The One

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Chapter 11

"Noooooo" I whined in my sleep while tossing around until I bumped into Abella.
"Why are you such a deep sleeper?!" I heard Arsenio scold me all of a sudden.
"Wake up" he whisper-yelled. "Carmella! Allah knows I have a gun here and I'm not afraid to use it if you dont wake up this instant" he spat.
"Arsenio you're spitting on me!" I lied but I could immediately tell that he was embarrassed.
"I am surely going to smack you!" He said but this time angrily.
I immediately jolted up from the bed and ran into the bathroom.
Good time to be pressed.
I dont think I spent up to ten minutes before heading out.
I planned to wear the same clothes Arsenio had given to me so all I needed was a scarf for my head.
I literally tiptoed to Arsenio's door since it seemed to me that Abella was a light sleeper.
Arsenio's door was cracked slightly open so I could see the dark room. For a second or more, I thought he reared demons in it.
"What do you want?" His white face popped out of the darkness and for some reason, he was whispering.
"A scarf" I said casually.
"God knows if Abella wakes up, you'll take her to the theater with you" he jok-
No Wait......he was serious.
"Fine" I whispered then he went back inside to look for a scarf.
As soon as he found one, he came back and threw it at my face.
"Thanks. But by the way, you must be a demon" I said bluntly. Surely my mouth was going to get me into trouble some day.
"You're not an Angel yourself so shut your trap"
And there we have it. I walked back to my room in silence while rolling my eyes.
Soon enough, we were in Arsenio's car and he started the engine.
"Why are you overspeeding?" I asked frightened but he didnt answer. Instead he turned to look at me for a long time.
I began to get scared because his attention was far away from his driving for a minute now.
"Arsenio I didnt say I wanted to die before getting to the teaching hospital" I spat making him chuckle before focusing his attention back to his driving.
"I get cranky without my coffee" he stated." But you're lucky" he added.
"I'm in a good mood today."
"Ooookay" I hesitated."does that mean anything?"
"Everything is going fine at the office......I want to take Abella out for dinner and Marco wants to stay at his friends place until tomorrow after school" he stated.
"Why are you telling me this?" I said uninterested.
"Well I know you might want to tag along as no lady would want to miss an opportunity to go to Armella for free and with a Leo Luca." he explained confidently and added a wink at the end.
I began to laugh hysterically."you are stupid!"
He shrugged." Try harder Carmella, I've been called worse" he said and I rolled my eyes.

Arsenio had went out of the car to get coffee and I was left alone in my thoughts.
I was really nervous about the operation.
He didnt take so long. I could tell that once I saw him coming out of the exit holding two large cups.
Despite the simple shirt and sweat shorts he wore,he still managed to look like a Leo Luca model.
He entered the car and sat in his seat. I didnt fail to notice the slight frown on his face. There absolutely no way that he went through a battle to get the coffee. I knew Arsenio quite enough already and trust me, coffee wasnt much of a big deal.
He handed me my own cup of coffee.
"Are you the person having the baby or what?" He asked cautiously making me roll my eyes.
"I'm just nervous mostly because I just never know what Mr.Malford has for us" I confessed before taking a huge sip of my coffee. One thing I always appreciated about coffee was the smell and the fact that the bitterness will always be worth it.
"Everything will go just fine." Arsenio assured. It was almost like he saw into the future and knew what would happen. I guess pride came with some certain abilities too.(note the sarcasm)
He gently placed his palm on my head. I simply took it as a peaceful gesture if not I would've flung his hand off.
We sat in comfortable Silence.
Well....until it was 5:00am

