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Chapter 13

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After a long awkward silence between Arsenio and I, he finally decided to break it.
"Its not much of a big deal. The exasperating thing about it is that he's one of my enemies." He said with a laugh that lacked humour.
"What? How?" I said. I got up and headed for my room where I would have more privacy.
"I gain more than the asshole. Don't you get it?! Its obvious"
"Ooh!" Nodding my head in agreement. It made even more sense now. "I get it. Respect, fame and money"
I didn't know the story behind it all but I also wouldn't push for one and will only wait until hes ready to tell me if he ever will.
"Arsenio, I'm sorry about all that. Things could change"
"Yesss" he prolonged. "It could. Can we get alone when I get back?" He asked.
"Alone? What are you getting at??" I whisper-yelled although I had no idea why. I knew what he meant by 'alone' but I still wanted to push him to say the word. I mean, who says alone instead of 'lunch or dinner'?
"No no Carmella. I knew I'd get that reaction" he laughed.
"I mean like go out or something. You can think whatever you want." He said bluntly.
"Way to ask a lady out on a date. ya rabb!! You're definitely the worst but I might give it a try." I told him.
"Good. I'll see you on......?" He started with a laugh.
"When you get back" I completed.
"Goodnight idiot" I said with a laugh.
"Buonanotte Carmella" he said and I ended the call.

"I swear this might be your chance!" Rossa exclaimed while munching on her french fries from Armella's Wednesday special breakfast menu.
"What are you talking about?" I said with an eyeroll. I waited for the almighty Rossa to finish chewing her food before she could speak.
"What I'm saying is this is your chance to be with someone. Maybe he likes you." She shrugged. Trust her to think the opposite about things.
"Rossa! I don't remember telling you that I was looking for a chance with someone. I am not desperate. You're thinking so lowly of me and I'm offended!" I said while pushing my food away from me on the table as I had already lost my appetite.
Realizing that I was dead serious, she pursed her lips and looked straight at me.
"Fine, Carm I'm sorry I didn't mean it that way. I was just trying to say honestly maybe you should free yourself a little. I hate to say this but you're kind of a stuck-up too." she admitted with a fearful face.
"Did we come here so that you can insult me? Because that's the only thing I see you doing right now and I'm already fed up and you don'-" I began to raise my voice and I wasn't liking it one bit but Rossa cut me off.
"Carmella Othman Castello you will not accuse me of doing such because we both know that what I'm saying is true. You're only getting angry because you hate it when people tell you things you already know." She scolded me. She shifted her plate away from herself as she too had lost her appetite.
"I already know so why the fuck are you telling me?!"
"Because I am your friend and sometimes I have to hurt you to guide you. Don't you get it? You've always done the same for me and possibly everyone around us back then and now." She ended her sentence with a hopeless sigh. Her gaze was focused deeply on me.
I averted my gaze from her and began to rethink the whole situation. Maybe she was right. Just maybe.
I decided to take her advice and have a break for myself since there was no assignments coming in due for me.
I asked Arsenio if I could let Abella attend a fair at the park and almost immediately, he replied that he was going to send Goerge over to guard her since I wasn't going.
Once it was time to pick her up from school, I rushed out to get her. Dante wanted to tag along too so I let him.
I dropped her and Dante off not forgetting to give them some money for anything they wanted. It was a little bit too much but who cares anyway?
They handed me their books in their school bags as I waited until I saw George before leaving.
"Make sure to bring them back before 8pm!"I warned him.
"That's too short. We want to go to the cinema after " they whined. I glared at Dante.
"non litigherai con me Dante" (you will not argue with me Dante) I told him in Italian even though Abella could probably understand.
he knew what that meant so he kept quiet.
"Good! " I said and walked back to my car and drove off.
Just the peace and quiet I wanted in my apartment. I'd be moving out soon and I hoped that the new house would be a better place for me with peace and quiet.
