The One

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Chapter 7

Arsenio Sheriff Ahmad.
CEO Leo Luca and boss of the Mafia and…a jerk.
I looked away as I saw his strong jaws clench when he saw me sitting right across from him. My guts wringed even
more that he was staring intensely at me like I had offended him.
I focused my gaze on the models that came up one after the other with amazing new designs on them although
not all of them were decent.
“Fantastico!” we heard Enzo shout with his hands clapping as he stood beside Arsenio. I hadn’t even realized he
was sitted beside him. He really seemed like a big person in the company.
The low melancholy music started to play from the background and cameras where everywhere. Enzo never
stopped shouting and clapping so we listened to what he had to say about each model’s outfit design before she
or he left.
Hal on the other Hand kept on clapping like the douc she was.
‘’Sorprendente!’’ Enzo shouted when the last model walked out slowly.
My jaw dropped upon seeing her and the pace at which she moved only got me more tensed. She was dressed
exactly like me on the day I first met Arsenio.
My Leo Luca brown ankle boots, a silk caramel colored fringy top, a coffee brown palazzo trouser that only
stopped a little bit above my ankle, a coffee brown silk scarf on her head the same way I had tied mine, my exact
same type of Leo Luca handbag and a thin cream colored wrist watch.
The shock became very visible on my face as I turned to look at Arsenio. He had an annoying proud smirk on.
Though that was the first time I ever saw him smile genuinely, I disliked it. But it was charming.
He was resting his chin on his right hand and was using his index finger to tap at his jaw slowly which just made it
even more intimidating to me.
Why in Allah’s name would he do such a thing? I wondered.
‘’Bello, cosi va bene!’’ I heard Arsenio shout to the crowd. I hadn’t even realized he got up from his seat.
But before anything else could be said, an elderly woman from the guests shouted ‘’Quante?’’ meaning how
How was it that people Wanted to buy that particular design?
Arsenio turned to me and shot me another of his evil smirks. I couldn’t keep up with it. I glared at him but Enzo
caught me in the process.
‘’you like?’’ he mouthed while pointing at the model who was continuously striking her pose.
I nodded vigorously giving him a fake smile. I watched in anger as Arsenio heard our little conversation and began
to whisper something to him.
I turned away after seeing Enzo’s glowing eyes like he had seen an angel fall from heaven.
‘’Hal can we go?’’ I asked.
She wasn’t on her seat. Just great!
They continued to argue about the price of the design and the garments itself until Arsenio settled on fifteen
thousand pounds with the crowd.
I began to add up the prices of everything in the outfit when I had bought them from the Leo Luca store in Italy. it
was altogether three hundred and twenty pounds so I didn’t understand why it was just so expensive.
Perhaps it was because they weren’t paired up yet with one another as one would only see the beauty if they
were together. No one ever came up with that idea.
The show finally ended and every one had to take a group picture with Arsenio. I rolled my eyes.
Not being able to find Hal, I walked out although I knew I’d be followed.
By none other than Arsenio himself.
‘’how did you like our last design?’’ he questioned with the devilish smirk still on his lips.
‘’it was out of fashion, Mr. sheriff. I don’t like it’’ I spat while walking even faster towards the elevator.
‘’mmmmmm’’ he hummed. ‘’ Is that so, Bella?’’
‘’ what do you want?’’ I exclaimed.
Before he could answer, Hal interrupted.
‘’Carm, where have you been?’’ she asked while trying to breath. She seemed out of breath but upon seeing me
standing with Arsenio, she smiled from ear to ear.
I simply huffed because I knew what she was thinking.
‘’hi, Mr. Leo Luca’’ Hal waved in front of his face. Didn’t she have any decency?.... I loved her even though.
He only nodded at her.
‘’Carmella I just came to inform you that I’m going on a tour with Mr. Leo Luca’s designer, Mr. Emilio’’ she stated.
I gasped unknowingly. ‘’I can come with you’’ I suggested. My lips were in a thin line as I waited for Hal who was
now looking between Arsenio and I to say yes I could come with her but she gave me that wicked smile.
‘’ it’s a private tour. I’m sure Mr. Leo Luca could take you on your own private tour too” she said while pointing to
Arsenio whose hands were in his trouser pocket staring at the both of us.
I bit me lips in order not to say anything to her. I watched as she waved at us and made her way to the elevator. I
turned back awkwardly to meet Arsenio who happened to be staring at me already.
‘’ what I want is to take you on a tour as your friend just said’’ he held out his hand for me to hold like a
gentleman that he barely was. I half-heartedly placed my hand in his warm one and he lightly pulled me along
with him to the private elevator. It had the sign ‘Mr. Sheriff Ahmad’s only’ on it.
We entered and he clicked the last floor button. I, on the other hand was trying to hide my phobia for elevators
by standing at the corner when he let my hand go but I wasn’t so good at it.
‘’ what’s the matter?’’ he asked and I thought that for a second, I had heard concern in his voice but I was wrong.
‘’nothing’’ I answered with a shake of my head.
