Love Thy Roommate

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Chapter 3


I woke up to the sound of someone banging my door.

"Jeez, I'm coming, I'm coming.!" I grumbled, getting out of my bed.

I opened up to see Nova on the other side of the door.

"Good morning, Ace!" She grinned in a singsong voice. "The breakfast's ready!" She informed me smiling prettily.

Wait! She's smiling. How come she's smiling?

Okay Scott! Something's definitely Fishy with a capital F!

My eyes trailed over her to see her wearing sleeveless white tee with bright red skirt with white ankle length boots, her hair was tied up in a messy braid over her right shoulder.

She looked amazi- Crap.

Stop staring at her and say something, ya fool!

"Umm... I'll be there in five." I murmur casually.

"'Kayy..." She whispered, walking away from me.

I closed the bedroom door and quickly took a shower and dressed up in my black tee and jeans.

I walked to my closet to find my converse.

I pulled on the first pair I could find. As soon as my foot touched the insole, I pulled back immediately, resulting to fall back on my butt.

"Oww!" I screeched.

I pulled my foot away from the converse. Carefully, I held the shoe in my hand and inspected it.

Huh! There were small ice cubes inside it!

She probably would've done this before knocking on my door.

"Good one Brownie!" I yelled to no one in particular.

I searched my shoe rack to find all of my shoes except one; had been messed with.

Why did she leave that one pair alone?

Maybe she would've messed up that shoe in some other way.

Not taking any chance, I walked barefoot into the living room.

Nova smiled when she noticed me. I sat down next to her while Ryan and Aria sat at the opposite heads of the table. Nova was next to Aria with me on her left and Jenna, opposite of me between Ryan and Drew.

Ryan started, "Get this dude! Novey cooked the breakfast today and see what she made! Egg mushroom salad," he said pointing at the bowl, "pancakes, cinnamon buns, homemade waffles and french toast! Can you believe it? It's like a little breakfast party!" He exclaimed happily.

She made it! Oh my God! She must've surely added something in those dishes to get back at me for yesterday.

Nova grinned and pushed a plate in front of me.

"I made these specially for you." She whispered and winked.

I looked around the table, to see everyone munching on their breakfast.

"Oh my God! So good!"

"I'm in heaven..."

"Finally! I can die in peace!"

"God! Please marry me!"

Everyone started moaning about how good the food was. I looked at my food suspiciously. My stomach started growling from hearing all the yummy noises from the group.

What to do? Should I eat it or not?

Nova looked at me and raised her eyebrows.

Sorry, stomach! No food today! Better safe than sorry, right?

"I'm not feeling like eating anything today, so I'll be in my room." I murmured and quickly ran to my room and slammed the door before they can start asking question.

On second thought, they probably wouldn't have heard me over their moaning. They'll probably be devouring those dishes without me.

Those perfectly garnished, yummy, calling out 'come and eat me' dishes.

No, no, no stomach! Stop messing with my brain. Grr.

No breakfast for today! That's final!

I sat on my bed and turned on my laptop.

After a while, there was a knock at my door. "Come in!" I shouted.

The door opened and Nova peeked in. "Hey, you busy?" She asked in her soft voice.

"No, no, come on in." I answered, closing the laptop.

She walked in with a plate full of food in her hands.

My stomach grumbled and I stared at the plate like a hungry monkey.

She sat on my bed beside me and handed me the plate.

I looked at her, then the plate, again at her, then the plate and continued staring at it.

She laughed making me look at her. "What?" I asked her in confusion.

"I'm sorry, you should have seen you face right now!" She replied, laughing softly.

Yeah right, I probably would've looked like a small boy who have just been handed a photo of a ghost!

I took the plate from her hand, but made no move of eating anything.

"Come on!" She said, nudging me with her shoulder. "I swear to God, there isn't anything in the food! Because unlike you, I don't play dirty."

"I could hear your stomach growling at the table!" She grinned. "This poor little guy needs some food." She gushed, patting my flat stomach.

I liked how her touch felt.

I stared at her hand on my stomach. Crap. She heard it growling.

God, it must've been so embarrassing!

I felt my cheeks turn red with embarrassment.

She chuckled and nudged me, "No need to be embarrassed! If anyone kept a chocolate cake in front of me; I'm pretty sure, the whole room would hear my stomach's opinion." She said patting her stomach and giving me cheeky grin.

I chuckled.

God, she's adorable.

"If you still want me to prove you, that there's nothing in the food, I'll eat it before you. But seriously, you have to eat the breakfast. Because I'm not going anywhere until you eat it, even if it means me forcing you to eat it!" She crossed her hands under her chest, trying to look adamant.

