Love Thy Roommate

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Chapter 25


All of us head to our respective rooms to get dressed.

I walk towards my closet and pick out a cobalt blue body-con short dress with a low scoop back showing skin till my lower back with long sleeves and a mini length, which ends mid-thigh. I paired it with matching pumps and a metallic clutch.

I curl my hair, and left it open and wavy. I apply makeup, lip gloss, smokey eye and some blush.

I walk out of my bedroom to see Drew and Jenna in the living room. Jenna was wearing a simple black dress with hot pink pumps and clutch, with a natural tone make-up. Drew was in plain white shirt, untucked, paired with dark blue jeans with a thin black tie, that hung loosely around his neck.

"Hey Romeo, looking good." I say to Drew with a thumb's up.

"Hey Juliet's annoying best friend." Drew rolls his eyes.

"Aww... You love me, I know you do!" I coo at Drew. "Anyhoo Jen, I love your dress."

She mumbles, "Thanks... You look great." I give her a genuine smile and thank her back.

I hear a door open, so I turn around to see Scott coming out of his room. I scan him quickly. He had worn a fitted dark grey shirt with jet black jeans. His sleeves were rolled up to his arms showing off the muscles beneath. His hair was styled with the help of gel. I had such a urge to run my fingers over it and make it all messy again.

Boy! I've got it bad!

He checks me out and smiles. Walking towards me, he lifts me up with his hands on my hips and gives me a small soft kiss.

"You look amazing." He whispers with his lips on mine.

"You don't look so bad either." I murmur back.

I pull away from him and say, "What do you think of this?" I turn around to show him my low cut back.

I hear him groan.

He takes my hand and pulls me roughly into him, his hands tightly wrapped around my waist, his forehead against mine and whispers, "No one gets to touch you except me, okay?"

I start to laugh but it gets stuck on my throat when I see Scott's expression which clearly tells me he's not kidding.

"Fine, caveman." I roll my eyes. I place my hand around his neck, running my fingers through his hair, trying to make it messy again.

He didn't seem to mind, instead he leans into my touch. "I'm serious, Brownie. If I saw any other guy place his hands on what's mine, I swear he won't be able touch anyone else for a long long time." He whispers, looking serious as hell.

Did I mention, Scott looks really hot when he's gets all possessive?

Well, he does.

"Fine! But I have a question." I whisper back.


"Can Rye touch me? I mean, he's like my brother but he also falls in the category of your so-called 'Other guys'." I inquire, looking dead serious.

He sighs, "Stop being a smartass when I'm being serious."

"I'm not being a smart-ass. Wait! On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, how attractive do you find smart girls?" I ask, raising my eyebrow.

His lip twitches and he answers, "Nine and a half mayb-" I quickly interrupt him and declare, "I'm a smartass!" Mimicking him from before.

He chuckles and rolls his eyes.

"But in all seriousness, if you ever tell me that you hate Taylor Lautner, then we need to have a very serious talk." I say, narrowing my eyes.

He places his hand over his heart, faking hurt and says, "And here I sacrificed Scarlett Johansson for you."

I giggle and pull him closer kissing him soundly.

"Um guys, no PDA's in front of a baby please..." Drew grins.

I turn around to see Ryan and Aria had arrived. Aria was wearing off-shoulder grey dress with bright yellow pumps and bangles. While Ryan was in a simple black tee under a matching leather jacket, with a pair of dark jeans and boots. His hair seems to flow in all direction.

"Um, Drew, what baby are you talking about?" Scott asks, confused.

Drew, Jenna and Aria immediately turn their eyes to Ryan.

"What? What?" Ryan looks at them, confused. "I'm not affected by PDA's. You guys can kiss all you want. Wait! Scott... get away from Novey! She's like my sister. I don't want to see you kissing and stuff." He scrunches up his nose.

Drew fake-coughs and mutters, "Baby!"

Ryan rolls his eyes, "Real mature, Drew! On second thought..." He murmurs to himself.

Aria and I fake-shock and scream together, "You have a second thought!"

Aria continues, "As in two thoughts. As in one-two thoughts." She says raising her two fingers. "Plural? Oh my God! An alien has taken over Rye's body. Somebody call the police!"

We all fake-gasp with our hand over our mouth giving it extra effect.

Ryan just rolls his eyes and murmurs, "I'll show you how much of a baby I am!"

He marches right towards Jenna and places a hand over her right wrist pulling her closer, his other hand goes over back of her head, tugging on her hair and he crashes his mouth with hers.


