The One

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Chapter 12

We ate in comfortable silence with Abella constantly picking from Arsenio's lasagna.
"You should've just ordered it since it's your favourite!" Arsenio said in an annoyed tone.
"I know but I wanted to try the special fettuccine alfredo. It's delicious too" Abella said while licking her lips dramatically.
"Why don't you order a plate for yourself then?" Arsenio suggested. Clearly, he got annoyed when he realized that half of his Lasagna was gone.
"No I think I'm fine now." She seemed to have been trying to punish him for something.
Arsenio received a call minutes later almost like he was expecting it. He hurriedly answered.
"Matteo! Man you good?" He started conversationally.
I got on my phone scrolling through Instagram while Abella played dress up in her ipad.
The new designs that were posted on the Leo Luca page were fabulous and of my style. I made a mental note to ask Hal to buy them for me whenever she was going to buy hers because I knew there was no way Hal hadn't seen the designs before me.
It was quite funny how I had the CEO of the company sitted right in front of me.
Arsenio cleared his throat to get our attention plus I didn't miss the angry look on his face. His eyes went several shades darker as it focused on me alone and not Abella.
"What?" I questioned starting to get irritated by his endless stare.
"There was a raid at the park back in Verona" he sighed.
"What? How? When?"
"Last night"
Two events can't just happen like that at the same time coincidentally?
"Arsenio I have a feeling they are of the same mob" I told him.
"Obviously, they have to be. The only-" he stopped midsentence probably after realizing that he was giving out too much information.
"Whatever" I muttered. "I'm just worried about the people that you provided for that live there. Were they-"
"Most of them didn't make it okay!!" he said sternly.
Why was he angry all of a sudden. He was even more angry with me than the situation at hand.
I said a quick du'a in my mind upon hearing about the death of the poor.
"And who are you angry at?" I scuffed while folding my hands across my chest.
"Who else if not your psychopath brother? He's in for something." He retorted.
"Do not call him that. He is just misguided!" I defended while trying really hard to make my voice stay as low as possible so that the people at the table near us wouldn't hear a thing.
"You'd be mourning him already if you know what I mean."
No Way.
"Are you serious? you know very much that there are hundreds of rival Mafia after you so why are you so sure that it's just a small mob of young boys who are doing this?"
He shook his head slowly. "If they are the friends of my enemies, what does that make them?" His perfectly shaped eyebrows were now raised to prove his theory.
"Not a point!"
"Okay, suit yourself." He said and got up.
"What are you going to do?"
"I'm flying to Italy" he said nonchalantly.
"Yes." He scuffed.
"I'd be lying if I tell you that I'm worried But your siblings will be." I said and looked away from him to see Abella .
"Come on, Bambina! We've talked about this." He literally sighed. "Goerge's wife is a good lady. She'll take care of you."
"I dont want to stay with George's wife, Leone. I dont!" She protested.
I could understand her reasons clearly now. Who would want to stay with and unknown family.
Arsenio started pacing about between our booth and the one behind us in frustration.
"So what do you want me to do?! You don't have a choice!"
Abella lowered her head so that her eyes were now only focusing on her lap. I glared at Arsenio upon seeing that Abella was about to cry.
"Do you always do this?" I asked Arsenio.
He was taken aback by her sudden outburst so he went beside her and began to comfort her.
"Gattina Is there something you want to tell me?" He asked soothingly although trying really hard to contain his anger.
Looking around the restaurant, I noticed that customers were now staring at us so I immediately nudged Arsenio and suggested we go outside instead.
Arsenio helped Abella into the back seat while we stood outside by the car door.
Abella had her arms folded across her chest and her lips pouted in a bratty way.
"What's the matter?"
"Goerge's wife has a sister that visits her almost everyday and she does bad things." Abella sighed.
I glanced at Arsenio who seemed confused and shocked as well. A frown appeared on his face soon after.
"What do you mean?!" He asked out of a sudden sounding so demanding with his anger built up twofold already.
"Calm down, Arsenio. You could just wait for her to talk some more instead of getting so angry already." I told him.
He shot me a glare but I could only care less.
"You don't know any-" he started but was immediately cut off by Abella.
"The lady takes drugs that makes her want to hit me all the time when she sees me."
A gasp escaped my mouth unknowingly.
"And you did not dim it necessary to tell me. Abella! You know how much I try for you and Marco but you still hide something as horrible as that from me?"
She looked up at him and tried to speak through her whispers, "Leone but she never actually hit me."
"What if she was going to do it eventually? Worse! What if she did it?... I would not be there you know bebé" his voice was much higher now.
I reached over and grabbed him by the arm. "What do you think you're doing yelling at her so much?, you're scaring her" I said and pushed him aside so that he wasn't near her again.
"Calm yourself down first!" I spat with an eye roll.
"I could stay with you" Abella suggested in a voice that was only loud for me to hear.
I hesitated a little but I ended up nodding my head. "Now stop crying, okay?"
She shook her head.
I turned to look at Arsenio who had just finished a call. His sleeves were rolled up and his hair even more disheveled than before.
