Love Thy Roommate

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Chapter 8


I felt something warm snuggling in to me, mumbling sleepily. I opened my eyes to see Nova's head on my chest, her hands around my waist, her right leg tangled with mine as she snuggled closer.

Mumbling sleepily, she tried to snuggle even more - which was impossible, because she couldn't be more closer than she already was.

"Lights... switch off the lights." She mumbled.

Is it possible to still be drunk from the alcohol she drank last night?

Chuckling, I got up slowly and placed a pillow in my place. She snuggled into the pillow making me smile.

I walked towards the window and closed the drapes. I quickly showered and ran to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast. I made some coffee and toast - because it was the only thing I could prepare without turning it into a disaster.

I placed the coffee mug and the toasts in a tray and took two pills of aspirin with a glass of water for her hangover and headed back in to the bedroom.

Entering the room, I saw her still cuddling with the pillow in her arms. I placed the tray on the night stand and sat on the bed beside her.

I tucked a strand of her hair behind her ears and ran my fingers through her hair and whispered, "Brownie, wake up."

She snuggled deeper into the pillow as I chuckled and whispered again, "Wake up, babe."

She opened her eyes and looked at me, pouting, "I wanna sleep..."

"Just eat your breakfast and take some tablets, it'll make you feel better." I said to her, softly.

She looked at the tray and got up.

She looked at me, "Why in the hell is my head paining so much?" She said with her hands pressed against her head.

"Because you drank six shots, yesterday." I said to her, chuckling.

"What?" She yelled before pressing her hand to her head, groaning out loud, "Ow... please don't let anyone shout; including me."

I chuckled, "Okay. So tell me; what do you remember?"

"Um... I remember dancing and drinking and... ooh... something blue." She whispered.

"Oh... you could never forget bout blue." I chuckled.

"Why, what happened yesterday?"

"Um... you fell in love with someone and then you confessed your love to him and kinda also slept with him last night." I said smiling at the memory.

"What?" She yelled and then groaned in pain. "What are you talking bout?" She whisper yelled.

I walked towards my closet and took out my shirt. I handed it over to her and said, "Say hello to your new boyfriend."

"Huh?" She inspected the shirt and murmured, "This is just a shirt."

"I know. Yesterday you were all like; oh blue... I love you, blue... blue, blue, blue, blue." I mumbled, mimicking her voice.

"Oh... I must be pretty drunk." She said, smiling shyly, blushing.

"That you were... plus yesterday you thought that you need hands to walk and-" I stopped when she interrupted me, "Oh please... don't remind me all the silly things that I've done yesterday. Drunk people tend to forget everything for a reason, ya know."

I raised my eyebrow to which she answered, "'Cause they don't wanna be reminded of the stupid things they've done the other night!"

"'Kay. All right, enough bout last night. Now - eat your breakfast!" I said, setting the plate in front of her.

She looked down at the tray with a shocked expression on her face.

She looked up at me and then stared at the plate.

"What? It's not good, right? I'm sorry that's all I could make." I grimaced. running my hands through my hair in a nervous gesture.

"No, no, no." She shook her head. "It's not that... um... I've never thought... I mean, no one has ever done this for me before. After the thing that happened in my past; I didn't think, there would be a day, when someone would do this for me." She looked at me with her eyes moist with tears and whispered, "Thank you so much, Ace. I love it." She leaned forward and hugged me, kissing my cheek in the process.

I closed my eyes to savouring the warmth of her full lips.

Mmh. The morning couldn't get any better.


She slowly pulled away from me.

"Okay... enough tears." She said, wiping her tears and passed me a toast, "Let's eat."

"What? No. This is just for you. I'll eat later." I said.

"Ever heard of the phrase, 'Sharing is caring'? Now - come on, dig in." She said, smiling softly.

I smiled and took a bite.

After breakfast, she took her pills and ran to her room to take a shower.

Turns out - the keys to her room was in her purse which she took to the club yesterday.

We both sat on the couch in the living room and just chatted.

Ever had the feeling - that sometimes even talking to someone made you happy; that there's nothing in the world that you'd rather do, then spend the time with that person.

I finally understood what that felt like.

Around lunch, the gang returned with their arms bearing pizzas.

We all ate together when suddenly Ryan said, "Guess who called me today? Sophia frickin' Harold."

"Yeah... I met her yesterday when we went to her new club." I murmured casually.

"What? You went to a club without me? No fair!" Ryan whined, pouting prettily.

"So let's go together again." Aria suggested, shrugging.

Everyone grunted in approval. I looked at Nova as she smiled, "Sure, why not?"

"Black Knight! Here we come..." Ryan exclaimed dramatically, doing a Superman pose.

Damn! He was weird.

On second thought, we all were...


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