The One

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Chapter 10

"It's for the damn interview, Carm" Alma said while snatching the garment away from me.
It was a light blue shimmery straight gown that hugged her body in the right places. She tried to persuade me by saying she was going to wear a turtle neck beneath since it had a low neck line and it was sleeveless as well.
"Excuse me ma'am. How much is this?" Alma hurriedly asked the sales girl who was following us around.
"it's eight-ninety ma'am." She said honestly.
"What?!" Alma and I asked in unison.
"Sorry madam but it's already been discounted. It was originally twelve hundred. It's been marked on the tag" the sales girl pointed out.
Alma became silent and I knew she was contemplating on buying it.
"Alma you now this dress will go to charity after you wear it." I said sternly.
"Ofcourse" she said searching her purse for her debit card. Once she found it, she handed it to the salesgirl.
I waited by the corner eyeing her in the process but she only laughed.
"Come on, let's go get some chocolate milkshake for the big baby" she suggested referring to me.
"Don't call me that!" I warned.
"I'm sorry!" She said in between laughs.
Just as we reached the inbuilt fast food restaurant, her phone rang.she had this ringtone of a british man singing a romantic song. I couldn't help but wonder if it was even a real song because it seemed to have been written randomly for someone.
"Hello?" Alma said once she placed the phone to her ear. I just watched as she kept conversing with the person on the line and kept on nodding as if he or she could see her.
After about five minutes, she finally said " I'll be right there. Just give me thirty minutes"
I eyed her when she said that and she started to feel bad.
"I'm so sorry. An impromptu interview cam-" I stopped her before she could finish.
"Its fine, Alma. You can go" I assured.
"But I invited you here and now I have to leave. I'm sorry" she explained.
"Its finnnnne Alma.''I dragged. "Besides I really want to have some milkshake and just relax. I might even head to the spa over there" I pointed out.
"Okay, bye" she said and quickly kissed my forehead before leaving.
I went into the shop to buy some milkshake before heading for the spa.
Multiple treatments and massages later, I paid and left. It was already 2:00PM.
I had no idea what to do so I walked passed every Leo Luca store in search of a book bag I could use although it wasn't really necessary at that point.
I finally found one I could actually use. Although it was very expensive, I didnt mind since it was durable.
"Miss, you are needed to head to the last floor" the cashier said in a hurry as she was panicking greatly. She rushed to luck up every showglass.
"Why? Is there a problem?" I asked curiously.
"A very big one. We're in danger here" she replied and grabbed my hand like a stubborn little kid. She lightly pulled and I followed.
When we got out of the shop, we saw everyone in the mall running towards the elevator and the escalator.
I removed my hand away from hers and walked fast towards the exit. I just wanted to leave the building but she ran faster and caught me again. She pulled me this time.
"That's where they fucking are" she said angrily. Who was she even? And what did she mean by 'that's where they are?'
Who were the they?
I saw the security guards holding out weapons of all sorts at every entrance and exit.
We soon entered the elevator and the fear doubled before suddenly,the thought hit me.
Arsenio was involved in the mafia. He was even the leader and this was his mall other words, it was my death day.
When we got to the last floor which I remembered as Arsenio's, I saw the elderly man that saved me from the attack back in Italy.
He was in a black polo shirt and baggy blue jeans and was grouping everyone into rooms. He seemed very angry as well.
"Come on, come on, come on!!" He shouted continuously at those who were being very slow. I immediately began to feel pity for them due to the amount of saliva he spat onto their faces each time he yelled.
The cashier and I were last on the line. My mind was blurred from everything thing that was happening around me.
Why today when I had a very important assignment at the theatre the next day.
I noticed that the elderly man was indeed collecting people's phones. I turned to ask the cashier why and she replied "the last thing we need is the cops getting involved" she said and moved to find a new spot in between the people in front. So it was just me at the back.
I stared blankly at the wall while I waited for my turn. I was just so scared that I didn't know what to do.
Suddenly, someone wrapped their hands around my waist from my front. I looked down and It was the girl at the restaurant yesterday or rather, Arsenio's daughter.
She was crying. I pushed her away a little in attempt to see her face but when I did, she held me tighter.
"What's wro-" I was cut off by the loud booming of each gunshot from downstairs. That's when I felt tears fall from my eyes as I cried too.