"Abella could stay with me. as you won't be long anyways" I shrugged.
He seemed to think about it for a while though before shaking his head silently.
His hands went into his pocket and he picked out his car key. He walked around the car to the driver's seat and hopped in.
I on the other hand went into the front seat and we took off.
"I want to drop myself off at the mall and then you can leave with the Car." He told me but I said nothing.
Soon, he was dropped off at the mall and I drove myself and Abella to my place.
"Abella, I'm about to go somewhere. Do you want to tag along? We could get icecream afterwards!" I yelled from the kitchen to Abella who was busy with the online classes Arsenio had organised for her with her tutor.
"Ofcourse I want to. Just give me five more minutes I'm on a test!"she yelled back from my room.
"Okay" I replied as I rinsed my hands in the sink after cleaning up the surface around it.
Grabbing a paper towel, I headed towards the living room to put everything in place. As I lifted a cushion that was placed beside the TV, I spotted a check paper. Reading it further, I found out that it was the same check I had signed for Sarah about two months ago when she complained that her son, Nathan needed braces.
I kept wondering why it was there instead of being with her. I noted to talk to her about it.
Sarah was very fond of declining favors from me especially. Being the most paid employee at my restaurant, she felt that it was already an enormous blessing from me. But as I still thought, it would never be enough from my part. The reason is I went through hell when trying to start the restaurant business. The bakery had just been a small corner shop with mostly breakfast options until I decided that the ever so busy british people deserved a taste of Italy here in London.
It wasnt so easy but we landed with Sarah working her ass off ofcourse. I loved to think of it as more of an adventure.
I walked to my room where I found Abella engrossed in her tablet as usual. I heard my phone beep on my vanity so I went to pick it up.
It was a reminder.
June 6th.
Dante's birthday.
I couldn't believe I forgot. I felt really bad now.
"Abella, today's Dante's birthday!" I told her.
Her eyebrows creased upwards. "Are you serious?" She exclaimed shyly. How could she even do that at the same time??
"Yes, I almost forgot. I feel so bad. He's probably at school already."
"Right" she nodded thoughtfully.
"I should surprise him and take him out." I thought out loud mostly to myself. "And you will come"
She turned her head back towards me, smiling shyly as I knew what was in her mind.
She indeed liked him. There was no denying that she was too young but there was no harm if it was kept lowkey.
"So you ready?"
"Yeah" she said and got up. She was wearing a new top that I had bought at the Leo Luca store in Italy but had turned out too small for me. It was paired with a white leggings and the same converse she wore the day before.
She joined me to use the long flight of stairs even though she obviously had no Phobia for elevators.
We hopped into the car Arsenio had sent one of his men to deliver to me. I had to admit that it was cozy but not as comforting as mine.
We were first heading to lane behind Armella to check out the houses there since I had been planning on moving to my own house. It was majorly a duplex that I wanted plus I knew it wouldn't be so hard to find the most appropriate one for me because they were all very nice.
First thing I did upon reaching there was to call the agent whose number was pasted boldly in front of the house I found most appropriate.
I was further allowed inside with Abella when the agent arrived and so I inspected it.
Apparently, it even had a circular pool that was about 3.5meters in diameter which was just right for me since I disliked being in large masses of water.
Although a few changes I wanted to make here and there, I thought the house was perfect. I was finally happy because the house had always been on my mind.
By the time we were through with everything, the agent and I talked about the cost. I wouldn't lie it was indeed expensive even though I could afford it. I just had to make the decision and be sure that It was the ideal house to spend years in and be happy and comfortable.
I mean, that was all that mattered right?
I ordered pasta and a chicken salad for lunch from Armella.
After having lunch in the car, I went to the school to pick up Dante. He sure was going to be happy and that's what I wanted.
We had to wait in the car in front of the school before he appeared. As soon as I spotted him from the crowd which he had been shifting away from, I waved my hand out the window. He immediately saw it and looked inside the car to confirm his obvious suspicions before finding out that it was me indeed. He speed-walked towards my car and hopped into the front passengers seat.
"Hey!" He all but squealed. He definitely had no idea that Abella was behind him.
"Happy birthday Baby!!" I exclaimed while passing my fingers through his dark curly hair and watched as his smile grew to a happy grin.
"Thank you so much, Sorella" he said.
I looked to the back seat only to see Abella with the shyest smile I had ever seen her with.
"Abella?" I called before she noticed that I was looking at her.
"What?" Dante gasped and looked back as well. The awkwardness between them was so hilarious. It was almost unbelievable.
"Hey............Happy birthday" Abella waved awkwardly.
"Th-thanks" Oh Allah Dante didn't just stutter. I refused to believe that.
I chuckled loudly to relieve them from the ongoing awkwardness.
"So....we're going shopping. It's your birthday, bab-"I annouced but was cut off by Dante at the end who stared at me with puppy dog eyes. The point was that he found it embarrassing with Abella's presence.
"Man" I corrected myself. And he gave a silent but approving laugh.

