Olivia (Book 2 of Impossible Olivia)

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This is Book TWO of Impossible Olivia, please read the first book before this one to make sense of this one! **This book will no longer be on here as it will be on Galatea from 14th MARCH 2021*** Olivia is back again as she goes through life and love, dealing with family, friends, love loss and so many more of lifes adventures! See what happens when things become rocky in relationships and follow Olivia on her journey of life. Copyright ownership: Charly James-Matthews / Charly J. M.

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Chapter One

Not everything goes to plan, I could definitely attest to that. Over the past six months I had been unbelievably busy with not only my A-levels but the business too.

Matt had taken to expanding his side of the business with great flare, he now owned several bars and clubs, had his own brand of scotch and was really enjoying himself.

Tyler, however, was still being difficult, he didn’t want everything handed to him on a platter and trying to persuade him to take on the new buildings as his own garage was beginning to get harder. For now we had Tony run them as Tyler works for him, but I wanted Tyler to run it, Tony was happy to take care of it for now, but he too wanted Tyler to flourish.

Lukas had been such a big help to me lately as I was struggling to juggle everything, my studies were destroying every bit of my brain as I was in the last leg of the year. I think everyone could sense it as I got more and more stressed out, people were tip toeing around me, trying to help without getting in my way.

When I wasn’t studying I was sorting out the business and then any time I had left, which there wasn’t much, was spent with Josh and the others.

It wasn’t easy but it would be worth it once I had finished sixth form. Ava, Lauren, and I had become quite the friends together as we talked about the fashion side of the business, the girls squealed happily as I told them they could take over that side if they wanted.

Of course, they agreed, and we began planning their studies, they would need to do some courses for the business side of things but otherwise they could stick to their fashion and art courses which would fit perfectly.

“Liv…” Someone knocks on the office door as I was finishing up an essay.

“Yeah?” I answer as I type my final sentence and look up.

“I’m in…” Tyler shuffles in, hands in his pockets.


“I want in on the garages. I’m sorry, it’s just a lot to take you know…We’ve always struggled and now it’s like I wasn’t doing things on my own…But I get it, you’re trying to make this into a family business, not just you…I want in,” He says as I grin and hop up from my chair and jump into his arms, hugging him.

“Ok, so there are the three warehouses by Tony’s garage. We have a contract ready to sign so you and Tony are in partnership, we thought you would prefer that. We’ve got money aside to start it up and get going until it provides a profit. Tony already signed the contract I was hoping you would come around soon,”

“Thank you Liv. Let’s do this,” Tyler says holding out a hand for my pen as I hand it over and leaf through the mountains of paperwork as I find the contract.

“Sign away brother,” I smile.

“You need better organisation in here,” Tyler frowns at the paperwork.

“I haven’t had enough time to sort it, I’ve been so busy with sixth form I don’t have much time for anything else,” I sigh.

“How are things with you and Josh?” Tyler asks as I’m typing once again so I can get this essay done.

“Ok, I guess, we don’t really get an awful lot of time together. By the time I’m done I’m exhausted, and yes we now sleep together here, but that’s just it, sleeping.” I shrug, to be honest our relationship had gotten a little…flat, boring, it was just like normal life but with kissing, we were hardly ever intimate anymore, not after the first month where we couldn’t get enough of each other. I just thought it was because we were both always so busy, that maybe when things had calmed down we would get back to normal.

“Maybe you should drop some subjects,” Tyler suggests.

“Tyler I’ve nearly finished my A-levels, I’m not quitting now,”

“Then take a break from work more, we can help. Lukas can deal with it too, that’s what he’s there for!” Tyler.

“I…I…Fuck…you’re right. I’ll work on it, see if Lukas can take a load off for me,” I nod.

“Let me know if you need my help Liv, with anything,” Tyler hugs me.

“Thanks Tyler, now I need to finish these essays,” I shoo him away as he chuckles. He doesn’t leave though he begins looking into the filing cabinet system as he goes through the paperwork waiting to be filed as he smiles at me.

“I’ll sort this lot, you finish up,” He smiles.

“Thank you Tyler” I grin as he nods.

