nova and I shake our head at Ryan's childishness.

"Later, gator!" Ryan shouts at us and exits the apartment. Drew quietly follows him.

Just when I thought that the door was about the close, Ryan pokes his head through it and says, wiggling his eyebrows and looking at us mischievously, "Oh, by the way... use protection. I dunno bout you guys but I don't wanna be an uncle, yet."

Nova lets out a frustrated sigh and throws a pillow at him.

He closes the door quickly before the pillow could have hit him.

We both look at each other and then burst out laughing.

After a while we calm down, "It's nice that your sister married your best friend's brother." Nova exclaims sighing.

"Yeah... she's very lucky." I say, smiling at her.

"I'm really happy for her." She says, smiling at me.

"So... What do you wanna do today?"

She starts thinking and says, "I dunno... wanna go for a walk?"

"Sure..." I shrug.

"I wanna shower first." She says standing up.

"Oh... so you are one of those - who have to be clean all the time." I say to her, thinking out loud.

Shaking her head, smiling, "No... I'm not one of those - it's just that; if I don't shower after I wake up, I end up yawning all day, and I feel grumpy... and trust me, you DO NOT want me grumpy." She says in all seriousness.

"Whatever you say, Brownie..."

She smirks and returns to her bedroom.

I also head to my bedroom, and take out my guitar and start playing notes of my new song on it.


I look at the clock to see half an hour has past, while I've been engrossed in my guitar.

Nova still hadn't left her room, yet.

Oh! What the hell.

I quickly pull out a towel from the closet and head to take a shower.

After nearly four minutes, I dry myself and tie the towel around my waist and head out of the bathroom to my closet.

"Ace?" I hear Nova call out in a distance.

"In here..." I shout out loud.

Hearing her enter the closet, I turn around and look at her, she was walking towards me with her head down, looking at her cell in hand, typing something while softly humming the tune of Boy Like You by Kesha.

I quickly take her in, she was wearing a tight denim shirt with a pair of short black shorts and black tennis shoes which had heels and bright orange lace.

Her hair was in a high bun, with her bangs covering her forehead and some strands of hair on each side of her face. Her lipstick was also bright orange, showing off her full plump lips which matched the laces and also apparently, the back cover of her cell. She also wore some black bangles.

She is a freaking goddess in a human form!

She looks fanta-hot-sexy-bulous!

Like that's even a word!

Anyway... I didn't know how long I've had been checking her out but when I came to my sense, I saw her not five feet away from me, still walking towards me with her cell in her hand.

When she's nearly a foot away from me, she stops and looks up at me, and smiles.

Suddenly, she tilts her head, blinks twice, does a onceover my body - three times.

Then looks straight at me, wide eyes, her cheeks turning red and abruptly turns around stammering, "Crap! So sorry. I didn't mean to barge in like that." She says shaking her head.

I chuckle when I realize I was still just in my towel.

She was just about to leave when I grab her wrist and pull her towards me.

She gasps, her eyes wide, my one hand around her waist and the other on her wrist, her hands resting on my chest.

I smile when I see her trying hard not to look at my body and keep on murmuring to herself, softly, "Don't look at his body. Don't look at his body."

I chuckle.

When she feels my chest vibrate through her hands, she looks up at me, still blushing and pulls away from me.

I let her, "I... um... you should get dressed. I'll... um... I'll leave."

She starts to turn around, but again I pull her towards me, her back to my chest and run my lips over her neck and feel her shiver slightly.

I place a soft kiss on her neck, making her moan.

I run my lips over to her ears and whisper huskily, "Why don't you help me get dressed?"

She turns around and looks and me and whispers softly, "Wh-What?"

She bites her bottom lip and looks away, blushing. I chuckle at the thought of the X-Rated scenarios running through her head right now.

"I meant to say... why don't you help me pick out a outfit?"

She looks at me and shakes her head at herself, clearing her mind and nods.

"Why? What do you think I was gonna ask you to do?" I ask, smirking at her.

And she blushes...

Damn! She's cute.

"I... er... I dunno what you're talking bout." She mumbles, looking anywhere but me.

Tsk tsk.

Liar liar, pants on fire...

But I guess I had teased her enough for a day.

I pull away from her and say, "So... pick out whatever you like." I say, waving my hands around my closet.

"Are you sure you want me to pick your clothes?" She asks, raising her eyebrow.

"Yep... hundred percent sure." I say to her and walk towards the couch and sit down.

"Are you really sure?" She asks seriously.

"Yep." I confirm.

"What if I tell you to wear a bright yellow t-shirt?" She asks, tilting her head, smiling.

"If you want me to wear it.... I would willingly wear it." I say to her, confidently.

"Really?" She asks, smiling softly.

"Mmh Mmh... Definitely. Although, I should probably tell you this... I don't actually own a bright yellow T-shirt so... too bad." I say to her with a wink.

"Yeah, right... too bad." She says sarcastically.

She walks over to the clothes rack and runs her finger through the shirts.

After a while, I hear her giggling softly to herself, so I ask, "What's funny?"

She stops giggling and looks at me and mumbles, "Nothing... nothi-" she starts but stops and burst out laughing.

I look at her confused.

After a while, she calms down and starts taking deep breaths, "Oh my God! I'm sorry... I shouldn't have." She says between breaths.

"I understand." I simply state.

"You do?" She looks at me, confused.

"Yep!" I say. "You were imagining me in a bright yellow T-shirt, weren't you?" I say, smiling inwardly.

She nods and laughs, "Yeah. Oh my God! You would so rock that T-shirt." She says winking at me and resumes her search.

Finally, she say, "Is this okay?"

I look over to see her holding, a black tank, matching leather jacket and a pair of faded blue jeans.

"Good choice..." I say to her.

She walks towards me and smiles; hearing my words and pats her shoulder.

"Thank you very much." I stand up and bow, dramatically.

She laughs, "Your welcome, Mr. Taylor." She does a curtsy.

She hands me my clothes, which I take from her willingly.

She starts to turn around when she looks down at something on my left side and stares at it.

When she looks back up at me, all the playfulness from earlier vanishes.

Her eyes, moistens, her lips quivers slightly in fear.

She opens her mouth, "Wh-what's that Scott?" She asks pointing towards it.

I tear my stare away from her and look down at the direction she points.

When I finally find, what she was looking at... my blood boils.

This shouldn't have had happened.



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