‘’ I used to be just like you’’
What was he saying?
‘’the fear of lifts and heights ‘’ he explained.
‘’oh’’ I mouthed. ‘’ did you ever overcome the fear?’’
He chuckled light heartedly. ‘’ of course I did. A Leo Luca always does’’ he said proudly. I rolled my eyes at that.
The elevator bell beeped indicating that we had reached the last floor already.
‘’ I managed to distract you from your fear’’ he stated.
I realized he actually did. ‘’you aren’t the first. Enzo also did.’’ I shot him a smile and walked passed him out of the
He stood frozen inside and couldn’t believe what I’d just said.
‘’ are you going to show, me around or just stand there?’’ I asked a little too confidently. He cleared his throat
and walked out adjusting his jacket.
We walked towards a huge coffee brown door at the far end of the hallway which was absolutely stunning. It had
a long black carpet that stopped right at the huge coffee brown door and huge frames of model paintings on each
of its walls. but once we reached the door, I saw two other doors be the side of each wall and I figured one of the
doors was where he was headed. He held out his card and placed it on the door screen so that it would recognize
him and grant him access. I stopped him immediately after thinking of what would happen next if I was alone in
that room with him.
‘’ wait, come to think of it, are you the only person that stays on this floor?’’ I asked curiously waiting for his
He nodded. ‘’ any problem?’’. my gut wringed at his answer. the fear of him doing anything he wanted with me
since we were alone on this floor consumed me.
I pointed nervously to the elevator and he raised his eyebrows. ‘’ c-can we h-head back please. I’m not
comfortable here’’
He scowled at me before walking away. I followed right behind him into the elevator again. As soon as he clicked
the third floor button, I felt the goose bumps rise above my skin again.
‘’I’m sorry, I ju- ‘’ he cut me off.
‘’what are you sorry for? You must think I’m a bad person right?’’ this time he turned to look at me. he stared me
deeply in the eyes while waiting for an answer.
I looked away before I got lost in his grey ones. ‘’right’’ I replied.
‘’well, you’re thinking right’’ he said and I could’ve sworn that his voice got deeper.‘’huh? What do you mean’’
He looked away from before speaking. ‘’you see, Amica if I take in everyone’s assumption that says I’m a bad
person and I know myself who I truly am, then I truly am a bad person. you know why?’’
‘’because I do a lot of bad things including distracting you from your phobia” he said with a light chuckle.
I hadn’t even realized we were back at the third floor already and the doors were wide open waiting for us to
leave. I huffed and walked out.
‘’Could you please show me the collection room?’’ I asked irritated.
He shrugged and passed me by ‘’follow me’’. I did as he said but one thing that never stopped ringing in my head
was the fact that he admitted it himself that he indeed did a lot of bad things. He still scared me a great deal but
definitely not like before.
‘’here we are!’’ he proclaimed.
We were in an enormous room with hundreds of movable hanging racks everywhere. The walls were just plain
white with a maximum of three art works hung here and there. There was a massive mirror at the far end of the
‘’last time I checked, you were a huge fan of Leo Luca” he stated.
I rolled my eyes. How on earth does everybody know this?
‘’yeap as you said, LAST TIME not now. Everything is just out of fashion nowadays. There just seems to be some
kind of eccentric pairing up of products in this company’’ I lied.
‘’ mmm so why not replace them?’’ he asked while walking around one of the hanging racks. He probably knew I
was lying.
I laughed. ‘’what are you saying?’’ my cheeks hurt from laughing so much and plus the fact that it was all
‘’what am saying is you…,’’ he pointed at me. ‘’should do it. Since you’re so good, why not come design and
model for us?’’ he watched me silently as I fiddled with my fingers nervously.
I shook my head. ‘’I already have something I do and I may just be as successful as well’’ I boasted distracting
myself by analyzing some of the dresses on the racks.
‘’oh really?’’ he crossed his muscular arms on his chest. ‘’and what could that be?’’
‘’Remind me why I should be in the position to tell you about my personal life. It’s none of your business’’ I spat.
‘’oh okay’’ he held his hands up in admission of defeat. I rolled my eyes for the hundredth time but felt a smile
gracing up my lips.
After about thirty minutes of me judging all the outfits even the ones I really loved, Enzo came in with Hal. She
was laughing like crazy. What was wrong with her?
‘’And so I heard her say she wasn’t going to wear anything of Leo Luca’s because she didn’t want to look like one
of their advocates!’’ she literally shouted that thinking there was no one here.
I felt a little angry but brushed it off since she was having a great time with Enzo.
Arsenio and I walked towards where they were.
‘’hi!’’ I waved at Enzo and at the same time glared at Hal but she only blushed.
‘’good to see you again’’ he said maintaining his smirk. He said it like he hadn’t seen me in so long.
Arsenio cleared his throat and at that, moment I knew nothing good was going to come out of his mouth as long
as he was about to say it to Enzo.

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