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Chapter 9

Chapter 9


I was giving the final touches to the potrait when Adrian returns home by half past twelve. His face felt drained and exhausted. I wondered why? He just moved out of the house three hours ago and yet felt drawn off. No doubt he was late to work today and he told me in the morning he had meetings lined up continuous which could most probably be the reason. I wish I could help him and remove least a part of the burden from his shoulders.

Adrian is a very busy enterpreneur and one of the top billionaires of the country. Sunrise industries had marked its place in hotels, pubs casinos and now expanded its business operations in clothing line too. Adrian loves and cares for me. He tries his best to spend time with me. I recognize his efforts but I am not one among those grumbling and demanding girlfriends. I discern the duties and responsibilities of my fiancee.

Sunrise industries rules half of the American economy. There are millions of employees who earn their livelihood through this concern. Adrian is a man with a very beautiful heart. Though he projects a tough exterior which is a pre requisite in ruling a business he is as soft as a mashmellow from his heart. Every year Sunrise Industries donates fifty million dollars to charity yet very few people know about it. The charity includes treatment of cancer for the downtrodden, education for the children below poverty line and for orphanages.

Apart from all this there are special bonuses and gifts the company advances every year to its employees during Christmas. But in spite of being such a benevolent man Adrian is the most humble human through his heart.

He is the adopted son of the Martins but he loves Angelica more than his mother. He often tells me Angelica is the Angel in his life who gave him a rebirth. Though not a biological mother, through her perseverance, care and her determination to save him by any means he started breathing once again because of her endless efforts.

Augustus is no less caring. I haven't seen him yet but I heard so much about him through Adrian that it is more than seeing him as a person. Adrian respects and loves Augustus like a father though he lost his biological father when he was less than two. Augustus has the same feelings for Adrian and thus he handed over all his businesses to Adrian and made him the legal heir of all his properties.

Tomorrow Adrian is taking me to the Martin house for a family dinner and will introduce me as his fiance. I'm a bit anxious but know my worries are irrelevant basing on the feedback I have about the family.

I served lunch to Adrian maintaining silence. Not that I could speak but I now have the experience of reading him good. He is off for some reason and whatever it is I wish to take that out like a sanding dust in a paint bottle.

I was watching him and he knew what I was doing though his eyes weren't on me but he refuses to speak. I wasn't the fiance to complain. I would give him the time, space he requires and wait for him to divulge the truth that was causing him the disturbance. I point to the mashed potatoes and fish asking him for second serving but he refuses and massages his forehead with the tip of his fingers.

His head aches. I note his problem and serve lunch in my plate. "Get ready after the lunch. We will be visiting the doctor in an hour." I finish my lunch quicker and bring out sweet almond oil from the kitchen store.

I take his hand and pull him to our bedroom. I pat a place for him to sit on the bed. He looks at me surprised but obliges. I walk in between his legs and free him of his coat followed by the sky blue shirt he was wearing underneath. My eyes record his much appreciated masculinity and flare in lust looking at his perfect tan chest filled with muscles. He was an Adonis with a slim waist, broad shoulders and glorious abs.

He titters at me in an understanding. "What are you peeking at? Come on..." He flicks his fingers asking me to come closer. I pour some oil in my palm and start massaging his head. His hands went around my waist. After sometime he brings out his phone from the pant pocket, types something on it and shows it to me. "You have got magic in your hands."

He holds my waist firm and flips us to the bed with him on top of me. Pecking my lips he asks me. "Why were you gawking at me like that minutes ago?" I bite my lip unable to resist the smile and give him my innocent eyes. "You are one big action queen. Do you know that? I am well equipped with your virgin tactics." He snickers. "And now that you tried to act smart you need to be given a punishment." I squeak trying to run away from him but he was too strong on his hold. He nuzzles his head in the crook of my neck inhaling my scent and ran wet kisses down to my breasts.

In the next couple of minutes our clothes were gone. With one swift move, his lips were on me. The kiss was filled with want and desire. I did not resist him and I did not pull away from his touch. Instead, a sexy sound came from my throat as my lips opened to his. His tongue probed deep into my mouth, and he wrapped his arm around my body pulling me closer to him.

He had to have me now and my feelings mirrored for him in the same way. He clasped my ass and pulled me even tighter, his sex hard between my legs. I pressed forward, my hips grinding against him. He placed his palm to my breast and my head fell back, leaving my neck open to his lips. His teeth grazed the soft flesh. Another low moan escaped my throat.

His hands played my breasts and cupped them. His lips suckled pink nipples, his tongue taking one and licking around the edge, then pulling the pert tip deep into his mouth. He kneels between my legs taunting my bud and licks on my vulva. The desire in him to make me shriek his name was awesome. I grip his hair and pump my lower body into him giving him what he wanted and took what I desired from him. Minutes later we were completely sated pulsing hard and dripping in each other's sweat.


We were seated in front of the doctor. Though I couldn't read his lips I could understand the expressions on Adrian's features. Whatever the doctor was saying, he had a good news for us. Adrian took my hand in his firmly and kissed it meeting my eyes in all smiles. He was about to walk us out of the hospital when there happened this sudden nausea.

I was suffering from the problem from last couple of weeks but blamed it on my intake yet basing on his looks Adrian seems not agreeing to my answers. From the deaf and dumb specialist he pulled us to a gynecologist. We were stuck in the hospital for another hour. After running a series of tests the doctor confirmed about my pregnancy.

Adrian's happiness reached no bounds. "I knew it, I had my doubts." He fisted his hand in air, lifted me up and fenced around the king size hospital room in chortles. Our smiles were contagious as the treatment staff went around us in chuckles and clapped sharing our excitement.

The doctor prescribed me medicines and we walked out of the hospital hand in hand like half wit idiots all in smiles.

That night Adrian took me out for dinner and we cut the cake like it was an anniversary. "My love you can't imagine how happy I am learning the enchanting news." He puts the cake piece into my mouth and kisses my forehead. He ordered all the specialities of the fancy restaurant we dined. My stomach was full almost about to burst by the time we walked out of the eatery.

"The doctor told me you could speak and hear." He breaks the news to me excited. "Just a small surgery needs to take place but now that you are pregnant, we will do it after you deliver the baby." He pats my cheek softly with the tip of his fingers. "I wanted you to say the vows of our marriage, but the news you gave me today is unparalleled before any other joy. You swung me in the swing of euphoria. I can't believe I am going to be a father." He jumps like a little boy. "Hurrah!" and drops to his knees.

Holding up my shirt, he runs his fingers softly on my stomach and kisses my now flat belly. "Stay good and don't trouble your mama." He tells our baby and gets back on his feet entranced, capturing my eyes by his beautiful steely grays.

That night we make endless love almost every place in the house including the gymnasium. "I love the way you breath, your smile, those twinkling delightful eyes, everything about you. You are the reason I smile. I love you so much. Let's get married before you feel the discomfort of this pregnancy." He winks and kisses me sensual and sybaritic.

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