The One

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Chapter 2

Saturday came by, we did our shopping. well it was pretty most a rush because the mall was supposed to be
under some kind of impromptu renovation by one company called Leo industries.
However, we got just enough of what we wanted and left immediately.I had put Sarah in charge of the bakery and we were presently at Italy. I didn’t realize I was so nervous to meet
my family again. I had informed them that I was coming so they all came together in one place which was our
family house.
Hal and I said our goodbyes before parting ways.
Finally, the car stopped in front of our gates and I felt unusually happy seeing the big old family house. It was still
the same, nothing had changed.
I walked right in after paying the cab driver. I climbed the wooden porch and aimed at the bell. I could hear
screams as soon as the bell rang. They were from the kids. My heart melted at the sight of all of them so grown
After what felt like two hours of hugging, kissing foreheads and talking, we finally settled to eat dinner. The
dining table was as long as a whole hotel suite. I’m probably exaggerating but who knows. We tried eating in
silence but as long as there were kids, it wasn’t possible.
Ayisher, my eldest sister from my mom was the person beside me. I missed her so much and her husband, Abu
Hose who was also here. he was the main reason I became a medic, the absolute motivation. I believe everyone
had two significant spots in their hearts which where the feminine and masculine spots.
He filled that spot. not only filled because I once stayed with him but also cared so much about me and provided
more than I could ever be thankful for in my entire life. He used to scare me much earlier when I was younger
because he seemed perfect. His clothes were never rumpled even after a long drive and he never used any
perfume but had a nice masculine cologne .and generally, he behaved too composed. But whenever I saw or
heard him laugh at something that wasn’t even funny or a rumpled clothes from a very long drive or making little
mistakes, I felt extremely more comfortable.
Ayisher and I talked throughout dinner before we all went to the inbuilt mosque.
to say our prayers.
We went into our rooms to either bath or change into pajamas. I had a room to myself upstairs and I was thankful
for that. I needed the rest honestly. I had just had a relaxing shower and dressed up when the door was opened.
It was my mother.
She seemed stressed but still looked radiant.
“is everything okay, mama?” I asked concerned.
She shook her head and made her way to my bed. ’’it’s your brother” she said.
I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.
“what about him?’’ I moved closer to her.
“he’s getting involved in bad society and his less focused on school now “
‘’have you tried speaking to him about it?” I said.
She nodded her head. sadness clouded her golden brown eyes.
“it’s going to be fine, don’t worry. sister Ayisher already told me about it. we’re handling it” I assured her.
With that, she put her trust in me and was able to go back to her cheerful mood.
I slept quite good.I decided I needed some fresh air from the overcrowded house. the more I walked down the streets, the more
unfamiliar I became with that particular side of Italy. I made to turn back and head for the other lane but there
were many trucks and cars parked by both sides of the road. Something was definitely going on.
With no further arguments with myself, I decided to walk along the lane with the cars parked in it. it was getting
kind of colder even with my thick black coat on.
Suddenly, I saw a lot of people, I mean a lot of people running towards me. I didn’t exactly know if they were
heading for me or something else. I didn’t realize I was in a trance until someone pulled me to the side of the
road in between the cars and I began to hear gunshots. The people ran past and thank God they all survived.
I looked up to see who this person is that practically saved me, he was an average height man in a black mask,
shades and a suit. he let go of my arm immediately probably because he saw I was a Muslim.
“you’re a lady. What are doing around here?” he questioned in his raspy voice. Goosebumps appeared on my skin
out of fear and it suddenly hit me that all the people running were men, well and boys.
“I-I’m sorry …. but thank you for saving me “I said. I was going to end it that way and run out of that lane.
“its fine. you can- ‘’he couldn’t finish because he was interrupted by another male coming out of the door I never
“what’s a lady doing here on my property’’ he boomed. I turned around to look at him. He was a tall guy about a
little bit past six feet dressed in a black suit and a white shirt beneath. His shoes clasped hard against the concrete
floor as he approached me. He was quite muscular and could easily harm anyone, I thought so because he
seemed to tensed and angry about something but aside that he had pretty dark grey eyes and very nice curly
black hair. He was very handsome generally.
God please forgive me for staring.He had a deep Italian accent too and so I thought I could relate in our language.
Don’t be too sure, I warned myself.
“Buongiorno “I greeted although he didn’t seem much older than me.
‘’what are you doing here, don’t you know ladies aren’t allowed on this lane? we do a lot of dangerous things
here” he more like scolded me.
“I’m sorry. you won’t find me here again.” I tried to sound as assuring as possible. and started walking backwards
“and thank you for saving me sir” I said to the masked man and waved. I turned to leave and they still stood there
watching as I left.
The moment I thought I was finally at peace; an elderly lady ran passed me shouting ‘’they’re coming back’’. I
guess I wasn’t the only lady here. I had no time to think of what to do so I ran back towards the two men just like
the elderly lady did. The masked man opened a door and gestured for us to enter. I had no time to think if it was
safe be with two coded men or not, so I entered. It was a work place. it seemed comfortable but the air around
the room was tense. You wouldn’t easily know what kind of work they did seemed semi-formal to me.
We all awkwardly waited for the riot to be over so I could leave the very uncomfortable surrounding. To my
surprise the elderly lady got on her knees a distance away from the taller man with grey eyes and started
begging. I stared at her like she had grown two heads.
‘’s-s-sir please I need your help.” she cried. ”my son is part of them. please help me “her cries would easily make
you emotional. I felt pity for her although I had no idea what she was talking about.
The guy in the mask took of his mask to drink from a water bottle. He was actually an elderly person too. He
looked at the other guy as the woman continued pleading. I wondered why they were being hesitant.‘’ma’am, you know very well that that’s not what we do. Don’t bring your problems upon us ‘’the elderly guy said
in an annoyed tone. he looked tired although. He probably had been working throughout the night. He went to
find a seat.
As for the other guy with grey eyes, I saw him trying to hide the pity he felt for the woman. Who was he? and why
was he not even being honest with himself?
I figured it had something to do with the type of work they do. they were probably built indifferent like soldiers
so they barely had feelings. he finally spoke.
“ma’am did you ever know that the only person you kneel to is the almighty Allah?”
That statement shocked me.
He was indeed a Muslim.
She shook her head. ‘’I don’t believe in God” she said back. well it was her choice.
He heaved a loud sigh and motioned towards her. He gave her his hand to help her up. she took it and soon
enough she was on her feet wiping her tears away and I realized the area had quietened down.
He lowered his tone and said ‘’don’t worry. your son will come and work for me. I’ll get him’’
The lady nodded her head immediately and gave him a sad smile.
Well I guess he was the good guy then since she agreed to it without hesitating.
‘’ Your era is the best mafia era and may your God bless you “she wished him but he only nodded.
He doesn’t smile.
I replayed the sentence she made in my head again and I realized she called them a mafia. I gasped loudly
unknowingly. They all turned towards me.
So they were a mafia.
“I’m very sorry but I have to go now’’ I said walking towards the door with my weak jelly legs from fear. they
wobbled as though I wouldn’t be able to walk but I made it at least. I became aware that there was finally peace
‘t-t-thank y-you” my voice was shaky. I think they knew I was scared since I heard mafia. so they let me leave
without any of us saying another word.
I walked very fast to the nearby market where there were people so I’d feel a lot safer. I hoped deep within me
that I’d never meet those people again.
From then on in Italy, I only made sure to go to places where there were at least twenty women if I could count.
that same night, I had the most heart to heart conversation with my brother. he actually made me feel like he was truly going to budge.

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