Jenna just stands still, confused as to what just happened, but recovers soon and kisses him back.

A full blown french kiss!

In front of everyone!

I seriously have some new-found respect for Ryan.

I look around to see everyone with the same initial shock on their faces.

As soon as he pulls back, Jenna blushes like a pretty beetroot and runs her thumb over her lips, reminiscing the kiss.

Ryan looks at her shyly, and scratches the back of his head.

"Our baby Rye has grown up!" Aria blurts, wiping her fake-tears.

"They grow up so soon. It's like only yesterday he asked me, whether he can be my personal bodyguard and called himself Scrappy Junior." I say joining her, placing both of my hands over my heart.

"Who's Scrappy?" Scott nudges me.

I giggle and whisper, "You know - Scrappy Doo? Scooby Doo's nephew..."

Understanding crosses his face and he gives me a thumb's up and says, "That's cute."

"Not when you say this when you're 18 years old." I say, shaking my head.


Ryan lets out a frustrated sigh and says, "I'm getting out of here. Come on, angel." He turns to Jenna and drags her with him and gets out of the apartment.

We all laugh behind him.

"Come on, let's get going!" Scott says, wrapping his hand around my shoulder. I lean into him and we all get out of the apartment.

Aria walks in front of us while Drew, Scott and I walk together. Scott between me and Drew.

"So Romeo, ever plan on doing that with Juliet?" I whisper so that Aria couldn't hear it. I turn my head towards Drew. Gesturing to Ryan's recent performance

He looks at me and runs his fingers through his hair. "I wish!" He scoffs.

"What's the problem? You like her, she likes you. It's not complicated." I whisper.

"It is complicated! She's my friend and also Rye's sister. Somehow, even if we start a relationship and it ends badly, I would not only lose Aria but also my best friend. I-" He gets interrupted when Scott yells, "WHAT?"

We both raise our eyebrows at him.

He narrows his gaze at Drew and yells, "I thought I was your best friend!"

I roll my eyes and switch our positions, so that I was in the middle. Scott looks at me and pouts prettily.

I rise up and softly whisper seductively in his ears, "If you don't interrupt, I'm pretty sure I have something planned for later, which you will really really enjoy!" I say, kissing below his ear and running my fingers over his chest, suggestively.

He swallows loudly.

"Hello? Remember me, Drew? I'm standing right here!" Drew says, being the centre of attention again.

Scott rolls his eyes and fake-coughs, murmuring, "Baby!"

Drew smirks, "If you think I'm naive like Rye and kiss Aria just to prove that I'm not a baby... it's not gonna happen."

"Dang it!" Scott and I mutter together.

As soon as we hear each other, we both smile, slightly tilting our head at each other, murmuring, "Aww!"

"Oi. Love birds! Let's get going... do all the mushy stuff while you're alone." Drew says, waving his hands around to get our attention.

"Oh! We definitely do all the mushy stuff while we're alone." Scott winks, suggestively, making me blush.

"Gag!" Drew shudders, "I don't wanna to hear it."

Rolling our eyes, we follow him out of the building.

Reaching the door, we stop when we see Ryan and Jenna outside waiting for us. "Took you guys long enough." Ryan says annoyed.

Scott stops behind me and wraps his hand around my waist and pulls my back into his chest and rests his chin on my shoulder. I lean into him and place my hand over his, which was over my stomach, making him smile.

"We need to teach Rye, how to be patient. I swear, teaching babies these days is so hard!" Aria whispers from beside me.

"I'm NOT a baby!" Ryan shouts out loud.

Few pedestrian around us, give him a weird look.

"You should have gone without us, honey. We would've taken another car. Sorry for making you wait." I say softly to Ryan.

His eyes softens, "I was just waiting to see you reaction."

Scott coughs loudly from behind me and glares at Ryan.

"My reaction?" I ask, confused, looking back and forth between Ryan and Scott.

"I... er... yeah... your reaction... as in... re... action... um... 'Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.'" Ryan blurts, finishing his sentence which makes me even more confused.

I look around, to see the guys with same confusion on their face. Everyone giving him a 'Er... what?' look.

I look back at Ryan to see him having, "What the hell am I talking bout?' look.

"Did you just go all Newton's Third Law Of Motion on me?" I ask, raising my eyebrow.

Ryan looks at me and yells, "You mean to say, I know Newton's Third Law Of Motion?"

At my nod, Ryan gasps.

He turns towards Jenna and screams, "I know Newton's Third Law Of Motion!"