I finish my essays in no time as Tyler and I talk about my plans for the company as he begins to give me some great ideas. I call Lukas and tell him I need to take a break and he agrees, he knew I was struggling and was happy that I was finally listening to someone. I was just eighteen, I didn’t need to take the whole world on yet. I guess I had been taking on a lot lately… I was knackered.

I finished the call and breathed a sigh of relief I had finished my essays early so I could actually have a few days free of work and I was excited. I had been feeling a little off colour lately but pushed that aside, I was sure it was just because I had been working so much, I was exhausted. I needed to see Josh, I missed him.

Liv: Hey baby, are you free the next few days? Taking a break from work and all my studying is done for the week. I miss you x

Tyler and I go into the kitchen as we have some lunch while I’m waiting for a reply.

“It’s been like an hour Tyler…Why isn’t he answering? He always answers,” I sigh.

“He’s probably just busy Liv,” Tyler says but his eyes dart away from mine.

“Tyler…You know something, what is it?” I ask.

“I…He…I don’t know what’s going on, not for sure. I spoke to him about it…But he said there was nothing going on…” Tyler says.

“TYLER, what’s going on?!”

“He’s been going to Lauren and Liam’s, a lot…” He murmurs as I step back a little.

“They’re friends…” I say, but my guts were churning, he wouldn’t cheat…would he…

“They also used to fuck a lot Liv…You can’t tell me he’s gone from threesomes to just one girl that easily…” Tyler says sadly.

“He wouldn’t…It’s Josh…”

Josh: Sorry baby I’ve been busy. Next couple days are all booked up as I thought you’d be busy. Sorry, promise we will soon! X

“That him?”

“Yeah…He’s too busy to spend time with me…” A tear falls down my face. Was this my fault, I had spent so much time away from him because of business and studying.

“Don’t cry Liv. It could be completely innocent he could be busy with work,” He says.

“He works at the shop with Elizabeth and I know she’s got two new staff members in today, Josh isn’t on the rota Tyler not for the next week,”

“I’m going to kill him,” His eyes show rage.

“We don’t know anything for sure. I’m going for a drive. I need to clear my head,” I sigh.

“Need me to come? I have half an hour before I’ve got work,” Tyler squeezes my hand.

“No I’ll be fine,” I smile.

“Ok. Call me if you need me to beat his ass, sis. Love you, be careful,” Tyler kisses my head as I grab my keys and head to my car.

Only one way to find out the truth…I would head to Lauren and Liam’s.

I drove slowly over, feeling sick with nerves as I pulled up nearby and saw Josh’s car outside their house.

“Please let me be wrong, please let him not be cheating,” I beg to the sky as I quietly get out the car and head over as I hear voices in their garden.

“Josh! Come play with us baby!” I hear Lauren call as she moans.

“I thought we said no more after last time,” I hear Liam sigh.

“Well he’s not getting it from Liv, where else should he go,” Lauren laughs as my heart sinks.

Liv: Lukas, take Lauren off the books, she is no longer part of my industry. Ava gets it all.

Lukas: Liv? Is everything alright? I will of course, but what’s happened?

Liv: Lauren never changed, she’s still the bitch I knew from high school. Take her off the books. Thanks Lukas.

Lukas: Here if you need me kiddo. Will do.

Lukas had become like an older uncle to us… yet another part of the family, he had hated the way my mother and Roger had worked and was impressed by how I had handled everything so far.

“What Liv doesn’t know won’t hurt her,” Lauren giggles.

“I thought you loved her Josh!” Liam shouts.

“I did, and then she became her mother, always working, never around! Impossible Olivia,” Josh shouts back.

“Are you serious? She’s building a reputation, she’s taking god knows how many A-levels, she’s making something of herself and you are cheating on her!” Liam growls as I stand at the gate, tears falling down my face.

“You didn’t mind last time,” Josh replies.

“You said she was ok with this!” Liam exclaims.

“She will be, I’ll persuade her to have a foursome and then all will be fine,” Josh says and then moans.

“I can’t believe either of you. I’m done, I won’t sit here and watch you destroy her.” I hear his footsteps come closer to the gate as I gulp.

