Love Thy Roommate

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Chapter 26


After the whole kissing session, the girls headed towards the VIP section to rest their legs.

Drew, Ryan and I were hanging out by the bar, talking.

"You kissed my sister?" Ryan starts growling at Drew.

Drew chuckles humourlessly and scratches the back of his neck, looking awkward as hell, not knowing how to answer his question.

Ryan raises his fist in Drew's direction, when he tumbles back trying to dodge the impact.

Just before Ryan's hand was about to touch Drew, Ryan stops and bursts out laughing. "OMG! You should have seen your face."

Drew blinks at him, and asks, confused, "Whaaat?" You know, in the way, Dave the minion asks Gru in Despicable Me.

Ryan doesn't reply, but keeps on shaking his head and laughing.

"You're not mad at me?" Drew asks, raising his eyebrow.

"Nope!" He says, popping the 'p'.

"I thought you were really protective of Aria and threaten every guy trying to woo your baby sister?" I ask, as confused as Drew.

"I am really protective of her. That's why Drew here would make sure that he doesn't ever ever hurt her..." He says, saying the word 'ever' while glaring at Drew.

Drew nods quickly, "I swear to God, man, if I ever hurt her intentionally or otherwise, I would shove my own balls down my throat."

What's with everyone and that line?

Trying to avoid the awkward conversation, "I'm gonna take these bottles for the girls to drink." Drew takes three bottles of water and heads towards the VIP section.

As soon as Drew leaves, Ryan heads out towards the wash room leaving me all alone to myself.

I order myself a scotch and sit on one of the stools near the bar counter. The bartender passes me the drink and goes back to serving other customers.

"Hey there, hottie..." Someone shouts from beside me.

I turn towards the sound to see a brunette in very tight clothes, which left her literally naked, sitting on the stool next to me.

"Excuse me?" I ask.

Apparently, she took me asking her as an invitation to lean closer to me and run her hand along my chest.

I grab her wrist quickly, trying to shove her back.

"Ooh... rough! That's my favourite kind." She purrs.

God! This is wrong on so many levels.

"Get away from him!" Someone pulls me back, away from her.

I turn around to see its Brownie, glaring at the brunette.

"Why? Is he your boyfriend?" The brunette asks Brownie.


Brownie's boyfriend?

Why does hearing that makes me feel good?

I mean, on the one hand we have only been on one date. But on the other hand...


The little Scott in my head is practically dancing to Gangnum Style.

Down, boy.

"I don't understand..." Nova's voice brings me back to the conversation in hand.

"It's simple, girlie... If he's your boyfriend, I will back off, but if he's single, why in the hell would I wanna leave such a hottie alone?" She explains, letting her eyes roam all over me.

Nova looks at her and frowns, jealousy written all over her face. She pulls me back against the bar counter and stands in front of me to block the brunette from checking me out.

My possessive girl...

I smile to myself. Nova looks over her shoulder, up at me and stares into my eyes, her eyes conflicted.

Say yes!

Say yes!

Say yes!

Oh God! Please say yes!

"Well?" The brunette grumbles, irritated.

"Yes..." Nova immediately replies. When I look at her wide-eyed, she seems to be surprised at her own answer.

"Yes what?" The brunette asks.

Nova bites her lower lip and looks up at me shyly and replies, "Yes..." And then says the sentence that I've been anxiously waiting to hear, "Yes, he's my boyfriend."

"Then, I'm outta here..." The brunette walks away.

As soon as she leaves, Nova blinks twice and then groans and covers her face with both of her hands.

"Brownie?" I ask, chuckling.

She shakes her head and turns around and buries her face in my chest.

"I can't believe I just did that..." She mumbles into my chest.

I wrap my arms around her waist and nuzzle her hair.

"I'm so stupid." She mumbles.

"Brownie?" I call again.

She looks up at me and says, "I don't know why I get so jealous around you... I mean, I've never been a jealous type in my entire life."


