The One

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Not an update

Hello readers!
I'm writing to say how much I appreciate you all for reading. I truly hope you're enjoying the book.
I have a few things to point out namely;
¤ Grammatical errors and typing errors - they're inevitable plus I'm Nigerian.🇳🇬🦅😂😂
¤The names of the characters- I laugh when I look at some of them. her family member's names especially. just so you know, they aren't genuinely Italian. I made them up.
¤Thirdly, can we all write about ourselves? I'm getting sick of this lockdown of a thing. you can send them to me if you want to and I'll post mine.

and finally......

RAMADHAN KAREEM to my fellow muslim family and friends.
let's try to stay pure and use this month to pray for our safety in this country and as for us, the 2020 set, everything will go well.

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