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The One

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23 year old Carmella Othman Castello was in her final year as a medical student. She proved to be quite independent already as she owned one of the most famous bakery and restaurant in London where she schooled. It became suddenly so hard for her to focus on her finals especially since she met 26 year old Arsenio Sheriff Ahmad the CEO of Leo Luca. the most famous brand known to Europe. He is not just a Billionaire designer but also the ruthless boss of the Italian mafia in Verona. Once he and Carmella meet at a riot in his street, everything takes a turn in her very private life and with her brother proving to be an enemy of Arsenio's, what happens when two proud and successful people meet and one relative is on the line? I'm writing this story based on some characters I'm close to in real life. So if you know your role in the book or if you can guess, just point it out to me. Haj~ Instagram: _hajrahusman

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

I was at my final year at college but couldn’t focus on my upcoming life exams anymore.my life became hell for
that same reason . whenever I watched my course mates study, I often felt some kind of guilt that I wasn’t doing
the same which definitely wasn’t my fault . I just couldn’t focus on anything and I was a so called future ‘doctor’.
You see what people never seem to understand is the fact that youre also human. You simply cant go doing
inhumane stuff so as to impress. As a medical student and being the only medic in the family, one thing I learned
to do is to listen ,therefore I became less talkative and more of a listener. It actually saved me from a lot of
It was a cold rainy evening in the month of , all I could hear were the horns of buses with angry drivers and
noises made by the people waiting on a que in front of my bakery/restaurant across the street. the
British people were crazy about Italian cuisuine for some insane reason because ever since I opened my bakery
for the first time , each day I had at least a hundred and fifty customers . it was crazy and stressful for my
manager and hardworking employees which were at least fifteen in number.
I looked out of the window of my apartment and smiled but suddenly something caught my eye. Last on the que
was my sister and her two kids who were dressed fancy cute little rain coats . they seemed to have been arguing
about something though which they always did. I didn’t hesitate to pick up my phone and dial her number. I
watched as she answered the call. “hey sis” I Greeted.
“hey sweetheart” she replied and I could see she was trying to sound as cheerful as possible.
“ I was actually wondering if you could just enter to the building at the opposite side of the road. There’s
someone I want you to meet “
‘’wait how do you know I’m across the street? ’’she asked suspiciously.
‘’well……’’I bit my fingernails thinking of what to say.”its complicated, farie”
“but why ? …I’m on the long que at a bakery ” she whined .
“ please please there’s some one I want you to meet for me because I’m running late , please you gotta hurry. 3rd
floor last room by the right. Thanks sis'' I said and ended the call before she could even argue more.
I watched as she heaved an annoyed sigh and rolled her eyes before grabbing her kids hands and running across
the street.
It wasn’t too long before I heard a loud angry knock on my door . I hurried to get the door. Once it was opened ,sultan
and sultana jumped on me giving me a tight hug and I couldn’t care more that they were wet.
“ I’ve missed you guys so much “ I said kissing them both on the head. I stood up to face my sister. “ you liar !”
she hissed before pulling me into a hug.
‘‘I’m sorry sis ,I just wanted to surprise you “ she rolled her eyes at me.
“its fine “ she replied before kissing me on the forehead then I did the same for her.
I gestured for them to come in and they made themselves comfortable. I collected the rain coats from my niece
and nephew and hung them on the coat rack . I placed a bowl below the dripping water from their coats. The kids
played on my couch while Farie and I talked. “ so how are you and how is everything going for you, you know studies and all of those exams?”she started.
‘its all fine sis. I get tired but I manage . I’m always prepared . I’m doing just great generally” I lied and she
seemed to have bought it.
sultana approached as I noticed they had both quietened down . I held her gently by the shoulder as she rose up
her shirt. I heard her stomach growl almost immediately.
“Oh Allah! Whatever made this child so hungry sis?’’ I asked her worriedly turning to my sister.
“we just came back from their school theatre production and stopped to get food until you, of course called us in
here” she glared playfully at me .I smiled and turned back to the little girl who was staring at me with doe-like
eyes .
“I’m sorry ,-----. Let me order you guys quick food”
With that I got up to dial antonio’s number. He was my special delivery employee.it rang just once and he picked
it up almost immediately.
“ good evening ,boss” he greeted .
“ evening Antonio, I need to make this quick order please be sure to be here in less than fifteen minutes. “
“yes boss”he said
“okay…, I need a pack of croissants , a box of pepperoni family size pizza , a box of donuts , a box of cupcakes,
four hot chocolates …. You know what , a box of every thing on the pastry menu -“
“boss , is there an impromptu party that we haven’t been informed about ?” he asked politely
“no Antonio “ I laughed .”hurry please!’ I said before he ended the call.When I turned back to face Farie, I was met with her shocked face .
“where are you ordering from?” she asked in her shocked state.