I held unto the girl until I saw Arsenio come out from his office which was where the girl came from.
He saw me with the girl and walked towards me. He looked very confused.
I wiped my tears away and cleaned my face.
"Abella!" He called referring to the girl while his eyes still focused on me.
I pushed her away slightly again So I could see her face.
"Hey! Your dad's here" I told her and she jumped in surprise.
"Where?" She asked in confusion even after seeing Arsenio.
"Here" I pointed to Arsenio.
He began to laugh like I just said something funny.
"What's funny?" I asked raising an eyebrow.
"He's my brother" the girl, Abella said while shaking her head and grabbing my hand to hold.
She didnt even know me at all. We had only met once but she acted this way towards me.
Well, thank God I wasn't a bad person.
All that while the gunshots had stopped until now. It was louder this time meaning that whoever the people shooting were, they were closer to the last floor now.
"HHHHIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDEEEEEEEE!!!" I heard someone yell from Arsenio's office and I could see that it was the boy standing by the door of Arsenio's office. The same boy that came with Arsenio and Abella to the restaurant.
"Will you come? You're wasting my time" Arsenio demanded to the girl.
I was now the last person left to get into a room.
"Go hide with your brother." I told Abella and she nodded letting my hand go.
I was about to enter a room when I felt Arsenio's strong hand hold mine and pulled me along with Abella into his office. He ordered the elderly man to lock the two room doors in which people were hiding.
He opened the door of what looked like a closet and told us to enter quickly. There was just enough space for the four of us but When it was his turn to enter, he didn't.
Instead, he took off his suit jacket, his tie and then his white shirt.
"What are you doing,Arsenio? We have to hide!" I literally shouted but he only shook his head as he was putting on what looked like a bullet proof vest.
"No matter what you hear, stay in here and don't come out, do you understand?" He ordered looking me in the eyes. I felt the tears start to stream down my cheeks as I looked staright at him too.
"Damn it! Answer me!" He shouted angrily startling Abella and her brother.
"Yes" I said in shock. He reached out and wiped my tears away before doing the same for Abella. He pat the boy's shoulder before abruptly getting up to open a suitcase. I saw him put about three guns into his trouser before squatting to my level. He handed me a gun. My hand shook as I took it from him. I had never held a gun before nor any other weapon.
"Here, use it for defe..........oh shit!!!!" He groaned when some one hit him with what seemed to be a picture frame on the back.
Still in pain, he reached out to lock us up in the closet. That was all it took before I started hearing a loud rain of gunshots and men groaning in pain.
A part of me was really hoping that Arsenio wasn't part of them and that he would indeed make it back safe.
Wait...who was I kidding. Me in general hoped so.
Abella was sitted right beside me the whole time while her brother on the other hand was situated by a short drawer.
"does this always happen?" I asked the boy. He didn't seem as overworried as Abella and I.
"Back in Verona? Then yes. I just dont understand why my brother wouldn't let me fight along with him" he said in annoyance.
Ofcourse there were many reasons why Arsenio wouldn't let him fight.
"Marco! Arsenio always tries to explain to you why you can't fight until you're sixteen but you always don't listen." Abella said angrily.
"Calm down, Abella" I told her. Normally, someone my age wouldn't have been able to deal with children their age but I was very good with children.
"Do you know how to fight?" I asked.
"He knows how to but he doesn't fight the right people" Abella answered for him and he gave her a warning look but she didnt seem to care.
"What do you mean?"
"He always picks up fights with boys at school. He fought with a boy called Dante" she said.
I was shocked. It had to be my Dante. It all made sense now.
Arsenio was the guardian Sarah was talking about.
Another loud gunshot was heard in the office. This time too close to the closet where we were hiding. Abella quickly covered her ears and hid her face in my jacket to prevent herself from seeing if anything happened. I felt Marco closer to us now. He was also scared.
Suddenly, the door jiggled for long until it was finally unlocked and there was light once again. the door cracked slightly open and a hand crept in. It was a man's hand for sure and Arsenio was the one who hid us here so it was probably his but before I could say any thing, Abella grabbed the hand as she also saw it as Arsenio's and stood up.
The door kept opening wider every second until Marco pushed it open and Abella screamed. It wasnt Arsenio.