"- And then suddenly you come along and bring out the jealous Nova inside me. Why do I get jealous every time a girl talks to you?" She keeps on murmuring.

"Brownie?" I repeat again.

She barely acknowledges me and continues, "And just now, I forced you to be my boyfriend? I mean, we've only gone on one date and now I'm acting like this crazy psycho girlfriend who forbids you from talking to other girls."


"- What if you were really interested in her? What if you've had been attracted to her? Did I just ruin your chances of being with that girl?"


"Oh my God, why does imagining you being attracted to another girl make me feel nauseous?"


"- And we haven't even decided on being exclusive. I mean, you can date whomever you want. And now I'm just babbling. See how you make me lose my mind? I- I- er just..."

Finally, I quickly exchange our position and trap her with her back against counter and my hands on either sides of her.

"Novella Katherine Stark?" I ask.

She looks up at me and blinks twice, looking adoringly at me with her big brown eyes.

"Would you make me the happiest man in the whole world by doing the honour of officially being my girlfriend?" I ask, smiling at her.

Her eyes widen at my words and her lips part, letting out a soft gasp. But suddenly, she frowns.

Shit! Did I say something wrong?

I quickly recollect my words and play it again in my mind.

My thoughts get interrupted when Nova places her hand on my right cheek, softly caressing it.

"Baby? Are you drunk?" She asks, blinking up at me.

"You do realize that this was one of the worst responses you could get when someone asks you this question?" I smirk.

Her eyes widen, "Crap! Baby, you're not drunk!" She exclaims. "Sorry... that was seriously one of the worst responses you could get." She mumbles, shyly.

I chuckle, "You still haven't answered my question, babe."

"Oh... um..." She bites her lower lip and nods.

"I need a real answer, Brownie."

"Yes... I would love to be your girlfriend." She smiles, blushing prettily.

My smile widens. She leans up and kisses my cheek, "Thank you," she whispers.

"For what?" I ask, confused.

She shakes her head, looks up at me lovingly and whispers, "For just being you."

"You're welcome... So what now?"

She thinks a little and then looks back at me, smiling and says, "For now, I just want my boyfriend to kiss me."

My eyes widen at her words and I lean my face near her. "Say that again." I command.

"Kiss me?" She says confused.

I shake my head and say, "The other part..."

She looks into my eyes, our lips inches from each others'. "Boyfriend," she whispers softly.

Before she could say anything else, I claim her mouth in a possessive kiss, plunging my tongue inside her mouth, and run it against her own. She lets out a small gasp at my fierceness and moans into me.

My right hand slowly make its way down from her lower back to her upper thigh, slightly lifting her up and pressing her tighter against the counter. She places both of her hands on my cheeks, kissing me back with the same aggression, matching my pace.

Finally, I pull my lips back only to take her bottom lip between mine and start slowly sucking on it, knowing how it drives her crazy. She proves me right, when she runs her hands from my cheek to the back of my neck, slowly tugging on my hair and letting out a soft moan. Not being able to stop myself, I grunt into her lips. Pulling back, I brush my lips against her twice and lean back finally breaking our kiss.

"Oh! For the love of God, would you guys stop doing that? I mean, leave you two alone for a minute and you are back to sucking each others' faces off..." Ryan whines out loud, returning from the wash room.

I open my eyes to see Nova breathing hard with her eyes still closed, a small smile playing on her lips which are swollen from the kiss.

My lips too, curve into a smile, seeing her happy. I pull my forehead back from hers, to look at Ryan, not before giving her a soft peck on her cheeks, seeing her smile widen.

"And I wonder why Drew calls you a baby?" I mumble sarcastically to Ryan to which he just rolls his eyes.

I cover Nova's ears quickly, just before Ryan shouts, "I'M NOT A BABY!"

She giggles and leans into me, wrapping her tiny hands around my waist and snuggling into my chest. I kiss the top of her head and sigh.



