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The Hunters Daughters

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Everything Has Changed

Dawn's Point Of View:
I woke up to the extremely annoying sound of my alarm clock. I groaned.

"I swear the worst thing about the first day back at school is when your alarm goes off for the first time in months." Eve groaned from her bed on the other side of the room.

"Should we throw it out the window?" I asked Eve.

"We can't break another alarm clock. Were nearly in double digits." Eve states, sitting up and smirking at me.

"What's one more?" I ask as I sit up and through the alarm clock out the window.

We both laughed and got out of bed. We walked down to breakfast with our arms looped. We found our father in the kitchen. Eve and I stiffened and gave each other apprehensive looks. I gripped Eve's hand.

"Good morning, Father." Eve and I said respectfully.

"Stop that! You know I hate it when you talk at the same time!" He yelled at us.

"Sorry, sir." Eve said.

"Sorry, Father." I said.

Roman then came bounding into the kitchen.
"What up Pops?" Roman said as he and Father did one of those man hugs.

"Morning, son." Dad said proudly.

Roman then came and hugged us individually. Eve first because she was closer and then me. We may have no relationship with our Father but we are extremely close to Roman. Roman, Eve and I went to sit at the table.

"So what are we going to watch on our first day back to school movie night?" I asked enthusiastically.

"It's Roman's turn to chose since you chose last time, Dawn." Eve said and looked at Roman.

"Well, since you two decided to torture me with the cheesiest romances of all time, I'll torture you with the scariest horror film I can find. The Shining." Roman said grinning.

I gulp and Eve's eyes widen.

Father then served breakfast and sat down at the head of the table. Father and Roman started talking about the football season. Roman was on the Football team at school. Roman was a Senior, while Eve and I were Sophomores. Roman was hoping to be made Captain of the Football team.

After breakfast we all got ready, grabbed our school bags and Roman drove us all to school in his Rover. We waved goodbye to Roman as he went off to Maths with his friends. Eve and I made our way to english. On our way to english we saw Damon and Kane by their lockers. I remembered it was the 5th September today, they're birthday. They're not twins, or related in the slightest. There dads are good friends though and they were coincidencently born on the same day.

"Happy Birthday you two." I said kindly as we passed them.

Damon and Kane turned to look at us. Damon's ocean blue eyes meet mine and he had a shocked look on his face. Eve and I continued walking. That was wierd. I've spoken to him before. We have most of our classes together. And he's on the football team and I'm a cheerleader, so we've hung out with the football team after games, with the rest of the cheer squad. Why was he so shocked I wished him a happy birthday?

Damon's Point Of View:
I got up at five in the morning to run my patrol with Kane. I was sixteen today and so was Kane. We were now of age to find our mates.

"I hope we find her today!" Logan, my wolf, said to me desperately inside my head.

Thoughts of a girl I've liked for years swormed my brain. Dawn. She was everything I could want. Kind, sweet, fiery, smart, loyal and beautiful. I tried to not get to hopeful. My mate could only be an Alpha daughters besides it's dangerous to get involved with Dawn or I would of asked her out ages ago. Her Father was the King of the Hunters who are becoming more aggressive everyday. If I made a play for one of Arthur Chase's daughters, there would be a war. Unless she was my mate, then I could not justify anything but being barely friends with her.
When I first met Dawn I hated her because of who her father was. It only took one class with her for me to completely change my mind about her. The teacher had sat us together and Dawn was so polite and funny and treated me as she would anyone else. She was the complete opposite of her Father and brother. I soon found out that both Dawn and Eve knew nothing about Werewolves or Hunters. It confused me at first but my parents explained why they would be shocked if she did know. Hunters are extremely prejudice towards females. No females are told about Werewolves and Hunters intill they marry another Hunter and have a son. Most females support their partner believing them to be the good guys, even though they are always the ones who strike first. Those females who don't agree are never seen again.
I threw on some clothes and left my room. Kane was waiting for me outside my room. We grined when we saw each other and bro hugged. Kane and I were inseperabl and since we both lived in the pack house you never see one of us without the other. Ever since birth, since we were born on the same day. Kane and I left the pack house and shifted into our wolves and ran patrol.

"Sixteen. Wow." Kane mind linked me.

"Your telling me. Logan wont shut up about finding a mate." I mind linked back.

"You want to find a mate too, Asshole." Logan said defensively.

"Rude." I replied.

"Tell me about it. Kaydon is the same." Kane mind linked.

We both let out wolfish laughs and continued with patrol.

When we finished we ran back to the pack house to get ready for school. I showered and got ready. We went down to the kitchen and we saw our Moms serving breakfast.

"Morning, Mom." I said as I hugged her.

Kane hugged his mom and they started crying.

"Oh moon godess! Sixteen. Sixteen today. If you find your mate you tell me immediately!" Mom said hysterical as she hugged me again tightly.

I saw my little sister Danielle come into the kitchen. When she saw the scene she looked at me shocked.

"What did you do to Mom and Annie?" She asked amused.

"Hon, let him go before you suffocate him." Dad said laughing as he came in with Kane's dad, Ben, his voice came from behind me.

Mom released me and Annie released Kane. They wiped their eyes. Dad then gave me a pat on the back and his face glowed with pride.

"Sixteen. Sixteen. How do you feel?" He asked grinning.

"Not much difference. Except for an anxious and nagging wolf who wont shut up about mates." I reply as we sit down and start to eat.

"Do they ever shut up?" Kane said exasperated, rubbing his head.

Dad laughed.

"You'll understand when you meet her. It changes everything. Trust me." Dad said.

"There is a reason why mates are the most precious things to Werewolves." Ben said.

When we finished breakfast Danielle, Kane and I left the house and got into my jeep. I drove us to school and when we parked, Danielle said goodbye and went to with her friend Katie to History. Kane and I went to our lockers to get our books. I then smelled the sweetest smell I've ever smelled. It smelled like vanilla and strawberries. Kane looked at me with wild eyes.

"Do you smell that?" He asked urgently.

"Vanilla and strawberries?" I asked with the same urgency.

"What? No. Chocolate and mint." He said.

"Happy Birthday you two." Said a voice I would recognise anywhere.

I turned around and looked at Dawn. I looked into her emerald green eyes and Logan went crazy.

"MATE! MATE! MATE!" Logan yelled in my head.

I stared at Dawn in shock. She and Eve continued walking towards our English class room. I turned back and looked at Kane.

"Dawn is my mate!"

"Eve is my mate!"

Kane and I said at the same time. We looked at each other in disbelief.

Everything has changed.

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