He raises his fist, does a happy dance and murmurs to himself, "This is what it feels like to be smart. Huh!"

Drew opens his mouth to tease Ryan when Aria elbows him in the stomach, "Oomph," he grunts rubbing his hand over his tummy.

"What was that for?" He asks Aria.

She snaps, "Let him have his moment. We all know that it's NEVER gonna happen again!"

Ryan narrows his eyes at Aria, "I know I should be offended but nothing can get me out of my happy bubble... so I'm just gonna ignore that."

After five minutes of robotic dance, two minutes of fist-bumping strangers, three minutes of singing out loud, 'I'm smarttt, I'm smarttt,' continuously, Ryan finally stops, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Scott shakes his head to clear his mind. "I have a surprise for you." He says, looking at me.

I turn around facing him.

I smile and say, "Really? What is it?"

"Turn around." He winks.

I turn around to see a limo in front of me.

It wasn't here a minute ago.

When did this happen?

"A limo? For me?" I ask, looking back at him, shocked.

"Yep. For you." He whispers, pulling me close, his hands on my hip.

I rest my hands on his chest.

"Thank you." I smile at him.

He smiles back, looking pleased at my expression. "You're welcome."

"You know I would've kissed the hell outta you if we weren't babysitting right now." I smile at him.

Scott turns his head and glares at Ryan and says, "I hate you! You're the worst baby ever!"

Ryan lets out a frustrated sigh and yells, "I'm not a baby!"

We would have believed him if he didn't do what he did next:

He stomps his foot like a five-year old and crosses his hands over his chest, with a full-on pout on his face like someone just refused to give him a candy.

I had to suppress a giggle seeing him like this.

But in all seriousness, Ryan was the cutest guy I'd ever met.

Jenna walks up to him and pinches his cheek playfully, turning his attention towards her and whispers something in his ears to which he smiles widely and smirks at her, returning back to his cocky self.

Thank God, we don't have to deal with a grumpy baby.

Scott walks towards the limo and opens the door for me and bows, "After you, m'lady."

I smile but it falters because before I could get in, four people beat me to it, murmuring, "Thanks Scott."

Ryan even went as far as giving Scott ten bucks for opening the limo door.

I giggle, looking at Scott shocked expression.

He mutters a curse and bends down, looking inside the limo through the door and shouts, "Get out! All of you! This limo is reserved for me and Brownie only!"

Apparently everyone ignored Scott's outburst and started murmuring:

"I love this limo."

"Mmh... leather seats."

When Ryan suddenly shouts, "There's champagne!"

Scott opens his mouth to shout but I quickly pull him back, and place my hands over his cheek and murmur, "The stupid baby is inside the car. We're alone. Let me show you how much I appreciate you doing all this for me." I smile at him.

My cheeks flush when I see his eyes darken. He pulls me closer to him, with his hands on my lower back, his fingers teasing my naked skin.

I run my thumb over the outline of his lower lip and murmur to myself, "Mmh... so what can I do to show to how much I loved this surprise." I say, teasing him.

He leans forward nuzzling his nose along mine, "I remember you saying something bout kissing the hell outta me."

"Is that so?" I murmur when I felt his lip brush over mine.

"Mmh mmh..." He murmurs.

I smile and close the distance between our lips.

Apparently I wasn't too fast enough because the grumpy baby sitting in the limo started yelling, "Guys? The black tint of the window makes sure that the outsiders couldn't see what's going on the inside, but you do realize that we're inside and you're giving us one hell of a show!"

We both turn to see Ryan poking his head out of the window, smirking at us.

"I hate you, like literally!" I grumble.

Scott points his index finger at him and says, "You, mister! You seriously have the worst timing ever!"

"Aww... I'll take that as a compliment." Ryan coos sweetly.

"I'll deal with you later..." Scott glares at him.

He turns towards me, his eyes softening immediately, "After you..." Scott murmurs, gesturing towards the car door.

"Thanks." I smile.

Inside the limo, I sit in between Scott and Ryan, while Jenna sits opposite Ryan, with Aria and Drew beside her.

Scott places his hand around my shoulders, making me lean into him.

I look up at him and whisper, "Thanks... for everything." I kiss his cheek and smile.

His hands tighten around my shoulder and he whispers back, "My pleasure." He winks.

Suddenly, someone takes my hand and pushes me away from Scott. I turn around to see its Drew.

He exchanges our places, so that all the guys are on one side while the girls on the other.

"What was that for?" I yell at him.

