Love Thy Roommate

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Chapter 21


After nearly an hour of pillow fighting, we lay down beside each other; catching our breath and relaxing our aching hands.

"Well, that was fun." She mumbles cheekily.

"Yeah... we should do it more often."

"I know, right? Plus - it's also a really good way to exercise our hand muscles; instead of going to the gym." She grins, saying the word gym with a disgust.

I turn towards her, looking amused.

"What? Don't look at me like that. Tell me - what kind of idiot would wanna go to the gym to lift weights; when we can easily exercise by just pillow fighting." She whisper yells.

After thinking for a while, "That's a really good point." I agree with her.

"You know, what would make pillow fights more fun?" I ask, looking at her, grinning mischievously.


"If you, Aria and Jenna had pillow fights in sexy lingeries." I say, wiggling my eyebrows suggestively.

She responds by throwing a pillow over my face.

I remove the pillow from my face and pull it against my chest.

"What was that for?" I fake-pout.

She rolls her eyes, "That's for being such a... such a guy!"

"What? It's a first time I've seen a girl not liking a guy because he's acting like a guy. I mean, what kind of guy, wouldn't act like a guy? As a guy, it's our duty to act like a guy. You get what I'm saying?" I retort.

She looks confused for a minute and scrunches up her nose, thinking.

She opens her mouth to say something, but nothing comes out.

Then, suddenly she lets out a frustrated sigh and picks up a nearby pillow and starts hitting me with it, saying, "Stop trying to confuse me, you jerk!"

"Ow! Stop that!" I say, snatching the pillow from her hands and pulling her into me.

She looks up at me and smiles and says adorably, "Oh! You poor baby. Did I hurt you?" She says, faking concern, placing a palm over my cheek and caressing the skin with her thumb.

I play along and say, "You hurt me real bad, baby. Don't you know what pillows are made of?"

I move my face closer to her. And look around, looking totally serious and widen my eyes as if I'm telling her a big secret, and softly whisper, "Cotton." I say, pronouncing each syllable carefully.

She looks at me, her eyes twinkling with humour and bites her lip to prevent bursting into laughter.

I continue my act and whisper, "And you know how cotton is harmful for our skin..."

She looks up at me and whispers back, "Well... then I better check you up, Mr. Taylor. We wouldn't want you getting any infection now, do we?"

"Of course. Now - I was thinking, you should start with my lips... they're feeling a little weird lately." I say with my straight face which was really hard, seeing blush creep into Nova's cheeks.

"How weird?" She asks, acting curious.

"I dunno. Why don't you feel it yourself?" I say, pouting my lips.

"Okay." She whispers, leaning closer.

When our faces were inches apart from each other, I close my eyes, urging her to kiss me.

I feel her lips hovering over mine, but she surprises me when I feel her fingers brushing over my lips.

When I open my eyes, I see her trying hard not to laugh and mumble with a straight face, "Well, I seriously don't think that your lips feel weird. They're perfect under my fingertips."

I get up from beside her and hover on top of with my hands on either side of her face as she runs her fingers through my hair.

I lean down and kiss her pink cheeks and whisper, "You're so gonna pay for teasing me like that."

She looks up at me and murmurs sarcastically, "Ooh... I'm so scared."

"You should be." I murmur back.

She looks up at me, searches something in my eyes, then replies cheekily, "Naah... I'm good."

Gotta love her sassy mouth!

I smile and lean down, my lips connecting with hers.

She whispers against my lips, "I trust you, Ace. You would never hurt me."

Before I could think of a perfect response, she tugs her hands at my hair and pulls me into her as she kisses me deeply.

Well, who could say no to that...

I smile against her lips and kiss her back. Our mouths moving sensually. I pull back and take her bottom lip between mine and start nibbling on it. I alternate between nibbling and sucking it, and bite back my moan when I hear hers; which sounded something like 'Mmh'.

Her one hand descends from my hair back to my chest, to my back, pulling me more into her. I hook my hand through her waist to the small of her back, lifting her upwards into me. Our chest pressed up against each others'.