I can't believe I'm Scott's girlfriend!

It's been an hour since he asked me the question.

The guys returned back to the bar to drink, because us being 'official' calls for a celebration. While, us girls have been sitting in our couches, as Aria and Jenna start to drill information out of me regarding, How? When? Where? Did he ask me the question? And after every line, they sigh out loud, "Aww!"

Yeah, yeah... I know... It's really 'Aww'.

Anyway, throughout the night, we were separated from each other because the guys wanted some 'Guy' time with Scott, while the girls wanted to be away from guys to gossip.

But, throughout the night whenever I looked at Scott's direction, I always found him staring back at me, with a soft smile curved on his lips.

Today, the girls had decided not to drink since we can't really hold our liquor well, and we do really stupid things when we are drunk. Plus, it wasn't really fair for the guys to take care of us all the time. It was time for them to relax and have a drink or two.

Or so we thought...

Turns out, guys are worse. Hashtag true story.

The rest of the night passed by in a blur; soon a waiter made his way to us and said, "Um... Ma'am we're closing soon."

I look at him and ask, "What time is it?"

"Its 2:30 miss." He replies.

"Okay, thanks." I smile at him.

He jerks a nod and starts to leave but stops and turns around and says, "You might wanna prepare yourself before you leave..." He cringes.

"Prepare ourselves for what?" Jenna asks, confused.

"You came with the Rock Me guys, right?" He asks. At our nod, he laughs awkwardly and says, "You might wanna see it for yourselves."

He leads us downstairs past the dance floor to a room in the corner. He opens the door for us and closes it behind us.

We look around the room, our jaws dropping simultaneously.

Drew was jumping on the one of the couches at the corner, shouting, "I'M A BIRD! I CAN FLY!"

Scott was sitting on top of the pool table, Indian style with pool balls all over his lap, while he takes a ball and throws it towards a dart board hanging on the wall in front of him.

And when the ball bounces right off the wall and hits Scott on his head, he looks around, frowns and pouts and asks, "Who threw the ball at me?"

When he gets no response, he continues his dart-ball thingy.

He thought the pool balls were darts!

While on the other side Ryan was sitting on a chair, giggling to himself and singing the song, Let It Go from the movie Frozen.

What's worse is that, Ryan can't sing when he's drunk. Total off-key.

His voice sounded like two cats screeching at each other's. No one would think he's in a boy band if they'd see him singing like this.

Let it goo,

Let it goo,

Can't hold it back any mohh...

That's right! He was singing 'Any mohh' instead of 'Any more'.

Oh my!

How drunk are they?

Aria holds out her arm and turns towards me and says, "Pinch me. No way is this happening."

Jenna laughs awkwardly and says, "You see them, right? They're real and I'm not dreaming, right?"

At my nod, both of them squeak, laughing out loud.

Ryan was the first one to notice us. He walks towards Jenna with a goofy grin on his face and hugs her tightly and buries his face in her neck, smelling her.

"I love you too!" He yells at her, as if she was deaf.

Jenna stares at him wide-eyed. "Whh... what?" She blurts out.

He pulls away to look at her and says, "I know you love me too.... I heard you!"

He hugs her again and sniffs out, "I love you so muchhh!" Then he starts crying.

Although I should tell you this, he didn't actually say 'I love you so much.'

Um... It was more of an 'I wuv you so much'.

Aww... Ryan, don't make me cry.

Jenna wraps her hands around his neck and runs them through his hair, looking at him lovingly, "I love you." She whispers softly.

"I love you a lot!!" Ryan mumbles.

Again, he actually said, 'I wuv you a wott'.

Could he be any more cute?

Ryan looks up at her, his eyes glassy from crying and immediately presses his lips to hers, brushing it softly against each others' and pulls back.

"You love me!" He mumbles. "She loves me... she loves me." He murmurs to himself, smiling toothily, making us all smile.