“Fine, fuck off, we’re done Liam!” Lauren shouts.

“Fine. I’ll pack my stuff and leave,” Liam throws open the gate angrily as I look behind him as Josh is fucking Lauren hard on a deck chair.

Liam looks at me in shock as he looks between me and the other two who are too busy to notice.

“Will you go already! Oh …” Lauren shouts, finally noticing me standing there and slaps Josh on the shoulder pointing to me.

“Liv! This isn’t what it looks like!” He says as I scoff.

“Looks like you’re cheating on me…I’ve been standing out here for the past ten minutes, listening.” I cry.

“Liv…” Josh puts his boxers on quickly and comes towards me.

“No, we’re done Josh. Fuck you,” I slap him hard.

“Are you fucking serious…You know what…Fine…” He snaps as he turns back and goes to kiss Lauren hard.

“You’re fired Lauren too,” I shout as she gasps as I walk away.

“Give me your keys and let me drive you Liv, you’re in no state to drive,” Liam states.

“Fuck off Liam, you were part of it too,” I shove him away shakily.

“He told me you were fine with it!” He argues.

“Then you’re just as stupid as they are!” I shout as I jump into my car and race off, leaving him in my dust.

“FUCK!” I scream as I drive off towards my favourite place, the lake.

My hands are shaking as I cry, luckily I managed to get to the lake without crashing as I got out the car and sat in my usual spot.

I scream out again as I usually did here.

How could he do this? He said he loved me with his whole heart, he wanted to marry me, have kids. We had talked about it. He swore he didn’t want the threesomes anymore, even if I wanted to join in. I had offered for us to experiment together with them, he said no! He just wanted me solely.

This whole time he had been sleeping with them still…

I tried to give him everything, every little bit of my love, every part of my soul, I was helping him get into the degree he wanted. I loved him with all my heart.

I felt like I was going to throw up as I rushed to the bin and spewed my guts up.

“Pull yourself together Liv,” I murmured to myself as I straightened myself up again. I slowly walked to my car so I could go home and clean up myself as I slowly drove home.

“Hi honey,” Melissa smiled at me as I got in, she was in her uniform still so she must have just come in.

“Hi,” I sighed as I headed upstairs as she watched me warily.

I went into the bathroom and cleaned my teeth as I tried not to let tears fall anymore.

“Liv…Are you ok?” Melissa calls out as she knocks on the bathroom door.

I open the door slowly and I see her concerned face as I just break down as she takes me in her arms.

“Oh Liv, what happened baby girl?” She says steering me to the bed as she strokes my hair.

“He’s been cheating on me,” I cried as she pulls back, taking my face in her hands.

“Josh…Josh cheated on you!” She exclaims as I sob, and she hugs me tighter.

“Ty…Tyler suspected it, said so this morning and I went for a drive. I went to Lauren’s and…And he was there…He…He was having sex with her…Liam had a go at him for it, but he was still involved…” I sobbed as she cooed at me, rocking me in her arms as I cried.

“Tyler’s going to end up killing him,” She murmurs.

“I know I’ve been busy, I know, but Tyler persuaded me today to take a break. I’m so tired…I was looking forward to spending time with everyone. But then he… I heard Josh say I was no different to my mother and my heart sank. Am I like her?” I cry as Melissa wipes away my tears with her thumbs.

“You are not your mother, you are smarter, braver and you would never be like her. Josh is wrong. You are a determined young lady who is working on her future. You have done nothing wrong. I’m glad you’re taking a bit of a break though you’ve been looking so pale lately. You’re always tired. Please don’t listen to him, he will realise what he’s lost, and you will have made a name for yourself and found love once more.”

“I am tired, I’ve been feeling awful lately. I guess I just needed a push to take a break. I’ll have to thank Tyler for that,” I smile a little.

“I know you’re upset, but you need to get some sleep, how about you have a nap, try to forget Josh for a moment and catch up on sleep Liv,” She says as I nod, she kisses my head as I lay back on my bed, tears still falling silently as she leaves me alone.

So, here begins the sequel! What do you think? How could Josh do this?!
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