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Thinking Twice

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"Why do you want to leave so desperately?" asks Cole as he takes a sip from his drink "Yes, please do tell my dear erasthai" I could hear the cockiness in his voice, and he really dares asks me why "If it wasn't obvious enough, because I am this 𝘥𝘰𝘨'𝘴 erasthai" I rolled my eyes "And what's so wrong with that, Alex" Sammy could at least dissimulate her drool "Enough blabbering, how about this. Let's place a bet, but both of you can only know about it after you agree" I know Cole needs cash but damn my life could be on the line for all I know "I'm in if you are sweetheart" I want to punch that pretty face of his so bad I look at him challengingly and say, "Deal". If only I had known what this would spiral down to be.

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“Alexandra start getting ready for school!” I hear my mom scream from downstairs. So damn loud

I look at my clock and notice it’s already 6:30 AM. I started watching a show yesterday at night and pretty much binged more than half of it. Didn’t sleep one minute, not that I really need it being part vampire and all, but I still like to act normal sometimes.

“Oh well, I’ll finish this later” I close my computer as I hear my door open

“Sunshine, do you feel like having breakfast today?” My dad appears at my door

“Do you have enough time to make me crepes dad?” I go over and give him a kiss on the cheek

“On the way. Also, appropriate clothes, please”

Like if I would ever wear something besides baggy and comfy clothes, “I have been told that for years and years of my life, you know I don’t like it”

He raises his hand in mock surrender and leaves my room.

I put on some sweatpants and some shirt I found in my unnecessarily big closet. If I wanted to, I could totally try to dress nice, but I don’t have the time or energy for that.

My best friend Samantha always says, “If you don’t dress nicely how do you expect for any of those beautiful eye candies of our school to approach us.” As if I wanted those mutts to come near me

I follow my nose downstairs and sit at the counter

“So human or vampire last night?” I feel someone’s tiny arms wrap around me

“Hi auntie” I turn around to see yellow eyes staring at me, “whatever do you mean by that? Human teenagers stay until 7 am binging shows too”

“Sure honey, say what you want. I don’t get why you deny your nature so much”

“Half nature Aunt Ramona, and I don’t deny it but since I’ve already lived most of my years as a vampire, why not spice it up and try living as a human for now”

“Hmmm, fine. Now finish eating, I think I heard Samantha on my way back from my hunt”

With that, I stuff my mouth and run up to my room to get my bag. Good thing about being a vampire is that I’m naturally “pretty” so I don’t have to worry about bed hair or anything like that.

I grab my bag, put my headphones on, and head downstairs and out the door just as Sammy drives up to me.

“Every single time I see you in the mornings I get disappointed by those horrendous sweatpants,” Sammy says as she looks me up and down and send me a pity look

“Oh shush Sammy, I will only dress up once I finally meet a werewolf or lycan I stand or like”

“But you hate werewolves and lycans”

I send her a wink, “Exactly boo”

She rolls her eyes and starts driving towards school like the maniac vampire she is. I like it

When we get to school we pull up to the designated parking lot for vampires that provides shade so the sun doesn’t hit us. Since I’m only half-vampire I don’t have to worry about shinning because it just looks like normal shine that I can cover up with foundation.

We get out of the car and start walking towards the school. The second we get inside my nose is hit by the awful smell of wet dog. Ok, I’m exaggerating it’s not that bad, but I have to keep up my appearances of hate towards them if not what’s the point.

“Yo, Twilight, wait up” I hear a familiar voice call out from behind me

I turn around and pin the owner of that voice by the neck to the lockers.

“Listen to me you mutt,” I almost growl out, “call me Twilight one more time and I won’t fucking hesitate to snap your neck”

Everyone around us has stopped to look at what is happening, but I couldn’t care less. I hate when people call me Twilight. I have nothing against the series but once people started giving me nicknames in reference to it, that was it.

Yes, my parent’s storie is kind of like the one of the infamous movie. Human falls in love with vampire, vampire doesn’t want to turn human into what he is, they make a deal through marriage, on their honeymoon they find out she is pregnant, they go back, she gives birth to half and half baby, human turns into a vampire. I will admit that even my living conditions are like those of the movies. I have a grandma and grandpa (my dad’s “parents”), my Aunt Ramona and Uncle Chad (yes, he’s a Chad), and my Aunt Jade and Uncle Gio (may he rest in peace). One big difference I’m very grateful for is that there was never a Jacob in my mother’s life, meaning nobody had a wolfie claim on me. That wouldn’t have worked out anyway.

My uncle got mutilated by a werewolf when I was little, I saw it happen. That’s where my hatred for their kind started. I found out a few years back that my family was much bigger than it is now, the reason it is so small now is due to lycans. My family wanted to leave this place after they got bored of staying here in the city but the lord that controls this part of the state prohibited them from doing so, even though they aren’t werewolves, and they had the right to not let them out. My cousins (that’s what they were considered) couldn’t stay here, the reason unknown, so they tried leaving by force. They weren’t seen for 3 months just to be found burning in Oborotni’s greatest park for everyone to see. They were seen right before disintegrating completely. I hate the wolf species in general. Most people tell me I have no right to be mad because I didn’t even know these people since half of my reasoning happened before I was even born, but I saw with my own eyes one of the murders and the rest of them were my mother’s closest friends so it destroyed her, hurting me as well.

I feel a hand on my shoulder, “Als let him go, he can’t breathe” She means Cole, the guy I’m choking right now. He’s been a pain in the ass since I started going to highschool 3 years ago. I usually let it slide but I don’t know, today I’m just not in the mood.

