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2 people meet in there very boring health class. Meadow peters is 14 in a toxic relationship and overall hating life. Justin bran is 15 not knowing that the mean girl in his class had a crush on him. The two have no clue what’s about to go down in just 2 weeks. So much happens... guess you’ll have to read to find out ;)

Romance / Adventure
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Meadow peters

Meadow Peters was 14 living in one shitty town. The school she goes is pot high, everyone there is either a druggie/pothead, or a fucking weirdo. She’s dating one of the biggest dicks ever. She feel as if she can’t leave him. She’s been depressed and addicted to pills since the 8th grade. No one has ever noticed meadow struggling, they claim she’s always the life of the party so simply nothing could be wrong with her.

What they don’t know is everyday she begs for death, grieving to just be taken away from her awful life. She goes to first period, first period was an extra help class she barely did anything in that class anyways besides gossip with 3 girls. Second period was science. She had this creepy old guy who always looked like he had a hard on for every girl that entered his classroom. Yeah weird I know. Third period was auto tech, she skipped it everyday because the teacher claimed “she was to cute to get dirty”. This enraged her, all she wanted to do was satisfy her das learning how to fix stuff like him. Fourth period was us 1. She always argued with this teacher, it was funny to her this helped her problems all though she was starting to feel bad for her teacher. Fifth was the best it was lunch the almighty lunch period. This is where she met her bestie on the first day of school Arianna. Ah she made meadow the happiest in school they were inseparable. Till her grandma ripped her away to Minnesota, they drew appart that’s what long distancing does.

6th period was math, 7th was ELA, 8th was gym/health. This is where the juicy ness begins bitches. It was the beginning of November, health class started for a marking period. She laid eyes on Justin bran, boy was he a cutie. She had found out her boyfriend was cheating on her with a bunch of girls. So what did it matter for her to move on. She didn’t know how to approche him very much. She just watched from afar.

Till her friend Chris in that class started to show friendship with Justin. This made her excited as because this would mean she would get to know him through Chris. Meadow was absolutely shitty at flirting. Her way of flirting was being a bitch. So of course she was mean to Justin not on purpose, that was just her way of showing feelings. She wasn’t very good at feelings. Hoping one day she’d get to be free from her boyfriend and maybe have a relationship with Justin.
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