Suddenly, she wraps her legs around my waist. I react by plunging my tongue into hers, kissing her deeply. Making her shiver underneath me.

I swear to God, if we didn't needed oxygen to breath, I would've kissed her forever.

"Scott..." She sighs between our kisses.

I couldn't stop the moan coming from my lips, hearing her sigh my name.

Just as her hands starts to head southwards down my back:

My lips like sugar...

My lips like sugar...

We both pull away from each other, breathing hard and turn towards the pocket of her shorts from where Sugar by Flo-Rida Featuring Wynter Gordon was playing.

"What the-?" She mumbles, removing the cell from her pocket.

She chuckles, and mouths 'Ryan' to me. I chuckle and lay beside her.

She picks up the call and puts it on speaker.

"What do you want, douche-bag?" I snap at him.

"Well, hello to you too..." Ryan says, sarcastically.

"What the hell, Rye? Why did you call us?" Nova grumbles.

"Ooh... you both are together, huh? Huh? What you guys been doin'?" He asks, suggestively.

"Wanna know what we've been doing?" Nova asks sweetly.

"Hell, yeah."

"We were laying next to each other, without our clothes on, our bodies pressed up against each others'..." Nova starts, whispering seductively.

Is it weird that it's turning me on?

"Oh, yeah! Baby..." Ryan murmurs.

"My hands travelling over Scott's body, making him shiver and pant breathlessly beside me."

"Ooh.. that's good." Ryan whisper.

Okay... definitely turned on.

Things I need to do: Take a cold shower .

"I bring my face up to Scott's neck, kissing him there, sucking on his soft spot... Then I slowly rise up, leaning my lips against his ear and whisper, 'Did you know that once, when Rye was six-year old, his dog ran away from his house; because every day Rye used to steal his dog's food and eat it himself.'"

"Whoa! Novey, what the hell? It was long time ago." Ryan grumbles.

"I don't think so, buddy." I laugh at him.

"Come on, dude!" Ryan whines.

"Fine! I'm sorry." Nova mumbles.

"You're forgiven." Ryan murmurs.

"Bee-tee-dubbs did you like the ringtone?" He asks.

"I knew it was you! And seriously? Sugar?" Nova mutters.


"Dude, stop calling us." I interrupt.

"I was bored, thought I'd disturb you two love birds... and no, I won't stop calling you. What are you gonna do? Complain to your mommy?" Ryan snickers.

"No... I was thinking bout complaining to Jen." I say cheekily.

"Ooh burn!" Nova mumbles, smiling.

"That's mean, you meanie weenies! Fine! I give up! See ya later. Toodles!" Ryan mumbles.

"Bye!" We both say in unison, cheerfully.

"Oh... and Nova, check out Scott's ringtone on you phone. Bye!" He hangs up.

"I swear to God! I'm never letting Rye touch my phone again, ever!" Nova mumbles angrily.

"Wanna see what ringtone he has on hold for me?" I ask her.


I get up and take out my cell and click on Brownie and press 'Call'.

We both stare at her cell, finally it displays - Rockstar Calling.

Rockstar, huh? Nice...

But there was no sound.

We both look at each other and shrug.

Just as Nova was about to end the call:

I touched her ooh...

She touched my aah...

It was the craziest thing.

I look back at Nova to see her, cheeks red.

Damn! She's cute...

"I hate Rye! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!" She mumbles after ending the call.

"I know..." I whisper, smiling.

We both lay next to each other in silence. A comfortable silence.

Finally, I ask, "What do you wanna do now?" Turning towards her balancing my head on my elbow.

She looks up at me and mumbles, "I dunno... wanna watch a movie?"

"I thought we were gonna go for a walk?" I ask.

She turns and hugs me, her head on my chest and hands around my waist. I smile and slowly run my fingers through her soft hair.

"Yeah. We were... but then you kissed me." She shrugs.

"Gee... that explains everything." I say sarcastically.

She looks up at me and whispers, "Your kisses makes me lazy. My legs feels like jelly."

