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Chapter 8

‘’Ms. Othman here was just talking about how eccentric your designs are.’’ he stated with a shrug.
‘’your designs? A-are they only yours?’’ I scuffed while pointing at Enzo.
He nodded.
‘’well yes, I’m the head designer here’’ he announced looking offended. I couldn’t help the gasp that escaped from my mouth. I could see Arsenio from the corner of my eye trying to hide his amused smirk. I rolled my eyes at him and turned back to Enzo who stood patiently waiting for a reply.
‘’so you don’t like them or what?’’
‘’noo, that’s not what I meant, really. I just-………….some of them were too indecent, you know that don’t you?” I said nervously hoping he would say something nice.
‘’yeah, I know Carm really likes them.’’ Hal chipped in and I nodded vigorously.
‘’ Are you trying to change your words?’’ Arsenio said in an irritated tone.
‘’Be quiet! Mr. Sheriff’’ I nearly yelled. I really liked Enzo and didn’t want to hurt his feelings so I was trying my best to convince him that I actually liked them and the jerk, Arsenio wouldn’t let me.
There was a moment of silence before Enzo finally broke it. ‘’so do you like them? not like it matters but do you?’’
‘’To be honest, I really like them especially mine’’
‘’oh yeah, my style’’ I said with a smile. I watched as his smile grew from ear to ear.
Silence took over.
‘’So do y’all want to go to the temple to say your evening prayers or what?’’ Hal said but she only got stares from us. ‘’ I mean if there’s a temple or something’’ she added nervously.
‘’sure’’ Arsenio said walking passed us and leading the way.
I made sure to finish before Hal just so I could wait for her to finish before giving her a piece of my mind. I watched patiently as she did the final part of her prayer.
Once she was through, she turned to look at me and I could tell she was about to ask why I was staring at her or why I Had rushed to finish.
‘’ Hal, I don’t appreciate what you did this evening.’’ I started. She just looked at me confused while shaking her head.
‘’ what bad thing did I do? all I know I did was set your stuck-up self up with Mr. sheriff’’ she laughed.
Oh my God! Why was she trying to be aggravating at the moment?
She stopped once she saw that I wasn’t laughing.
‘’chill out, Carm. There was no big deal’’ she shrugged.
‘’you were talking about me with Mr. Emilio and now it seems like a joke to you, Hal?. Do you know how uncomfortable I felt when I heard you say those things I said to Mr. Emilio and after that, Mr. Sheriff tried to make me look like a bad person in front of Mr. Emilio. Why were you two on a private tour anyway?” I said angrily. Hal was hesitant before speaking. I saw her swallow the huge lump in her throat as she blinked severally to conceal the emotions that seemed to be coming out too fast. I didn’t exactly know if I should regret what I had said.
‘’really?’’ she whispered folding her arms across her chest and getting up. So did I.
‘’it was not funny. I didn’t get your point when you-‘’ I was immediately cut off by her rudely.
‘’Oh God! Now you think that wasn’t funny? How about when you announced to everyone in the laboratory that I didn’t have a boyfriend because I was afraid to get touched? As much as it made no sense, they laughed. I was hurt but you never apologized. This was since last December.’’ Hal began to yell this time. I was just thankful that there was no one else at the female side with us. I couldn’t help but stare at her in utmost shock.
‘’wow you now keep grudges Halima? Just hear yourself out. You know, because you were busy trying so hard to make me look like the bad person, you didn’t even realize that the right thing to do was talk to me about it as soon as it happened’’
Hal turned away from me.
‘’ I can’t believe I looked up to you. You practically started this from something so little no wonder you’re the least stable person I know.’’ She said shakily before walking away upon seeing both Arsenio and Enzo at the exit. I followed slowly behind her and heard when she asked Enzo for a ride.
‘’Could you please drop me off at my apartment?’’ she asked and waited impatiently for his answer.
His hand went to his nape and scratched around. He looked at me before answering. ‘’uh yeah sure but are the both of you okay?’’ he said nervously like she was going to kick him or something.
‘’Oh I’m stable but I don’t know about her’’ Hal answered rudely.
I felt guilty all of a sudden. It was probably my fault. Hal also thought I was mentally sick sometimes and I couldn’t agree less. Anyone else would’ve thought that about me for the fact that I’m happy and confident one second and I’m angry and petty the other. I shouldn’t have said that about her in front of the whole class.
And if only I had waited to go home with her after classes that day, I would’ve known. We met a week after that which was just enough time for her to bury her anger.
Both Enzo and Arsenio looked me with questioning eyes but before either of them could say anything, Hal began to complain to Enzo.
‘’can we just go?’’ she nagged ‘’Or I could get a cab instead don’t worry’’ she sighed while walking off and I saw Enzo run after her immediately.
‘’I’ll call you’’ Enzo said to me before he was out of sight.
I stood awkwardly with Arsenio not knowing what to say. I was tensed until he broke the silence.
‘’what was that all about?’’ he asked slightly concerned.
I shook my head. ‘’it’s nothing’’. I folded my arms across my chest looking away from him.
‘’ I understand ‘’ he said and for a second, I thought he was being reasonable until he said ‘’I’m sure it’s something we can’t talk about at the entrance of a temple’’ he added.
‘’not exactly’’ I said.
‘’well I can drop you off at your home.’’ he suggested.
No way. If he did, then he would find out I lived just across from the restaurant.
‘’no thanks. I have a car. ‘’ I assured him with a wave of my hand and began putting on my shoes.
‘’I can walk you to it’’ he said again.
Why couldn’t he just understand?
The last thing I needed was his company at the moment. I was irritated.
‘’okay’’ I sighed and got back up after putting on my shoes.
Once we were outside at the parking lot, I held out my key to unlock my car and saw him stop just when we were about two meters away from my car. I ignored him thinking he was trying to catch my attention unnecessarily.
‘’what?’’ I asked rolling my eyes.
He narrowed his eyes at me.
‘’ seriously, what kind of work do you do?’’ he questioned intimidatingly.
‘’ it’s none of your business. Why do you want to know anyways?”
‘’it’s just- how can you afford this kind of car while still in college?’’ he asked but I ignored him at first just so I could think of an answer to his question.
‘’the same way you’re the CEO of Leo Luca and also the boss of the mafia and so much more at such a young age’’ I spat while getting into my seat. He motioned to where I was.
‘’well how old do you think I am?’’ he said trying to extend the conversation.
‘’perhaps seventeen?’’ I joked but when I saw no hint of amusement on his face, I turned serious again.
‘’can you tell me what happened between you and your friend?’’
‘’have you ever been called nosy?’’ I retorted. I saw a huge grin form on his lips.
‘’I’ve been called worse, Bella. So it’s hard to care?’’ he proudly declared.
‘’what if I don’t want to discuss it?’’
‘’well then it would be your business. Most people die with their problems’’ he said. That wasn’t the reply I was expecting but it was coming right from Arsenio himself so it wasn’t much of a surprise. I had no idea why but I started getting angry all over again.
‘’Are you trying to say that you don’t have problems too because you speak like you don’t’’ I asked.
He leaned back and I could’ve sworn that I saw a flash of pain in his eyes. To be honest he was really good at hiding them but I still saw them and I didn’t think anyone else would’ve seen what I saw.
‘’Buona notte, Carmella’’ he said slowly and almost in a whisper. His grey eyes danced around as he looked everywhere except where I was before he rapidly turned around to walk away.
And he did. He actually did.

This chapter isnt much but it's something at least.
I just hope you're actually enjoying the book.
Maid for mafia shall be updated very soon so dont lose interest.

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