The One

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Chapter 5

At the bakery.
Edward sat on the seat across from me looking at me like I had grown two additional heads. He chuckled lowly at
my attempt to persuade him about Arsenio seeming to be nice.
“if you get yourself into some deep stuff, kindly find the way out on your own” he warned. I rolled my eyes at him
and fiddled with my fingers.
‘’trust me.” I assured. ‘’I just wanted to know more about him and I wear Leo Luca shoes you know’’
He shook his head in disagreement. “that’s not it, Carmella. He’s a mafia leader. He’ll do anything he wants with
you as soon as you fall into his trap and to be honest you look very much like their kind of prey ‘’ he admitted.
“Is that a compliment or an insult?” I asked offended by the way he said it. “If you’re going to claim it as the truth,
then you really don’t know me” I said the last part in a lower tone. Edward really meant what he said and I could
see it in his eyes that he couldn’t lie. He hated lies.
His hand went to his nape and he nervously combed the hair there. A habit he formed when he was scared to
speak about something. I looked at him and I could see he didn’t know what to say at the moment.
“I’m sorry’’ he spoke and it was nearly a whisper. I simply looked away from him and waved my hand in front of
me indicating it was fine.‘’ He’s not in my life anyway. I don’t need that right now” I shrugged it off. he would have said something if he
hadn’t offended me earlier and I knew exactly what he would’ve done.
Tease me until I lost it.
We spoke for about an hour and half before he finally left the bakery. I had my lunch and went back to my
apartment to say my prayers. There I studied for four hours.
It was just 5:00pm in the evening so I tied my silk scarf on my head, wore a pair white skechers walking shoes and
put my books along with my phone into my Leo Luca handbag. I walked down the stairs of my apartment
building. since I had a phobia for elevators and escalators, I always used the stairs. It was quite exhausting but at
least I didn’t have heart attacks when using it.
I was only able to come out of the street I lived on when my phone suddenly rang in my bag. It was Arsenio again.
This morning after the incident with Hal, I prayed that he wouldn’t call me again due to I was scared of him and I
didn’t want him in my life even though we were now what he would call ‘friends’.
I needed to concentrate. Even Hal had moved back to her own apartment for a while for the same reason. I
Groaned before hesitantly placing it close to my ear but to my surprise, the line went dead immediately. Why
would he do that?... I thought It was very rude of him but it didn’t matter since he wasn’t here for me to scold.
I ignored it and continued with my walk. I spotted the grocery store and decided that since I needed some food
stuff, I’d just shop for a half an hour.
An hour passed by before I could say Armella. I made sure to only buy packaged stuff and not the perishable ones
since I was going to be out for a long time before I go back home. It was getting kind of called since it was already
evening. I stayed at a nearby library and was able to finish up the everything on organic chemistry before
returning home.Tuesday.
It was the big day already.
I was in my car driving into school with my hands gripping the stirring wheel from nervousness. I hadn’t felt this
nervous when I had my biology. Only chemistry ever got me crazy for an exam. I grabbed my bag containing only
a few books and some writing materials but left my phone in the car since they weren’t allowed in the exam
laboratory center. I walked up towards the entrance and to my surprise, I saw Hal a few meters away from me
entering her own laboratory exam center. She quickly waved at me mouthing “good luck and don’t forget to
I said the same to her before shakily walking towards my lab. Once I entered, I felt my body become a hundred
times lighter than before as I saw all the laboratory apparatus set on the individual desks along with a desktop
“you may start as soon as you enter your codes” the supervisor said. I found myself nodding as if he had been
talking to me alone.
I began the exam with a prayer then I filled up the answer bars with everything that was in my head.
I found it kind of shameful that I was the first person to leave the laboratory. I had only spent two hours on a
three-hour exam. At least I felt sort of good to get the heavy feeling of having chemistry exam off my mind. I was
waiting outside in my car to see if Hal was going to come out soon when my phone rang in the back seat. I picked
it up and saw that it was none other than Arsenio himself.
I placed it on speaker after answering. ‘’ What do you want?” I asked in a low and irritated tone.
“sono venuto” he said dryly. My eyes widened. He said ‘he has come’.
“where, what do you mean?” I asked confused and trying to be sure of what I was hearing.
“can you meet me at Armella? We need to talk’’
Now what?
Talk about what? I just finished having the sickest exam of my entire life and to make things worse, he came. This
couldn’t get any worse could it?
“talk about what now Mr. Sheriff? I’m afraid I’ve had a bad day already. I can’t put up with any more” I admitted
and I felt a huge lump form in my throat as I tried to hold back my tears. I hadn’t been this depressed in a while. I
relaxed more into my seat while closing my eyes.
