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Chapter 2

Chapter 2


After Amaira's exposition of her true colors and her heartbreaking words my world collapsed. The only girl I loved with all my heart had betrayed me, broke my heart to pieces without a care. I felt being used, deprived and most of all cheated.

The moment I reached outside the auditorium I broke to a ground wrecking yowl but unlike Amaira Sherlock did not abandon me. He was there beside me when I required him the most. With his words of inspiration I recollected myself.

By the time I left his house, it was dark. Mom had called me twice anxious about my whereabouts. After my school I work a part time job of an accountant in a nearby financial agency. Though the earning is not much, it takes care of my tuition fees and purchase of my school books but I was not in my right state of mind to work the day. I called the office and reported sick.

When mom called I did not tell her about what happened at the school auditorium. She already had enough in her platter, I did not want to disturb her with more. I told her, I was staying at Sherlock's to celebrate the school graduation and took leave from work for the day.

After having my dinner I was walking back to my house. It was dark and a little drizzling. I was slightly drunk affected by the mess that happend a few hours ago. I did not see the vehicle approaching me in a record speed from the opposite side. In a sprinting motion the car hit me and my body flew upon the Lamborghini. My head bolted to the car's windshield like a pummel. Blood rushed out of my form setting in small puddles and then everything went blank.


I opened my eyes to white painted walls and sky blue curtains. The smell of disinfectants wafted in the air as I inhaled deep. "Son, how are you?" A middle aged man with black rimmed glasses and a gray beard come forward. He held my upper arm in affection and looked at me in fondness. I look at him in a puzzle unable to understand his addressal. The last time I checked about my existence, I knew my father was dead when I was two and my mother brought me up with lot of pains and efforts.

I fell in love with a worthless piece of shit, she betrayed me and insulted my love in front of everyone in the school. I was walking back to my house fragmented to bits affected of the havoc the bitch initiated in my life when suddenly a car flew upon me like a plane out of nowhere. Everything happened in a blur and the next I open my eyes, I was resting in a hospital in the company of a stranger who was thankfully friendly and caring.

I looked around the hospital room in search for my mom who is everything in my life but she was found no where. Panic started to engulf in my system worried about her. She is the only woman who can do anything to keep me happy and in return expect nothing. Instead I find another woman approaching me anxious. "Son, are you not feeling well?" She asked me tenderly in an angelic voice. Her soft hands reach my forehead pushing away the falling hairs on my face to check my temperature. She had the most pleasing icy blue eyes oozing out motherly affection. Her chestnut hair was neatly held in a pony. Something incites in me to hug her and feel the love of a mother bringing out the little boy in me.

The man who stood beside her begins to speak. "I'm Augustus Martin, a famous businessman and billionaire of New York and she is my wife Angelica. We have an ancestral home at Hudson and we were on our way reaching our home when we found you half dead and unconscious laying on the road in a pool of blood. I stopped my car and brought you to the hospital." The man says slightly restrained in his voice.

I slowly reach the hand of the patriarch in thankfulness. He pats my shoulder in assurance and continues. "Your case was serious and there were no multi speciality hospitals in your town. So after the initial treatment, I brought you back with me to New York getting you the treatment in one of the famous hospitals our family owns. My son is a doctor and he had been treating you since a while." There was a look of pride in his eyes, when he spoke about his son.

"Since how many days have I been staying here?" The man shared a look with his wife and there went on a nonverbal communication between them for a few seconds. Within the short span that I happened to stay in their company, I understood they were perfectly compatible and most compassionate couple I had hardly seen in my life.

Love doesn't need a language. The most intense emotions are actually speechless communicated with the eyes and end in the heart but whores like Amaira Witmore can't experience such potent emotions even in their next birth unfortunately these words about her I was too late to understand.

He did not answer me directly but continued on his narration. "After giving you treatment for more than six months with no improvement in your curative history, the medical fraternity lost hopes in you but my benevolent wife wouldn't give up. Every day after finishing her responsibilities at home it became her routine to come to the hospital and nurse you. She loves you like our own son." He admits with wetness in his eyes bringing his wife into his arms. "Finally Angelica's prayers, her selfless service, the determination in her heart to see you hale and hearty by any means had paid off. You are now fit and fine except for...." He trailed off.

The door clicks open and a man in the white coat who had similar features to Mr Martin walked inside. "Hello I am Allesandro Martin your physician who had been treating you since last sixteen months. How are you feeling?" So my illusions were right, he is Mr Martin's son - the doctor who had been treating me all this while.

I extend my hand for him to hold. "I'm good. Thank you for treating me." The doctor examined me and reached the exit. Augustus and Angelica walked out along with him leaving me in my own world for a few minutes. Everything went confused with me. Who are these people? Why are they helping me so much for no reason? Where is my mother? Does she know I am still alive?

After he walks inside the room, I persuade him. "Except for?" Augustus looked suddenly tired and worn out. He walks to the washroom and brings me a mirror. Blood drained out of my body as I looked at the man staring at me through the glass. I looked at Augustus with questioning eyes. He nods as he answers my question. "It is not days or months son, it has been more than a year since you are in the hospital." Your face was reduced to a pulp with no trace of your original form. You had five broken ribs, two major fractures in your elbow and right knee and a severe head injury because of which you stayed in comatose for the last sixteen months. It was a miracle and expertise of our team of doctors that we could bring you back to the world and save your memory but I'm sorry we couldn't retain your identity.

You are a different man now with disparate features. Consider it as a blessing in disguise. None of your enemies would recognize you. I am sorry to say this but I wonder the catastrophe that took place in your life was actually an accident or it was in fact a well planned murder." I begin to connect the dots in my head and everything became crystal clear. If not for this humane couple I would have stroke the gates of heaven long back.

Amaira's father is an underworld business tycoon. She told me a couple of times that her dad had found out about our relationship and wasn't happy with her decision. I received threats from his goons but turned a deaf ear to their wispy warnings. Natheless it is now too late to understand their injunctions weren't empty. They were truly serious. Little did Amaira's father know that his daughter had no intentions in seeing the future of this relationship but now the damage is already done and I'm not going to hang loose.

I'm resoluted to myself I will teach Amaira Witmore and her bastard of a father a lesson they would remember all their lives.

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