I noticed that the middle aged man now standing before us had no weapon with him so I decided to slyly grab the gun Arsenio had given to me. I touched around the area behind me and by my side continuously but much to my disappointment, it wasn't there.
"Let her go!" Marco threatened the man who was tightening his grip now on Abella's hand. Manuel had the gun and was pointing straight at the man.
" uuhhhhhmm....Marco, I don't think it's a good idea for you to do it. I should-" I was cut off by the loud boom of the shot.
Marco had just shot the man in the knee.
We all watched in shock as he let go of Abella's hand and fell to the floor clutching his penetrated knee while yelling curse words.
I looked towards Marco with widened eyes.
"Tony! What the hell? Where are you?" Another man shouted from the hallway. I could guess that he was approaching here.
"I'm here brother." The man laying by our closet yelled back but with that I quickly took off my scarf and shoved it into his mouth so that he wouldn't be able to speak.
"Do you have a weapon? The bastard shot me in the rib" the other man yelled along with audible sniffles. He was obviously crying due to pain.
"Tony?" He called out.
With the door still slightly open, I saw the man enter the office. His left hand was all bloody as it was clutching the wounded area on his left rib cage.
I took it as an advantage since both men were injured, I took the gun from Marco and pointed it at the man who was standing by the door.
"If you move, I'll shoot you or your brother" I threatened and he stopped moving right away.
He started to laugh hysterically.
"What makes you think I'll be afraid of a little lady holding out a toy gun?" He questioned.
For sure I knew it wasn't a toy gun. Trying to prove it to him, I pointed it to the ceiling a shot at it.
The fear in my body erupted along with the sound so much that I immediately had a migraine. My head felt too heavy for me all of a sudden.
I heard footsteps coming from the hallway. The person seemed to be running towards this office.
When I saw the large frame by the door right behind the other man, I knew it was Arsenio.
His eyes widened from seeing that I was having a little battle with the man facing me. Before the man could turn around to see Arsenio standing behind him, he was shot behind his knee cap by Arsenio himself. He yelled in pain while Arsenio used his strong legs to sweep him towards his brother.
Arsenio dropped his gun on the floor and walked slowly towards us. His shirt was now stained with a few blood splatters here and there.
A part of me was really happy to see him again but I couldn't get the thought that he must've killed a lot of people out of my mind.
Carmella, these people were bad and he's a Mafia.
But what if he's the enemy?
He squat to our level while analysing my visible trauma. I saw the same flash of pain in his eyes and I didnt want to rethink it or else I would've seen him as a different person.
I saw him tense up before picking up Abella while was crying continuously. He then bent down again to help me up but I was being extremely slow and it wasnt purposely.
"Do you want me to pick you up too?" He asked huskily. That was when I realized that there was a very deep cut in his forearm. It was all bloody and sore already obviously from a knife cut.
He placed crying Abella on his hip and pulled me up. He caught me staring at his cut but he didnt say anything.
Marco came to his side and asked " is it safe to leave?" He asked.
"Sure" replied Arsenio.
"Arsenio could they all be down?" I asked.
"yes" he sighed feeling exhausted.
"Is that possible if only you fought them?" I argued. I was only trying to keep us safe because if there were still men down there, we could be killed.
"We could all just stay here until we're sure that they're all down. One of us could get killed if-"
"They're all down!" Arsenio boomed. He was both tired and angry. I knew it was wrong of me to pick up an argument with him but if it had to do with a scenario like this then it was right.
"What if they're all like THIS" I yelled the last part when I saw the man who we shot at first trying to pick up the gun that Arsenio had dropped before picking up Abella.
I ran to him and kicked him in the face. He winced I pain and at that moment, I could only feel my migraine triple its pounding in my head.
I looked towards Arsenio with tears already falling from my eyes due to the pain I was feeling. He had an amazed expression on.
"let's go if you'd stop arguing. My men are surrounding the place waiting for us to leave" he assured. I nodded and walked with them to the elevator.
It took very long for me to realize that Arsenio's arm was around my shoulder while I held onto Marco as we walked.
The first thing I saw when we got out of the building was my once beautiful white car. It was now dented all around and all the windows broken due to the attack.