I smile smugly and kiss her forehead and murmur, "You know, you're really good for my ego."

"Glad to hear that," she whispers softly.

Suddenly, she looks serious and says, "Scott? Can I tell you something?"

I nod.

"I... er... I know, we have kissed many times... but... but... I can't do anything more than that... for now. It's really hard for me to take the next step... I mean kissing is okay... but other stuff is no-no. I mean, I would like to do that someday... but right now I just-"

I cut her off by placing my thumb on her chin making her look up at me and whisper to her, "Do you see me complaining, Brownie? I'm happy with going slow... I would never pressure you to do things you don't wanna do, all right? You trust me, right?"

She nods, immediately and I feel my heart swell.

"Plus - keep kissing me like that, I'll be ready to be your slave forever." I mumble, trying to lighten the mood.

"You know, you're really good for my ego." She whispers, mimicking my earlier line.

"Glad you approve, babe." I whisper back, making her smile.

"So... movie?"

"Yeah... sure." I mumble.

"Let's watch Titanic." She says, excitedly.

I open my mouth to argue, when she placing one finger over my lips and says, "Nuh uh, mister. You don't get a choice today. You made me watch Resident Evil the other day, now it's my turn." She smirks.

"Fine!" I mumble.

She plays the movie and lays down beside me, snuggling into me.


After nearly two and a half hour, the movie ends. Nova gets up and stretches her body.

"Well, that was fun!" She mumbles looking at me.

As soon as she does, she freezes.

"What?" I mutter.

"Ace, are... are you... are you crying?" She asks, laughing inwardly.

Wait. What?

I touch my cheeks, to feel it's wet.

Indeed, I'm crying.

Crap, crap, crap, crappity, crap, crap!

I look back at her and scoff, "No... I'm not crying. My eyes are watery because I'm not wearing my glasses."

She looks at me like I've grown two heads and states, "Uh, Ace... you don't have glasses!"

"Flies went into my eyes." I say, confidently.

"Two different flies... in both of your eyes... at the same time?" She asks.

I nod. "It happens more often than you think." I mumble defensively.

She looks at me, smiling and shaking her head.

She leans closer and gives me a soft peck on my lips and murmurs, "You're so cute..."

"Well, if I knew - me watching chick flick and crying over it is gonna make you do that, I would've done it a long time ago..."

She rolls her eyes and gets up. She walks over to my night stand and picks up a book.

"What's this?" She asks.

"That... that is one of Sam's romance novel that she forgot to take home." I say, shrugging.

She takes the book and plops on the bed next to me and starts flipping through the pages.

I hear her giggle, so I turn towards her and ask, "Something funny?"

"Well, yeah..."

She holds out the book for me, which I take willingly. She comes near me and points to a paragraph.

"Look, here. In this paragraph, there's this whole description of the female character. To make her look desirable, the author described her having pouty lips, long hair, small nose, curvy body, long legs etcetera."

I nod at her.

"The thing is - I seriously don't understand that why does the author has to describe her having a full, long eyelashes. I mean, what the hell?" She says.

"Ace, just imagine that Megan Fox is standing in front of you. Then you just happened to notice that she has small eyelashes."

I just nod.

"So... according to this book, we'd expect you to say, 'No-can-do's-ville-babydoll... It's just that, I'm looking for a girl with long eyelashes'. I mean, who would do that?"

"Just because of small eyelashes, you'd turn down a hottie like Megan Fox... Are you nuts?" She shakes her head.

I chuckle at her expression. "Is it weird that instead of Megan Fox; I'm imagining you?" I say to her, with all seriousness.

"Aw... that's cute." She says, softly.

But her expression changes and she continues, "But next time you disrespect Megan Fox like that, I will literally kick your ass-teroid belt!"

I'm so in love with her sassy mouth...

"Huh.. And here I thought I was being sweet." I pout.

She looks over at me and smiles and says, "You know, you're sweet."

"Wouldn't hurt to remind me, once in a while..." I grumble.

She looks at me and shakes her head smiling.

Gotta love her smile...


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