Suddenly Scott and Drew start singing,

"Ryan and Jenna,

Sitting on a tree,


Jenna smiles and leads Ryan out of the room, while Aria quickly walks towards Drew trying to convince him to leave.

I make my way towards my man.

That's right... my man.

As soon as he sees me, he smiles and murmurs, "My girlfriend."

I smile and give him a kiss on his cheek, saying, "My boyfriend."

His eyes widens and he looks at me with warmth in his eyes.

"Baby, we have to leave... Come with me?" I hold out my hand.

He smiles and nods and covers his hand over mine. I quickly pull him away from the pool table and walk towards the door behind Aria and a tumbling Drew.

"Where going?" Scott asks.

I tighten my hold around his waist to keep him from falling and reply, "Home."

We quickly get into the limo, to avoid further troubles, thinking maybe they can't go out of control in a confined place like this.

How wrong were we?

As soon as the limo starts moving, Drew shouts out loud, startling all of us, "Do you know what's weird?"

He turns his head sideways to look at us asking, "Huh? Huh?"

We sigh and shake our heads 'No'.

"The word 'Weird!'" He screams.

At our confused expression, he starts yelling out loud, "Weeee-errrrrr-ddddd."


While Ryan just plastered his face out of the window, with his tongue poking out, mimicking a dog.


Scott, sitting beside me pokes me.

The following conversation goes like this:

Scott: "Why are we in a limo?" He asks, blinking at me innocently.

Me: "Because we are going home."

Drew: "Weeee-errrrrr-ddddd."

Scott: "Why are we going home?"

Me: "Because we're tired."

Drew: "Weeee-errrrrr-ddddd."

Scott: "Why are you tired?"

Me: "Because I danced a lot."

Scott: "Why did you dance a lot?"

Drew: "Weeee-errrrrr-ddddd."

Me: "Because I wanted to."

Scott: "Why did you wanted to dance a lot?"

Me: "Because I like dancing."

Drew: "Weeee-errrrrr-ddddd."

Scott: "Why do you like dancing?"

Oh My God! Is his questions ever gonna end?

I can't not reply him because he looks just so cute asking it.

"Baby, you might wanna rest a little. It might make you feel better." I sigh, running my hands through his hair.

"Weeee-errrrrr-ddddd. It does sound weird, right? Right?" Drew yells looking back and forth between us.

Everybody ignore him.

Scott nods at me, smiling, and rests his head on my shoulder.

I sigh. Maybe I won't have to answers his questions any more.

Just when I think I'm probably right:

"Why am I resting?" He mumbles into my shoulders.

"Because you're tired."

"Why am I tired?"

And... that's how Scott keeps me occupied the whole journey from the club to the apartment.

It's not really as fun as you think.

"Why do fishes live in water?"

"Maybe they like water?"

"Do you like water?"


"Why do you like water?"

I don't know how the conversation ended up here. But I felt like doing a happy dance, when I realized, we had finally reached the building.

Kai, our doorman helped us taking the guys up to the apartment, because apparently, the guys, while drunk, walk with their eyes closed and intentionally bump into each other and actually giggle while doing so...

After reaching the apartment, we were too tired to help Drew and Ryan climb the stairs. So we decided to dump all of them, in Scott's room because it was 'oh so near'.

We push them into a sleeping position and removed their shoes. Ryan in between Scott and Drew.

They fell asleep as soon as their heads touched the pillow. We three sit on the floor, next to each other with our backs against the bed.

Aria sighs out loud and gets up, stretching, to relax her muscles. "Next time, these babies get drunk, I'm getting' drunk. No way am I handling these 'Walking alcohols' alone".

Jenna and I murmur some unintelligent words in agreement.

Aria holds out her hand to us, "Come on, let's go get some sleep."

Jenna links her hand with Aria's and gets up. I look at them and say, "I'll get going in few minutes. Sleep well." I hug them both.