Arsenio caught me staring at my damaged car but said nothing. He directed us to his car that was parked in a private garage that was probably just for him. His vehicle was a big black jeep.

He opened the door to the front passengers seat for me before going to place Abella at the back. Marco hopped in too and sat beside his sister.
Arsenio jumped into the driver's seat and began to take off his clothes. Well, only the ones at the top. I sensed he didn't like the feeling of someone else's blood on him, same feeling I had.
He put the clothes with the bullet proof he had worn into a plastic bag that he had pulled from under his seat before opening a small drawer containing his white shirts and threw one on.
Before I even knew it, we were driving out of the place. The streets were very silent for some reason. There was awkward silence for a long while between us until his phone vibrated in his pocket and he answered.
After a while of listening to what the person on the other side of the line had to say, Arsenio began to talk.
" The cops will be there in about ten minutes. Make sure the men evacuate the building and when they arrive, it was an attempted robbery that started at the jewelry store. I need you to try to convince the customers that are still hiding so we are clean"
The person seemed to have tried to argue or bring up something else that wasn't helpful to the situation and that only got Arsenio more angry.
"Do as I fucking say" Arsenio said between gritted teeth. "I already have this whole thing planned out. Destroy all the surveillance cameras and don'tp you dare mess this up" he ordered before ending the call.
What kind of life did he live? It was all just too horrific for his two young siblings. I could say Marco was even better off than Abella since he was brave.
It was a long silent drive before we reached his home.

He helped Abella out while the rest of us got out ourselves.
"Arsenio!" I called out.
He raised his eyebrow at me so I took it as a que to speak.
"I don't think your parents would like a stranger in their home especially without being informed" I complained. It was mostly me protecting myself from harassment. I should've thought about that before allowing him to drive me to his home.
He heaved a loud sigh.
"Did I ever mention that I had parents?" He said.
Shocked by his reply, I decided to just keep quiet. Maybe it was his house.
" let's go inside" he said and picked up Abella. I could see her dry tears as I followed behind Arsenio into the house.
It was quite big for just the three of them but seemed very cozy and comfortable at the same time. I simply couldn't wait to just lay my head on something.
The house smelled clean and everything was just in place and untouched. Arsenio placed Abella on the couch.
"Do you want me to run a bath for you?" He asked her gently and she nodded. Who knew that Arsenio could be so gentle and caring?
Well, it was his sister and who knew the story behind it?, I thought.
"Carmella, come with me." he said but not in a commanding way this time.
I did as he said and followed him upstairs. We stopped in front of a door that lead to a room obviously.
"This is your room until we get cleared" he said.

I immediately had a confused expression on.
"We have to live here until the police have believed our story." he said calmly.
I nodded my head and he left. I entered the room only to find out that it was the coziest room I'd ever been in. It had a soft rug at the centre of the room, a queen sized bed and an en-suite bathroom.

All what I needed was there. The towels were clean and smelt fresh.
I went in to take a long hot shower making sure to let just enough water pour down my head to cool down my migraine.
After the long shower, I stepped out of the bathroom and found a pair of sweatpants and a plain white t-shirt folded neatly on the bed. I let my hair dry a little before putting them on. The clothes were big on me because they were obviously Arsenio's but they still had a Leo Luca tag on them to say they were new. My hair was about 2''9 feet long not to mention my bouncy curls that didn't let my hair dry as fast as it should.
I decided to just let it down on my back while I went to speak with Arsenio. I grabbed my phone from my pants pocket to check if I had any new messages but none to my surprise.
Atleast none from Mr.Malford.
I huffed loudly before finding my way downstairs to look for Arsenio.
I found him in the kitchen. I saw that he had tended to his wounds and had a shower as well since his hair was damp.
I gave him an awkward smile but he didn't respond.
"Can I help you with anything?" I asked when I realized he was trying to cook up something.
"I'm fine" he said and I backed off.
After a long while of not saying anything, I decided to bring up the topic about my theatre assignment due tomorrow.
"'Arsenio" I called out.
He turned to look at me. The pasta in the colander in his hand.
"Thank you for the clothes and allowing me to stay here while you sort things out" I stated.
"Is that all you want to say?" He asked returning to what he was doing.
"And..... theres something else" I started.
"What is it?" He asked.
