Love Thy Roommate

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2 months later...

Scott's been acting weird the whole day. It's really been bugging me.

I mean, hello! Your girlfriend is sitting right here! Don't you dare ignore me, you goofball!

Sitting on the sofa, on either sides of Drew; Scott and I glare holes at the television in front of us.

Drew slides his body down, trying to escape from this whole intense atmosphere created around the couch.

Drew sighs out loud, when he finally gets up and runs upstairs away from us to his room faster than Usain Bolt.

Well... not actually faster than him.


Ugh. Focus Nova!

I peek sideways at him, to see him shifting his position uncomfortably on the couch.

Okay! I seriously can't take this any more!

"I have to tell you something!" Surprisingly, we both say this at the same time.

We look at each other and blink confused.

Holy Crap, is he gonna break up with me?

No... No... No... Of course he won't.

He's my Scott.

"You first!" Again, we both say it together.

I chuckle, "Please? You go first?" I blink adorably at him, knowing he can't resist my eyes.

He sighs and pouts.

He clears his throat and pulls me near him, so we're next to each other.

I look up at him, to see him looking at me awkwardly but intently.

He takes a deep breath and mumbles, "Would you rather live with me forever in an apartment in New York or in Seattle?"

I smile at him.

Since the first time, we played Would You Rather... whenever we're bored or don't know how to say something to one another we always say what we wanted to say through this game.

I look at him, confused. "Huh?"

He shakes his head and tries again, "Would you rather have a big wedding or a small ceremony?"

And... if I'm not wrong, he actually blushes and looks up at me, lovingly.

I still can't believe this Greek God loves me... Me!


What did he say?

I look at him, wide-eyed.

He looks at me and pulls me to his lap and orders, "Dammit, Brownie! You have to marry me!"

He looks at me, waiting for my answer.

I blink up at him. "Uh... was there a question in there somewhere?" I ask, casually.

His lip twitches.

He sighs and leans his forehead against mine, "From the moment I saw you, I knew you were gonna be the one who will turn my whole world upside down and make me fall in love with you. Trust me when I say this if you say yes, I promise to make weird faces at you, just so I could make you smile. I will always say 'Aww' when you're being cute. I will bite my lip, and make that sexy half smirk that turns you on. I will always ask you how your day was. And promise to make every day, better than the previous one. I promise to write you love songs, and keep feeding you chocolate cake. So... Novella Katherine Stark... Will you please marry me?"

He blinks up at me.

And I know there's no second thought.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! A thousand yes! I will marry you!" I squeak and kiss the hell out of him.

He chuckles and reaches his hand to his pocket.

After two minutes of searching, he comes up empty.

"Where in the hell is my ring? Shit! Where did it go!?"

He face-palms himself, "Oh God! This is so not romantic!"

I bite my lip, to prevent laughing, but I swear this whole scene was so cute.

"In your back pocket, you doofus!" Drew's voice comes from above us.

We look up at see him staring down at us from the top of the stairs, smirking at Scott, who growls in response, but searches his back pocket and smiles at me, goofily.

Aww... My goofball!

He smiles and slips a round diamond solitaire ring around my fingers, before slanting his head and kissing me silly.

Hmm... I love his kisses.

I love him.

We pull away, smiling at each other.

"Okay! My turn." I shift, uncomfortably.

I take a deep breath and ask, "When we live together in New York..." I start, answering his previous question.

"Would you rather have one of the bedrooms in our apartment painted blue or pink?" I look up at him.

He furrows his eyebrows at me, confused. "Why would we paint it pink? We both love blue."

I roll my eyes and try again, "Would you rather have a boy or a girl?" I say, rubbing my flat stomach.

He blinks twice and stares at my hand over my stomach.

He gasps out loud, "You're... You're..." He slaps his hand over his mouth.

I nod, repeatedly, tears spilling down my cheeks.

He smiles, "I'm gonna be a dad!"

"Holy crap! I'm gonna be a dad!"

He looks at me and smiles, through his happy tears, and hugs me tightly, "Thank you so much! I love you... God, Brownie! You've made me the happiest man on earth. I love you so much!"

I smile and hug him back, "You're really happy?" I ask.

He sighs, "Happy doesn't even cover for what I'm feeling right now."

I cry out loud, "I'm so happy!"

He chuckles, confused and asks, "Then why are you crying?"

I shake my head, "I don't know! I can't stop it! I'm so pregnant!" Still sobbing.

He smiles and pulls me closer to him and rubs my back.

"That explains why you were crying, while watching a diaper commercial yesterday." He chuckles.

I look up at him and pout, "But that commercial was so emotional!"

"You're so pregnant, sweetheart!" He smiles.