They wave and get out of the room. I take a deep breath and stand up. I look down at the three of them and smile softly.

I walk towards the other side of the bed, where Scott was sleeping and kneel down on the floor beside him.

I brush his hair off his forehead and kiss his cheek. His eyes flutter but he doesn't open them. I trace my fingers from his cheek down to his defined jaw line.

Suddenly, Ryan sleeping in the middle of them, turns towards Drew's side and snuggles into him, mumbling, "Jennaaa...." and smiles goofily.

Drew doesn't seem to be affected by Ryan's action.

Huh... guys and their bromance.

I look back at Scott and murmur, "You are making me fall in love with you..."

He doesn't react, so I murmur to myself, "I hope you didn't hear that," and chuckle.

I smile reassuringly and kiss his cheek again and whisper, "Good night, baby."

"Brownie..." He sighs in his sleep, making my smile widen.

I get up and walk towards the door. After giving him a last glance, I make my way out of the room and enter my bedroom and plop down on my bed, not bothering to change clothes. I just kick off my pumps and snuggle into the covers.


"Pssst. Nova... wake up!" Someone shakes me.

"Go away..." I mumble and snuggle into the pillow that smells like Scott.

"GET UP! GET UP! GET UP!" Someone yells right into my ear.

I quickly get up, jerking awake and do some karate chopping actions around me, to make the intruder go away.

"Oh mighty Bruce Lee... Spare my life! It's just me, Aria." I could hear sarcasm overflowing in her words.

I peek my one eye open and then the other. "I could totally kick your ass-teroid belt anytime I want to..." I mumble, pouting, crossing my hands over my chest.

"Sure you can, baby girl." She says sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"Time is it?" I ask, yawning and rubbing my eyes.

"Six!" She says, excitedly.

I stop dead in my tracks and pin my glare at her, "Arianna Davenport, you better have a really good reason to wake me up, otherwise I swear to God, Bruce Lee or not, there will be some deadly consequences."

She takes my hand and pulls me out of the bed, "Come onn... you'll see."

I get up, unwantingly and follow her out of the room towards Scott's room, where Jenna was already standing there, half asleep, leaning against the closed door.

Aria must've probably waked her up too.

Oh, Jen... I feel you, honey.

Aria walked towards her and jerks her awake. She slowly opens her eyes and yawns. As soon as she sees Aria, she stops mid-yawning and blushes and smiles shyly.

"Ladies and Ladies," Aria starts, turning to look at both of us, "May I present you, the members of Rock Me, behind the scenes."

She slowly turns the door knob and pushes the door, murmuring, "Drum roll please..."

When she opens the door, our jaws drop again for the second time today.

Someone probably threw Drew out of the bed during the night. (We all know it was probably Ryan). Drew was lying face down, having a hot make-out session with the floor, with his eyes closed.

Yeah, he was French-kissing the floor while sleeping.

Whatever Drew! Geez, get a room...

Scott and Ryan were on the bed, still sleeping, with a little change in their position.

Okay, maybe a lot change...

Scott was lying on his side of the bed sleeping soundly, while Ryan on the other hand, was upside down from the position we last saw him in.

His face was near Scott's leg. He was hugging the life out of Scott's left leg, by holding it close to his chest, with his thumb in his mouth, sucking it, murmuring, "I love you too, Mommy..."

While Scott was counting alphabets in his sleep, "A... B... C... D... E... F... um... what comes after F? K? X? Excuse me, Mrs. Morgan... I have a question? What comes after F? Um... yes! G... H... I..."

Jenna nudges Aria, "Who's Mrs. Morgan?"

Aria giggles and replies, "His first-grade English teacher."

Oh boy! Its gonna be a really long day.

Aria turns towards us with a mischievous gleam in her eyes and mumbles, "Wanna do something evil?" She wiggles her eyebrows.