‘’ the bakery across the street” I shrugged . I was now more than ready to tell just her that I owned it.
“how is it possible that you can do that while we have to wait on long ques?’’
“ sis , I’ve been hiding this from the family since five months ago-‘’ she didn’t let me finish.
“That I own the bakery/restaurant across the street “ I confessed with a heavy sigh “please don’t tell Um or
anyone else” I said.
Her wide eyes seemed to have only lasted a minute before she found her voice once again.” But-but how is that
even possible ?”
I shook my head. “you don’t want to know” I smiled.
“Oh my Allah! I have a crazy sister, Carmella just tell me..” she whined.
“ Inheritance. That’s what I used up but I’m gaining more than it. You could say am profiting exponentially ‘’ I
She shifted closer to me appearing slightly uncomfortable while she played with the end of her silk scarf. She
shook her head and looked up at me .
“I trust you Carmella, you’re a smart person but what I want to believe is that you made a smart decision this
time. ‘’she stated.
I became confused. ’’what do you mean Farie?’’
‘’you’re the only medic in the house. Are you sure this isn’t a distraction in any form , Car? …you’re in your final
year . everyone’s waiting for that moment when you-“ she was cut off by the sudden loud ring of my door bell.
“oops! I’ve got to decrease the volume of my bell” I said awkwardly.
I abruptly got up to get it as I already knew who it was. Antonio.
As soon as I opened the door , I was met with his ever so polite and kind smile. Looking behind him, I saw that
everything was placed neatly in the carrier. I hadn’t realized I ordered this much food.
‘’thank you very much, Antonio’’ I said and took the food from him before he helped me shut the door.
My niece and nephew rushed to me to grab the food happily.
“woah! Calm down , the food isn’t running away you know’” I said in between laughs. I give them a cup of hot
chocolate each after making them settle down on my comfortable couch then opened up the donuts and pizza for
us to eat.
“thank you Carmella . I honestly don’t think we would’ve survived any longer on that que “ Farie said .
“well its my pleasure to make my guests happy, isn’t it ?”
I smiled awkwardly knowing that my conversation with my sister wasn’t over yet but the look she gave me said
otherwise. She seemed to be more focused on her food now. I gave a look that says ‘do you still want to talk?’
She simply smiled and shook her head as a no. “you’re going to be fine . I know that Carmella’’ she assured and I
couldn’t find myself loving her more as it was already so much. I felt my heart melt away by her words . this is
definitely what anyone like me would need at a time like this .
We sat eating all what could fit into our guts and laughed about little things here and there. I was very happy. The
motivation I felt was incredible.I grabbed my coat and dressed my niece and nephew in theirs too before accompanying them to my car. Farie
had argued about handling it by herself but I wouldn’t have it. Atleast she knew not to pick up arguments with
me. Her driver had been waiting a little bit far away from the bakery.
They got in with the load of food and we drove slowly down the streets .
“if were careful enough, this food is going to last us two good months” Farie joked. I laughed . I loved this
exaggerating part of her .she always found something to exaggerate about.
“obviously not’’ I replied with an eye roll.
“I think so too’’ sultana chirped in and the ride couldn’t be more full of laughter.
Finally , I spotted her sleek black accord park at a corner with barely any light .the street wasn’t so quiet . the
rowdy part with people was just at the other corner by the right.
“I think you should call him” the over protective part of me spoke.
She nodded with her phone already in her hand . she dialed the drivers number and we all waited impatiently for
him to answer since there was no sign of anyone in the car.
“hello?” he spoke.
“ yes , where are you please?”
Wherever he was was quite noisy. ”sorry ma’am I’ll be on my way now’’
He said and with that Farie ended the call.
He appeared from the rowdy place within two minutes . he waved while approaching me but once he reached his
smile grew wider. “good evening ,miss Carmella “he greeted cheerfully. We exchanged greetings and he apologized to Farie for not
being in his spot . he said he had become hungry and went to find something to eat .who would blame him ?, he
was also human.
Farie on the other hand wasn’t angry at all. She was just worried that I was running out of time to study.
“Come on kids ,we have to go now ‘’ I looked behind my sit and realized they were asleep. They looked absolutely
cute even if I could only see them through one little light source.
Farie reached to the back and shook them . not gently, and I was wondering why she did that. As if she read my
mind , she spoke.
“they always pretend to be asleep when they do not want to leave a place” she stated. I chuckled. Her kids were
It took quite an effort to get them to get into their car but I was glad I spent that much time with them. I kissed
them all on their foreheads as they had done the same for me and then we parted ways .
“be safe’’ was the last thing my sister said.
Heading back home , I decided I’d visit the bakery to check out how my workers were all doing.
Hal once said it was sadaqah to ensure the well- being of people around you. I actually never thought of it that
way but when I thought it through, it made a lot of sense . we live in a world were people only think that the only
thing they could give as sadaqah was money. Sometimes I had the sudden strong urge to preach. I laughed at my
wise-ish instincts.