I groan, "Urgh... I'm gonna get really fat! I'll look like Humpty Dumpty!" I pout, crossing my arms over my chest.

I narrow my eyes at him, "I blame you! You're the one who knocked me up!"

He chuckles, "You'll still be my Brownie when you get fat. And you know... my world doesn't work without you. And I can't wait for you to get fat!"

He huffs, proudly, "Every man will know you belong to me!"

I pull his cheek, "Have I told you, you get really cute, when you get all possessive?"

He looks at me, eyes soft, "Once or twice..."

"I love you, Ace..." I whisper, leaning my lips closer to his.

"Love you too, sweetheart!" He smiles, crashing his lips with mine.

He pulls away and rubs his hand over my stomach and murmurs, "I love you too, bean!"

He looks back into my eyes and says, without breaking eye contact, "And I'll always love your mother. I promise..."

I smile as we lean closer for another kiss. He takes my bottom lip between his and tugs it, before sliding his tongue inside and kissing me silly.

Just then something cold falls over our heads and we both pull away, abruptly.

Without looking around Scott yells, "For the love of God, Rye! Stop interrupting us while we're kissing!"

We look above us, to see Ryan looking down at us with a bottle of canned snow in his hands which he sprayed on us, earlier.

He looks down, leaning against the railing and yells back, "You told me to spray this on you two when she said yes!"

Scott groans, glaring at him, "That was five minutes ago, you douche! Do you always have to interrupt us while we're kissing?!"

Ryan smiles shyly and scratches the back of his neck, "Ooh... my bad!" And runs away as fast as he can to his bedroom.

Scott chuckles and looks back at me. Tugging the hem of my T-shirt with his hand and pulling me closer, he smiles his sexy smile and grins, "So... where were we?"


8 months later...

"Oh my God! My babies are trying to kill me!" I grunt in pain as the nurse pushes my wheelchair and my husband rubs my arms comfortingly and asks me to take deep breaths.

Yeah... you heard right!

My husband.

After I told him I was pregnant; he was like, "Let's get married next month!"

Then I was like, "But I don't wanna get married looking fat with a bump on my stomach!"

Then he was like, "Hell no! We're getting married soon 'cause when the baby gets here I want the baby to have my name!"

So I was like, "But Scottt!" I dragged his name through a whine.

Then he sighed out loud and looked at me lovingly, "Browniee..."

Then I was like, "Ok."

Geez, he just has to look at me, lovingly and say Brownie and I'm a goner!

Our marriage was a small ceremony with just our families. Nina was my maid of honour and Ryan was Scott's best man.

It was beautiful.

If I wasn't in pain right now, I'd give you more detail.

Back to present.

"Deep breaths, Supernova! You can do this!" Nina murmurs, beside me.

Scott and I moved to New York, living a block away from Nina after we got married.

This morning, when I told him my water just broke, he immediately called Nina, since she was there for me during the delivery of Max.

His first sentence to Nina was, "Waters broke wife!"

Then Nina asked, "You mean to say, your wife's water broke?"

Then he just nodded as if Nina could see him through the phone.

Nina quickly ordered, "Take Nova to the hospital, I'll meet you there," and hung up.

Then Scott just stood there like a statue as if finally realizing he was gonna be a daddy.

Finally, I had to walk up to him and tell him to sit down and breathe deeply.

After three whole minutes, he finally came back to senses and quickly drove me to the hospital.

After shifting me to a private room, the nurse left and Scott got out of the room, to call our families.

Nina stood beside me, rubbing my back and breathing with me through my contractions.

Finally, when the pain was unbearable, I ask the doctor to give me the drugs, when she looks down at my privates and says, "You're ten centimeters. Time to start pushing!"

"What? But I want the drugs!"

Doc looks at me and shakes her head, "No time!"

Nina nudges me, "Come on, Supernova! Push!"

All right then. I lean forward, but then stop and whisper, "I need Scott!"

Nina sighs and yells out loud, "Scott! Get your butt in here!"

Scott immediately burst in through the door and looks at my position and asks, "You're pushing?"

At my nod, he groans, "But I'm not ready yet!"

"Kinda in pain right now... but sure take your own time!" I snap, sarcastically.

He looks at me, wide-eyed and curses, "Shit baby! I'm so sorry!"

He walks up to me and rubs my back soothingly and says, "Okay, sweetheart. Push! Push! I'm here for you!"

Nina snickers at him, beside me.

All right, here I go....


I can do this.

But man, it hurts!

"Okay! I can see the head!" Doc yells.

Scott immediately runs up to her and looks at my privates.

As soon as he sees it, he yells, "Oh my God!"

He stands there like a statue, wide-eyed.

