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Chapter 14

^Carmella's new home

Her Car replacement😙😙😙
(Btw its my favourite car along with any Rolls Royce)

I couldn't control my laughter. By now, I had tears in my eyes and an aching stomach.
"You shouldn't have taken off your shoes if you knew that was the situation" I managed to say.
"Ofcourse!" Arsenio mumbled clearly annoyed.
It took me some seconds to calm down. He was so annoyed to the point were he wasnt even facing me anymore.
"Its not that bad. Atleast it's kind of cute"
"I dislike cute!" He said sternly.
I heaved a sigh.
" I think it's normal to make mistakes like that" I shrugged.
"Ofcourse" he stated again while handing me a pizza slice and the barbecue sauce bottle.
"Gracio" I mumbled and he nodded.
"So you think that wearing two extremely different pair of socks is cute" he said in a low tone without eye contact.
"On you, yes" I explained. "As a result of being too carefree or in a rush obviously" I looked at him while waiting for an answer.
He looked at me, embarrassment masking his features. For some reason, his Italian olive skin was glowing even though there was only a little source of light which happened to be the yellow-lighted lamp on the sidewalk about six good meters away from where we sat on our mat.
There was silence.
It was not awkward but rather comfortable. Almost too comfortable in our space.
"Say, I was thinking if you could come help Enzo with the designs and new sets coming in soon." Arsenio stated.
Ofcourse being a fashion designer was always my dream. I've always wanted to design clothes and outfits for people to wear. But this was surely not how I wanted it. If you could call it pride, then fine.
I know.
"Arsenio, do you have no idea about my line of work?" I asked with a chuckle.
"Even if I don't, I'm almost too certain of its category." he shrugged.
"I highly doubt you do."
"Because you and I are both CEOs" I blurted immediately and unknowingly. That's what happens when you talk too much or give too much information at once.
Out of a sudden, he burst out laughing. I really did not expect that reaction from him.
"You're making yourself look stupid. You don't know anything" I said and only then did his laughter die down.
"For real?"
"Yes. for real." I nodded with a smirk now appearing on my face.
"sembri un po 'fuori dal mondo" I laughed.
Of course he did seem a little out if the world.
Just yesterday, I found out that my restaurant/bakery had won the first most successful and richest restaurant business in the state and the third most successful (not the richest) business in the state.
That was far too much of an achievement for me and I couldn't be less proud of myself.
"deve essere decisamente un affare in rivolta" (it's most definitely an uprising business) Arsenio said with a sassy eyeroll while sitting up straight in a more comfortable position.
"The business award board?, Arsenio." I said proudly.
"Che cosa?" (What?)
"Controllalo!" (Check it) I suggested with a small laugh.
Soon enough, he was scrolling to reach the top of the board where my business name was written boldly in the third place.
"What position are you?" He asked.
"Third and also first in the restaurant business."
I didn't miss the slight gasp that left his mouth due to something that probably came to his mind and I could tell what it was.
"Armella??!" He muttered under his breath and added some incoherent words.
"Took you long enough although I didnt want you knowing anyway but it's fine now." I shrugged carelessly.
"Well, eight months is enough for a good cook to prove herself along with the employees." I shrugged again.
"Could you stop shrugging?" He said annoyed out of nowhere.
I did it again.
He just sighed.
"Why is it a problem anyway?"
"Its nothing." He said in attempt to sweep the topic away and I gladly let it pass.
Whatever the reason was that he was acting all weird must be stupid, I thought to myself.
The loud ring of my phone distracted me from my train of thoughts.
It was Goerge.
"Hey, Carmella there is a guy standing at the entrance of your home insisting on me letting him in. Abella says she doesn't know him." I didn't miss the slight anger in his voice when his voice rose indefinitely.
Well, I wasn't expecting anyone.
"Did he tell you his name?"
"He doesn't want to say anything apart from 'let me in'!" He said
"I think he's drunk" he added.
"Drunk!!" I literally shouted and that got Arsenio's attention.
Before I could say anything, the phone was snatched from me.
"We are on our way!" He said and ended the call before handing me back my phone and packing all out stuff into the basket.
"I think you should calm down, George is there for a reason isn't he?"
He aggressively carried everything and started walking while I was struggling to wear my shoes.
I caught up with him, somehow.
The ride back home was faster than I ever thought it would be.
As soon as the elevator doors chimed and opened automatically, Arsenio raced out with me following right behind him only to see a man lying in front of my door.
Who could it be?
As I stepped closer, I kept pondering on my thoughts. Slightly scared.
Arsenio looked towards me as if telling me to do something so I bent down and found out that it was Stephano.
What was he doing here? That was what I wondered when the gasp had escaped my mouth.
"Who is he?" Arsenio asked coldly. What was his problem?
"He's my friend'-" I paused and began wondering if I could call him Hal's Boyfriend when he obviously wasn't.
Arsenio narrowed his eyes at me. Ofcourse he didn't believe me and I wasn't even done answering him yet.
"My friend's guy-friend " that was probably the worst explanation but hey, it wasn't like I owed him an explanation anyway. He just shook his head.
"Hey, wake up!" Arsenio shook him.
Stephano jolted up at the contact and stood to his feet although he seemed to not be in his senses at all.
He definitely wasn't.
"C-C-Carmella?? The i-idiot you kept in your apartment r-r-refused to let m-m-me in." He stumbled on his words. That didn't seem like him at all.
Just as I was about to say something, I realized that his breath reeked of alcohol although I had never smelt it before, I just had a very strong feeling that it was. Besides, nothing else makes someone act like this and smell like this.
God!! This is a sin.
He made a move to come near me but I held out my hand to indicate 'stop'. He did stop but the look of confusion on his face almost had me pitying him. His light green eyes wondering about until it landed on Arsenio who was struggling to contain his anger.
"Who the fuck is this guy?" He pointed towards Arsenio but he got no answer.