"Maria Sylvester?"
"Present!" She waved excited from the group of people. God I wish I had her energy.
"Bryson McDermott?" I called.
It continued that way until all the twenty two students were confirmed present including myself.
A sigh escaped my mouth when I realised that the main thing was just about to start.
"Why do you look so nervous?" Maria asked all of a sudden. She was now standing beside me.
"Well.......isnt that normal?"
"It is. Yes you're right" she smiled with a nod of approval "but you're practically the best at these things so you should be the least worried."
I nodded in agreement giving her a small smile on the process.
Not trying to sound too proud but I guess I must've been chosen as the group head because there was something I had that no one else did.
Maria nudged me at my arm. Out of every student here, she was the most energetic. Everyone just looked like zombies and that might include me.
"I saw you with your boyfriend!" She said. Her eyebrows now dancing to some kind of tune that I know she must've been playing in her head.
I couldn't help but laugh at her ignorance .
"Whta boyfriend?" I asked innocently.
"Stop it Carmella!" She warned.
"Maria! I do not have a boyfriend. That person you saw there was my driver." I lied and I was pretty sure I had my big hopeful eyes on display hoping she bought it.
"Really? A driver who is so demanding and threatens to sue the hospital all because of the lady at the coffee shop who refused to let him make his own coffee?" Her eyebrows were now arched again waiting for an explanation.
" know I'm his boss and I asked him to makk-" I couldn't think of anything.
"Save it for the lady at the coffee shop" she said while holding out her hand in front of me.
"He's very gorgeous!" She squealed with her dreamy eyes on. It wasnt a lie. It was just a fact that I could only admit to Hal or Alma but that was it.
"Oh are you serious? Why dont you tell him?" I suggested.
"Alright where is he?" Maria was a very daring person and I knew she would do it if she got the chance.
"Well he's here"
I pointed towards the person standing in the middle of the crowd and I could barely hold up my laughter.
But upon seeing who the person was, she turned to me looking confused.
"Wait who are we talking about?" She asked to make sure.
"Gregory Malford" I burst out laughing.
"Hes gorgeous isnt he?" I joked.
She rolled her eyes and started laughing too.
We all listened attentively to the instructions Mr.Malford was giving.
After the announcement, I went to get changed into the uniforms and placed my tag on.
Mr.Malford then began to group us up again and was giving each group a specific task with a specific professional.
I found myself nodding vigorously since I was in front and it looked like he was speaking to me alone.

I stared deeply at myself in the mirror wondering how much of my know ledge I was going to need for the task. I simply hoped that it would be enough despite the horrific events of yesterday.
I had to wash my hands to my elbow with the washing gel before heading to the inner room.
Suddenly, just as I was through, a young nurse barged in.
"Mr.Malford!" She yelled but Mr.Malford was already at the inner room.
There seemed to be an emergency though.
"Comsidering what time it is, there wont be any other doctors on this floor yet" she said to another nurse who was outside the door.
Then she turned to me."Obs/Gyn training?" She asked hurriedly.
I gave her a nod.
"Then follow me" she said walking away quickly. I literally ran after her to catch up with her fast strides as she led us to the emergency unit.
"Sorry, but why do you need me?"
"There's a pregnent lady at the emergency unit who just survived a car accident and now she's in labour." She stated making it sound like she was talking to herself mostly.
I gasped."I think it's better if we.......... " I trailed midsentence upon seeing how crowded the emergency unit was.
"Please do something or else this lady may give in to a coma. The problem is she doesnt even want an emergency caesarean section"
I walked into the room to see a lady sprawled all over the bed with her watery eyes rolling back and forth continuously due to pain. She was going to pass out any moment from then.
"She's fully dilated!" The nurse yelled panicking.
Rushing over to the lady, I soothed her forehead down to her hair.
"Hey ma'am, you're about to have a blessing in your arms and all we need you to do is push and breathe if not you'll be taken for a caesarean section right away and I'm sure that's the last thing you want right now" I spoke gently and she nodded immediately with tears in her eyes.
"I-I-s kkkeviinn dead?" She asked shakily but the last thing I knew was who that was. The nurse understood and told me "Kevin is her husband"
"He was also involved in the accident" she added.
"Oh!" I whispered. "He is being taking care of isnt he?"
"Ofcourse" the nurse replied.
"Okay time to push " I gave the lady a gentle pat on her shoulder.
The nurse then went over and saved her tears and sweat off while whispering words of encouragement in her ear.
I took my seat in front of the lady.
I definitely still had the thought that helping someone give birth was a difficult task if the person already had complications but for this lady, it was different.
Anyone would do anything to be as strong as she was. It hadn't taken more than five minutes for me to discover that she was already crowning. So I quickly grabbed the sucker to suck out the fluid in the baby's nose and mouth as soon as the head was out.
Soon after the loud cries of the baby was heard. It was a healthy boy.
Emotional as I was, I i felt hot tears stream down my face as i placed the baby on the mother's chest for their first skin to skin contact.
The lady cried as well but I could tell that she wished her husband Kevin was there with her which hot her very close to passing out.
The nurse soon took the baby away from her to clean him up and do some check ups on him.
After birth and other check ups later, I held a note pad waiting for the lady to say the name of her son. All that information had to go on his birth certificate.
"Hudson Ronnie!" She said excitedly.
"Beautiful!" I commented before writing it down. "And what's your name ma'am?"
"Jennifer Ronnie."she answered.
Well.....I guess that was it. The rest were for the nurses to fill.