I smiled at her cute antiquities.

"Okay. I'll eat it." I mumbled to her making her smile at me.

I immediately started with the pancakes.

Holy crap! They were right! It tasted like heaven.

I closed my eyes shut and couldn't help but moan out loud.

After swallowing, I opened my eyes to see her already staring at me, with her eyes darkened, lips parted and cheeks flushed.

She quickly cleared her throat, "Okay, so, you're eating. Mission accomplished! So I-I have to get to work. Um, see you later! And by the way, there's nothing in the shoe that wasn't been messed with ice... um... uh... it wasn't ruined for emergency purposes. Um... bye." She rambled on, stuttering.

She walked towards the door. "Brownie?" I called out making her turn around. "Thank you." I whispered.

She smiled and whispered back softly, "Um... Ace?"

"Yeah?" I asked, looking at her.

"The game's not over, right?"

"Not yet." I replied truthfully.

She smirked and closed the door.

Hmm... that wasn't so bad.

She cared that I hadn't had breakfast so she brought it for me. Mmh... she's like a breath of fresh air. I liked that.

And... my brain started popping out lyrics.

I ran towards my book and started writing a song about her whilst eating breakfast.

God! I'm in heaven.

And I needed to come up with some new ideas for a prank! Because this time... it was going to be fun.


Later, I thought of a perfect prank. I was going to sneak into her room while she was at work, but the smarty pants had already locked her room. So, I decided to do it after she goes to bed.

She returned from work after six, mumbling that she had to take up on a double shift cause her co-worker had to go somewhere and she was so tired, that entering the apartment she just marched straight towards the couch and sat down exhausted and started muttering,

"Oh my God! I'm never getting up from this couch like - ever!"

"And I swear to God! If anyone tells me to get up, I will kick his ass-teroid belt!"

She sure was fun to have around.

During dinner, I took two plates and settled on the couch beside her while others sat at their normal place at the table.

She smiled at me and started eating. I tried to look like I don't give a damn about her eating dinner or not, but failed miserably when I couldn't get this damn smile of my face.

After dinner we all sat on the couch watching television. Jenna was flipping through the television when she said, "Hey, look! Supernatural is on!"

"No, no, no, no Supernatural! You're too scared to go to bed afterwards!" Ryan said, snatching the remote away from her.

I narrowed my eyes and asked him, "I've never noticed Jen getting scared to go to bed! How come you know that?"

Everyone looked at him curiously, "Um... because... usually girls tend to get scared of such shows, right?" He stuttered.

"Rye, I know you too well. You only stutter when you lie. What's up?" Nova asked him.

He looked at Jenna, "I er... I dunno what you're talking about." He said, shifting in his seat awkwardly.

"Oh! For the love of God! Even dogs can lie better than you." Jenna grumbled.

"Okay, guys. Here's the truth." She took a deep breath and blurted out, "We are sleeping together."

The room immediately got silent. "No, no, no! Not sleeping together, just sleeping together!" She clarified.

"Just sleeping..." Aria thought out loud.

"When did you guys start doing it?" Drew asked.

At least one of us has a clear mind to ask them questions.

"Um... nearly four weeks ago. The first time, I was really upset 'cause my dad had called me that day to remind me what a disappointment I was." She laughed humourlessly.

Jenna's dad was this mean old guy, who always wanted a son, but had a daughter. So, he made no secret of telling Jenna everyday how much he regretted having her and that she could never take place of his imaginary son.

He was the devil!

"So, I got out of the house to get some fresh air and when I returned I saw Rye waiting for me in the living room. So, I told him everything about my family while he listened and then took me to my room and held me close when I started crying. We didn't realize when we fell asleep. But that night, I felt safe, you know... So after that day, I guess, I couldn't sleep without him." She finished, smiling up at Ryan.

He smiled shyly back at her.

"Oh... I'm sorry Jen, I had no idea what you were going through!" Aria murmured, hugging her.

Nova got up and hugged her from the other side. "I know guys, I'm sorry I hid this from you all." Jenna whispered.

"Hey, don't worry. We are friends and friends don't judge each other." Aria smiled at her.

"Thanks, guys. So... let's watch Supernatural!" She exclaimed, changing the topic, shooting Ryan a pleading look.

Ryan exhaled in frustration and passed the remote back to her.

Halfway through the show, Nova was already perched up on my lap, hugging me tightly while Jenna and Aria kept repeating, "Definitely gonna have a nightmare!"