I ate an early dinner and decided that it'd be best if I played a few games on Dante's play station which I shamelessly did.
An hour and thirty minutes into the game, I felt myself getting worn out already but I couldn't sleep until Abella and Dante were back with Goerge so I switched off the playstation and began thinking about what I'd do next.
I went to say my prayers and came back to play some music to exercise with. Call me crazy but at that point, that was the only thing that could keep me from sleeping. Just as I was about to spread the exercise mat, my doorbell rang. Wondering who it could be as I wasn't expecting anyone, I rushed over to open it without remembering to check through the peep hole first.
And behold to my surprise, it was none other than Arsenio Sheriff.
"Hey" he said with a lazy wave of his hand. My eyes were probably the size of large boiled eggs now.
"Hey?! You could have atleast told me you were coming" I stated in annoyance until I realized that he wasnt supposed to know where I lived.
"Wait! How did you even find out where I live?" I asked while narrowing my eyes and trying to look intimidating hopeful that it'd work but who was I kidding?
"Abella's ipad has a tracker and then there's Goerge who forwarded to me the address you texted him. I didn't know which floor so I had to go to every door step in the floors below yours to find out where you live and behold" he said. His mood now sounding better than a few moments ago.
My shoulders fell lazily and I felt like my legs couldn't carry me anymore so I walked back to sit on the sofa while he stood there.
"Come in" I said in a low tone and thank goodness he heard because I surely wasn't going to repeat myself.
He came in and sat on the sofa perpendicular to where I was.
"So how was work and stuff?" I asked although I was definitely not interested unless he was going to say the part about the helpless people who died from the raid at his park in Verona.
"Fine" he answered almost immediately as if he was avoiding the question.
"And where's Marco?"
"He's staying at his friend's place until tomorrow." He answered not as quickly as earlier.
There was a comfortable moment of silence between us before Arsenio decided to speak again.
"I'm hungry. What do you have?" He said while getting up from the sofa and strolling ever so carefreely into the kitchen.
"uomo senza vergogna!" I muttered under my breath. Even I couldn't hear it but I knew I called him a 'shamless man'.
He even had the guts to open my refrigerator like we shared it. Despite the annoyance, I found myself keeping quiet and observing his every movement. He didn't seem as bad as I thought he was. I had been getting that feeling lately but with my severe trust issues, I refuse to give into it.
"There's some left over food In the pan if you want." I told him.
"Oh thanks!" He said and rushed over to it. How could I have forgotten that Arsenio was a foodie?!
And so was I in private.
He served it into a plate and warmed it in the microwave before eating.
I received a call from Sarah while I was walking into the kitchen to make sure that Arsenio hadn't messed it up.
"Hello?" I said after I hit the receive icon on my screen.
"Hey Carmella, I need you to come quick."
She hesitated before speaking again and I could sense that there was a problem.
"It's not a major problem. It's about this months account. It isn't balanced to the certain limit you put and I think a major part of it is because we've been giving out more than we take. There's a loss" she sighed.
All the while, I could sense Arsenio staring at me continuously like it'd help him hear what Sarah was saying better.
"Okay then tell Madison to keep records of the losses and I'll come fill up the space tomorrow or next. " I said and she agreed before ending the call.
" that was your boss?" Arsenio said it more like a statement and I turned to face him. An annoyed expression evident on my face.
"Yes!" I lied. Quite well
"How come you can speak to her like that?"
"Wait! How did you know it was my boss?" I asked him while trying hard not to find any of this amusing.
"Well," he started ever so confidently."the way she told you to come real quick. She literally shouted that part you know" he confessed.
"You know, Arsenio if you really can hear that well from afar, you should really use it for good things and not to be eavesdropping on my conversation" I said. I was really trying hard not to laugh at the expression on his face which was a mixture of embarrassment and confusion.
"Answer my question and I'll drop the matter." He said still hell-bent on the matter.