"Well I have an assignment to be at the theater tomorrow by 5am for an operation and since I'm the head of my group, I-"
" I'll take you. It's no big deal." He said without even looking at me.
But then suddenly; he turned to face me.
"How do you make pasta?" He asked with hopeful eyes.
I wanted laugh but held it back in. Then what on earth did he think he was doing at the beginning and what if I wasn't even around?
"Do you want me to teach you?"
"No" he said immediately dropping the cooking spoon and I caught it before it could land on the floor and make a noise.
But instead of Arsenio to shift away so that I could have some space, he stood staring at me.

At my hair actually. I could tell he was surprised about something.
"Why do you wear a wig?" Even if I did, it wasnt his business.
" it's not a wig" I replied.
"Then why is it so long?" He argued.
I put my focus on the pasta I was about to make.
He was just asking questions that didnt concern him.
"Its my hair believe it or not" I spat.
"Oh my God! Your hair Is so long!!" Abella announced while entering into the kitchen.
"Thank you, Abella" I giggled at her.
"Have you met before?" Arsenio asked suspiciously.
"Yes. I met her at the restroom at Armella" she said proudly. "She helped me to get rid of that tough stain you would've killed me for" she added.
Arsenio rolled his eyes and walked out of the kitchen. I was sure he now remembered that day vividly.
"Marco!" He shouted lazily. I knew he was so tired.
"Abella used my laptop without my permission" Marco reported all the way from upstairs.
"I didn't!" Yelled Abella to Marco.
" Shut up before I get a headache. I have told you to solve issues like that on your own" Arsenio said nonchalantly. If he kept on telling them to solve their problems on their own, then the issues will never stop coming up.
"But Leone, Marco is blaming me because it stopped working" Abella defended herself.
I figured 'Leone' was her name for Arsenio. It means Lion in italian.
"Shut up, Okay?" Arsenio said to both Marco and Abella.
"He's so bossy!" Abella hissed.
"But he's tired" I muttered.
She rolled her eyes. "Ofcourse."
When the food was ready, we all sat and ate dinner.
Arsenio and Marco didn't even bother hiding the fact that they ate like lions although every once in a while I'd catch Arsenio staring at my hair. But I wasnt complaining either. I just didn't know what was so fascinating about it that made him stare like that.
Yes, it was 2''9 what else? I probably had just gotten too used to it that I didn't even see what fascinated him so much about it.
They were being true to themselves in my opinion and Maybe he wasn't that bad of a person.
"Leone, I won't attend school tomorrow if I haven't given my payback to that boy, Dante." Marco said.
"Marco! He didn't even do anything. You're the one that decided to pick up a fight with him... you and your boys" Abella said back.
"Be quiet, Abella you're just on his side because you like him." Marco announced.
All that while, Arsenio ignored them until that was mentioned. He stared at Abella in complete shock.
"I DONT LIKE HIM! " she raised her voice. "He was innocent" she added.
"I know Dante" I interfered earning me some questioning looks.
"How?" Marco asked.
At that moment, I felt so stupid because I hadn't even thought of a lie to tell them about how I knew Dante.
"Well uhhmm....we used to work at a restaurant together and I know he attends your school." I said with a shrug. They all seemed to have bought it except Arsenio ofcourse who stared at me suspiciously.
"Leone, I-" Abella started only to get cut off.
"Abella upstairs to my room now!" Arsenio boomed all of a sudden."and as for you Marco, clean up before I get back. You're attending school tomorrow whether you like it or not"
"But Leone I don't even......ugh!" Marco scuffed and started to clear up the table seeing that Arsenio was now ignoring him. He climbed up the stairs with Abella.
I just hoped that their talk would go well.
"Marco, can I ask you a question?"
"What is it?" He said almost rudely.
"What do you have against Dante? Why don't you like him so much?" I asked.
I saw a scowl appear on his face. "He just wants to beat everyone in everything."
I nearly scuffed at that. Marco was perhaps a spoilt brat for him to say stuff like that.
" well if you could focus more on trying to improve yourself than trying to bring Dante down, I dont think you'll find him this aggravating." I explained.
"Seriously, do you have kids?"
"No. Why do you ask?" I laughed.
"You sound like a mother" he stated before putting the dishes into the dish washer.