I turn to look at Cole and notice that he’s trying to claw my hand away from his throat while his face is purple. He’s a werewolf he should be able to do that fairly easy

I let go of him and stalk away to the protected outside area of my school. Humans, vampires, and werewolves attend this school. Humans, somehow, are still unaware of us supernatural. Most of the staff here are either vampires or lycans. To protect both the staff and student body, the school has an outside area for vampires that has UV resistant glass so that they don’t shine, same thing with the parking lot.

I start practicing the breathing methods that my grandpa taught me. I’m not one to have bloodlust, I can stay without drinking blood and I get more hungry than thirsty anyway; but the second I get really mad my thirst shoots through the roof.

I open my eyes to find Sammy’s face all worried in front of me.

“Thirsty?” she asks while reaching inside her bag

“Yes, but I haven’t drunk blood in a while and we are in school, I’m no masochist, do you have some food to help it calm down?” she smiles up at me as hooks her arm through mine and we turn around to head to her locker

The rest of the day is very uneventful, aside from the sudden urges from time to time to drink blood, but you know, no biggie. Thank the lord the werewolves got the message this morning and left me alone the rest of the day. After lunch I felt way better with some food in my system, doesn’t mean I didn’t feel like gouging someone’s eyes out here and there, but that is just me every day.

The final bell rings and I rush out of the classroom to go meet with Sammy at our lockers. I need to get out of this hellhole. Why did I even decide to go to school again? Oh, right, Samantha. As I approach my locker, someone opens the door and I get a whiff of something outside. I can’t describe what it smells like. It smells really good, like mouthwatering good but it’s not appealing like blood; it doesn’t have a specific scent. I can faintly hear Sammy calling me from behind as I follow my outside, not exactly knowing what I’m doing. The second I exit the school I frantically look around to see what brought me here in such a rush.

All of a sudden, my eyes land on chocolate-brown ones. I can’t pin-point them but they look oddly familiar. I don’t know how long we stay staring at each other. The only thing that brings me back from my daze is an arm wrapped around my shoulder, I don’t even take notice of who it is before they are pulled off me so aggressively that I stumble backwards.

I stay in place not knowing what is happening until I hear chants for people to fight and turn around. At my feet, I see two guys fighting lunging at each other. Well, more like one guy on top of the other, constantly punching him, and another guy just taking the beating.

“Hey! Stop fighting” I grab the guy on top and push him off of the other one

“Don’t touch me” They says through clenched teeth

“What’s your problem? Do you want to get expelled?” I grab their shoulder and turn them around.

Brown eyes. The brown eyes that had me so mesmerized moments ago. This time I make sure to not focus only on the eyes, I take in all of their features. Sharp jawline, barely noticeable dimples that I’m sure make his smile look amazing. High cheekbones, and a very dark-almost black-brown hair. As I put all of that together I recognize the face. The infamous Jackson Hunter. He is the son of the lord of Oborotni and a-

“Lycan” I hiss at him

“Vampire” He looks at me with a weirded out face. Almost disgust.

Before he can say anything else, I bolt towards the inside the school to go look for Sammy, I know she couldn’t have gone outside since it was sunny.

I feel someone grab my wrist and push me against the lockers

“Where do you think you’re going” He says. Our noses almost touching

“Far away from you” I catch him off-guard and push him off me before running full speed to the parking lot where I’m sure Sammy’s car is at.

Once I spot it I swiftly open the door and get in.

“Alexandra what happened? What took you so long?” She says, not even looking up from her phone

“Drive” is all I say. I notice Jackson exiting the school and coming towards the car with a furious look on his face

“Samantha. Drive” I try to sound as serious as possible to tell her that I’m not playing around

“Not until you tell me what’s wrong” She puts her phone down. God! She’s so stubborn.

I huff and fast, but gently, switch our seats. She’s too startled to even utter a word as we speed out of the parking lot and into the highway. I’m going well over 50 mph over the limit, but I don’t care. Lycans are fast. The only reason I got away from Jackson was that he was shocked, probably never been pushed off before.

“Alexandra!” I hear Sammy scream next to me

I look up and notice I almost crashed into the stairs leading up to my house. I must’ve driven here on instinct

“What the actual fu-” I cut her off not being able to think right now

“Sammy not right now, meet me at the shooting range in 15. Bring your daggers”

I grab my bag, get out of the car, and storm into my house

“Hey sunshine how was school” I hear my dad call from the music room

“I’m going to the shooting range with Sammy,” I say in a monotone voice

I go to my room to change and drop off my bag, then I go up to the library to find my uncle Chad

“Hey buddy what’s up” he says as he closes the book he was reading

“Hey, I need to blow off some steam could I borrow your rifle and pistol?” I say, shifting my weight from one foot to the other

“Sure, just make sure to do it with a clear head, we don’t want a repeat from the other time” He hands me a set of keys

“Don’t worry I’m going to a shooting range, everything’ll be fine” I rush out of the library and down to the basement

I stuff everything into my bag and leave the house to go to the range. I decide to run there and since I was distracted, I got there 5 minutes before the set time with Sammy, but I guess she knows me too well because as I’m about to step inside to wait for her, I see her car pull up.

“By the look on your face before you smashed my car door shut I knew you needed way less than fifteen minutes. Now, shall we?” she opened the door for me with a proud smile as we both step inside

The familiar odor of the store fills my senses and I start grinning, moving towards the cubicles.

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