I made it to the restaurant. I pulled my scarf up front so as to cover small of my face. I didn’t want all the people
lined up on the que to think I was a regular person like them who decided skip the line and go through the door
casually. Especially some of the racists among them who may want to make a nasty scene.So I entered through the staff door which was rarely ever open but luckily I had the spare key. once I made it in,
my employees all shouted my name , I was barely even gone for twenty four hours but they already missed me so
much . my London-Italian family, that’s what I usually called them because half of them were English while the
rest Italian .
I gave them a big smile.
Serah began to speak. ‘’ boss , Antonio made us believe that you had an impromptu party and didn’t inform us so
we could make you some specials ” she stated and I could immediately see that Antonio turned crimson.
My smile grew. “I think you guy’s little misunderstanding comes with your craving for a nice family party. You
haven’t had that in a while’’ I shrugged.
‘‘I agree!’’ Dante rose up his free hand while the other was still kneading dough” these old people are always
nagging” he pointed towards Serah . He was just a teenager and my youngest worker . I ensured he still attended
school and only came here when he was off school work.
Before we could say anything else, someone barged into the kitchen. Much to my dismay it was tall man with
muscles looking like they were made of stone. He looked exactly like those terrorists you would see in action
movies .
Astagfirullah. I had to laugh. Silently though.
“why the hell are you guys being so slow. Attend to my fucking people . where’s the so called waitress?”he yelled.
Woah! No swear words in my kitchen.
Serah motioned towards him to quarrel as that was her specialty but I stopped her. I gestured for them to
continue with their work before walking towards the angry man.
“ Are you the waitress? ’’he asked wryly.I folded my arms on my chest . ”how may I help you ?’’ I asked starting off politely.
I opened the door wider. Enough for the two of us to get a perfect view of the inside of the restaurant except I
couldn’t see the beauty of it anymore . it was filled with people. Some sharing their chairs with their family
members. the sight didn’t make me happy but what could I do at the moment.
The man looked back at me to see if I’d say something but I didn’t . I didn’t find it annoying anymore that he was
the peoples mouth piece , the only one with courage to barge in .
‘’I’m sorry sir “ I apologized . I bit my nails thinking of what to do. I simply couldn’t believe that the man stood
there waiting for me to finish thinking, as if he knew I was.
I realized that the reason my employees were this slow today was because they were focused on the variety
instead of grouping themselves. This was the first time this sort of thing was happening but I thought it through in
about three minutes. I walked back into the kitchen .”so guys listen up, I think you all should be in groups and
finish an order first. Like you’ll give out donuts for those who require it and when that’s finished you call upon
those that require croissants and so on” I suggested. They all seemed to have agreed as I saw them falling into
groups .
It worked .
The que got a lot shorter as most of the customers wanted donuts as a matter of fact. I apologized again to the
man and he told me his name was Dylan. He was English and I liked that he wasn’t a racist . he still thought I was
a waitress though.
I made it back to my apartment . I felt exhausted out of sudden, I tried unlocking my door but seeing it was
already unlocked, I just twisted the knob and went in since I knew I was expecting some one .
“hey Carm, you look exhausted !” she stated . I nodded my head . I definitely was .
“hey Hal” I said before going inside my room where she was cuddled in my bed and kissed her forehead .
“you’re so traditional , Carm . give it up “ she said and I giggled .
“ Is that so ? you know If I try being untraditional, I’ll lose it “I questioned.
She nodded thoughtfully. ‘’not wayward at least’’
“so how was your day? … how was your practical exams?”
she smiled. “it was beautiful’’
“Rephrase beautiful please. Is it that the papers were pink and decorated with flowers or what ?’’
“I know it’s not possible to know everything but I knew everything’’ she confessed.
“I love your positivity Hal’’ I joked.
“how was your day ?’’
“it was fine. I tried reading but my brain repelled the words from my biology book so I gave up and my sister
came “
She couldn’t stop laughing. I gave her a pretend annoyed look and she stopped. she failed to realize that I was
onlyt pretending to be annoyed.
“well generally, my day was fine’’ I said.“tomorrow is Saturday and our next papers are in two weeks Hal’’ I started. she nodded approving me to
continue with her eyelids feeling heavy of sleep.
“so we can shop our lives out!’’ I basically yelled from excitement while packing my hair into a messy bun and
placing a Burnette on it. I needed to fill in my wardrobe as I was running out of clothes. She began to yell too after
realizing what I had said.
“can’t wait” she trailed.
“although I forgot to tell you that I’d be going to Italy for a week to spend time with family. you should come too,
our families need to see us medics’’ I suggested.
‘’of course’’ she trailed off into sleep.
“goodnight, Hal ‘’ I prayed for both of us but before falling into my deep slumber, I heard her say “Ameen”.
A sister indeed.

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