"Could you guys stop being so love sick for a minute... it's making me puke! That's why, until you both learn your lessons... you'll stay away from each other!" Drew grumbles.

Scott slaps his hand over Drew's head making him wince and yells, "You wouldn't have had to puke, if you had just listened to what I had said and let only me and Nova ride in this limo."

Scott looks at me and pulls me by my hand towards him and glares at Drew, "Go back to your seat."

"No!" Drew smirks.

Before, Scott could yell at him, I look at Drew and say, "Drew, this is the final warning! Will you or will you not get up?"

Ryan answers for him, "He will not! You and Scott will just have to sit away from each other for a while."

Ryan and Drew sit back comfortably, stretching their hands and legs, to make sure there's no space for me to sit beside Scott.

"Amateurs!" I smirk.

I just get up and walk towards Scott and sit down sideways on his lap, which he lets me willingly.

I lean into Scott, settling my head on his shoulder, while his hands wrap around my waist pulling me into him and kisses the top of my head.

"Thanks guys! This seat's much better!" I smile sweetly at Ryan and Drew.

"Why didn't I think of this before?" Scott whispers to me.

I look up at him, grinning and say, "Maybe because I'm the smart-ass..."

He chuckles, "That you are." He kisses my forehead softly.

I smile and settle my head back on his shoulder.

I look at Ryan and Drew, to see them blaming each other for not thinking about the fact that I could sit on his lap. While Aria and Jenna just roll their eyes at their childishness and takr out their cellphone from their purses to take selfies.

Finally we reached the club, The Pink Sapphire.

We entered the club and a waitress led us to the second floor through the spiral staircase to a VIP section.

We sat on the U shaped couch at the corner of the floor, with me and Scott in the middle with Aria and Drew on the other side of Scott while Jenna and Ryan next to me.

The waitress took our order: Coke for the girls while guys settled for beer.

Aria leans towards me and asks, "Wanna dance?"

I nod eagerly. I take Jenna's hand in mine and follow Aria when suddenly Scott stops me and bends down to whisper in my ear, "Save a dance for me."

I look up at him and say, "Always." I kiss his cheek and move past him, give him a small wave.

We walk towards the dance floor together. But soon after the first song ends, Jenna and Aria walk away from me, both heading in the opposite direction from each other. Jenna walks towards the DJ while Aria starts chatting up with nearby dancers murmuring something to them while pointing a finger at me.

What the...?

They return back to me soon enough, and start dancing, pretending like nothing has happened.

The songs ends and the next song, Scream And Shout by Will.I.Am and Britney Spears starts to play.

Everyone suddenly stops dancing and stand still, singing the song together. I look at Aria to see her smiling and she mouths, "For you."

Suddenly everyone shouts the following lyrics modifying it into:

You are now now rocking with Will.I.Am and Britney, BITTER GOURD!

I look at Aria shocked, "Oh My God! You made everyone say bitter gourd instead of bitc--"

"--Yup!" She giggles.

"Aww... guys! That was awesome! I love you guys!" I scream and hug Jenna and Aria.

"This is just to remind you even though you lost someone in your life... You'll always have us to cheer you up!" Aria says, smiling widely.

I smile back.

Suddenly, a girl nudges us and says, "You are so lucky to have her as your partner... my girlfriend doesn't even appreciate me."

Did this just happen?

Aria smiles awkwardly at her and says, "I'm sorry... we're not together... I'm not a lesbian. She's just my friend."

I wink at Jenna and start my acting, "What?" I scream.

I sniff, to pretend I was crying, "I thought you loved me... How could you do this to me?" I glare at Aria.

She bites a smile, sensing my act.

She sighs, dramatically, "I'm sorry, baby. C'mere, gimme a kiss! I just lied to the lady. I love you, Brownie!" She says, mimicking Scott.

She hold out her hands for me, and jiggles her shoulder, "Come here, cupcake and give your girlfriend a kiss!"

"What? No!" I run, away around the club giggling, while Aria starts chasing me, yelling, "Gimme a kiss! Gimme a kiss!"

Finally we reach the bar, and start laughing out loud. After a minute, Jenna reaches us, laughing.

"OMG, that was awesome!" Jen giggles.

"I know, right?" Aria and I say together.

We take a bottle of water and start downing it, too tired from our run.

Suddenly someone wraps a hand around my waist, pulling me backward. I would have screamed and pushed myself away if I hadn't smelled a familiar scent that belonged to the only one person I knew.

"Ace." I say, turning around.

"Brownie." He mimics me.