"So....why do you think so?" The psychologist asked.
I was currently at her office looking around as she spoke. I had no idea that it was going to be that embarrassing for me.
"My mood swings" I admitted with a sigh.
She immediately had a confused Express on her face. "What?"
"Oh! Uhhmm...I mean I usually have unpredictable mood swings and I always seem to overthink unimportant things all the time."
She erupted in laughter which was very unprofessional and I thought, irresponsible as well.
I did not understand what was so funny.
"Sorry dear....dont think like that, it's completely normal."she said while calming down.
I wish I came to her office to joke. Note the sarcasm.
"Or you're pregnant?" She added when she saw that I said nothing.
"Definitely not!" I laughed awkwardly.
"Well then, have you been feeling funny?, like dizzy and sometimes with a headache?"
I shook my head.
"No but I get migraines when I'm stressed.....or hungry" I shrugged.
"There you have it! A hungry woman is an angry woman." she joked.
Seriously this wasnt the appropriate career for her at all. She should get herself checked, I thought.
"Its not advisable to take drugs everytime you get the migraines. Just eat and rest."she advised.
I only nodded knowing that that was a way to get fat and I was never going to do it.
How did I expect to be well?.....don't ask me. I was never sick.
"If anything else, you may come back and see me" she began to write something down on a piece of paper.

"Arsenio! What are you doing here? I didnt ask you to come pick me up!" I said irritated.
He looked at me disbelieving what was happening.
"You havent even answered my question. Why were you at the psychologists office, only crazy people go there." He argued.
"That's where you belong" I muttered. I had no idea why but i was some how afraid to blurt it out loudly but I knew he heard me.
He didn't say anything.
"Alright,what's your damn business?" I said much calmly now.
"I'm sorry" he sighed and it was genuine. His lips had only twitches to tell you how hard it was for him to apologise to someone. It was most probably his first time ever.
"You dont understand, I'm stressed at the moment, I've had a really hectic day already and all I want to do is rest. AT MY PLACE." I unknowingly increased my tone towards the end of my sentence.
Great.....he wasnt even listening to me. His eyes were focused on the piece of paper in my hand.
Allah knows that if I had known that I was going to bump into him outside the psychologist's office, I wouldve chewed the paper and swallowed it whole.
"Leave me alone!" I demanded and looked away. There was no secret on the note. It was just a list of foods prescribed by the psychologist that could improve my health which weren't even foreign to me.
"Can I just see it?" Why was he so bent on having it and being nosy all the damn time?
I threw thr note on his face and he caught it.
After reading its content, he looked at me wearing a mischievous smile on his face.
"What?" I said wryly.
"I'm pretty sure that what causes your mood swings is your bitterness towards me."
"What's sweet about you?" I said in my own defence and began walking towards the stairs.
"Well....I don't own a candy company but that fact that you're coming with me and Abella to Armella should be satisfying" he said.
I heard a light chuckle from him and I immediately knew he remembered my phobia for elevators which had made me use the long flight of stairs.
If he'd be sweet enough to carry me through but NO.
"Arsenio made you cringe?" The small voice within me scuffed in disbelieve.
I walked over to the receptionist's table after I finished climbing down the long flight of stairs.
"Goodnight miss" she told me but I could see that her eyes were focused on Arsenio who was behind me. She looked like she had seen a God or something.
'Have him. He's for free' I thought.
"Goodnight" Arsenio said looking irritated all of a sudden.
We walked over to his car where I saw Abella engrossed in whatever she was doing on her ipad.
"Finalllllly!Carmella!" She yelled from excitement when I got into the front seat.
"Hey Abella, how was your day?" I asked with full concern.
"It was good" she replied happily.
"Its kind of too cold for the tank top you're wearing. Don't you think?"
"Tell her, Mom" Arsenio chipped in. I rolled my eyes at the name he just called me.
"I have a sweater" Abella said and I nodded.
Arsenion started the car and soon enough we were out of the parking lot and heading to Armella.
I chatted with Hal meanwhile.
"Leone can we get a pizza after we have dinner?" Abella asked Arsenio.
"Yes" he replied still focusing on the road.
His answer seemed to have a increase her positive mood tenfold.
Hal's assignment was tomorrow and she was less nervous than I was earlier. I envied that she could do some things in a breeze unlike me.
I switched my phone off on seeing that we had reached Armella already.
I alighted the car and we headed inside.
As usual, I wasnt surpirisrd to see that the bakery was busy as ever but the restaurant was somewhat peaceful since it was Monday evening. Friday and Saturday evenings were the worst. Parking space would always be a problem on those days not to talk more of reservations.
Our waitress happened to be Maria and I thanked God she didnt mention a thing upon seeing me. She must've thought that she was being rude by not referring to me as 'boss' and just the regular 'miss' but I'd forever be thankful to her for that.

Very short chapter but I hope you enjoyed it.
The next chapter will be on soon.
I hope y'all do have a great day and thanks for the 600 reads already🥳
Happy birthday in arrears to my favourite person minaola as Alma Oria. I love you to the moon and back❤🥳

Love you❤

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