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The Hunters Daughters

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The Rivals

Dawn's Point Of View:
"Why were they so shocked?" Eve said perplexed.

"I don't know. They looked like they saw a ghost or something." I said, mirroring her confusion.

I looked behind me and saw Damon and Kane urgently whispering to each other. What is going on with them?
Eve and I entered our English class and said a cheerful hello to Miss Taylor. We sat in our usual seat in the back row. An unwelcome sight then came into class room. Ryan and Zack. They hung around with Roman and his group. Their group contained a mixture of all age groups which isn't common in most high schools. It contained a lot of people too. Almost half the school. Grinning creepily at us they made there way over to us. I gave Eve a look that said 'here we go again'. She gave me an apprehensive look.

"Dawn." Zack said, in a suggestive tone.

"Zack." I said sharply, as I glared at him.

"Eve." Ryan said, also suggestively.

"Ryan." Eve snapped, glaring at him.

Most people would back away when you glare at them but these arrogant assholes were either too stupid to realise we were glaring or they didn't care. Could be both. Ryan and Zack both roamed their eyes over our bodies, like they were undressing us in their minds. It made me feel very uncomfortable, I could tell Eve was aswell. It was Eve's nature to back away from the problem but it was my nature to beat up the asshole's. While they were distracted I sneakily got my phone out and texted Eve.

We need to keep them talking so more people come in and fill in the seats around us so they can't annoy us all year.

I saw Eve read the message and she winked at me.

"Eyes upfront assholes." I snapped at them.

At this point Damon and Kane had come in and were sitting at the desk next to us. They were staring at us concerned.

"It's never going to happen." Eve said determinedly.

Kane's concerned expression then turned into a glare that was aimed at Zack and Ryan.

"Never say never, Eve baby." Ryan said smirking.

I saw Kane about to get out of his seat, but he was held back by Damon. I made gagging sounds and pretended to vomit.

"Keep dreaming." Eve snapped back.

"Actually that may not be the best idea, Eve. Haven't you heard what supposedly happens when you dream a dream three times?" I said, sarcastically.

"Dont they come true?" Eve said, pretending to be horrified.

"Yes, that's what they say." I said, trying to hide my smirk.

Oh, please take the bait. Please, please, please. Please God. Let them take the bait.

"Good news for us then." Zack said grinning creepily.

"We've dreamed of you two every night for about two years." Ryan said grinning suggestively and creepily.

He looked like a predator playing with his prey. I dont think I ever want to know what goes on in these dreams. That will actually make me vomit.

"That's a relief." Eve said, disgust clear in her voice at the new information thats just been revealed.

"They also say if you dream a dream more then three times that it never happens." I said, grinning in victory.

"Looks like were in the clear, Dawn." Eve said, grinning broadly.

"Like it was ever going to happen in the first place." I said looking at Zack in disgust.

"Or in any reality." Eve added, also looking at them in disgust.

Well the idea of talking to them disgusts me, nevermind whatever their fantasies are. Damon and Kane were laughing. Ryan and Zack gave each other smug looks, as if they knew something we didn't. I looked at Eve and she was looking suspiciously between them. When I turned back round to glare at them some more, Zack's face was inches from mine.

"What if it's not up to you?" Zack whispered in my ear.

I glared at him.

"Class is starting, why don't you both piss off now." Eve said looking at me, worriedly.

Ryan and Zack looked around and realised that all the desks were taken accept one desk at the front. Ryan and Zack gave us accusing looks, as Eve and I high fived. With no other option they went to sit at the front. Eve grapped my hand in both of hers and squeezed it.

"Are you okay? What did Zack whisper to you?" Eve asked worried but also curious.

"Are you okay?" Said a husky voice that sounded close to me.

I looked to my other side and saw that Damon and Kane are standing where Ryan and Zack were standing moments ago. Kane's eyes were focused on Eve, he had nothing but concern on his face. Damon had the same expression and I noticed his eyes seemed to be trained on me. I looked into his ocean blue eyes and felt myself begin to relax. But I couldn't relax fully. All I could think about was Zack's words.

"What if it's not up to you?"

What did he mean? Of course it was up to me. Eve nudged me. I looked at her and she nodded her head towards Damon. I then realised I hadn't answered him.

"I'm fine." I said not convincing anybody.

Damon looked even more concerned then before. He grabbed my other hand and squeezed it reassuringly. I felt sparks from the touch. This just utterly bewildered me. He smiled at me kindly. I felt his ocean blue eyes consuming my every thought.

"I thought you were a better liar then that, Dawn." Damon said teasingly.

I got excited at how he said my name. I was at a loss for words.

"What's wrong?" Damon said, earnestly.

"Is it what Zack whispered to you?" Eve said, coming to my rescue.

I think I had forgotten how to speak or even how to breath while I was staring at Damon. I just nodded my head in response.

"What did he say?" Kane asked, still looking at Eve.

"He said 'What if it's not up to you?'" I said in a breathless voice.

Damon and Kane looked outraged. Before either of us could say another word, Miss Taylor started the class and Damon and Kane had to return to their seats.

Damon's Point Of View:
I wanted to reassure Dawn that I would never let anyone force her into something, but Miss Taylor made us go back to our seats. Now that I was away from my mate, my anger started to rise. I could sense Kane's anger rising too.

"What do you think Zack meant?" Kane said through clenched teeth.

"I don't know. But we will find out. As much as I want to, we can't attack them." I said, while I balled my hands into fist glaring at the back of Zacks head.

"Why?" Kane demanded in a whisper so we didn't draw attention to ourselves.

"The tension with the Hunters is going to get even worse when we claim Dawn and Eve as mates. We can't go around starting fights with the Hunters." I answered barely controlling the anger in my voice.

"They threatened our mates! We have a very justifiable reason!" Kane said, struggling to keep his voice low.

"Our mates are human! They have no idea what's going on! Their father is the unofficial king of the Hunters! We shouldn't make a move on Dawn and Eve intill we talk to our parents! We don't know the full consequences of what will happen if we claim them. And they have to warm up to us enough if we're going to have a chance of them accepting our wolves. Beating some guys to a pulp is not going to win them over." I said trying to be the voice of reason, though I couldn't hide the anger seething within me.

Kane sighed in frustration and reluctantly nodded his head.

"Nothing is ever easy for us is it?" Kane said, smiling without humour.

"Never." I groaned.

My anger increased as I stared at Zack and Ryan. They had made their intentions clear. They were now our rivals.

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