We were at the mall. It was such a long drive there.
"Shoes or clothes first?" I asked the both of them. We weren't able to go to the Main Leo Luca mall because of the event that happened two days ago so we went to the one of outside the city. It was four times smaller than the main mall but who cared anyways if not as much people visited it?
Dante looked towards Abella, letting her choose as the gentleman he was.
"Clothes!" She said.
I nodded my head and led the way in to the store.
A couple of hours passed before I could finally see what Abella agreed with. Her complaints were mostly 'it's too itchy, it's too tight, I dont like the colour, too fancy or too formal'. I guess I now knew just a little bit of what Arsenio deals with.
Dante's were mostly Jeans and shirts. That was it. He had simple tastes in clothes.
"That'll be three thousand-eight-five-fove pounds, miss" the cashier said and I handed her my card.
"Wait! use my code. AYA524" Abella told the Cashier.
"What's that?" I asked.
"I get things for free unless I take up to ten thousand pounds worth of items." she shrugged. By the time she was done explaining, my mouth was probably in an 'o' shape.
"Yasmeen Ahmad? Is that you?"the lady asked.
Abella nodded her head vigorously.
"So its 90%off I see. Making it three-eight-five pounds." Said the lady.
Dante's hand went to his pocket to get out his credit card but I stopped him.
"Hey! It's my treat. Let me pay" I told him and he nodded in defeat.
We paid and went over to the shoe store. While Dante and Abella were fitting on different shoes, I received a call from Arsenio which was expected but not this soon.
"What's up?" I asked.
"Hell!" He said flatly. "But I can manage."
Sure! Trust Arsenio and his pride to not admit that he was actually having a difficult time.
"How's Abella?" He asked.
"She's good. We just went out to shop with a friend." I said.
"So you don't want to stay at my place?"
"Well..I have nothing there so there's no reason for me to go back there." I shrugged as though he could see me.
"One of my men, Ryan is going to bring her stuff over to yours. What's your address?"
" I'd rather pick them up from him. Just send him my contact. It'll be fine."I assured and I could tell that he nodded.
"Just let me know if there's anything and if anything goes wrong." He said.
"Ofcourse" I mumbled and ended the call.
I went back inside the shop and paid for the items.
We went to my apartment afterwards.
Abella and I started on the cake I planned on making for Dante. He loved chocolates just like me. So luckily I had a whole cabinet full of chocolates and other snacks made from chocolate.
Initially, I used to buy lots of chocolates because of my migraines. The drugs were very disgusting as they consisted of aspirin, butalbital, codeine and caffeine which had to be dissolved in water before drinking at all times. So the chocolates were used as accompaniments as funny as it sounds.
Soon enough, two of the cakes were done. I could not wipe off the smile that was on my face when I saw Dante's dilated eyes as he stared at the cake.
"This is perfect!" He muttered without sparing as much as a glance towards Abella and I.
"You think so?"
"Ofcourse!" He said.
I made sure to take a lot of pictures before eating the cake. It tasted just as nice as it looked.
"Hey if you both want to watch netflix you can go ahead. I'll be across the street to buy some stuff." I said to Abella and Dante who were now both sitting at the dinning and eating cake without caring about each other's presence.
Abella gave me a thumbs up while Dante nodded his head.
"Okay" I laughed and walked out.