I heaved out a loud sigh and placed my both hands on my hip as I propped myself on one leg.
"I'm the company's director." I lied in between gritted teeth.
What I really didn't expect from Arsenio was his outburst of laughter at that moment.
"What?!" I literally shrieked at how loud he was.
He took some seconds to calm down before talking.
"I have to admit that you're a very good liar, Carmella. Is it even possible for you to already be a director when you're still in medical school at this age?" He scoffed.
A frown was now visible on my face as I folding my arms upon my chest.
"I'm basically done with medical school and a person as intelligent as I am can be anything at this age if determined." I defended myself.
"Hmm if determined. I like that phrase" he nodded in approval.
I was just about to walk out if the kitchen when Arsenio called my name.
"What?" I answered lazily without turning around.
"I'm sorry for what you had to witness that day at the mall. I got your car back" he said in such a low tone like he was scared of my reaction even when i knew he really wasn't.
I slowly turned around as I feared that my ears were betraying me. Narrowing my eyes at him must have been intimidating to anyone but definitely not to him.
"Arsenio?" I felt it more as a whisper leaving my mouth.
"Huh?" He answered. I think I could hear his heartbeat from where I stood.
"Did you just apologise to me?" I asked still unsure of what my senses were telling me.
I saw him tense a little as his eyes roamed around the room.
"I will not repeat that." He said making me laugh a little.
"You're very cute!" I commented. "I'm glad I just received your first apology." I grinned from ear to ear.
"Hey! I didn't tell you that so who told you?"
"Well if not Abella then who?" I chuckled. He couldn't get angry at her for telling me that Arsenio never apologises to anyone.
"Definitely, I have apologised to someone before. Just not recently and it doesnt matter."
"It does and if I was not this tired, I'd call for a celebration."
He sighed. "Such a drama queen" he rolled his eyes and began walking out of the kitchen leaving the little food that remained on his plate.
"Hey come back here and finish your food. I'm not going to wash your plate for you!" I yelled but he continued walking.
With his back facing me, I watched as his back muscles flexed upon every step he took.
"I'm sorry big baby!" I said trying hard not to laugh. He immediately turned to look at me with a smirk on his annoyingly handsome face. He walked back to his seat to finish eating without taking his gaze off me.
I rolled my eyes and switched on my phone to distract me from whatever silent and awkward exchange that was about to occur.
Seeing that my phone was quite boring and there was nothing to do on it, I began walking out of the kitchen.
"There's a rug beside the coffee table in the living room if you want to pray." I told him and without waiting for a reply, I was out.
I said my prayers in my room. By the time I was through, it was 6:30pm. Meaning I still had time before Abella and Dante were back.
I left my room deciding that I didn't want anymore awkwardness with Arsenio and just acting normal like we were simply friends.
"Where you being serious about getting my car back?" I spoke once I saw Arsenio sitting on the prayer mat and using his phone.
To be honest, it kind of felt good to see someone so powerful sitting on my mat in my home and looking so relaxed rather than the everyday tensed and stuck-up person he was.
He averted his gaze from his phone. I figured he was working.
"I didn't use the right grammar there. What I meant was that I replaced it." He corrected.
For real, I hadn't expected him to replace my car especially seeing that I could probably get a new one on my own.
"That wasn't necessary" I stated and sat down.
"Well it's part of the apology." He shrugged and I didn't say anything, I only smiled.
"Where is it though?"
"At the garage."
"Gracio. I really appreciate." I gave my gratitude and he nodded.
After a long pause, I decided to ask him about our upcoming date or alone time as he had said it.
"Arsenio, what about the date?" I said while trying to keep my face straight like it was a normal thing to ask a guy about your date together.
I watched a proud smile form on his face.
"I see someone's very interested already" he chanted.
Of all things, sing for Allah's sake?!
"Do you or do you not want it?!" I said sternly.
"I do. "
What none of us new was that our date together was going to be something we never expected.

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