After cleaning up, I headed upstairs to my room while Marco sat in the living room to use his phone.
I sat on my bed trying to study from the medical books I had downloaded in my phone but the events of today kept on playing in my head. I was definitely still terrified but being here in Atsenio's home with Arsenio and his siblings made me feel more at ease but I didnt understand why.
All of a sudden, Abella entered the room looking very exhausted. Arsenio must've drained some answers out of her. Really, I pitied for his daughter in the future. She might just get locked up and not be allowed to speak to boys at all.
"Can I stay here with you?" She asked and i nodded.
She sighed and climbed the bed. "Marco is such a jerk." She hissed.
"Did Arsenio yell at you?"
"Ofcourse. What else?" She answered getting comfortable under the covers.
"Sorry about that" I said.
She was about to close her eyes and rest when she realized she had one more thing to say.
"Please Carmella, don't leave soon" she pleaded.
I wasnt sure what to promise her because Arsenio told me that I'd be staying until he was done sorting things out.
"I can't promise you that but we can meet from time to time If you don't mind" I suggested.
"Fine" she whined and went to sleep.
I felt extremely exhausted.
Maybe I should just set an alarm go to sleep, I thought.
But it wasn't that easy going to sleep with the thought that you haven't studied enough.
My phone beeped on the night stand all of a sudden.
I checked to see what it was and saw that it was a message from Arsenio.
''Meet me by the pool '' I read out loud.
What could he want at this time of the night?
I picked up my phone and headed out of my room to look for the door that lead to the pool side.
Once I found it, the door was glass so I saw Arsenio sitted on one of the inclined chairs outside.

His head was bent backwards almost in a painful way.
I walked towards him and sat on the chair beside his.
"Yes? What's the matter?" I asked immediately trying to sound uninterested in whatever the matter was.
He looked towards me and sat up.
Oh Allah I saw that pain in his eyes again but this time much more worse.
"Arsenio are you okay?"
He nodded. There was a short while of silence before he spoke.
"Why does my sister like you so much?" He started.
I was at a loss of words. Why would he ask me when it was his Abella who liked me so much?
"Don't get me wrong, I don't think its bad" he admitted.
"Well.....I wouldn't know. But you see she's the only girl and she's becoming a teenager." As soon as I said that, he tensed up like there was something he was afraid of.
"Yes. To be honest, I don't want to be the one to guide her through those girly......personal....uuhhhhmm that thing that-" he was at a loss for words. I tried to hide the fact that I badly wanted to laugh.
"You can just say womanhood." I suggested making him nod immediately in response.
"Exactly. Can you do it?"
"What?! You mean she has-"
"No" he nearly shouted."she has not but she's close"
"Oh "
"You're a doctor. You should know when right?" He huffed loudly.
"It varies. Why are you so scared anyways?" I half laughed.
"'s hard to understand her most times that's why I try to give her everything and even carry her about."
My heart warmed at what he said. He might be a jerk to everyone but not his siblings.
"So what you're trying to say is...?" I paused waiting for him to finish it.
"She needs you"
I scuffed at that.
"I'm a jerk, I know. You're allowed to think whatever you want to think but just consider it as a favor for Abella and not me" he said avoiding eye contact with me.
Sure he must be feeling scared and stressed from being the leader of the mafia, protecting his siblings at all times even during an unexpected attack from his enemies, running his own designer brand and also the fear of Abella's maturity process.
"Its fine. That's not a big deal" I said and he relaxed a little from being tensed.
"BUT .....I won't live here. I'll tell you my plans when I sort myself out because I want to get back to work."
He nodded. "I understand."
There was a peaceful moment of silence between us as neither of us knew what to say after that.
A while later, Arsenio spoke.
"I suggest you stop studying and just go to bed because you might be sleepy while performing at the theatre tomorrow morning."
He was right but I just couldn't find the comfort to sleep when I felt like I haven't studied enough.
"Its very tough. You wont understand."
"I might not understand but I know its something you shouldn't fail at because of something as little as sleep."
I half-smiled at how sensible he sounded. I took his advice..
I got up and waited for him to get up too but he didn't.
"You're the one who's going to drive by 4:30am so I suggest you go to bed too"
"I just need to finish up some things."
"Alright. Buona notte!" I said and headed upstairs to my room.

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