"Always." Jen and I reply together.

"It's a really good morning, isn't it? Why don't we let the guys know how good of a morning it is..." She says winking.

"Okay!" I smile.

"Oohh.... can I do an evil laugh now? I wanted to do it for so long!" Jenna murmurs, giddily.

"Sure..." Aria shrugs.

Jenna throws her head back to laugh, but stop mid-movement and looks at us, "One question: is it muah ha ha ha? Or Muah muah ha ha?" She says, laughing two different laughs.

"First one..." I say it, at the same time, Aria answer, "Second."

We both look at each other and whisper yell, "What?"

I look at her and grumble, "It's the first one... I've never heard someone laughing muah muah ha ha in my entire life!"

She replies back, "It's the second one! I was the most evil baby in my whole neighbourhood... I have always laughed muah muah ha ha. Are you saying that I've been laughing the wrong evil laugh my entire life?"

"I don't know! But I can guarantee its muah ha ha ha..."

"Nooo... It's muah muah ha ha."

"Muah ha ha ha."

"- Muah muah ha ha."

"Guys stop!" Jenna murmurs. "Let's just skip the whole evil laugh for now!" She sighs.

"Fine!" We both say at the same time, looking irritated. After staring at each other for a few seconds, we burst out laughing.

"Sshhh..." We mumble together.

After we calm down, "Lets attack the guys!" I murmur, jumping excitedly.

"On three..." Jen murmurs.

"One... Two... Three... GOOD MORNING GUYS!" We all shout together.

On cue, guys groan in pain and start covering their ears, grunting, "What the-?"

Ryan hugs Scott's leg tighter, if that's even possible and winces, "I don't wanna die yet..."

"Don't shout! For God sake, don't shout!" Scott and Drew get up, into a sitting position, rubbing their foreheads and wincing in pain.

They're gonna have one hell of a hangover.

Poor guys...

I look at Jenna and shake my head. By the looks of Aria, I don't think she's done being evil yet.

Scott slaps his hand over Ryan's head and grumbles, "Dude! Get off me!"

"But I love you, mommy..." Ryan sniffs, still sleeping.

"I am not your mommy, douche bag!" Scott grunts, trying to shake Ryan off him. At last Ryan wakes up and groans, "My head... oww! Hurts!"

Drew mumbles, "Did I get a brain tumor last night? 'Cause it sure feels like it!"

Ryan and Scott nod soberly.

Aria, still trying to take advantage of the situation, yells, "I've made breakfast!"

Guys again wince and cover their ears in pain and growl at Aria, who just smiles smugly at them.

Scott looks at her and grumbles, "Aria... I am saying this as sweetly as possible, but for God sake, please shut up!"

"Hey! Don't talk to her like that." Drew whisper yells at Scott.

Scott glares at him, "Do you want her to yell at us again? My head is killing me, and if she shouts again, I don't think I can restrain myself from knocking her unconscious, if it means she won't yell again!"

Drew growls but nods in understanding.

Aria just smiles and whispers sweetly, "Do you wanna know what I've made for breakfast?"

"Sure..." The guys mumble together.

"Bacon!" She smirks.

On cue, guys cover their mouth as if even hearing about bacon would make them ralph.

"Not just any bacon!" She continues, grinning at their expression, "Aria Special Bacon! You know extra greasy... You could just take a bite of it and you would just feel the grease in your mouth and in the inside of your throat... just grease... slimy, sticky grease pouring down your esophagus."

Ryan runs off to the bathroom and we hear puking sounds, coming from it. Jenna quickly runs after him.

Scott and Drew faces turn green, and they plead to Aria in pain, "Please stop..."

"Do you know what else I've made?" Aria continues. Scott and Drew cover their mouth and shake their head, repeatedly but Aria replies anyway, "Oatmeals!"