At the end of the show, Drew grumbled, "If you guys know that you're gonna have a nightmare, why do you even watch this show?"

All the girls looked at us with 'duh' expression on their faces.

Are we... missing something?

"Andrew Mitchell Jacobs! You did not just ask us that!" Aria exclaimed at Drew, emphasizing his full name to show how serious she was.

"Two words guys, two words!" Nova grunted. We all stared back at her, to know what the 'two words' was.

"Jensen Ackles." She huffed.

"Jared Padalecki." Aria squeaked.

"Misha Collins." Jenna purred.


"Girls, those were six words!" I grinned at them.

"Yeah, we know; two for each of us." Nova shrugged.

"I can't believe you girls watch the show just to stare at guys!" Ryan grumbled.

All the girls raised their eyebrows, as if to say something obvious. Drew immediately murmured hastily, "We do not watch shows just to stare at girls in it!"

Nova peeked over our shoulder, "Guys, look The Nanny Diaries is on."

All of us looked back, only to see the commercials going on. "Where? Where?" All three of us asked together.

"Oh, yeah! I lied! By the way, why are you guys interested in The Nanny Diaries? I hear, it's kind of a chick flick, right?" Nova asked Aria and she nodded.

"Girls, please!" Ryan exclaimed.

"What? Why do you wanna watch it?" Jenna asked, looking at us innocently.

"Scarlett Johansson!" We blurted out together.


The girls raised their eyebrows.

"Touché." I said to Nova and she winked.

"Good one." Drew murmured, high five-ing Aria.

"All right! Nighty night time." Ryan grinned putting his arms around Jenna's shoulder.

"Night, guys." I said to everyone. They all walked upstairs while me and Nova turned to our room.

"Night, Brownie." I smiled.

"Night, Ace." She said smiling.


When my alarm finally went off at two, I woke up quickly and headed to Nova's room. Opening the door quietly, I peeked in to see if she's really asleep. I walked closer and saw she was sound asleep and cuddling her pillow.

Aw... She looks adorable!

Focus, Scott, focus!

I quietly walked to her bathroom and searched for her leave-in conditioner, and quickly messed with it and got out of the bathroom.

I quietly started walking back towards the door, but tensed when I heard her say, "Wait! Don't go!"

Crap! So busted!

I turned around to see she was still asleep, but she was sweating, turning her head from left to right, screaming, "No, no, no... Don't do this. Don't go! Please don't leave me... Max!"

At first I thought she was having a dream about Supernatural. But there wasn't a guy named Max in today's episode.

That's when I realized she was having a nightmare.

"Max... no, please! Please don't leave me... Max. Max!" She started crying.

I quickly walked towards her and shook her, "Wake up, babe, its just a dream."

When she doesn't, I try harder, "Brownie, wake up... it's just a dream!"

She opened her eyes, looking confused before she bursted into tears. I slowly hugged her, "Ssh... It's ok, Brownie. You're safe. It was just a dream."

She hugged me tightly and started sobbing, her face buried on my shoulders and hands around me.

I hugged her back and ran my hands through her hair soothingly, trying to calm her.

After few minutes, she placed her hand on my chest and pulled away and whispered, "I'm sorry bout your shirt. It's er... it's wet!"

She pointed to my shoulder where my shirt was apparently wet. She wiped her tears away and looked up at me.

"Okay, no more Supernatural for you any more!" I joked, smiling at her.

"Oh! Dang it!" She smiled, sniffing.

"You... um... wanna talk bout it?" I asked referring to her nightmare.

She sighed sadly, "Not really."

"You know, I'm here for you if you need me right?" I smiled at her.

"Yeah... I'll hold onto you for that. Thanks." She whispered smiling back.

"You're welcome." I said, nudging her. "So... is there anything you can tell me about your nightmare?"

"It's about my past. " She whispered.

"You have nightmares everyday?" I asked her, flabbergasted.

She shrugged, "Most of the days. Sometimes sleeping pills help. But I can't rely on them everyday, you know."

"By the way, what are you doing in my room?" She asked me, anxiously.

"I er... I... yeah. I heard you screaming so... yeah. I came to check up on you." I stuttered.

"Oh! You guys can't lie for shit. You came here planning your second half, right?" She asked me curiously.

"My second what?" I asked her in confusion.

"You know - today was half-time. The second half begins tomorrow!"

"Ah! So the games begin," I grinned, getting up, winking at her.

"Night Brownie." I kissed her forehead.

"Night, Ace."

I walked back to my room and closed the door and banged my head against it.

I sighed, "Half-time's over!"


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