"Missed me?" I ask, tilting me head slightly.

His only response was to crash his mouth with mine.

Well, who could say no to that....

I smiled against his lips and kissed him back. He nibbled my bottom lip, taking it into his mouth, slowly sucking it.

He sure knows how to use his mouth.

I rise up, my hands reaching up to tug on his hair, running my fingers through it, making his hair all messy again.

He groans against my lips, his sound vibrating throughout my body, making my stomach flutter. He suddenly, bites my lips softly, making me gasp.

He takes no time, to take advantage of my open mouth and collide his tongue with mine, entwining it with each others'. He pulls back slightly, and softly runs his tongue over my bottom lip where he had bit before.

I rise up, tilting my head more, taking over the kiss, claiming his mouth. He plunges his tongue back into my mouth, kissing me like he's hungry and I'm the food. His one hand rises up from my lower back, and starts feeling up my naked skin.

I moan into his mouth, which he swallows greedily. Our kiss slows down, finally realising the need to breathe. I lower my hands from his hair, through his shoulder, and place it against his cheeks, finally pulling our lips away, breathing heavily, resting our forehead against each others'.

"That is how I kiss the hell outta you..." Scott says, breathing hard.

I chuckle, "You don't see me complaining."

He smiles back.

I look around to see a lot of people gathered around us, staring.

"We have a audience..." I whisper softly to him.

He doesn't even takes his eyes off me and whispers back, "I know."

I raise my eyebrow. He explains, "They're just wondering whose the lucky guy who got the chance to kiss the most beautiful girl in this club."

I smile widely, "Smooth talker."

He chuckles.

He looks around and yells, "All right guys... show's over!"

Some people at least had the decency to look embarrassed. They scattered away quickly.

I around to see Aria and Jenna, sighing dreamily while Ryan smirking and as usual Drew with his cell in his hands, shooting our video.

Scott smirks at Ryan, "You kissed Jen in front of four of us... I kissed Brownie in front of hundreds of people! Whaddup?"

Ryan just rolls his eyes.

"Is that the only reason you kissed me?" I ask, narrowing my eyes.

He scratches the back of his head and says, "No... I also wanted everyone here at the club to know that you're mine."

I shake my head, smiling, "Caveman!"

"Only with you, babe... only with you." He says, pulling me closer, kissing the top of my head lovingly.

I melt into his embrace.

"So... now who's left?" Jenna grins, turning towards Drew.

Aria looks around awkwardly.

I quickly take out my cell and message Drew through Whatsapp.

Nova: Do it! Kiss her, you fool!

Drew takes out his cell when it beeps. He looks at it, then up at me. He looks down again and types something.

My cell pings.

Drew: I can't... You know why :-(

I look up at him and roll my eyes. I quickly type again..

Nova: Would you rather have someone else kiss her? Would you rather see her blush when someone else compliments her... see her smile when someone else hugs her. If not... this is your chance. She's in love with you, you idiot! Show her that you love her back.

I bang my finger over the screen trying to type the message.

I look up again when I see him reading the message. He reads the first line and flinches...

After reading the whole message, I see him typing something. Just a word:

Drew: Thanks.. :-)

I look up at him, to see him clicking something in his cell. Finally he holds his cell, in his left hand, his right hand reaches out to touch Aria's cheek who stood beside him.

She lets out a surprised gasp, at the contact. Drew wastes no time in pulling her close and brushing his lips against her softly. As soon as she parts her lips, his lips starts moving against her, possessing her. She turns around fully and places her hands on his hips. Drew starts moving his lip against her in a soft sensual way, making her sigh.

Scott shifts beside me and links his finger with mine and raises my hand up to his lips, kissing the back of it. I smile and sigh, hugging him loosely.

I turn my attention back to Drew and Aria to see, Drew's left hand had reached away from them, cell still in his hands, taking a selfie of them kissing. Finally they pull back, Aria bites her lip softly, suddenly shy.

Drew smiles at her, but then quickly gives his attention to his cell.

He clicks the screen a few time. Finally he looks up and says, "I posted the pic of me kissing Aria on Facebook... that means all my one million followers can see me kissing her."

He smirks, continuing, "Whaddup?"

"Dang it!" Ryan and Scott mutter together.

"Why didn't I think of that before?" Scott murmurs to himself.

I turn and whisper, "Maybe because you're not a smart-ass!"

He smiles, "Maybe that's why I need you... to complete me."

I roll my eyes, inwardly smiling, "Smooth talker."


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