"You know, some people say that when you hold oatmeal in your hands, it feels like warm puke. Have you ever noticed that? It's just some liquid with small lumps in it, but those lumps look like the food you eat but don't actually swallow... like puke."

That does it... Both of them run off to the bathroom. Drew quickly, throws up in the basin, while Ryan was sitting beside the toilet seat, hugging it.

No place left to puke, Scott runs off, to my bedroom into my bathroom, kneeling beside the toilet seat and empties his stomach in it.

I quickly take a towel and run it under some cold water and wrap it around the back of Scott's neck.

"Thank you!" He mumbles hoarsely.

After 3 minutes of continuous upchucking, he groans, "I'm never drinking again..."

I smile at him and ruffle his hair and kiss the top of it.

"Feel better?" I ask him.

"A little... yeah." He murmurs.

I walk around him and turn on the shower checking the temperature. When the water feels perfect over my skin, I go back to Scott and say, "Baby, take a shower and clean yourself! I'll pick your clothes from your closet, 'kay? You'll feel better."

He nods and gives me a soft smile and starts undressing. I take this as my cue to leave and run to his closet and take out some clean clothes, also his tooth brush and return back to my bathroom.

Opening a door, I peek in and say, "Baby, it's me..." and let myself in and close the door behind me.

I place the clothes and tooth brush on the counter, and hang a fresh towel beside the shower.

"You need anything else?" I call out.

He opens the shower curtain and peeks his head out and looks at me and shakes his head, "Nothing... thanks baby."

His hair was wet and some droplets of water fell from his hair to his cheeks towards his neck.

I wanna lick that droplet!

God! I could just stare at him all day.

"You sure?" I ask to confirm.

He thinks a little and looks at me, wiggling his eyebrows and murmurs, "Why don't you join me?'

Oh boy... how much I wanna do that.

Instead, I just roll my eyes at him and murmur, "What if you feel like puking again? Not gonna risk it, buddy."

"Sooo... if I hadn't been drinking yesterday, you would've joined me?" He asks, biting his lip, his eyes darkening.

I stop in my tracks and turn back and give him my best sexy smile and flirt, "Maybe... maybe not."

He groans as if in pain, "God! You're killing me, Brownie!"

I smile innocently and ask, "What did I do?"

He looks at me and pouts, "What didn't you do? Now for the whole day I'm gonna be thinking about how it would feel, us showering together, I'll be thinking about your wet, soapy naked body."

You're not the only one who'll be thinking about us showering together...

"Perv!" I mumble.

He chuckles and closes the shower curtain, his husky voice filling the bathroom, "Only with you, babe.... only with you."

I turn around opening the bathroom door, but an idea struck me and I quickly close the door and walk back inside, close the toilet seat and sit over it, crossing legged.

"Baby?" I call out.

He opens the shower curtain again, but like before, only his head peeks out, his body covered by the curtain.

I try hiding my disappointment. "Yeah?" He answers, smirking as if he can read my mind.

Yeah.. he probably can.

"Are you free tonight?"

"Yup! Why?" He asks, all curious.

"I have a plan..." I murmur excitedly.

"What plan?"

I look down at my nails and ask in an overly bored tone, "I dunno... wanna go out tonight?"

His chuckle makes my heart flutter. I look up at him and smile.

"Anything for my beautiful girlfriend." He smiles, looking at me.

I roll my eyes, "Gee, Scott... I'm already your girlfriend... you don't have to flatter me."

He just shrugs and returns back to showering, "We're in it for a long run, babe... Get used to it. I'm never gonna stop complimenting you. I just say it as I see it.... and you're the only one I see. Got it, babe?"

Unable to stop the smile from creeping into my lips, I bite my lip and mumble, "Aye aye boyfriend."

I get up and walk towards the door, turning the door knob, I murmur, "And just so you know... this date is gonna kick last date's ass-teroid belt!"

I hear him smile and murmur, "I can't wait, sweetheart..."

Neither can I, baby.... neither can I.


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