"Answer me. Or is he your boyfriend??" He laughed.
Arsenio took the key from me and unlocked the door.
"You're seeing another guy when your supposed to be with me?" He accused.
That was just enough to send Arsenio storming into my apartment.
"Stephano, do you know what you're saying???? You are drunk and you're saying nonsense!!!" I scolded him but he didn't budge. His senses were still lost so I did the best thing that came to my mind at that moment.
I called the security to come take him away. It didnt take them long to appear and take him away with them.
I entered into my home and locked the door behind me.
Taking a deep breath, I began making my way to my bedroom to say my prayers and then come back out to face the other people present In my sitting room.
It took my ten minutes to get changed and say my prayers.
As soon as I finished putting everything back in its place, I turned to see Abella putting her stuff into her box.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"Leone says we are going back home."she said with sadness in her voice.
"But why?"
"He didn't tell me. I don't even want to go back home with him because he's already angry." She crossed her arms across her chest and sat down sadly.
"Why don't you like staying in your house?" I asked while sitting beside her.
"He always drops me off at George's because he's always busy. It's not cool!" she said angrily this time.
"Well...I don't know what to say but I believe that its temporary." I tried to explain to her.
"And how would you know that? You haven't even known him for long" she insisted.
I simply shrugged.
"It's just a feeling."
"Wait so you have feelings for Leone?" She gasped over-dramatically and it didn't at all suit her mood.
"Ofcourse not!!" I spat and only realizing how high my tone had been when I finished talking.
She eyed me suspiciously and I have to admit that I hadn't expected her to do that considering her age. Well, not like I underestimated that age group but I simply felt like it was mostly something common with people between the age sixteen and above. I don't exactly know how to put it without really classifying which may be offensive in some cases but that was besides the point.
"Whatever, Abella you just pack and don't worry I'll see you from time to time." I said while helping her put her stuff together and she nodded seeming distracted with something that was in her mind.
I went over to the living room after helping Abella to see Arsenio. He was sitted on one of the sofas typing away on his phone.
"Hey" I said in order for him to acknowledge my presence.
He raised his head slightly. "Hey" he said back more awkwardly but in an irritated tone.
"So you're taking Abella with you. You could've atleast informed me" I complained sounding more confident than I should have.
"It was a last minute decision. And besides, I can do that whenever I want although this is the last time." He said in a low tone that made it hard for me to comprehend what he was saying.
"What is that supposed to mean?"
He raised his head completely to stare at me while he spoke. His phone now turned off and on his lap. "I leave for a few days and you surround my little sister with drunk guys constantly coming to your home? I thought you were more responsible." He stated and I scuffed disbelieving that this was really happening.
"What is your problem?" I asked while still trying to keep my voice as low as possible in order to keep the neighbours away.
Arsenio looked shocked at my question. He stared at me as though I was an ignorant person who was naive to everything.
I on the other hand being a very emotional person as I was, was fighting to keep the tears and the sudden lump in my throat down.
"I didnt expect you to be this type of person!"
"Is that what you see me as??" It almost came out as a whisper.
"What else would give a man freedom to appear at your doorstep drunk and talking shit?!" He asked.
I opened my mouth to say something but I just couldn't form words to say due to shock. Perhaps it was a sign that I wasn't owing him an explanation. I hadn't even expected Stephano to be at my doorstep.
"Just as I thought. You have nothing to say." He laughed sarcastically and got up from the sofa. His arms now crisscrossed over his chest.
My lips trembled as I fought back tears from being accused of such. But I couldn't let him see me like that. I couldn't let him think that he won.
"Leave!" I stated sternly without even knowing it.
Right now, I was blinded by rage. I realized that the tears that were threatening to come out weren't form sadness but were from anger.
It was something I always did even without knowing, I cried when I was very angry.
Arsenio's eyes widened a bit when reality dawned on him. He realized that I was dead serious.
He was obviously used to commanding people about and never had anyone stand up to him tell him what to do or even talk back angrily at him. Sorry to burst his bubble, but this was entirely different.
"I said leave. I can't stand you anymore. LEAVE!!"I yelled but not so loud and if he was going to give me a hard time, the kitchen only proved to be a few meters away from me and I definitely didn't mind trudging to the kitchen because a couple of knives could definitely do the trick.
Abella due to all the fuss, came to the living room where we were. She didn't look shocked. She definitely had been listening on us and had heard the whole thing.
I turned so I was facing her directly.
"I'll see you soon." I told her and she quickly nodded.
Before anything else could be said, she dragged her luggage towards Arsenio who hesitantly took it and headed for door like a snail.
He definitely was in shock at my outburst but who cares. Maybe it was time he received what he usually gave to people on a daily basis.
I watched as the two stepped out and shut the door behind them. I realized that George had been long gone since Arsenio had dismissed him the second he entered my apartment.
I slumped into my couch frustrated.
First, I thought that things between Arsenio and I were calm. For God's sake he even trusted me with his sister first of all and then even confessed to me that Pirro Ahmad was his father.
So much for being so ignorant.
I always knew he was of no good.
As bad luck would have it, I slept off on the couch. The pain in my back was nearly unbearable.
It was until dawn when I woke up to say my prayers that I took some painkillers.
I figured I might have a busy day ahead considering the fact that I've kind of been on a long break from school. Not like it was planned or anything but It just happened that I wasn't given any assignment yet.

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