Dante's POV
I had the best birthday today thanks to Sorella. That was italian for sister.
Abella sat with a blanket over her lower body on one of the long sofas. A bowl of ice cream held tightly in her hand as she shaped at the blank television.
I went over to the couch perpendicular to it and made myself comfortable. It's been so long since I came to Carmella's home.
Usually, I stayed at Sarah's or alone since I had my own place which was my mother's old house. It wasn't so comfortable but I could manage.
"I want to watch a horror movie. You?" I asked Abella.
She looked up at me. "Anything is fine" she said with a shrug.
"Just kidding" I chuckled. "Carmella would kill one of us if she found out that we were watching a horror movie."
She gave a small laugh. "Thank God"
I just knew it. She was scared of them too just like Sorella was.
We began watching the movie silently.
Well, silently until we were half way through when we heard the door bell ring.
Somehow, I was just too sure that it was Carmella who was at the door but then I realized that if it were truly her, she wouldn't have to press the door bell since she had the keys already.
"Stay quiet" I whispered to Abella and walked towards the door.
Checking through the peephole, I saw that the person was not Carmella indeed but ___________. I was very surprised to see her, I almost shouted.
______ is Carmella's friend. They hadn't really parted after high school because they were very fond of each other and it was quite unusual because they were two almost very different people but trust me, they had their own very unique and similar qualities too.
For example, when they both got mad, everything had to go down.
I quickly unlocked the door and once it was opened, she engulfed me in a bone crushing hug.
"Ya rabb! You are so fucking big now" she squealed.
"Those two words shouldn't be in the same sentence" I laughed.
"Lord forgive me. I just cant believe it, Dante!" She joined in my laughter.
She passed her fingers through my hair like I was a little kid. Another similarity she had with Carmella.
It was only ever embarrassing to me if they did it in public or when I had Abella present.
"Where's the bitch?" She asked while throwing her stuff everywhere and I followed right behind to pick them up.
"She went out to get a few things"
She threw herself on the same couch I was on earlier.
Trust ________ not to notice that the was a human being sitting five feet away from her.
I hung her coat on the rack and her shoes on the lower one.
"Hi" Abella waved shyly at her.
"Oh hi! Who are you?" ___asked Abella bluntly but not rudely.
"I'm Abella uhhmmm" she didnt know what to say so I found it necessary to save her.
"She's my friend from school." I said abruptly.
"Ooh!" _____ said with her eyebrows wiggling at me suspiciously. I rolled my eyes at her antics.
"Who ate cake without me?!" she complained.
"Chill out, Rossa. There's still much left" I said before going to get her a slice of the chocolate cake.
While handing the plate of cake to Rossa, I heard the door unlock meaning that Carmella was back home.
"Rossa!" Carmella all but squealed. And the whole drama started. They hadn't seen each other in quite a while so I didn't blame them for doing that.
"......and I got the tops and those boots remember? They'd be favourable in the summer......" Rossa began her ranting.
Her and Carmella disappeared to Carmella's room leaving Abella and I back to our consuming silence as we watched our Netflix movie.
Carmella's POV
Rossa was never the type to inform you before coming but I found it quite okay. It's been so long since I last saw her but she hadn't changed one bit.
"Are you planning on staying the night here?" I asked her.
She shook her head. "Nahh. I have a rented luxury suite awaiting my arrival." She said proudly.
"Why did you pay for that when you have my place where you're always welcome?"
"I didnt pay for it." She whispered. And I knew there was something suspicious.
"He paid for it!" I mumbled and she began to blush.
Obviously, anyone would know that it was only one special man that made Rossa behave like a normal human being.
I began to laugh gaining her annoyance in the process.
"I'm happy for you, Barrister" I praised her but this time, I gained her laughter.
I suddenly remembered that I left Abella's things in front of my entrance so I hastily got to go and get it.
Once I got them inside, my phone rang in my pocket.
It was Arsenio.
Seriously, he was probably thinking that I was enslaving his sister for him to call me so much in just a day. Not exactly so much but then two times is too much.why couldn't he call Abella instead?
"Hey" I spoke first.
"Hi" Arsenio answered sluggishly. He mostly sounded tired and stressed. No person could ever think that the ever so upright Arsenio could sound very depressed all of a sudden.
"che succede con te?" (What's up with you?)
"l'uomoPirro Ahmad è mio padre " (the man Pirro Ahmad is my father)
I gasped unknowingly from what he said.
Every person in Europe knew Pirro. He was the owner of the largest electronics company in the whole of Europe.
Now that it was revealed, I could see the features Pirro had similar to Marco. They looked very much alike but you wouldn't see it unless you were told. Minds just never went there.

Pirro Ahmad, 52
CEO ÅP Industries.
Presidential candidate.

Hey guys.
I know it's been so long since I updated due to exams but here's a little something.
Hope you like it.


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