"Scott! Breathe!" Nina yells at him.

He looks at her confused and replies, "I'm breathing. I'm breathing!"

That was the last thing he says, before he passes out.

Nina and I look at each other and start giggling.

"Okay! I've got the legs! That's it!" Doc yells, smiling.

She holds up a small baby covered in blood and yells, "It's a boy!"

As soon as she says those words, Scott immediately wakes up and looks at the baby wide-eyed. His expression softening.

I finally relax.


They take the baby to another room to clean him up.

As soon as my head touches the pillow and I plop down, Doc yells, "All right, Novella! Time to start pushing again!"

I groan, "I just had a baby! Leave me alone!"

She just smiles and says, "Your baby boy is waiting for his sister, Nova. Come on, push!"

Why did I had to have twins?!

"Come on, sweetie... push!" Nina says, encouragingly.

"Yes, Brownie! You can do this!" Scott murmurs, kissing my lip softly.

Nina slaps his head and yells, "Lips off my sister!"

"She's my wife!" He yells back.

"See if I care! She's my baby sister! And right now, she needs to push!" She screams.

I giggle at them.

They both always behave like a typical brother and sister. Always fighting with each other, but they both love me to death.

"All right! I'll push!" I sigh, leaning forward and start doing it all over again.


"It's over!" Scott, Nina and I sigh out together and plop down, me in my bed and they in their chairs.

"God, I'm so tired!" Nina sighs.

I look at her and say, sarcastically, "I wouldn't know anything about that!"

She giggles and says, "Sorry! But I had to be there for you and your stupid husband who kept on passing out in between!" She smirks at Scott.

"It was just two times!" Scott says, defensively, crossing his hands over his chest.

Doc comes in with the babies covered in blue and pink blankets and hands the baby girl to Scott and the baby boy to me.

"Oh my God!" We both sigh at the same time.

Nina gets up and walks to me, "They're so tiny!" She caresses the cheek of the baby boy.


After all our family members leave; Lucien, Nina's boss burst in through the door with a bouquet of flowers in his hands.

He places it over the table and smiles, doing man-hug-hand-shake thingy with Scott. "I just heard the news, so I came running. Congrats, man!"

Scott smiles back, "Thanks."

Lucien walks up to me and kisses my cheek and whispers, "How are you, baby mama?"

I smile at him, "Good." I look back at Scott to see him staring back at me lovingly and mumble, "Really good!"

I look at Nina to see her staring at Lucien with awe.

She looks at me, as soon as she feels my eyes on her. I smirk at her, with an expression, 'You're so in love with him!'

She rolls her eyes and glares back, 'Am not!'

"So what kind are they?" Lucien asks, looking back and forth with baby in my hand and one in Nina's.

"This is a girl!" Nina finally speaks, gesturing at the baby in her hands and continues, pointing her finger at the baby in my hands, "That's a boy!"

Lucien quickly walks up to her and kisses her cheek as well as cheek of the baby in her hands.

Gosh, he's so cute!

Nina blushes prettily and looks at me and glares with an expression, 'Don't say a word!'

I giggle and lean into Scott as he walks up to me and hugs my side, looking down at the baby.

"So... what do I call them?" He asks, furrowing his eyebrows.

I smile and sigh when Scott runs his hands up and down my arms.

I gesture to the baby in my hands and say, "This little guy, right here is Keaton Hunter Taylor."

Scott continues, "And the baby in your girlfriend's arms," He winks at Nina when she glares at him and continues, "is Emma Courtney Taylor."

Scott looks up at him and whispers, "Courtney was my mum's name."

I kiss his cheek, lean into him, comforting him. He looks at me and smiles.

"This baby looks just like me!" Nina murmurs, looking at Emma in awe.

Lucien looks at Nina and smiles, hugging her from side, looking at her intently.

Scott rolls his eyes, "It's my baby, Snow! How could she look like you?"

Nina glares and him and warns for the millionth time, "Don't call me Snow!"

And as usual Scott ignores her.

She pouts and murmurs, "But Emma does look like me. Don't you, sweet girl?" She looks down at Emma who yawns in response. "See she yawned!"

We smile at her.

I look at Lucien to see him staring at my sister with a soft smiling plastered on his lips.

When I first met Lucien and saw all the tattoos in his arms, I was literally scared and intimidated by his gorgeous looks.

But as soon as he hugged me and smiled down at me with a brotherly expression, I was totally shipping for Luna (Lucien and Nina) to happen.

I hope it does...

What's with intense, strong guys having big, soft hearts?

I look back at Scott to see him kissing our son's forehead, lovingly.

He looks back at me and smiles, kissing me, "I love you Brownie..."

I smile back, "Love you more..."


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