The Tutor

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Chapter 2


I watch Gabs and that beautiful woman, Cara, walk away from the learning center towards the food court.

Holy shit, she is insanely hot.

Gabs has talked about Cara multiple times since I moved back but she talks about a lot of things, and at about 90 miles per hour, so I didn't think about the prospect of her being so gorgeous.

Her hair is up in a casual bun, she has black glasses which amplify her green eyes and she's in a white blouse and tight pencil skirt that hugs her thighs and ass. As soon as I saw her in class, I started to get hard.

Possibly the sexiest thing about her is how shy she clearly is. She has no idea how fucking sexy she is and that is a huge turn-on for me.

Not that I don't love confidence on a woman but when I see a gorgeous girl who doesn't know she's gorgeous, who has never been treated the way a woman should be, I want to be the one who makes her see what I see. I want to unleash her inner animal.

Gabs would probably kill me if I hooked up with her closest friend, but a little innocent flirting never hurt anyone right?

"Hey man, what's up?"

My friend Nate approaches me, I'm still staring at Cara as she walks away.

"Sup man," I casually shake my buddy's hand as I snap back to reality.

"Scoping out the prospects? Lotta hotties at this school." Nate says while looking around. The school is buzzing with foot traffic, loud voices greet each other for the first time in weeks or months.

Nate's been here for a few years, he came here straight after high school while I went off to Mexico. I'm glad he was still here when I got back so I know someone at this school besides my sister. I was slightly nervous about starting school at 21 but having a familiar face around helps.

"Of course man, of course. I've been on a farm for a few years, it feels good to be back amongst the living."

We bump fists again and laugh. Nate throws his arm around my shoulders and reassures me that I'll do fine, that I'm the smartest guy he knows. I'm not sure about that but I appreciate his confidence. We head towards the food court.

After we snag a few sandwiches and sodas, we find an empty table among a sea of chattering students and instructors.

As I'm trying to listen to Nate talk about his class load, my eyes roam the area behind him. I finally spot Gabs and Cara. She covers her mouth as she laughs while Gabs excitedly tells a story. Her ankles are crossed and she appears relaxed, certainly more relaxed than she was while meeting me just a few minutes ago but I spot her foot tapping a million miles a minute under the table. I wonder if she's always so nervous and what made her this way. She takes another bite of her food.

God damn, she's hot.

"Hello? Earth to Elias?" Nate waves his hand in front of my face.

"Sorry man, distracted today. I haven't been around this many people in...ever." I take a bite of my sandwich and will myself to focus on something besides Cara.

We talk about what classes we have coming up and make plans to hang out over a few beers tonight. As we pack up, I see Cara stretch and wonder what she's wearing underneath her sexy librarian outfit. I'm curious if I'll find out someday.


Later that night, we're sitting down to dinner at mom’s and talking about our first days at school. I laugh to myself at how we're in our 20s and still do things like talk about our first days of school over a dinner table. My mom comes up and kisses me on the head and cheek several times.

"I'm just so glad to have you home hijo (son)."

"Thanks Ma," I reply.

Gabs starts going on and on about her classes and something her colleague said to her. She's always been hyper-intelligent, especially with science. She knew from an early age that she wanted to teach at the university but we didn't expect it to happen so fast. She's only 25 and already has a full class load. At this rate, she'll be a full-blown professor in no time.

"And how was your first day hijo?" Mom turns to me.

"Fine, I feel a little out of my element but I'm sure I'll pick it back up soon." I take another bite of arroz con pollo.

"You will, and I'm sure your hermana can help too," Mom replies.

"Of course, if you need any help with your science or math classes, come to Cara or me!" Gabs taps my shoulder with the back of her hand as if the idea just came to her and she hasn't said this to me dozens of times since I returned to the U.S.

At Cara's name, I involuntarily perk up.

"So...Cara is new to teaching?" I ask, trying to sound casual. She's crossed my mind multiple times since lunch and I'm more than eager to learn anything I can about her. I wish I had listened more all those times Gabs went on and on about Cara.

"Ooooo how was her first day? Didn't you say she was a nervous wreck?" Mom interrupts.

"Oh my god yes. She does not have a lot of confidence but I personally know how brilliant she is," Gabby takes another bite and chews a few times. "She just needs to get used to it I think.

"She definitely seemed high strung during class today," I say.

"She's kind of always like that but she also had a little incident this morning that didn't help."

"What incident?" I say a little too quickly.

"She was jogging and some dude harassed her," Gabs says with a disgusted look on her face.

I clench my jaw.

"What?" I say angrily.

"Yeah, he grabbed her wrist and then her waist. She broke his nose then ran away!"

"Oh my god, is she okay?" Mom clutches her chest.

"Yes but given some things in her past, she's extra protective. She was actually embarrassed that she hit him!"

"Oh wow, that's terrifying. I'm glad she's okay. Hopefully, that man learned a lesson," Mom replies.

My stomach twists in anger. I barely know her but I can't imagine anyone putting their hands on her like that.

"I would've beat the shit out of that guy," I stab another piece of chicken with my fork.

Mom slaps the back of my head.

"Hijo! Not at the table!"

"Sorry Mama, some men just need an ass whooping. Who just grabs someone they don't know? Especially her, she seems so...defenseless. I mean, obviously she's not if she busted his nose but still..." Pride blooms in my chest thinking of Cara delivering some street justice.

"Well, you can help keep an eye on her then," Mom replies.

Oh, I plan on it.
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