“It’s urgent.” He stated.
“nothing can be so urgent that has to do with me right now’’
“it has to do with your family’’. Immediately he said those words, I heard myself saying fine and zooming off to
my restaurant.
He was a mafia leader. What did he want with my family?
I must’ve been the one that put their lives in danger with him.
What have I done?
Allah please help me. I felt tears stream down my cheeks as I drove at high speed on the bridge. If I had looked to
any of my sides, I probably would’ve stopped the car and jumped off the bridge willingly.
But Allah would never forgive such an act.
Before reaching Bradford street which was my street, I called Sarah to inform her that I was on my way to see a
guest and she should cooperate that I was just a regular customer. She agreed immediately but before she could
question me about anything else, I ended the call.
I entered the warm restaurant hearing the slow usual melancholy music playing from the background. I looked
around and finally found Arsenio giant body frame sitted at the far corner dressed in his usual black suit with his
back facing me. I managed to move my air legs to where he sat waiting. as soon as he saw me, he abruptly pulled
out the chair beside him for me to sit. I really wanted to decline but my mind told me otherwise.
‘’ buona sera’’ he greeted in Italian but when I only replied him with a nod, his face scrunched up into a sad
‘’what’s the matter, Amica?’’ he asked with his tone sounding almost concerned.
I shook my head. ‘’it’s nothing’’
‘’alright, can we talk or we eat first?’’ he said in a carefree tone. Was he meant to care anyway?
“I don’t have an appetite right now’’. He chuckled lowly before calling out for the waiter. His actions were rude
but I couldn’t say anything since I didn’t want to cause some kind of argument in my own restaurant.
We both waited for the waiter which happened to be Dante. He couldn’t tear his eyes off me when he came. He
seemed to have wanted to Say something but refrained because Arsenio beside me was ordering so much for just
the both of us.
Dante got our orders and left.
Arsenio looked around some more in amusement. ‘’ this place is very impressing. I’m sure going to buy this place
Insha Allah’’ he stated ignorantly. I inwardly laughed as it just sounded all too funny to me.
“I’m assuming you’re finding what I just said amusing’’ he said wryly.
‘’ what makes you think the owner would like to sell off this popular business to someone who already has a lot
below his feet?’’
He simply chuckled proudly at me before speaking. ‘’one thing you should know is that a Leo Luca always gets
what he desires in any way, nothing stops him and besides you shouldn’t be so sure since you aren’t even the
owner himself or herself”
He crossed his right leg on his left while sliding his hands into his pocket. After that, there was complete awkward
silence between us until Dante arrived with our food.
‘’Thank you’’ I muttered to Dante who I wasn’t even sure heard me at all.
Arsenio nodded his head at the food before digging in. ‘’I love food, did you ever know that?’’ he stated like I
really cared.
I stared at my food feeling impressed with what Dante and the crew had done. It was no wonder the rich people
always came here, I thought.
‘’Can we just talk about what were here for?’’
He turned to look at me eyeing me in the process. ‘’fine’’ he said frustrated. ‘’there’s nothing serious’’
immediately he said that, he turned back to his food. Who was he kidding?
“what do you mean nothing, Arsenio”
He shrugged. ‘’nothing actually. You already know what’s important, don’t you?’’
I shook my head. ‘’ can you just get straight to the point?’’
He groaned in even more annoyance. “your brother is an enemy of mine. he may get killed if he doesn’t stop
what he’s doing” he said it like it was nothing.
“don’t do anything to him. He’s naïve ‘’ I more of demanded than pleaded.
‘’Are you demanding th- ‘’ I cut him off.‘’No! I just, I’m just facing a lot at this point. I don’t need so much more. I’ve spoken to him already so he might
be considering leaving whatever he’s made up”
‘’Considering just isn’t enough, Carmella. I’m only afraid that I wouldn’t be the one to hurt him” he said. He
seemed tensed.
‘’So you want to hurt him?” I asked confused.
‘’ Not exactly but if he causes more damage than he already has, that would be enough reason, Amica.”
I got up feeling fed up and very angry. He shouldn’t do something like that, it’s very wrong and I was sure he
knew that. I grabbed my stuff and made to leave but he held grabbed me by the wrist stopping me.
‘’what do you want to do?’’ he asked.
‘’I’m going back to Italy tomorrow’’ I admitted and I Had no idea why I told him.
‘’it’s not that serious besides I just wanted to see you since I will be in London for a while’’ he tapped my wrist
with his thumb as he spoke.
I glared at him. I disliked the feeling of his sinful hand on my wrist.
‘’so there’s no problem. But don’t speak to him yet. He doesn’t need you right now. but you may do what you
like” he warned sarcastically.
I pulled my hand out of his wrist forcefully and walked away.
I never wanted to see him again. He was indeed a jerk.
I hoped I never saw him again in my life. As much as I didn’t want to adhere to what Arsenio said to me, I didn’t find the will power to call home. I feared
he might be right in some way perhaps.

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